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Is Wenger lining up a top player for Arsenal?

Wenger is not giving anything away! by KJ

Today Wenger just finished him press conference and he hasn’t given anything away.

Here’s his dialogue regarding incoming players, as reported by
“We have enough [players], that is for sure, but you always want to improve your squad and if we find a top, top, top player we will do it,” he said.

“We are working very, very hard. We have resources available so if it is not happening now it will happen in December.

“We are active but we do not just want to bring average players in. If we find a special player who can find us a plus we will do it, if not we will not do it.

“But we believe strongly that we have the quality in our squad to do very well. We have already bought Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud of course. So you cannot say we have not bought, but when you listen to people you always have to buy more.

“What is important as well is to believe in the players you have and we will get our long-term injuries back.”

He’s used very political answers (as he usually does). He doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s thinking. I like the way he used “top” 3 times. Clearly he thinks we’re in for someone big. Not sure who obviously.

The second line has got me a bit worried. It almost implies that if we don’t sign anyone this season, we’ll try again next window.

The targets that we’ve heard of are Cabaye, Tiote and M’Biwa at the moment. The club is keeping very tight lipped. They’re all good signings in their own right. I’ve expressed my dislike for Tiote but Cabaye and M’Biwa are quality players.

I hope Wenger has something up his sleeve

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190 thoughts on “Is Wenger lining up a top player for Arsenal?

  1. Bimbo

    Top, Top, Top… another excuse not to sign any player again. I’ve heard it several times from Arsene claiming that its difficult to get a good player in January transfer window, he says no club will sell their best players during the season.

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  2. x-d

    I sincerely don’t think arsenal will sign anyone else,if we do then I think we should be glad and if not let’s just hope for the best with this current squad

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  3. Thala

    If Wenger not signing Anyone[Top Player] in end of the Window, it clearly shows the Ambition of the Club. This Will Prove Van Persie and Others were right 2 leave the Club.
    For me it looks like Arsenal Board is taking us for a ride.
    7 yrs and We r not Learning. Boycott !!!

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  4. Crossroad55

    Think only just 1 signing will happen and i gotta feeling that is cabaye

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  5. Gooner Cape Town

    So many of you are just so F*CKEN negative go and support pr*ck Spuds or |Man Unfrighted or Liverfool or Man Crap jeez guys we are supposed to be all Gooners but you are so negative, why don’t you all just F8Ck OFF!!

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  6. Dom

    Mvila will arrive i think. don’t know if we will get anyone else. i hope for VDW but who knows.

    Either way we cant win the title this season i fear, but top 4 is assured.

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  7. omar abaza

    wenger has launched a bid of 15mil for cabaye. If it is refused he will go after bender from leverkusen. No llorente and walcott is set to stay at arsenal. As for players moving out, bendtner is going to juve for a season long loan and chu young park is going to drumrolls………..Norwich. im not quite sure but i think it will be for a season long loan. The reason wenger chooses to loan his attackers instead of selling them is because he only has giroud as cf and podolski as a backup so if giroud gets injured he can recall one of his strikers back.

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  8. Apostolos

    unfortymately when Wenger says we will get Wilshire and Rosicky back that is the best way to strengthen our squad It’s kind of hard to believe will sign someone let alone a big sogning. Hey we got our big signing 17 year old keeper Deni Iliev Fk Belastika??? Come on Wenger Really this can’t possibly be it It just can’t

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  9. Dom

    Gooner Cape town, Supporting a team blindly is stupid. i love arsenal, but i can still be unhappy with the way the club does its business. We shouldn’t give up our best players and replace them with players of lower quality. We will never dominate the BPL again if something doesn’t change. Being unhappy with the club for losing our best players doesn’t make me or anyone else less of an arsenal fan…

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  10. Seer

    Stop the speculations! I’m taking sleeping tablet now please wake me up tomorrow night by mid-night. Thanks.

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  11. omar abaza

    latest news. Fiorentina enters the race to sign bendtner and is set to send their bid tonight.

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  12. Bunmilee

    I doubt too if Arsene Wenger is ready to sign any new player. If you can read through his political statement, then the message is clear. If he does sign “top, top, top player” good for him. I believe he will not coach Arsenal next season if he refuses to sign players that can challenge for trophies and win trophies. This is a make or break season for him.
    Arsenal is not only for him, as followers of the club we have our stake as well. Gunners 4 life !

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  13. Farqo

    I know I’m dreaming, but I’d love Arsenal to sign Colombian striker Radamel Falcao! I think he would be a great addition to the already strong squad, he’s a striker very different to Giroud, he will provide skill and the final ‘finish’ to get the goal, and most of all… He would love to play at the Emirates, for Arsenal! Yes, it’s true Falcao has said that he dreams of playing for Arsenal one day… THIS GET’S ME EXCITED! But on a serious note, this deal won’t happen.

