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Is Wenger right not to spend big at Arsenal?

Why Arsene is right not to splash the cash! by DW

It is now January 8th 2013 and the transfer window has officially got underway. The gates to the overpriced and usually disruptive time of the season are open. An often overworked set of players in each team, reeling from the rigors of the Christmas and new year fixtures, are subjected to the media’s speculation of grandeur and the chance for them to apparently play for the potential top four teams, causing managers to squeeze their eyes shut in prayer that their star players show some loyalty over the stupidly high wages that are presented to them at the likes of Man City and Chelski.

For Arsenal, they have slipped into this category of late, with more and more stars feeling that Arsenal do not meet their ambitions and that warming the likes of Chelski and Man City’s Bench while being paid double their existing wages is more their style. In this transfer window it seems to be Theo, but we will wait and see what happens there. The other thing that happens is that those grumbles and low murmurs of disgruntlement during the Autumn and Christmas period from Arsenal Fans become a chorus of how much trouble Arsenal are in without a 30million pound signing.

Firstly, I do think that we are 3 quality players away from being a top, top side. Where I disagree with the general consensus is that players valued at 30 – 40 million equate automatically to a top draw player. Look at Santi Carzola. Arguably one of the best players in midfield this season and he only cost 16 million. But what really supports Arsene’s approach to the transfer market is if you type on the internet ‘what are the top ten most expensive players in the premier league’ the results are very interesting indeed. They are as follows;

1. Fernando Torres – A staggering 50 million pounds! The most expensive player to date. Many Chelski fans would tell you that his all round game has proved invaluable at times but for me if I had the most expensive striker ever to grace our league I would expect him to at least be in the top 2 goal scorers every season. He has now been at the club for two years as he was a January transfer and he has only just made the top goal scorers list for the first time at Chelski and that is at 7 league goals, which is 1 less than Walcott has.

2. Sergio Aguero – Top class player I would love to see this man in an Arsenal shirt but that is a thing of dreams. Scores goals, has pace and power. Is comfortable on the ball and can finish well.

3. Andy Carroll – Everyone was wondering what King Kenny was going to spend his Torres treasure on. The astounding 50 million pounds for an out of form Torres was bordering on insanity but Liverpool tried to compete by signing a struggling Andy Carroll for 35 million making him the third most expensive player in the premier league and the most expensive Englishman. The pressure may have been too much, or Liverpool’s style of play. Even the fact that Kenny was replaced with, firstly Roy Hodgson, and then Brendan Rodgers, but he was a flop at Liverpool and now resides at West Ham where the fact that West ham have taken on our very own Chamakh tells you that he could well be a West Ham flop as well. Hardly the form of a 35 million pound striker but he still rates slightly above Torres because he cost less.

4. Robinho – There is no disputing that Robinho was a talented player even if he did not know whether he was at Chelski or City half the time. However he was obviously an introduction to the tantrums of Mario and Tevez. Often sulking and causing problems behind the scenes (if reports are to be believed) He was also partial to a kebab or two. He never managed to provide enough sparkle to win Man City anything and left on bad terms for less than he cost.

5. Shevchenko – I have always felt sorry for Andrei. He was subject to circumstance to a certain degree. As the politics in Chelski heated up Shevchenko seemed to wilt. It was partially due to the fact that he had been used to running against 40 year old defenders in Italy, but he struggled with the faster and stronger defenses in the premiere league at first and with Chelski fans getting used to getting everything they wanted now, he was never given a real chance. However no-one should ever feel sorry for one of the most expensive players ever to play in premier league.

6. Berbatov – I quite like this player and, unlike Torres, he did score goals for United. However he was used sparingly by Ferguson due to the fact that he was often deemed as disconnected and disinterested, whilst often complaining of suffering from nerves at being at as big a club as United. Had he cost even 10 million less I would have felt he was a success.

7. Rio Ferdinand – He has been a loyal servant to United and can be deemed as a success as he has been at the heart of Man United’s defence during their record breaking premier league winning run.

8. Sebastion Veron – The Argentinian legend had all the ingredients to be a great United midfielder. The problem was that no-one on his team seemed to be on the same wave length as him. A Rolls Royce player in a Lamborghini dealership. Was a flop for the pure fact that he had no success during his time at United and repeated the same kind of situation during his spell at Chelski.

9. Dzeko – This player is a good player but with Aguero and Tevez being used in most games he has become a bit part player and impact sub that is not what you would expect from a player that costs slightly less than our top two signings put together.

