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Is this Arsenal star having a Giraffe?

Maybe they do things differently in France, maybe the Arsenal and France international defender has a character as spiky as his hairdo and is always falling out with his friends and calling them names. In fact, the disciplinary record of Laurent Koscielny would back that theory up, as it was revealed the other day in a Daily Mail report that our central defender tops the list of Premier League penalties conceded since 2010.

Koscielny has spoken about his unwanted record, as reported by ESPN, and the way the 29-year old Gunner responded to the news was fairly tongue in cheek, mentioning the Guinness Book of Records and suggesting that his unfortunate habit only matters in a close game.

Koscielny said, “It’s true that I’ve given away a large number of penalties. I don’t know if there’s a category for that in the Guinness Book of Records.

“Between Arsenal and France, I must have played 200 matches and given away eight penalties. It’s true that that’s a lot. If I could give them away when we are 4-0 up it would be better.”

So taking his jokey statement into consideration, I think we can safely assume that his other claim, that Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho are actually friends is not really true. Like I say, they would certainly have a funny way of showing it, with insults flying and them pushing each other around on the touchline as happened at Stamford Bridge a few days ago.

Koscielny said, “There’s a long friendship between them.

“It’s one of those things that happens in a game. It came about after a firm tackle by Cahill on Sanchez, and the coach was annoyed because Alexis had had the same thing done to him three days earlier against Galatasaray and the defender had only been booked. That’s why Arsene lost it a bit.”

It does make you think about our poor disciplinary record as well, because it often seems that Arsenal are more sinned against than sinners, but we seem to get the wrong end of more decisions. Do we need to be a bit more smart in the way we commit fouls? Now that is something that Wenger could learn from his Chelsea counterpart.

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50 thoughts on “Is this Arsenal star having a Giraffe?

  1. Sumo

    Arsène Wenger today has finally spoken about the infamous 40 million + 1 bid on Luiz Suarez.
    He has rubbished these claims. He says the one pound was for Steven Gerrard.

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    1. IceBergKamp10

      LMFAO !!! Dat is gold man.
      Y d thumbs down ? Any scousers hiding here..

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    2. Ks-Gunner

      Yes, Wenger is the number one boss in the epl. Dissing players, refs, starting sh$t up with other managers. What a cool old men he is. Gangsta, thug life.

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      1. Sumo

        Kama-Sutra, why can’t you even appreciate a fcuking joke?

        P.S.- Surprised you didn’t call me Pakistani in this post.

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        1. Ks-Gunner

          Ks- Stands for Kill Sumo, loooooool.

          Losers are not entitlet to make jokes about others, bec they are prone of many jokes which includes themselfs. Pakistani boy.

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          1. Sumo

            “Losers are not entitlet to make jokes”

            But why Kama-Sutra? I quite like your jokes. I know you are a sore loser, but your jokes aren’t that bad.

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            1. Ks-Gunner

              You are trying to much. Play cool and stick to the topic or i am going to tell on your

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                1. Ks-Gunner

                  No Pakistani boy but this place is no place for private discussion. If you want my add or my phone number ask Mother Pakstani for it, haha.

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                2. Sumo

                  Private discussion with you? Lol.
                  I don’t do moany whiney bit*hes. Try your luck else where.

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        2. GOONSTER

          @Sumo.. You should be happy, this is Ks-Gunner being nice.. But if you want to see the real Ks-Gunner, just say anything critical about his Prince Ozil.. But say anything nice about Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud, Mert, Arteta, Wenger etc then you will see real Ks disputing everything nice about those players..

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          1. Ks-Gunner

            Wtf are you tllk about? Are you on your period or something, lol?

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            1. Sumo

              You talking of periods? Lolololol.
              You moan worst than a pregnant woman in labour. Stop crying now.

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              1. sollygunner

                whats with the pakistani boy jibes
                takin it a bit far aint it ????

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                1. Ks-Gunner

                  Him calling Pakistani boy is my way of saying you are my friend to him, lol. Its all cool i am just playing with him bec he takes everything i say serious.