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  14. omar abaza

    another bit of news is that. arsene wenger has 5 players on his mind 3 as back up in case we didnt sign the first 2. Two medicals have been booked, one for tonight and one for the morning. lets hope we get some confirmation soon 😀

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  15. prince

    Arsene is just a clown `top top top player`,as if we can afford one.Cracks me up with his political statements.That is a nice way of telling the fans `we are done buying players this window. Honestly,i wish we`d lost our 1st 2 matches.Then the club would wake up from this stagnation.That was what it took to bring in the likes of Per,Santos and Arteta.

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  16. mr lean

    @leo you got any updates mate,promise after tomorrow will leave you alone for a few months !!

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  17. Kobi

    Wow QPR is going all out. 3 signings in 24 hours and all good players. Come on Wenger give us our 2 signings.

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  18. Thala

    I know many fans say ” In Arsene We Trust”. Agreed . He is the good Coach , good Philosophy, Attractive Football. Some fans say Arsenal Board is the Best. They Say No Debt, Etc.
    I love Arsenal As much as Anyone of You. I have exams Next Month, all i can think of Arsenal and Transfers.
    Why Do some Fans Blindly Support Arsenal transfer Dealings??
    When All our Rival Club take one step forward , we r taking one step Backward. Dont U guys are not jealous of Chelsea, manutd, mancity??? They r winning trophies and we r not!!
    How they Win the Trophies?? Simple. They hold onto their best players and buy top players too.
    Fans Wake up !! Lets Boycott !! Lets Get Some Answers!!!

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  19. Reality check

    Tbh I don’t believe a word u lot put on here, guys if u want real info about arsenal transfers , best site online is football365. Check it out for accurate info. Am not having a dig at this site personally but I feel to many people come on here to speculate what they which would happen in their dreams. Pls pls pls if u have accurate info , add ur source to confirm your info.

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  20. Gooner Cape Town

    I have supported this club through thick and thin for 35 years, longer than most of you have even been alive, so don’t give me patriotism, or this and that about supporting a team. We need results and great signings. Stop comiserating over losing RvP and Song, if you were 29 and had a family with a crap injury record what would you do? Song made sh*t with the squad and Wenger, so he had to go. They are gone so let’s move on. Hope Wenger at least signs somebody as when injuries hit us in the season we must have serious back up on bench.
    Let’s hear it now who they are.

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  21. True Gooner

    TOP TOP TOP player eh? The Boss must be about to sign either:

    Mario Götze!

    Christian Eriksen!



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  22. omar abaza

    park and bendtner signings will be announced in the next few hours as they have both packed their bags but only bendtner is already on his way out of england. maybe park is set to stay in england. i got an intel that he is on his way to norwich, lets see if its true 😀

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  23. ERG

    Lets have it right everyone forget the fact we have bought 3 players.
    how on earth does wenger think we will fall we might not need any new players!!?
    He fails to mention who we have sold!!
    We need 3 players off high qualtiy to challenge for the title at least.
    And as usual we cant sell our crap players because of their ridiculous wages!
    Well played the board and wenger on that front!!
    I dont see us buying anyone really,I would of taken Berbatov for 6 million.

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  24. aaron

    Top top top players? Will Arsene Wenger spend that much of money? It’s definite a no, how to sign top player?

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  25. realist


    we have actually got rid of 17 players so far not including the 8 sent on loan so far. we have brought in just 3 and 12 scholars.

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  26. omar abaza

    according to my sources. the bendtner signing is complete and he is set to have a medical tomorrow morning at juventus. Arsenal will receive 1.5 million euros for a season long loan and juventus will pay all of his wages and there will be a buy out clause worth 6 million euros. CONGRATS GOOONERS!!!!

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  27. Jamie

    I reckon we will sign cabaye and maybe remy, sign them 2 and we have a gd season

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  28. jambooo

    Let’s get it right…. Arsenal is not a “business” soccer club like many other top european giants. Arsenal is a manufacturer of products. The bad thing with arsenal is that they sell the patents of their best selling products every year. Then they go back to the factory to see if they can create more magic.

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  29. elvi

    top top top player we will do,he said…who?????????? there are only 3 top top top player in todays football but he already sold 1 RVP…..other 2 are messi and ronaldo.
    which i don’t see him signing those nor m expecting

    m having banans 🙁

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  30. bob

    i cant believe wenger wont bring anyone else in.

    i cant believe the club again this season will be making a profit from player sales.

    we have no defensive midfielder we are 1 injury away from struggling.

    just same old story at the club am getting tired of it.