10. Rooney – Although he has a pattern, lately, of being non-influential in the early stages of United’s season he always has a say in the important matches and especially in the second half of the season. Although there has been times where he has fallen out with Ferguson for one reason or the other he has consistently been more of a success than not. Any team around the world would love Rooney in their set up.

Of these ten top expensive players I would say only 3/10 have been real value for their money. (Aguero, Rooney & Rio) This shows that while it is frustrating to hear that we have lost out on (so called) top players at times, money doesn’t always get you the best players. I often hear fans grumble that we need players of Viera’s quality (Cost 3.5 million) or Henry (Cost 11 million), Cesc (Free), Pires (Cost 6 Million) or even RVP (cost 2.75 million) while this spans over a period of 10 – 15 years, and they may have cost a bit more these days.

The point remains the same, our legends cost nowhere near the kind of money spent on the players above and that Arsenal and Arsene moulded great players into world class players. This is why Arsene’s transfer policy, while sometimes appearing on the surface as non-progressive and lacking ambition, in more details it is not as simple as just splashing the cash. I feel that Wenger should look at what he has achieved in his career and then look across at the likes of Man City’s and Chelski’s wasteful spending and ask himself should I be listening to people saying that only the likes of Falcao and Benzema are good enough to show we have ambition?

Written By Darren Woolford.

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61 thoughts on “Is Wenger right not to spend big at Arsenal?

  1. A Goonersville Citizen

    …but wouldn’t you, the writer, agree that Chelsea & Man City are where they are now because of spending cash?

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  2. A Goonersville Citizen

    Chelsea and Man City maybe wasteful, but they sure are doing it at our expense.

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  3. Brian

    Yes he should spend big as he has spent nothing compared to the other big clubs.He has also sold our big players to the other big clubs.So for us to get back up with the big clubs we need to spend big!!!Its all Wengers fault but this is where we stand because of his and the clubs philosphy!!We are now forced to spend big to catch up!!!

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  4. Ankit

    Guys its 2013 ..n nt 1993 …gt out of ur dreams…t money dsnt hv same value always so 5 mil of 1993 s nomore of same value of 5 mil in 2013 …will some1 make tis simple statement clear to Mr. Wenger …..Y t fuk he bids fr plyer with money like a small kids pocket money $1..$2..viz…

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  5. PatLloyd

    yes there will be failures when spending big, but all arsenal want/need is a balance, we just want to be competitive in the market and OCCASIONALLY spend big (like barca did with villa, fabregas). we dont want to spend like chelsea with a clueless new manager, we want stability, wenger, dein, and competitiveness

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  6. Gunners

    Forget how much we buy players for, look at the value once they are in our team. Cazorla is worth 25 million, wilshere 35 million, vermalen 20 million and so on. The thing with plastic clubs is the values drop after players join them. This is why I think buying Value for money is great. But to win trophies you have to take risks. There are players or there who will never flop because they have to much talent. Players like falcao lewandowski cavani villa and we should be going for these types of players once in a while.

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  7. US4rsenal

    The fact is Arsenal is a good Academy where everybody gets trained to get employment somewhere else.

    Keep our best legs Wenger!!!

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  8. totsiegun

    this is a very stupid article. what are u tryna tell us? bullshit my friend. fact still remains that good players cost some sum and when u get them u get results. period

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  9. BruceTongaBull

    lets all just agree to BOYCOTT games at the Emirates and all arsenal merchandise. I for one, have already started. I will only change if AW buys M’villa or Yanga Mbiwa or maybe someone close to those players,COYG

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  10. medhanie

    admin dont talk like wenger dude
    why cant we spend 20mil if not 30m> lyk other clubs
    we could have got player like rvp at 24mil and win the league.
    lets see admin if we dont spend then where is all the cash going, over 400mil since 2005 has been profited where is that money used, if not to spnd AND END THE TROPHY DROUGHT. SO DONT SAY Y THE WENGER SHOULD NOT SPEND “OVIOUSLY the reason is 4 HIM AND KRONKE TO GAIN” thus the only reason wenger should not spend

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  11. Leemitch

    Heshould buy big, the stadium restricted our buying power, now were in a position to try and compete, I’m sick of being out of cups early and out the title race by December! What has happened to our proud club competing and beating the likes of Utd, Chelsea city etc, the thing is I think we are only 2 or 3 “top” players away from being serious contenders.

