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Is Wenger actually right about Arsenal squad?

Despite Arsenal not looking great in the early stages of the new Premier League season, with defeat in the opening game at home to Liverpool, just a point from the first two matches and some unconvincing performances against Southampton and PSG, Arsene Wenger has been sounding pretty positive about Arsenal’s chances of trophy success.

The Frenchman declared that the squad he now has is the most balanced and mature it has been for many a year and that he feels it is more equipped to cope and compete for major honours. This raised a few eyebrows in the football media, despite the fact that the club did actually spend a decent amount of money on a few new players in the summer transfer window.

But perhaps the boss was right all along, because the Gunners have been getting results while being far from our best and that be an example of the extra maturity and maybe a streak of ruthlessness that Arsenal have been missing. Wenger’s squad options are actually starting to look alright as well, with Giroud and Lucas Perez still to make their marks and with Iwobi, Sanchez and Walcott doing the business.

Gabriel is almost ready to come back but he will struggle to displace Mustafi and Holding also looked good, while the battler between Ospina and Cech is looking closer than ever. We also have a very strong central midfield and with Ramsey to come back the competition for places there is very fierce.

Arsenal are now starting to click and hit form and after getting results while not at our best, is Wenger right about this Arsenal squad having the strength in depth as well as the quality to really compete?


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20 thoughts on “Is Wenger actually right about Arsenal squad?

  1. Uzi Ozil

    Team looks good. If we can sort out our attack (Sanchez/Perez/Giroud/Walcott and that guy Welbeck), then we can be lethal.

    For now, we can only improve from game to game….One game at a time.

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    1. Jimbeam

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  2. Arsenal007

    Sanchez has the same effect that Hazard has on the wings for Chelski…Sanchez is not a centre forward. Play to his strength, and sort out our centre forward position. And the team will look more fluid.

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    1. bran99

      Wenger thumbed you down, he’s doing his own research with Sanchez as the lone striker

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  3. arsenalkid1970

    I think we could play LP up front with A-S just behind him. TW is playing very well and AI on the other wing. But I would love AW to play a 442 but he is so stubborn & wont change. tbe other thing GX is far better then FQ but again it’s like he is saying I didn’t need to buy him?

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  4. ThirdManJW

    I agree with Wenger about having the most balanced, and mature squad in years, but is it good enough to win the League or the Champions League…absolutely not! The main problem with the squad still hasn’t been addressed since 2012, a top class striker.

    I don’t care what division or whatever European competition your club is in, you can’t expect to win or even be a threat without a clinical striker. Vardy isn’t world class, but he came up with a lot of goals last season, which was pivotal to Leicester’s success. Arsenal don’t have a world class striker, but do we have someone like a Vardy who could pop up with 25/30 goals for us, no we don’t!

    We only have three main striking options in my view:

    Giroud has had four years as our main striker, and although he’s decent, he’s proven that he cannot get enough goals, and isn’t enough of a goal threat within games. Our style of play isn’t even suited to Giroud’s style.

    Perez is more suited to our style of play than Giroud, but he’s a one season wonder (that one season wasn’t even that amazing), who has an awful scoring record. There is a chance he’s a late bloomer, and that he may follow up last season with another impressive campaign, but it’s highly unlikely. He looks very average to me.

    Akpom is another out-and-out striker, but is unlikely to get a chance, even if injuries hit. More likely Wenger would go with a makeshift striker like Walcott or Welbeck than pick Akpom. I’m not saying he’s the answer, but I would like to see him given a chance.

    Other options:

    Alexis is being played there at the moment, but I’ve not been impressed at all. I also feel we lose a lot from the wing with Alexis upfront.

    Walcott was given a chance, and was massive failure! Half the time, I didn’t even know he was on the pitch.

    Welbeck was a poor signing, with a poor scoring record, and nothing has changed. With two huge injuries back-to-back, you wonder if he’ll fully recover from that as well.

    Sanogo…no comment.

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  5. royalman

    Personal I believe some players suppose to start but r not starting, e.g. Giroud, Perez, n Xhaka. But I wouldn’t kno more than d manager n base on d fact that the selected team r doing well, No complain. U guys shouldn’t forget that January is coming when some players get tired or get injure (God forbid ), that’s y am happy with d depth of d team now. If u don’t play now u ll play den.

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  6. Twig

    Team is in top shape. We have the players to play almost any formation we like. Would have been nice to have Griezmann or Icardi leading the line though 😉

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  7. Simon_MrMac

    Please please please return Sanchez to his best position and field a striker!!!

    If Perez does turn into exceptional striker nothing we can’t accomplish, until then play Giroud

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  8. Arsenal_Girl

    Alexis has performed admirably up front
    But he is lethal in his usual position
    Giroud or Perez will do fine up front

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  9. Arsenal_Girl

    I hope at some point this season we see these players play together (if they earn it of course)


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      1. Twig

        Hold up, hey
        for my niggas who be thinkin’ we soft
        We don’t, play
        We gonna’ rock it ’til the wheels fall off
        Hold up, hey

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        1. NY_Gunner

          UnKool with the “N-bomb” dude…Don’t give a flyin 1 what track you got it from.

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