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  31. Skeelo

    I think its true what Wenger says, to buy any player right now, it would be a player off the top shelf in this transfer window. Which ever player or players they are looking at has to improve the team, and to all those surpporters mowning RVP, Fabregas, Song, Nasri etc came in with quality but took time to become who they are n had to adjust to live at Arsenal. Personally Arsenal don’t seem to lick players arses to stay with the club, players of today lack club loyalty because it is that very same club that had to nurse there injury proned asses. Those canons will start firing soon, give these new players and team a chance, they will deliver!

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  32. Bebbs

    Desperately need DM > mvilla is a must, & a centre back, maybe isco for a more creativity, if this doesn’t happen we are fucked, and my money will be spent elsewhere this year

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  33. True Gooner

    Hmmm more TOP players…….. (Maybe a bit more realistic this time….)

    Markus Henriksen?

    Asier Illarramendi?

    Sven Bender?

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  34. Arsenal4Life

    I heard we were signing the next 5 players.
    -Squilachi for MBiwa and they will pay us 13 million, because Squilachi is one of the best defenders out there!
    – Denilson will be swapped for Mvila (no cash)
    – Bendtner will be swapped for Llorente, because Bendtner is a Bask(spain) also
    – Park+ Arshavin for Cesc and Messi!

    Sagna Vermaelen Koscielny Gibbs
    MVila Wilshere
    Messi Fabregas Cazorla

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  35. redgooner

    Thala, am all for the boycott thing if fellow gooners can agree. I wonder what’s wrong with people’s power these day? Gooners get up and stand up for your right, these guys are destroying our club. It was our club before they came and it will stay be ours when they are all gone. They are not the ones who’ve endured all those hurtful taunts from supporter of other clubs at work and in pubs for the last seven years or so, we are the ones. It is time to do something, our club has now been turned into a total joke!!!

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  36. Gs

    Arsenal have not spent a dime on any players this window. Sure they bought 3 players but it cost them roughly 40 millions which they more than got back from the sales of vela, rvp, song, bartley. Infact they way i see it they actually made a good 4 to 5 millions of profits. And we may think this is wenger’s fault but it’s not. He’s just doing the best he can with what the board is giving him. I mean what manager in their right mind wont spend the money he is given. The fact is this is the exact reason the board likes wenger so much. They know no manager in the world would be able to run a club this successfully with so limited money. That’s why every other big club knows his value and we are lucky to have him i mean stan sure is lucky son of a b***h to have him. And im starting to think that’s exactly the reason why they sold song, so they can balance their buys and make some profits as well. This is what the board do every year. They show they bought players when infact they sold the best players and bought some cheap replacement or young talent. They take us for fool every year. And if you don’t believe me then add the millions made from selling players and buying players from the last five years and you will see.

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  37. BrownBB

    I know not what Arsene Wenger’s thoughts are but we the gunners are tired of being beaten by our arch rivals and I can’t take it myself as it moves me to tears when our top players are sold everyday. Maybe Arsene has to put us in the know why it goes on and on like that. Putting a stop to this mess is what I desire. At least if we offload, why not put extra fire back in place. My hrt beats only for Arsenal till the sun dries up the sea and until then, I will always be devoted to Arsenal.

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  38. micheal

    No more signing from mr wenger,I hope we fair well this season,its just break my heart seeing us battling 2 win against a mid table team,plz tell those arsenal boaro to take us back 2 d top,coz that’s where we r meant 2 be,@ d very top.

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  39. Brook

    Brought 3 players by end of window would of sold about 5-6 players so in profit again And no better of.

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  40. BrownBB

    Lets come out to the open by saying that Wenger should be sacked because we can’t sit back here and watch Arsenal being made a business club. If I may ask, what does Wenger have in mind as a coach if not winning trophies? Had a bounty being placed on Arsene Wenger, he had rather being taken off. I hate him mercilessly.

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  41. Mark

    Walcott, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park,Squillachi ……all rubbish!!! Give them all free transfers!!!!

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  42. spart74

    Every single season Arsenal make a profit on transfers, do you really think that they are going to buy anyone? i think not!, at the moment they stand +2million + the wages of RVP and Song off the books.

    The board are just in it to make money and reach the top four for a champions league pay off.

    It is a complete total joke!, a club with the 2nd biggest club stadium in the country and the most expensive tickets in the world.