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  12. craig2500

    “We are in the market and if we find the right players, we will do something,” = This is Wenger code for i know more than you and do not need to spend money to win things

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  13. Ankit

    If we really strt BOYCOTTing all t games at Emirates … ten s hw all t plyer who Mr.Wenger(T board)r currently syin r out of reach fr Gunner …will suddenly strt to b at arsenal.
    Its fuking Monkey Business fr them

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  14. craig2500

    Ba = £7m, Mvilla = £8m Belhanda = £10m you dont have to spend big to get talent you just have to spend something. This is going beyond a joke because good teams get better when there is a fight for each position and new additions freshen things up. Arsenal can barely put out 11 strong players and Wenger is sitting on his hands. He will then moan after the window about injuries and how he did not know players like Diaby would miss games, fool

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  15. Mahuku

    I concur with you! Money is always needed but money does not success. Torres and Caroll are good exemples. Were they worthy all thAT SILLY amount. We can write down what we think, wish but very important to remember that most of us are just “fans” not “managers”. The Professor Wenger knows, understand what he is doing. It is not that he does not wish to have Messi in the team, it is because it is unreal and beyond ours means. Wish we could me more pragmatic even when we get frustrated. Arsenal is the club of my life, that won’t change…

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  16. jayjay

    I have no problem him not spending big sums. But if you are going down that route you need to get it right at least 90% of the time. I fear the success rate has dropped on the evidence of a few of our recent “bargains”…

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  17. brian waldron

    How can you rate the flops without the Arsenal flops like Djourou,Bentnail,Walcott,Arshavin,Squillo,Diaby and so on. Wenger has uncovered some real gems ,but they never stay long and are soon poached by SUCESSFUL clubs like the 2 Manchester ones. As I’ve said before ,if you piss like a puppy you cant run with the big dogs!

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  18. 9jagun

    From my opinion what fears Arsene is not really about spending big but the wages that comes with it. You buy a player for 30 mill and he wants 100000 and above per week.

    But i suggest he just buys a DM if a stiker is hard to get this January.

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  19. Hugh

    Buying mbiwa shows ambition…. But of course, spending £3.5m is Wayy over Wenger’s budget. Lol

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  20. will share

    Wilshere is priceless like messi I wouldnt swap wilshere 4 iniesta…infact I reali don’t like barca…can’t we get gourcuff as AMF and move carzola to RW and replace arteta with wanyama?

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  21. mohammed umar

    Intact i am really surprised with this write up no body is saying we should should sign in a 30 million player will this players cost 30 million each, Fellaini, Ba, Baines, Mvilla, Lorente, Tiote, Samba, Cahil, and the list goes on we had the opportunity to sign these players and we did not and i believe they would have made us better i mean far better than what we are now.

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  22. Sultan

    I hate this type of Wenger loving Arsene Nose type of fans
    You people and Wenger alergic of spending

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  23. dblackchyld

    Wat sort of non-sense is dis?!….barca was by-far the best club in D̶̲̥̅̊ world but stil dey bought fabregas,jordi alba nd now song!…..WAT D̶̲̥̅̊ FU*K IS DIS BULLSHIT DAT SOM POEPLE ARE SAYIN ABOUT NOT SPENDIN?!I fu*kin hate som stupid comments or articles dat condemn we D̶̲̥̅̊ supporters not wantin 2 see a big name player in D̶̲̥̅̊ club!…..GUNNER 4 LIFE!

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  24. GunneRay

    I would agree if most of the signings Arsenal made recently were worthy enough. Arsenal have fallen short on gambles that failed to return any reward. As it is we have Gervinho, Giroud, Bendtner and Chamakh as strikers. Utter crud although I will give Giroud some time to settle. Then we have Ramsey, Arshavin and Diaby in midfield. Diaby is never fit and say no more about the other two. Then we have Mertesacker, Squillaci, Santos and Djourou in defense. What a cock up this has been. Finally, we have Park? WTF to that?. When you hear the saying “you only get what you pay for”, it usually means just that and while, it certainly doesn’t alway work our that way, you only need to look at the last 8 years to realize that the clubs who spend the most are winning trophies..

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  25. silly

    Still, we could get Berbatov for the same money as Giroud this summer and although I like the latter, Berba would have been a much more valuable addition at this moment.

