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Is this the ideal Wenger-like transfer Arsenal have been looking for?

Arsenal are claimed to be rivalling Tottenham for the signature of Munir El Haddadi of Barcelona this summer, with the forward believed to be available for a cut-price fee.

The youngster has been likened to Barca living legend Lionel Messi, and will be turning 21 next month.

It seems a little strange that his club would selling, but Arsenal are not likely to question such an offer, and will likely try and bring the Spain international to the club before the window closes.

Tottenham have been most strongly linked at present, but have already moved to bring in Vincent Janssen so far this window, and are already believed to be closing on the signing Marseille’s Georges-Kevin Nkoudou.

It is no secret that we have been desperate to bring in a forward this summer, and have been turned down by Jamie Vardy already, and a number of our targets are looking less and less likely to be joining.

We may now have found a bargain buy from the likes of Barcelona, although he will still be bringing potential to our side, instead of the ready-made attacker that our squad craves currently.

Danny Welbeck is ruled out until December at the earliest, and Walcott and Alexis Sanchez have failed to show they can deputise in a central role in the absence of Olivier Giroud.

No doubt Munir would not appease the fans want for another striker, but he could be able to forge himself ahead of Walcott in the near future, which would no doubt make a large number of Arsenal fans happy.

Munir would be welcomed, but only if he is not brought in instead of a striker, and comes with another addition this month.

Could Munir play as a striker for us? His goal tally thus is certainly not telling me that he could at the moment…

Pat J

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14 thoughts on “Is this the ideal Wenger-like transfer Arsenal have been looking for?

    1. muda

      Forget about falling low, I see it as an expensive loan from barcelona, If he succeeds then he will definitely go back in near future… Cough.. Fabregas cough.
      So it more like he’s coming to training school, just look at how they started to disturb our very own Hector The flash Bellerin.

  1. jonm

    The article says “likened to lionel messi”. Presumably he looks a bit like him. If he plays like messi then barca will not be selling.

    1. Dee@ease

      True he’s not good enough they getting rid of him because he’s the next Bojan more than the next Messi!

  2. Dee@ease

    Believe me on this if Barcelona are willing to get rid of him then we must know that he’s not good enough!

      1. Gunner

        Are you being sarcastic here…just checking
        I still think Alexis is great just not as CF. AW sometimes has a way of making good players loose form, by playing them in their not suited positions or overplaying/underplaying them.

        1. Krish

          not true.. AW has a way of making players perform better than they are namely alex song, nasri, adebayor, overmars etc. and he has a way of making players better by playing them in other positions namely monreal, ramsey (before the 13/14 season), özil etc.
          and i just hate this talk of “he was played in an unfamiliar position.. wenger is at fault” good players like sanchez, özil and ramsey should be able to make good shift even at other attacking positions.. and so far only ramsey gets a pass with merit, sanchez has to do more

  3. jonm

    Cannot break in to barca team because of msn, barca are selling for £12m, the new messi. If it is true then sign him asap.

    Trouble is it sounds too good to be true, so it probably is.

    1. jonm

      Only way this is likely to be true is if there is a buy back clause. So we pay to develop the player, including wages. If it turns out well and we have a star then he goes back to barca. If it turns out badly we get to keep the player. Sort of heads barca win, tails arsenal lose.

  4. JustJoy

    still listening and reading gabage from the window that refused to end…

    this where i feel our board and AW like standing under the sun rather under a shade…

  5. Tatek

    He is a better player than Mahrez
    or Theo just BC his 12m or So it doesn’t min his bad, i watched him play his Very good .

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