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Is Wilshere snubbing transfer from Arsenal greed or ambition?

Well Arsenal fans, it now turns out that Arsene Wenger’s squad purge which saw quite a few of the Arsenal fringe players leave the Emirates during the summer transfer window could have been even larger, but our England international midfield star Jack Wilshere turned down the chance to leave Arsenal on transfer deadline day despite being offered a hefty pay packet of around £90,000 a week according to a report by The Mirror.

The reason that Wilshere turned down this generous sounding offer, according to the paper, is that it came from Harry Redknapp at Birmingham City and the injury plagued 25-year old did not fancy a drop down in divisions at this stage in his playing career.

I can understand this, in a way, and maybe he also thought that playing in the Championship might increase his chances of being on the end of another crunching tackle which could see him put out of action once again. That would be the last thing he needs, but at the same time he could really do with regular game time and competitive game time at that.

Will he get that with Arsenal I wonder? Is the reason he turned this transfer down due to his ambition and belief he can shine for Arsenal again? Or is he simply happy to get a better wage at Arsenal without playing much?


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25 thoughts on “Is Wilshere snubbing transfer from Arsenal greed or ambition?

  1. Milton John

    Jack is another Diaby. He’s not going to be able to complete a full season without injury. Being that’s the true fact Wenger is not either realize that or purposefully ignoring it. These are the basic things Wenger needs to change which is not easy for a 67 year old fellow.

    1. gotanidea

      He could be another Diaby in the future, but currently he is one of few Arsenal players that still plays with his heart for the club. Chamberlain, Sanchez, Ozil and him have similar priorities, they turned down bigger money to salvage their careers.

      1. Gunners

        Where did Ozil and Sanchez turned big money to stay at Arsenal?
        I really like Wilshere, we are light in midfield and we can his agrression/.

        1. gotanidea

          Sorry, not Ozil, but Chamberlain turned down Chelsea’s offer to move to Liverpool and Sanchez turn down Arsenal’s bigger offer to move to Manchester City. They all want to salvage their careers, by leaving Arsenal.

          The fans must imagine if they were players like Ozil, Chamberlain, Sanchez and Wilshere. The players have very short career, they have to achieve many things in a short period of time.

    2. Remember Resource?

      Wilshere is super talented. He played twice as much at burnley. This goes to show that there is something wrong with the training regime etc at arsenal. Yes he got injured but he played quite a bit. He won’t get this type of money elsewhere. Look at it from his perspective. He gets to play at the club he loves and is a fan of. He gets paid shit tons of cash. He’s a daddy and all. He knows his injuries won’t let him fulfil his potential and be among the greats so really he’s living the dream. Theres more to life than football. Theo is the culmination of where arsenal have gone. He’s a mildly famous person in the uk. Gets paid a lot. Barely plays. Is among the senior members at the club. Arsene loves him. Two kids and just wants to enjoy life to be honest. Train 4-7 hours a day come back and relax. go for a game every weekend run around a little keep fit and healthy. And enjoy the life of a footballer and the luxury that comes with it. Do some endorsement deals and just chill out really. Living the dream he is. That is arsenal for you.

    3. tony Man

      unfortunately I have to hold my tongue on here but I gotta say that Jack is about as useless as a pork chop at a muslim wedding How can that birdbrain even think about playing him . Hes almost another DIABY and will be if he gets injured again which is most likely .
      Cazola is another one hes had his time and at 32 is almost not going to make any difference to us in the short time sell him and Jack . Players should be paid on performance and paid after every game with a panel deciding on their worth that way we might get back to some normality in the wage dept.

      1. Remember Resource?

        You guys are only paying for all of this.. stop going for games and you will see change. Those of you ho go for games and “support” the club no matter what, need to stop complaining, because you guys are part of the problem. Dont go for the matches and spend money. You guys are “supporting” all of this please use your brains and understand…

        1. Gunners

          Slightly too late. there is no way Wenger will leave mid-season. For now lets do our role ie supporting the team. We can only criticize hiding behind the keyboards and it looks like they read our comments!

  2. Durand

    A player that seemingly wants to play for Arsenal; thats a nice change for once. Good luck to Jack, love to see him replace Ramsey in lineup

  3. Arseneout

    Jack is the only player in midfield that can drible or pass through the defence. He is completely a different player that can turn things around he have the grinta and the will . He is owr new rosicky

    1. kev

      At least someone now sees my point.I don’t know what Xhaka has done for me to suggest he’s levels over Wilshere and is far better yet because of his Xhaka’s passing range and Jack’s injury proneness people feel Xhaka is far better than Wilshere.I was really angry at his loan spell last season because I felt our midfield and possibly season would not have been that bad if he was playing there.Playing for Arsenal and playing for Bournemouth are two different things.I’ve seen players with terrible loan spells but look at some of them today.After Cazorla he’s the best and most intelligent CM we have.Forget about injury for once and compare his abilities to Ramsey and Xhaka then you’ll know the difference.At times Wenger makes things look like rocket science like how he felt Flamini was always better than Coquelin despite Coquelin outperforming Flamini most times prior to season 14/15.

