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Is Wenger holding Arsenal striker Lacazette back?

Ian Wright has sung the praises of Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette, but has urged him to be given less responsibilities outside the final third of the pitch.

The Frenchman arrived from Lyon this summer in a club record deal, and has impressed thus far, scoring five goals in his opening nine Premier League outings.

Ian Wright is the latest person to sing the striker’s praises, describing his affection for the goalscorer for the work he does for his team-mates.

“I love Lacazette,” Wright explained.

“He’s a fantastic singing.

“When he stretches teams, look at Ozil and Sanchez, they’ve got the space to run into.”

The former England and Arsenal striker added that he believes Arsene Wenger should give him less responsibility in the build up play however, urging him to do what he does best, which comes in the final third.

“When he gets into this situation [in the penalty area], he finishes so so well,” he continued.

“I don’t want to see him come and getting involved in the link up play because we have enough players that can do that.

“I would love to see him on the edge of defenders, and running into those little slots, stretching teams.”

With Mesut Ozil known for his lack of ability to track back, and try and win the ball back, it would be controversial to ask Lacazette to do less work on the rest of the pitch, so I have to disagree somewhat to Ian Wright’s opinion.

Should Lacazette be given less work off the ball and in the build up? Is Wenger to blame for his role on the pitch?

Pat J

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12 thoughts on “Is Wenger holding Arsenal striker Lacazette back?

  1. Eddy Hoyte

    No Pat.. I disagree with you and others.
    Lacazette comes in deep too much and its not that too good.
    We need him to stay in the final third most of the time, he has Sanchez and Ozil who can spot sharp killer passes.

    Plus running around the whole pitch is the reason why he gets tired easily and Wenger sub’s him off.

    By the way.

    Congrats to Oliveur Giroud for winning FIFA’s goal of the year

    He now has a FIFA award

  2. Eddy Hoyte

    Gotta say the English F.A can be crappy sometimes… Giroud’s goal didn’t even get GOTM or GOTY in EPL did it???
    I stand to be corrected here

    1. Anko

      It didn’t, and I was very disappointed. But then if Gary Neville is deciding who wins the best goal and a man united player is among the nominees, I don’t think anyone will be surprised. And this is why I hardly believe their comments because it is never objective.

    2. JPS_AFC1

      Congratulations O.G great effort.
      Now i have to agree with Ian Wright here, Lacazette should live in the final 3rd off the pitch and track back only when he see’s a player down injured or something like that. Now that Mr Potatoe head has finally played Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette in the same team he will score alot off goals if he doesn’t track back as much . It will also give him more energy to run out games and we can start to sew him play the full 90+ IT. Against tired defences i think a striker with his pace and movement will score a heap off goals in the last 10-15 minutes off the game.

  3. Yossarian

    If our midfield was a bit more combative and better at keeping the ball consistently (Against good teams) and our defence was well-organised & didn’t switch-off regularly, then maybe our best striker wouldn’t need to keep tracking-back so much to defend?

    After all, Lacazette’s job is primarily to score goals. Also if he’s higher up the pitch more of the time, it gives us a nice outlet for counter-attacks, especially with his skill and composed finishing.

  4. Arsenogenic

    Hoyte man, you seem to have forgotten that everything Arsenal is rubbish, or must be made to look rubbish. That is an unwritten law in England and especially in the English press.

  5. JJPawn

    No, Lacazette needs to play top. But, it also means playing tireless El Neny to protect the back line.

    ————–Lacazette————— [Poach at will from through passes, crosses, rebounds…]
    Sanchez——Ozil———–Ramsay [Supply from Ozil to forwards.]
    ——-Kolasanic—-Xhaka———- [Pass and shoot long distance to force rebounds.
    —————-El Neny—————- [Protect back three, clean up, stop shots on goal.]
    Monreal——–Koz——Bellerin [Seal the back.]

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