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Is this Barca defender trying to force through Arsenal move in January?

There has been some interesting news today that the young Barcelona defender Martin Montoya is trying to force the Spanish giants to allow him to leave the Nou Camp in January, despite only having six months left on his contract.

The 23 year-old right-back was reported as being in talks with Wenger last summer with a view to moving to the Emirates for free when his contract ended, but the ex-Spanish youth international has only featured once for Barca this campaign and has made it clear through his agent that he doesn’t want to waste the rest of the season in the reserves.

Montoya’s agent, Juan De Dios Carrasco said in the Independent: “Tomorrow there will be a meeting with Barcelona to communicate the decision we have already made,”

“He will leave the club in January. There are clubs interested from England, Italy and German.

“When a player wants to leave Barca, as Montoya does, I do not think the club will oppose his departure.”

The way I’m looking at it is that IF he had already made a deal with Arsenal for the summer, but has now been informed that the Gunners are in desperate need of him ASAP, then this could be the very reason he is forcing Barca’s hand right now.

Wenger is definitely desperate for defenders, so perhaps Montoya’s agent has been told that if he doesn’t arrive now, Arsenal may be forced to buy someone else therefore closing the door on Montoya.

Does anyone else agree this could be possible?

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19 thoughts on “Is this Barca defender trying to force through Arsenal move in January?

  1. Budd

    Why would we need another right back? What’s the point? If you can’t get games ahead Dani Alves how can you force an arrival at Arsenal? Don’t believe this.

    1. muda

      barca defense is a joke, everyone knows that, and he dont even make it there. so why here?? we are still the classic arsenal just out of momentum. we deserve better! Hummels? varane? anyone?

  2. SaveArsenal

    Can he play CB?
    If not then why when we have a Debuchy, Jenks and Belerin, although after last night I am thinking Belerin should be a winger.
    Theo is looking like an injury risk and Belerin is absurdly fast.

  3. Raja Danish

    Now heard in the newspaper that in January we are going for howedes (schalkae CB) and Romulo (spartak moscow DM).. They are decent buys to cover these weak positions but I want us to get someone like hummels for CB and Javi martinez/ kondogbia/ carvalho for DM.. COYG..

    1. Budd

      You don’t really watch the market, do you? Kondogbia , Carvalho etc are represented by Mendes to which Wenger will never do business with because of the 3rd party ownership. Hummels may be an option but only in the summer. First of all, Dortmund will never sell now as they are in trouble and qualified in ECL.
      January transfers rarely show a big name being transferred .

  4. CraigZWE

    Wenger needs to bring in quality, not another nobody.

    Why would we want someone that’s a Barca reject?

    CB and DM, that’s all you need, but knowing Wenger he will bring in another RB.

  5. SUNNY13

    I would love to have Song back from Barca. Righ back we dont need any one. One world class CB is what we need.

  6. Green Gunner

    What would happen to Bellerin then? He’s too good/promising to be playing 3rd fiddle. Although I agree with some other posts here that he could possibly play as a winger. Did you see that run he made on goal yesterday. Exciting player. Needs to get game time!

    1. Budd

      Not only that. Give him game time as a LB as well. I liked him very much in that particular position in Istanbul. Not world class but very, very solid performance.

  7. Twig

    Gibbs, Monreal
    Koscielny, Mertesacker, Chambers, Hayden
    Debuchy, Bellerin

    Honestly, we have enough defenders. It’s our injury problems that we need to fix.

  8. fred cowardly

    People mention World Class Defender.
    Wenger won’t get one.
    He believes that Mertsacker is WC
    He will get an average defender

    Personally, I would prefer Wenger get a CB because we will have Jenkison next season as backup RB

    But even if Wenger gets a RB we still have Chambers as CB.

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