      1. tony Man


    2. gotanidea

      He was excellent in his prime, but he often forced himself to dribble past the opponents through the middle. This habit often made him got robbed too many times.

      I noticed many English attackers like to do this, like Welbeck, Walcott, Wilshere, Chamberlain, etc. If they don’t rush like that when possessing the ball and use their skills to wait for better chances, the England national football team would have benefited from it.

      1. JJPawn

        These senior British players are not good enough for the EPL… well maybe at a lower ranked club. Their time to perform was two years ago, and now the younger generation is much better technically and in terms of football brain.

        Wenger will try to sign Wilshere into a longer term deal, and then sell him to a team needing an English mascot.

        Jack needs to get rid of the ball and pass quickly. For that he has to read the game from above, and he has no capability for that version of the football brain.

        Xhaka just not not taken this game seriously enough and has made multiple error leading to both losses. He just needs to wake up, and maybe sitting on the bench for a while and letting Kolasanic boss the mid-field would a dose of reality for everyone.

        —————-Ozil———————- [No track back, possession, attack and counter]
        Welbeck—-Kolasanic/Xhaka/Coqelin—-Bellerin/Theo [Defend first, support attack]

        Welbeck is best used behind Alexis, and he will cause problems as his speed will draw players to him and open space for the Chilean’s right-foot. It will mean Welbeck will have another option with Lacazette in the middle, thus making all three more effective. I expect goals from all three, but especially the Alexis and Lacazette.

        Kolasniac is a beast. He should be used to dominate the mid-field. He can then use his dribbling too as Ozil is a target, or either wing with fast dangerous players able to get behind the defense with his longer papers. When Xhaka has got his bench warming right, he can get back to partner Kolasniac in the middle.

        Fast mid-fielders who work hard at defense are essential. Opposing sides will try to attack Theo-Bellerin-Holding on the right side. It become more predictable…

        This sort of team can use Ramsay out wide to attack to his heart’s desire rather than pull another hammie trying to play box to box. In fact, it is like that Ramsay will drift to be a number 10, opening the wing for Theo-Bellerin.

        At the back Koz need to stay home more, and mid the shop. He should be directing the traffic to get the best out of Mustafi and Holding, or Chambers. Koz should not attack the box, except on corners, thus also avoiding injury–without him in the back it can be harder for the other there.

        The season is not over. We need to support this team. Wenger needs applause for getting this team together and not losing Alexis. He can but Sanchez’s replacement and dominant defender and team is set, until the summer when he needs to replace the rest of the senior British players, who are too loud without the lion in their hearts.

  4. jon fox

    Wilshere may in the past have played with his heart, so to speak , but he has rarely played with his head. He should have had the BRAIN to live right, not smoke, shun nightclubs and bad company and not dive stupidly into tackles, esp considering he is physically a real lightweight and quite short. At one time he had an ability to surge past lesser players in midfield and had that crucial 5-10 yard acceleration. Put simply he is not the brightest fish in the sea. I hesitate to say stupid but his laddish outlook on lifestyle has done him no good. It is noteworthy that NO top clubs came in for him and even Wenger has finally realised that he is very unlikely to hit again the heights in talent he howed in his mid/late teens, aged 15 onwards. Compared to the way that greats like Bergkamp and Henry use their heads – and at one time Jack was being touted as a possible future great in that class – he has brought about his own downfall. Rather like Wenger actually. So sad but his chances of a stellar carreer, and he is already 25, are about as good as ours of winning the title under Wenger. It pains me to write the truth about a basically decent lad who was one of our own but it helps the club not a jot to ignore the truth. Even the “slow to see the truth” Wenger is now aware of this truth and that is why Wilshere is not picked.

    1. Trudeau

      That was painful to read. Sometimes the truth really does hurt. Wenger and Wilshire both love the club and I’m sure they both genuinely believe that can lead us to glory but sadly their days of being our saviours are long gone.

      1. JJPawn

        “I hesitate to say stupid but his laddish outlook on lifestyle has done him no good.”

        That is the key problem with Wenger’s failed attempt to create a British core to serve the English attempt at a world cup. Great intentions, but you cannot do it with these players. Maybe the next generation?

        I am very pessimistic of the British players who cannot perform overseas. It is a cultural issue, but some of those at the Spurs, Rashford, and the younger Arsenal men/boyz might answer the call.

    1. JJPawn

      No. The speed of the this league is too much for Jack’s possession style, that is why his is injured, an even fought a couple of weeks ago with younger players.

      He might do well, if he can pass early, but for that he needs a football brain, which he does not have.

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