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  43. Mr AW

    Dear Ladies and gentleman…
    Yes we are planning to bring one more top class player and even more than that.By the end of transfer window we will sign top striker, DM and RB. Have faith…

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  44. aaron

    we have a strong squad i feel already as soon as the strikers we have break their duck , goals galore . arteta and cazorla blinding start soon as we start scoring, TROPHIES HERE WE COME ….ARSENAL !!!!!

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  45. Arsenals F

    Just want to point out a couple of things to Arsenals fans who seem a little misunderstood. I personally don’t believe the board are running our club as a business with financial intentions. In the last 10 seasons, we have made a profit of £15mil in transfers (players going in/out) – NOT the billions some people seem to suggest. We have however moved to a brand new stadium, that cost, I believe, over £300,000,000, which, to be quite honest, is where our transfer funds have gone. Because of the impending financial fair play rules, it is vital we get our accounts in order. This is why we would rather get free strikers like Chamakh, who, before the start of this season, had scored more goals for Arsenal than £50m Torres or £35m Carroll. If we’d have made a signing like that, it might have ruined us. People complain, for example, that we didn’t sign Javi Martinez – Bayern just bought him for £34million.

    What Arsene Wenger has done outstandingly is deliver us CL football, season after season, to add funds and pay off the stadium debts – which are now finally repayed (so we will start making profit and have more leeway in the transfer market). The hopes and dreams of Arsenal rest in how strict Fifa financial fair play rules are enforced. If as strict as originally intended, it will not be long before we are back at the top. It is a long term plan, and frustrating, but necessary. This hopefully explains why VP left – we wanted him for gaining 4th place and perhaps an English cup trophy, but he will not be around when we finally restart challenging for the EPL (I think he said something about not agreeing with how the clubs future was to be run).

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  46. Amol

    there won’t be anymore signings probably…now

    if chamakh leaves for malaga

    wenger should snap up isco…..

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  47. DC gunner

    I reckon we will sign a versatile defender a dm and a striker stop being so negative gunners who would of thought last year we would have signed any1 on deadline day

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  48. Zamora

    Damn! Spend 50mil & sign Neymar now! Problem solved! We will be EPL,FA Cup & Carling Cup champion!

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  49. Steve.


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  50. Bolly

    Steve why don’t you f&ck off you c0ck.
    Anyway back to reality, a very big player signing will be announced about 10.59 tomorrow.

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  51. max power

    Mr Wenger is playing games with the fan’s he will NOT be signing anyone he has NO respect for the Fan’s. The Arsenal board and Mr Wenger are busy alright counting their dividends. They Fool Us Year after Year with their Bull. They MUST GO Soon.

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  52. max power

    Mr Wenger Said in a TV interview that he would only buy special players. The problem here is special players cost big money and Mr Wenger and the Arsenal board do not like to spend big money. So that should tell you there will be NO more players signed before the transfer window shuts. BIG Money spent means NO Dividend’s.

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  53. Canadian Gooner

    Huuuugeee arsenal fan, but we’ve all seen this before from the current management. Arsene isn’t going to buy anyone else this summer, as I called after the Cazorla deal, and our net benefit any way you slice it is negative- can’t say we wouldn’t have been better off keeping RVP and Song.

    Come January after we are already out of the title race and unlikely to win anything again Wenger may bring in one player- but it’ll be too little too late as always.

    Kroenke OUT USMANOV IN, all together now: Kroenke Ouuuutttt

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  54. John Legend.... Truth is bitter

    Am glad some people aяe now aware of D way it goes….make profit from transfer every season.gbam!!!

    Trust me, we’ll sign in January, by then, we would be really struggling and our current players’ll be fed-up by then. I juƨτ hope it won’t be τo τo τo late τo bring in τop τop τop player(s)

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  55. Bill

    Can sombody please tell Wenger that he has lost a couple off players? The manager is on his own planet…

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  56. DanielC1989

    we’ve enquirer about 3 PL players… (Michael Essien being one) and a Ligue 1 player. according to Twitter anyway!

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  57. Vern

    AW SHOULD sign established EPL players, ffs why is it that AW keeps wearing these pitiful french goggles… buying dross that take time to work (if at all they do..) Chamakh! Gervinh! Giroud??
    Come on AW buy Fellani.. Dempsey..!

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  58. Vp

    Should have put some money on arsenal not signing anyone else before transfer window..their making money, I might as well too

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  59. Tamil Marran

    gosh u fools… Wenger will not reveal anything…everytime he does that….moneybags clubs will be offering money to theses players…..which is why Arsenal have to sign players either very early or very late to avoid getting intercept…..

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  60. Namo

    Its rather sad but I don’t think any new signing is on d way. Its d same vicious cycle, year in year out. Sell ur best and sign some untested and unproven talents that come in cheap. Truth is, if nothing negative happens to spurs and N’castle, dis season, Arsenal may have 2 kiss Champions League football, Goodbye. Sad but true.

