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It looks like Jack Wilshere will not be at Arsenal next season

The English midfielder Jack Wilshere spent the first six months of this season begging Arsene Wenger to talk to him about a contract extension at Arsenal, but the Boss kept putting him off by saying that he would talk to him before the January transfer window despite Wilshere making it clear that he never wanted to play for any other team but Arsenal.

But no offer appeared until the end of January, and all the rumours were saying that he had been told that he would have to take a pay cut to stay at Arsenal, while the Gunners were negotiating to more than double Mesut Ozil’s wages and were making both Mhkitarayan and Aubameyang massive offers to replace Alexis Sanchez in the Gunners line-up.

But come January, Wilshere was free to legally talk to clubs in other countries and it is certain that if he moved on a Bosman he would get a big signing on fee and probably offered an increase in his wages rather than a pay cut at Arsenal. A couple of weeks ago Wenger said that he was just waiting for Wilshere to sign the new contract, the midfielder has announced that he is not anywhere close to signing.

Jack was quoted as saying: “Things have changed since then,”

“All I can tell you is that we are no closer to sorting anything out.”

Last month, there were whispers that Jürgen Klopp wanted Jack to join the Ox up at Liverpool and there were reports that Juventus were also keen to take him to Italy.

I am sure that Guardiola would also love to get one over on Wenger after he was frustrated in the summer with the block to Alexis Sanchez’s desire to move to the Etihad, but it is also more than possible that Juventus, or any other big foreign club, have offered him a massive signing on fee. But it definitely looks right now like Wilshere will not be at the Emirates next season…


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15 thoughts on “It looks like Jack Wilshere will not be at Arsenal next season

  1. Wolf

    He’s over rated anyway. Don’t think he’s made any improvement to the team this season. If he’s not on the treatment table he’s flat on his face on the pitch. Ramsey over JW for me.

  2. Rkw

    Predictably the junkies are back out after milan now praising the failed wenger Ramsey axis … It’s symbolic of the 10 year decline of the club in terms of results and the quality of football played … Obviously wilshere is injury prone which is an issue and there are parts of his game that have not progressed but as a footballer he is in a different league to Ramsey and will go to a top club if he leaves … Guardiola would improve him that’s for sure which the fossil,has failed to do … unlike Ramsey who will end up at Swansea if a decent manager comes in to AFC

    1. John Ibrahim

      Its fair to say if Wilshere stays fit, plays regularly for 2 to 3 seasons and doesnt improve….

      However, Wilshere has been constantly injured and hasn’t played much for us….

      Similar for Ramsay hes constantly injured…but he did score double figures 2-3 seasons ago

      so you are making things up?

  3. Innit

    I would like Wilshere to stay as a Squad player. He is a valuable player to have on the bench like Oxlade was. I wish we had kept Oxlade.

    However, we need a top Box2Box player and defensive midfielder at same quality as Cazorla/Rosicky/Viera

    None of our central midfielders (Wilshere, Ramsey, Xhaka, Eleny) are of the necessary quality for either Defensive midfielder or Box2Box like other teams have ie Kante, Matic, Fernandino, Pogba, Gundogan, Wanyama, Sissoko

    Players that come to mind who will suffice are Seri, Goretzka, krychowiak, Gonalons, Veratti, Carvahlo, Matuidi, Nainggolan. They may not all be the best but they are surely better than Xhaka, Eleny, Ramsey and Wilshere

  4. antonioro

    The best news in years….go Jack,go.and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.As I said for years,Arsenal is so low in quality because that dumb idea of the “ British core”…time has come to get rid of those British mediocre players and increase the quality and speed of the game.Ox gone,Wilshere to follow,looking forward for the departure of Welbeck,Chambers and Holding,other awful players being paid for nothing.Ramsey must be worry too.The day we don’t have any British player in the senior team is the day we are coming back roaring.Very soon,I already feel that…

    1. stubill

      Here’s an idea for you, go and support a team from France, Germany or wherever there aren’t any English/British players.

  5. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    The biggest disappointment for me was the fact that Wilshere, when he was fit for a run of games on loan to Bournmouth, did not really impose himself in games. Comments from Bournmouth supporters were underwhelming.
    Unfortunately the continuing injuries have stunted his development; the ability is there but he can’t stand up to the grind of the EPL. If he is not happy with the performance contract apparently offered at Arsenal, of course he has every right to look elsewhere.

  6. Mantak

    Adrian Durham on talksport listed all the players that needed to move on and he suggested everyone with the exclusion of Ospina should leave. What a twat. The thing is, Jack has to stay for the sole reason he is Arsenal thru and thru, he has been there a long time and actually loves the club. There is a whole draft of players that need to leave before him. More importantly in order to rebuild effectively you have to start in the weakest areas & then progress from there. A new keeper and improved defence is our priority. Jack should stay during the transition which will take 2-3 seasons. You can’t bring in 8 new players and make it work in one summer. Four first team signings at the back is our summer objective…(and chosen in conjunction with our new manager)

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