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                2. Sumo


                  “Its all cool i am just playing with him”

                  Playing? Enough playing. Take it in your mouth now.

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      2. GOONSTER

        I bet you would like Ramsey, Wilshere and Wenger out and replace them all with Prince OZIL..


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    3. muda

      In my opinion Kosielny is suggesting we should score more goals than we do!

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    4. Cappieee

      Do we really have Medical staffs. Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud, Debuchy, Sanogo all out. I doubt if we do. And can’t Wenger just sit nd decide dat he has tried nd retire, he should give whatever excuse he likes but Retire now.

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  2. The Bounty Hunter

    Kos sent home from French squad. Precautionary.
    Lets hope it is only that and he can have some time out to get some treatment, god knows we do not want anymore key players missing.

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  3. awesome gunners

    Laurent Koscielny actually wanted to say ” What do you expect. I am paired with the slowest guy in the Premier League” LOL.

    All seriousness. Laurent Koscielny is a great defender. Dont blame him. He has been playing the last three seasons with a proper DM. No protection and still doing a great job. Well Done.

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  4. 007

    Damn it are the reports of Kos been injured too true?

    Ohh boy, the football gods have really turned a blind eye to our team.

    Hope these reports aint true though there suggesting its a minor knock and can feature in our next game. (Playing players with knocks or who are not 100% is a huge risk, if the rumors are true I would rather Kos rests and Bellarine to cover RB so Mert and Chambers play center back)

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    1. ethangooner

      Chamber is suspended for next game.
      Finger cross that he recover in time (not playing carrying knock)

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      1. 007

        Damn it. Thanks for the info mate. Yeah we can only hope he recovers in time.

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        1. IceBergKamp10

          U got a thumbs down for dat comment?
          I guess some people hate James Bond.

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  5. fred cowardly

    People rubbishing Mertsacker must be unaware that last season Mertsacker and Koscielny were the BEST CB pair in the Premier League. He is also. German international. You people speak about him like he is Squillaci. Mertsacker is a quality defender. We should still get another top CB but I totally support our BFG

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 19 Thumb down 7

    1. Ks-Gunner

      He is good friend but people tend to see him like some kind of Vincent Kompany. I personally know that Kos is the main man and Merti is the players who profits from his game.

      Its hard to replace Kos, but easy to replace Merti, and this is something people should understand.

      Hummels is 5x times the player Merti is. So him being an international means not that much.
      Boatend is 3x times the player he is, and is more of an Kos, which makes him secure his place int he German starting line up. Glaub mir!

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  6. HA559

    Does anyone really know why we missed out on Manolas? That guy blocks so many shots. He would have been great for us. A great bargain for Roma for sure.

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    1. juhislihis

      Heard a rumour it was because we couldn’t promise him a starting place.

      As if he wouldn’t had benched Mert…

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      1. HA559

        That was the rumour I read as well, but not sure if it is correct. We could have played Chambers in RB or DMF. Wenger should’ve have said that he will get the three of them (Mertesacker,Koscleny and Manolas) a minimum set number of games, if that rumour is true.

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    2. ethangooner

      Given the form of Kos and Mert last season, and promise showing from Chambers, we cannot promise him much game time. Roma just sold their best CB to Bayern so they can offer him exact that.
      Btw, Ron Vlaar will be available free next summer or cut down price this Jan. Try to convince him to join us and problem solved. The same can be said for Winston Reid of West Ham.

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      1. HA559

        Yeah Ron Vlaar had a great World Cup, Villa are feeling his absence in defence a after he got injured after a great start. I would like to see Villa have a good season, somwhere in the top eight they got a good manager who is trying to get the best out of the players he has.

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  7. arsenalkid1970

    All the blogs and arsenal fans being pissed of with arsenal have that right but the real problem is in fact AW and SB 1-2 they need to go end of. We are the fans that keep AW in his over paid job we buy season tickets we buy tops so on so on. Have your say fans and get rid of AW

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    1. IceBergKamp10

      I’m suprised dat bould doesn’t get frustated by d team conceding d same type of goals every game,every season being a center back himself.