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  26. ArsenalsF

    If we want to keep Champions League football and be sustainable in the long run without getting sunk after moving to a new stadium, then yes. If we don’t start spending above market prices for better quality players in the next 3-5 years, then no.

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  27. Dan

    No, it isn’t right. I we come 5th this year then it’ll be a long 5 years of trying to get back up because big players will want to go to spurs because they could offer CL football and Spurs ARE prepared to spend

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  28. leo

    he is wrong his philosophy of buying kids & unkown players have failed it’s time to change spend big once won’t damage the club we need 3-4 world class players to be a top team again else it will be the same like the past 7 seasons

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  29. haxxxan

    Is Wenger right not to spend big at Arsenal?

    8 barren years! i hope you got your answer regarding wenger is right or not! simple!

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  30. SAM

    I concur with the argument but there is a bare even cost for talents if u can sign demba ba for 7 million. there are talented players at bargain prices but you have to nab them. for instance wenger scouted hazard for nearly 3 yeras we could have signed him for just 12 million but wenger hesitated. Ironically wenger nearly signed CR7 for just 6mil but then fergie overran us with a 12mil deal. Just thinks of the prospects we have lost over the years;
    Zlatan, yaya toure, cr7 to name just a few. We need to have a cutoff price but that shouldn’t cost us the best talents.

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  31. leo

    the lack of a big name is also affecting them/will afect in future they charge massive price per ticket to see bunch of clowns play you can see so many seats these days we will loose our stature of a big club if this continues to happen

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  32. Reddb10

    Arsenal Fc transfers ins and outs since AW joined

    Spent 38 mill
    Received 50 mill

    Spent 56 mill
    Received 59 mill

    Spent 20 mill
    Received 8 mill

    Spent 10.5 mill
    Received 42 mill

    Spent 35 mill
    Received 23 mill

    Spent 27 mill
    Received 50 mill

    Spent 13 mill
    Received 14 mill

    Spent 40.5 mill
    Received 22 mill

    Spent 10.5 mill
    Received 3.5 mill

    Spent 38.3 mill
    Received 1 mill

    Spent 9.5 mill
    Received 9.5 mill

    Spent 28 mill
    Received 7 mill

    Spent 48 mill
    Received 55 mill

    Spent 20 mill
    Received 36 mill

    Spent 16 mill
    Received 1 mill

    Spent 18.5 mill
    Received 1 mill

    Spent 5.5 mill
    Received 12.5 mill

    Total spent 434 mill
    Total Received 394 mill

    Since 2007 when david dein left
    Total spent 186 mill
    Total received 232 mill

    We did spend more money when david was at AFC but we got some of the best in the world and got loads of money in return because we actually used to win trophies.

    So when they tell us that they are running the club perfectly it is clear to see that if we do not sell players then we will not be making a profit.

    I wonder why Wenger and Gazidis dont take one for the team and accept a salary reduction.
    The hypocrites have the nerve to call the players greedy

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  33. leo

    Fun fact: Roberto Mancini was just 10 years old last time Man City won away at Arsenal lol

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  34. Nick

    I do get the point of the article but in my opinion it’s crucial to reenforce the squad in the Jan window.

    We need to sign players (and we’re not asking for break the bank players) for very specific reasons. We don’t have the depth on the bench at the CDM, Striker, or LB and IMO an experienced keeper would also be a great addition.

    Wenger constantly relies on players like Diaby, Rosicky and Wilshire to come back from long injuries to help out. Diaby comes back for 5 games then goes lame for 2+ months. ROsicky comes back healthy and doesn’t see any playing time. Wilshire comes back and takes time to rediscover his form and for the players to learn to play with him.

    We have nobody that has truly proven to be a goalscorer of the likes we need. Theo, Giroud & Podolski have the bulk of the goals this season. Gervinho is off the boil & off to ACON (Thank god!). Podolski is played on the wing instead of up front. We have to acquiesce to Theo to try and get him to sign and meanwhile Giroud only comes on as a sub these days.

    Midfield: Arteta isn’t doing as great a job as we need as a DM. It’s not his natural position so who can truly blame him. Diaby is a constant question mark. WE simply can’t hope/rely on him to be healthy for a stint that will influence results in our favor. We need a man with steel like M’Vila to truly be a rock of a DM and let people know that passing through our midfield isn’t gonna be an option.