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    it has now gone to the stage where i cannot stand to hear wengers voice , he does nothing else but tell lies to suit the situation , he thinks he is being so clever talking in riddles . we can see through this phoney at last , he is a con man of the highest degree and he is the agent of this board that we are lumbered with .someday , the whole truth will come out stating that wenger is getting a dividend from the board on top of his salary . he makes scrooge look like a generous man .

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    please improve the squad..every year Arsenal sell and sell star players and replace them with cheap one..only this year we got lucky cz the cheap ones are those three (G P C)..if each year we do this we will become a feeder club..not a club challenging for success but a club striving for financial stability and not mad if the board/shareholders shares the same pain the supporters carry all this years seeing our Arsenal like a supporter who trully love Arsenal i will be mad if the board/shareholders run the club, grab all or most of the profit by themselves, give Arsenal just enough to survive, and the worst of all lie to all the supporters. We supporters want the board/shareholders their pure efforts to run the club and bring Arsenal towards success.

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  63. xolani

    Wenger has said it we wil nt b signing any1 dis seoson n he also commented abaut walcott dat means walcott wil leave 2morrow dats y he is keeping calm n cool n da bendtner thing well idk if dat wil happen i think he wil stay coz wenger wil nt sign any1 sorry bt im nt here 2 speculate im here 2 state da facts all da speculations got us excited ova nthing.

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    looking at chel$ea and man €ity..the owners WANT success at their club..they spent billions for their club to acheive that..BUT im not saying that we want our Arsenal to do the same foolish mega millions spending..but at least show some EFFORT in making Arsenal moving forward towards least keep our star players and we supporters dont mind (and we even be proud and glad) if the board/Wenger go for smart/cheap buys to IMPROVE the long as the word IMPROVE is there. What we see now is the board making profits and Arsenal struggles each year selling star players. Maybe wage structure should be revised..not as far as 250,000 p/w like those of chel$ea and €ity..but maybe as far as 150,000 p/w so that all star players who TRULLY love Arsenal and wanted to stay STAYS.

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  65. Tamil Marran

    why would Wenger reveal the players he wants to sign??????

    so that city or chelsea could intercept and sign them for 50m and offer 300k per week????????????????

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  66. Steve.


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  67. Mike Dellar

    K.J….why do you and other writers on this site never give us your first names & details of who employ you?…are you real person or just a computer program regurgitating articles from other sites on the web…does Arsenal F.C. employ you or do you post independantly here on this site?…whilst I respect & enjoy a lot of your articles; please give us some evidence of actual signings…we want to get excited by done deals & not rumours!!!

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  68. mcz

    delusional gooners…arsenal is a feeder club,if u can buy 3 players and sell your top players it only points to that fact. Next season I expect bids for vermalean & kosher and I wouldnt be in the least surprised to see at least one of them go. Arsene will always keep arsenal at the top flight but it doesnt go beyond that…. I can guarantee there will be no trophies at arsenal, infact i could wager my house my car my wife my kids and my own kahooners jus to show you what a sure bet this is….hahaha sucks to be a gooner

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  69. Ally

    Arsenal proved tonight that they dont have any ambitions, it is just a business desiring to make profit nothing more! Arsenal fans should wake up and go on strike- stop going matches and stop purchasing arsenal merchandisers! This happens in nearly every transfer window! Going back a few years – they got good money for adebayor and toure, did they buy with that money no! Sold fabregas and nasri did they buy top quality replacements? No! Why they hell have they sold Rvp and song and wanting to sell Walcott – when they are so reluctant to buy any replacements! Even polodoski, giroud and carzola- has it not made any arsenal fans wonder why other big teams were not after them? Because even these players are average players that will not succeed in winning a champions league! so any arsenal fans saying ye sell Walcott should think again!! No more arsenal 1st team players should be sold as its 100% certain that the economist puppet wenger will not buy replacements as he’s keeping the board happy with the profiT-saving he’s making them! 8 years without a trophy any other manager would have been sacked by now- why isn’t he! As the clubs ambition is not to win trophies as they fear
    The top teams financial muscle so have given up! But they are laughing with all the money they are making and simply don’t care! why do they desire to come qualify for the champions league every year? Not to try to win it but because the club gets granted with money from uefa for qualifying! Money money money! It’s sad but it’s the truth! Wenger needs to go and so does this corrupted board or arsenal will soon be middle of the table team, with no stars willing to come to the club, less sky matches and more arsenal players desperately trying to escape to other teams! Well done Rvp u did well to join a more ambitious team!

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