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Is this Premier League transfer perfect for Arsenal?

While it is just about the understatement of the century to say that Arsenal have not exactly taken the summer transfer window by storm, at least not yet, we have been more proactive than ever about the future. Many young players from the academy that I and many other Arsenal fans were expecting to stay at the club and possibly feature in the League Cup games and Champions League squad have gone out on loan.

While I must say a quick word about Wellington Silva and wish him well on joining Bolton Wanderers after a decent season in La Liga with Almeria, it is safe to say that the future of our young German international has showed more promise up to now.

The dynamic winger/forward was so unlucky to miss around the whole of last season after doing so well and breaking into the first team the previous year, but he is back and fit now and has joined Tony Pulis at West Brom on a season long loan.

This is a bold move from Arsene Wenger who must have been tempted to keep him, but the Frenchman has always had a long range view and is clearly trying to do the best for the player. Under Pulis, Gnabry should be in a team that is not fighting relegation all season and hopefully his pace and ability to counter attack will be just what the West Brom boss wants and so he should get a lot of game time.

Going to another big club, in Europe or England, might have seen Gnabry on the fringes, whereas going to a struggling club or one in the lower leagues might not have honed his technical skills as Arsenal would like. So is this just about the perfect transfer move for Gnabry and for Arsenal in the future?

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17 thoughts on “Is this Premier League transfer perfect for Arsenal?

  1. all guns blazing (benzema done deal)

    Good move for gnabry. Now we can all say wenger loaned gnabry out to shave points off of our title rivals what a man! Just like they all used to say about mourinho.( lukaku to west brom, everton etc:) Benzema to be announced on tuesday mostly. #Benzyfrenzy

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    1. greekgunner

      plz stop talking about the Benzema transfer . Its not gonna happened

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        1. greekgunner

          Its true but we are talking about their main Cf . At this point they cant replace him and Wenger is not gonna offer them big money.

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          1. sanmi.marvellous

            Benzema will come. Madrid should solve the vacuum created with Marco Reus. CR7 goes to Striking position, Reus on the wing !!

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    2. Honest Opinion

      Arsene have not exactly taken this transfer window seriously.Earlier I used to not beleive that we will not win EPL or UCL under him but now I can’t help but believe it is true we will never win EPL or UCL with him.He has a big ego and he wants to proclaim he can win the title with less budget.Dear old pus*y Arsene u will not win anything more than FA Cup cos ur cu*t is sore.Every other team strengthens while he avoids adding quality players to the team inspite of being given reality check(West Ham) and we barely avoided losing points to Crystal Palace.

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      1. Jim A

        More than a FA cup? It is a one and done tournament with all teams including Chelsea, City, United, in it. It is a great achievement to win it.

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  2. Gigi2

    Weird all those move outs. Either we have people coming in or wenger trusts too much our squads heslth

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  3. KickAssFan

    Waiting… Wenger the genius, guess he’s got everything in control.

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  4. Greg

    Gnabry has so much potential for the future, will miss him while on loan!

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  5. Goonsquad8

    Guys have some patients the window is not closed and I know everyone believes we will bring in more players. Look how many players we’ve sold, released or loaned. Wenger knows what he’s doing

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  6. lalitsyal

    He is a good player……..will be a good addition to Tony’s side……whish him all the best ……and hope him to break the first 11, next season…..

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  7. sylvainwiltord

    I’ve got a feeling benzema will be announced in the next couple of days Madrid are still looking to buy and with Danilo, Casemiro coming back kovacic and de gea on the way that’s quite a bit of money spent without receiving any! Someone’s gonna go ! Or maybe that cheeky little grin from wenger yesterday is making me feel like this !!

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  8. Alusine

    I like the way how some Arsenal fans express their views some times it is very clear that there’ll be no more EPL or will never be UCL under Wenger as a manager of the AFC whoever believe that Benzema will be a Gunner player better wake up and smell the coffee cuz it is not gonna happen not until Benzema 50th anniversary in soccer.

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