    LB: Gibbs is good but error prone and far too interested in attacking leaving our 2 CB’s to clean up his mess. Against a very quick & counter attacking team that leaves the BFG vulnerable due to his speed. Who’s backing Gibbs up? Santos is a bust! Gibbs needs someone to compete with him for his spot.

    The players mentioned (some have been lost to us already) like Ba, M’Vila, Strootman, Capoue, Llorente, Belhanda, etc are all quality players we could sign at a reasonable price now. Like we did with Mata and a few others Arsene drags his feet, the players sign with another team and then we have to see just what we missed out on when they come in and light up the league.

    Also, what Arsene doesn’t seem to truly grasp is the lowering of morale that accompanies his statements. He comes out and says we’ve got money to spend then adds the caveat that if there is a “exceptional player” he likes we will sign him. We see extra fixtures added on to already packed schedule of games and players not able to give 100% each game because they’re exhausted and have no true back-ups who can help out. All this adds up to a very depressing time for a lot of the fans.

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  35. Shawnzn

    if we dont buy in january , we wont win FA cup, we wont go far in the champions league or fin in top 4…..i cant fathom what Wenger is wasting time for… we need a sriker , Ba was available… we need a DM , Mvilla and mbiwa are available …. the powers that be will get a rude wake up call when we dont qualify for CL….maybe this will be good for the club( we have been sitting in a comfort zone by qualifying every year for the CL)…this will spark change.

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  36. L

    It’s easy to quote player names and how much they cost but the fact of the matter is the modern footballer has become incredibly greedy!
    30-50k a week – a blooming WEEK! Is apparently not enough to kick a football nowadays and that’s money aside from all the free merchandise, boots, clothes and sponsorship deals modern players sign nowadays. It’s all well and good saying M’vila is £8mil or Ba was £7.5mil but these players want 100k+, I’m with Wenger tbh it’s bl**dy ridiculous that they are getting paid this money and it this bubble will one day burst. I’ll be thoroughly glad when Arsenal doesn’t burst with it!

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    last night i dreamt that HIGUAIN was wearing number 20 for ARSENAL aint that crazy lol

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  38. ks-gunner

    Take a closer look at our trophy cabinet……look again…yea aint nothing in there….no one is asking for Messis and Ronaldos but we do demand…….type of players like

    Reus17mil….Isco 16mil….Eriksen 18m….Strotmann 15m…Mvila 10m…Navas 14m…Suarez 24m…Capou 10m…Hummels/Subotic 15m…..Fellaini 20m…..Lewandowksi 20m…Götze 25m…Cavani 30m….Pato 15m….El Sharawy 15m Vertongen 8mil..Samba 10m…Lavezzi 21m…Julio Cesas u.fee….H.Lorris 12mil…Holby zero mil….and so many others who didnt cost a furtune …….but we rather went for the cheaper option in

    Gervinhio,Chamakh,Squelaqi,Santos,Mertesacker etc etc….

    Is Wenger right to go for the cheap option ….according to the Board yes

    According to the fans ….a simple no

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  39. GunnerBoy

    Wenger has explicitly stated that until the Walcott contract situation is sorted out, he will not be bringing in any new players, probably to utilise some of the extra cash he has as wages for Walcott. And until Theo is sold or signed on, I don’t expect any movement from arsenal at all.

    Wenger had also told arsenal fans that he will be bringing in fresh faces in January, two or three…which I’m quite excited about but he won’t bring any in until Theo is sorted

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  40. Goona

    Well it’s like this if we don’t spend on a few recognised players in this window we won’t reach europe, and if we don’t,do we honestly think that our top players will want to stay with us? No! they’ll want to go to pastures new, and the most galling thng is that we’d have to buy new ones, and on top of that would they want to join us when we’re not in the big league? No! so it would cost us one hell of a lot more money in the long run, so please Mr Wenger get that purse out or get out!and let someone else open it for the sake of our clubs future.

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  41. Goona


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  42. Charles Otieno

    If he is not willing to spend big, let him coach big. Wenger does not want to spend at all in the first case. How many 6, 8, 10 million players have we missed out on. Every transfer season, he targets signing Biglia, Mvilla and Capoue who are cheaper and never buys. If we finish the season without a trophy and out of top four, he will have to go. I see that happening very well. We are almost like Liverpool who are remembered for once being in the limelight. Infact Liverpool are even better – they have been collecting smaller trophies from time to time

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  43. Reddb10


    Yes you are totally correct that the money the players are earning is ridiculous but this is the sign of the times.
    We are the fifth team in the world when it comes to revenue so if we can afford to pay the likes of squid and chamakh that kind of money then i think we can afford to give a bit more to a few players that will actually deliver for us.
    I insist that to lead you need to be an example and wenger is paid more than ferguson without giving anything in return to the fans, just keeping the money safe and giving dividends to his bosses.
    time for change players manager and all.