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  8. Ks-Gunner

    Kos is doing fine. We need a Dm who can stop attacking players bursting up in the danger zone. The last man is always Kos or Seza, so them recieving cards is no surprise but normal. Merti doesnt recieve cards bec gets beaten easily.

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    Kossy can’t be blamed, he is always left to cover Mert, and the left fullbacks while our DM’s don’t help him either. The guys keeps doing a 4 man job on his own..

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    1. IceBergKamp10

      We don’t have a DM. We had half a defensive-mid with song & a quarter of defensive-mid with arteta now.
      In btw i think koscielny is one of d fastest cb around yet we leak tons of goal on counter.Shame.
      No points for guessin who’s fault is dat.

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  10. goonerretic

    Kos will eventually push for a way out of this club..I see Barca,Munich,Real coming to call at some point..And he wont be fooled into staying this time.Wont blame him

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  11. Bearsenal

    hahaha , KARMA really likes having a bite at old wenger’s arse LOL

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  12. Robin Vanpayslip

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories (except JFK, MH370, the moon landing, Elvis, 2Pac, Biggie, MH17 etc) but had anyone wondered why Ozil and Walcott are always injured at opposite times? They have barely played together. My answer – Jack Wilshere and here is why:

    Jack Wilshere is Wenger’s no. 1 project. Wenger got him addicted to cigarettes and alcohol just so that he could ‘fix’ him. Have you noticed how Wenger ‘fixes’ players? He put Henry on the wing as a youngster, he failed and then Wenger bought him at Arsenal and ‘fixed’ him by making him a striker. He always was a striker! Now Wenger has ruined Wilshere but will get him some ecigs and pretend he ‘fixed’ him. Wenger sees him as his true heir to Cesc and hence why he never spoke to Cesc after he left.

    So where does Ozil fit into this? It is a common myth that Ozil was bought to appease fans. This is false! He was bought as the assist king just so Wenger could make him rubbish on the wings and give props to Jack for overtaking Mesut at Arsenal. Think about it – Ozil is know for being lethal with pacey wide forwards before he joined Arsenal. In fact the first time Walcott played he put him through 3 times although Walcott failed to score. Look now – this season Ozil played twice in the centre with 2 assists and 1 goal. Both times Wilshere did not play and both assists were from pacey forwards (Sanchez and Wellbeck).

    So why has Ozil had no pace in front of him? In fact not only that but Podolski, a genuine wide forward is dropped and replaced by a cm. And look at Sanchez. Can anyone honestly say the best place to play Ozil is the opposite wing to Sanchez so they never come in contact? And when Ozil is fit, Walcott is injured and when Walcott is fit all of a sudden Wenger puts Ozil onto a plane to Germany claiming he has an injury so be careful with him. Think about it – if Walcott is fit he starts so his is on one wing and Sanchez on the other meaning Ozil has to be moved to the middle and Wilshere dropped. So surprise surprise, not only would Ozil have begun to hit form with the run of games ahead of us but Wilshere would have been dropped.

    My friends – the Wilshere theory has been exposed.

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    1. sollygunner

      great read ha but errrmm ozil is actually injured i think ,,,
      wengers not making it up

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    2. NY_Gunner

      Dude. Haywill’s gonna kick yo azz for exposin his theories…lmfao

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    3. IceBergKamp10

      Dat was amzing…kudos.
      Shame dat some people don’t get sarcasm.

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  13. Mesut O-thrilled

    We never talk about Koscielny because he’s the most reliable on our team.

    I think a red card and/or penalty give away is gonna happen to each of our CB per season. Koscielny got a red last season and Per gave away a crucial PK in the FA Cup. So we need to become a bigger threat on offense because we never know when it is going to happen.

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  14. dan

    Even if Kos makes hull game its only matter of time before he has a spell on sidelines he has been carrying that injury since start of season only so many injections u can give will prob need operation on Achilles to cure problem if he lasts till January it will be an absolute miracle!!

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