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  44. sollygunner

    i dont give a sh”t about wever a player coats £50 mil or not its about a playing fitting our team well , having the right mentality , being able to offer somthing we need to progress what i care about is there are plenty of players i can see out there with these abilitys and are avalible some of them only around 12-16 mil is that too much for us ??????? even someone like diarme hes only about 3 mil ,,,, we just dont seem to want to get out there and make positive moves thats whats so fu”king anoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  45. Uche

    The problem with arsenal is that after the emirates stadium was built, the club decided that they had invested enough and that it is time to cash in. This explains the problems we have had since then. So they sold the Henrys and Vieras and replaced them with Bendnter and Denilson. And we began to suck. On the subject of not having money to spend big on top players, this is total crap. We have lost good players we came real close to signing over a one or two million pound price difference. How can you explain this? Gary Cahill did not cost 30 million. He cost Chelsea 7 million and squillaci cost us 6 million. Does this make sense to you? As a business man, I can understand the concept of sowing season and reaping season. But you combine the two. You sow, you reap and then you sow again. But arsenal has been doing nothing but reaping until RVP embarrassed them into buying Podolski, Carzola and Giroud who are all good players by the way. The only problem with them is that good players from other leagues need time to settle in, understand the team and their best positions.

    So the issue was never buying big. It is about buying top class players and not all top class players cost a fortune. No arsenal fan in his right mind who understands that the club will never spend 30 mil on a player actually expects us to buy cavani. But we missed out on michu. What is our excuse? He cost only two mil. We missed out on Ba. He cost only 7.5 mil. We are likley to miss out on Diame. His buy out clause is a freaking 7.5mil! How can we explain missing out on a player like diame while we keep squillaci and pay him tons of money to sit far away from the bench? Squillaci is not even on the bench and you tell me that Wenger is a financial genius! This is the aspect of arsenal that just drives sensible people crazy. Wenger might be a genius for keeping us in the top four for so long on a shoe string budget. But he has pushed his abilities as far as he can. The strength of teams like Everton and Spurs is no fluke. They are here to stay and they are breathing down our necks while still investing in their squads. Imagine what David Moyes could have done if he had money to spend? Who knows, someday soon, Everton might cash in and sell to some oil rich Arab guy and then we will have Man City 2.0, permanently pushing us out of the top four. While wenger and co are busy counting their money, their projections should be realistic. Sooner or later, there will be no profit to count.

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  46. peter

    wenger has never spent big and never will. it is not in his DNA to splash out on a big name player all the time he is in charge he will go shopping in the bargain basement so all you arsenal fans out there may as well get used to the idea that what you have had in the past is what you will get in the future

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  47. zulhazmiabd

    Our mr wenger spending policy;1st round let the other big clubs spend on top class players(how kind of him indeed!), 2nd round let the other clubs to spend on outstanding players as well(still has the good deed in him), 3rd round when the transfer window is nearly closed and to the very last minute ONLY then he’ll make the bargains with the loads of leftovers….and never forgetting the quote,”I BELIEVE we have QUALITY in THESE bunch of Leftovers and spending Big won’t assure us winning the Cup bla bla bla……” as the quote he made last few years…..we are the BEST breeder in epl, and we will be competing in the under 23 year old tournaments to Be crowned Champions!he let us down year in year out……what the scouting staffs doing all these years by promoting the deadwoods such as squid,cntos,gerv(running everywhere and make stupid passes ….whoever

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  48. davidrusa

    Some of our fans don’t fail to amuse me. How else can you explain someone who says if they don’t buy Mvilla I WILL STOP SUPPORTING THE CLUB. Did you start supporting Arsenal because of Mvilla? It is those kinds of fans that have brought the game into disrepute and unfortunately they are on the rise. A player’s worth is not directly commensurate with his cost as the given examples have shown. How much did Bergkamp or Henry cost and how much was their worth? I also get incensed with open lies like saying Arsenal buys players and after a short time they leave for other clubs. Other than Samir Nasir which other player spen a very short time? Fabregas was at Arsenal for seven seasons, Van Persie eight. Was that short really? It is only that they didn’t win anything for the club! The winners like Pires, Witord and Lauren didn’t stay that long! It’s not the length of time one spends that always matters but what one does during the time one is with the club. If you want to support a club do so if you don’t want to it’s also your choice. Do some of those fans mean to say that clubs which rarely win cups like Tottenham, Everton etc don’t have fans? Don’t relegated clubs like Bolton and Blackburn still have supporters? People support clubs for many factors not only the tempo of the moment which can change any time.Those fans threatening to leave the club are no fans at all and the sooner they leave the better.

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  49. Nickerless Bender

    Reading all the comments above. In response to this article, your talking bollox and we are up shit street without a paddle.

    I’m sorry, but I wished we were still at Highbury. At least we had a footballing identity then. Now we are just fed propaganda and bull shit by the people that are supposed to “care” for the club.

    The phrase “speculate to accumulate” comes to mind…

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  50. RASD KY

    Its worthy noting that with our current trend and Le Prof still on the helm, it won’t be a big surprise if we have the following as our starting line up soonest.

    Djourou Squilacci Mertserker Santos
    Gervinho Denilson Ramsey Park
    Chamakh Bendtner

    After all they still are all Arsenal players. In fact all are first team players.

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  51. mojo

    What a nonsense article!

    Why do you list players who cost a lot and flopped, then say, ‘see … spending is not the answer’

    If you can point me towards a gooner who realistically believes us can land a messi … or even want to spend 20 million?

    We don’t and whats more, you do not have to spend a lot of money.

    This issue is that Wenger has stopped finding the gems… what you get now is wenger buying them at the age of about 4 and sending them into the academy. Wenger recent buys have been terrible.

    Chamakh, gervinho, squilachi, santos, bringing in sylvestre

    The guy either lost the eye for talent or he is failing to motivate properly, one he pitch and on the training field.

    Before a player is worth 30 million or more he is at some point worth very little… wenger just cannot get them anymore. And sadder still, his attempts to buy older players is not taking the team to any great heights.

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  52. georgegooner

    Thats the thing, we’re not asking Wenger to just go throw 30million plus at any old player, we want the right money spent in order to get the talent needed. And all this bollocks Wenger gives us about ” looking for the right player who can add something to the team ” is utter shit, there are players in the championship better than some of our squad players. There are more than enough players that we are linked with day in day out, that can be signed for a reasonable price and come in and do twice or 3 times the job some of our players are doing.
    Whether people like it or not, our starting 11 isn’t good enough to win titles, i like our team, love vermalen, sagna, arteta, koscielny etc, but they’re not world class ( vermalen probably the closest ) we need world class, internationally proven, vocal and experienced players, no matter if they cost £2million for £200million that is what we need. Imagine someone like Hummels (fits the Tony Adams build nearly spot on, except he’s german) at the heart of our defence? Unlikely though.
    Another thing that aggrevates me to the point where i want to rip my eyelids off is that Wenger doesn’t sign players that aren’t up for sale. He said countless times that Clichy, Nasri, Cesc and RVP weren’t up for sale, yet he sold them all? why doesn’t he do this? Michu not for sale supposedly, throw £12million at swansea and he’d be gone!
    Club has been heading in the wrong direction for a LONG LONG time and its gone beyond the point of wanting a change, it HAS TO happen. I’ve supported Arsenal for about 14 years, since i watched my first game at the age of 4, and i fell in love with the team, then years later we attracted the likes of Henry, the best player to ever play in the prem mind you, he was the reason why i progressed in learning the history of the club and loving it. We need these players again, we need class, we need intimidation and we need a board and manager not scared of doing the right thing, no matter the cost.

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  53. Gooner 1


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  54. mario

    Do you think Theo’flash in the pan’Walcott is worth a 25M contract.With that money Wenger could have got a top proven striker.How much did Ba cost Chelsea or Michu cost Swansea.Arsenal are stuck in mediocrity.

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  55. Ergs

    Get over the big signings! we can beat the big boys on a limited budget I actually think
    The biggest problem is Wenger not buying in areas where we require some form off player or cover key example leaving us with 2 dodgy left backs leaving us with no defensive midfielder or not having enough cover up front.
    That’s nothing to do with money.
    I also think the Bradford Aston villa game shows there isn’t a massive gulf between league 2 and some prem players.

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