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“It’s a matter of days..” – Wenger should give up forecasting injury lay-offs!

I guess we should all be used to Arsene Wenger having absolutely no idea about Arsenal players injuries, as yet again he has got it completely wrong about how long Jack Wilshere will be on the sidelines. Jack looked very fit and lively in the pre-season games, but after being left out of the Chelsea game, Le Prof said: “He couldn’t take part in the game [on Sunday] because of an ankle problem he sustained yesterday. It happened at the training ground. We don’t think it’s bad at all but I haven’t been told whether it will be two days or five days. I don’t know how long he will not be available for. It’s a matter of days.”

Now it seems that this small problem is actually a hairline fracture, and Jack is going to be out for six to eight weeks, and so missing our start to the season as well as the two upcoming England international matches as well. Poor Jack was dying to make an early impression on the squad in this campaign and only took a three-week break before coming back early to training. He will be gutted that he cannot get his career back on track after all that extra effort.

But back to Wenger and injuries. Danny Welbeck apparently got a bruised knee back in April against Chelsea, and what did Wenger have to say the following week? He said: “It’s a question of days, it’s an inflamed knee.” Accurate as usual Arsene. We are still waiting for Danny to return over three months later!

Maybe he should let the medical team make any forecasts on player recoveries in future!

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44 thoughts on ““It’s a matter of days..” – Wenger should give up forecasting injury lay-offs!

  1. chinaka1

    He couldn’t have known the extent of the injury to jack in space of 24hrs.
    Now we need 2 quality players a Dm and Cf.

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      1. Foxtrot

        So why din’t we take the 45m from city if he does not affect us in any way..?

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    1. KickAssFan

      He won’t sign a DM, not even a striker, right??? No problem. We are watching. He should know these things by now…

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    2. Champagne Charlie

      If he didn’t know then surely the line should be “he’s being assessed, we’ll find out soon the extent of the injury”…

      He looks a bit daft forever saying it’s only a matter of days only to see a player disappear for months.

      Silver lining: We may have found a worthy heir to Diaby…. Exciting times.

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    3. frisco

      We should get 45M on him,we lost money on Diaby ,just hoping we don’t make the same mistake again,for waiting for his probably potential,get the money end of history

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    4. SoOpa AeoN

      who needs Wenger’s forecast?……. Dr Greg Forbes is already cutting it on CNN

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    5. sanmi.marvellous


      ….that is the more reason he (Wenger) ought to have sought for medical advice before making “naked” comments in a pure medical issue….
      I think he should make his plans without JW. But if JW returns, it should be bonus!

      Luckily, we still have 26 days left for transfers. There shouldn’t be excuse on Jack’s injury. Even that of Welbeck. Both happened far before season kickoff.

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  2. Bereal

    Just sign a striker n a dm, jes this guy never learn.every season same old story.

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    1. KickAssFan

      Injury characteristically plagues us; what happens when Coquelin gets injured? Arteta isn’t strong, Flamini isn’t very reliable.

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  3. leo

    need a new striker + mf lucas silva is available for loan or lars bender is available for 10m & there are rumors that we want ignacio Camacho from Malaga hope wenger signs them else we will be seeing arteta/flamini in mf

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  4. Tatek

    I think wenger should give gibbeza a left wing roll on cap games and see what he can do the dud is so good on one on one. he may become like spurs bell who knows.
    and also make up with Alex Song and sign him back he can be a good cover for Coq. and Wilsher.

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    1. Budd

      Had a good scare seeing Gibbs in a CF position last Sunday. I guess he was scared too.

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      1. Twig

        He didn’t look fazed to me. He even had one Ronaldinho-esque moment that nearly led to a goal.

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      2. NY_Gunner

        That he was able to get into that space, I found very impressive…

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  5. ButtFlaps

    I hope to end of transfers window. Too much waiting for REUS!!!

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  6. Gunnerbongo

    With Gnabry on his way to WBA on loan and Akpom already at Hull,Jack crocked(very sory for him),Arteta and Flamin got tired legs, Isaac Hayden to Hull could have covered for Le Coq occassionally.Joel Campbell and Wellington Silva on their way out be it on loan or permanent.
    Rosicky retained just for his loyality and experience when need(not a guaranteed starter but I should declare I love this dude).
    Wenger is not that insane not to have a plan in place.
    Just a matter of time before debates start on the new signing whether good or bad but there should be one or two coming in,just my reasoning and logic tellse.

    See you on sunday gunners.

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    1. Hafiz Rahman

      come next season it will be exciting….we have a squad full of experience players and we will have to loan them out again…

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  7. kudoroyinka

    Its really unfortunate for Jack, Wenger needs to find a solution to all these injury problem, its just too early to start having al these injury, was really looking up to Jack having a much impact this season but sadly enough he’s injured before the season even start, is high time Arsenal as a whole sort it out because we tend to be hit more with injuries

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  8. chinaka1

    I thing we should get Alex Song back. He didn’t force his move to Barcelona rather, it was arsene who cashed in on him to help pay off our dept unlike flamini whom ran out of our club when we needed him most and Mr wenger still resigned him. Why not do the same with Songito. Or are we scared he would Usurp Le cog and hamper his progress?

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    1. Champagne Charlie

      He did push for a move. And no thanks, would rather take Gary Medel if you’re looking to scrape the barrel.

      Or….it’s a bit radical but hear me out…..we buy a quality player in a position where we’re short? I’m just spitballing..

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      1. chinaka1

        Charlie he never did. He was just open to the move. We need him for cover and a striker and we would be Good to go. Good to go and Good to go FFS!

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  9. Gunner

    I wouldn’t blame AW on the JW injury lay off timing…
    No one can predict a come back time for a JW injury…it’s easier to predict an injury time for him, when he’s fit…lol

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  10. wizardry

    This is classic jack wilshere. Getting an injury when the season is about to start. He needs to be less aggressive with his play and protect himself, because he’s a very important player for the club. He also keeps the ball too long and invite challenges, which is really annoying.

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    1. Gunner

      Exactly wizardry, he should learn a thing or two from Carzola…who is also a player who has alot of the ball but knows exactly how to skip challenges and avoid injuries….

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      1. NY_Gunner

        Santi, like most short players, knows how to utilize his low center of gravity to his advantage. Jack, for some strange reason, does not.

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          1. NY_Gunner

            He should have been taught that at an earlier age. But the English way is to bomb forward. Thats what he knows and will stick with…

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    2. Champagne Charlie

      “Very important player” – How? Cazorla is a very important player, Jack is a squad player with potential.

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  11. leo

    Real Madrid need the money & are €500m in global debt so they are prepared to sell Benz to Arsenal

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        1. leo

          haha of course how would I know I don’t keep Madrid’s account books came from him made u feel better

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  12. butters

    Every club has debts, even Arsenal. They are still running becausw they also have world class management to take care of their finance. Rich people are smart at managing debts. The Madrid brand is the most valuable in the industry.

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  13. Twig

    Wilshere is becoming the new Diaby. Sad. What’s sadder still is that no one is surprised 😡

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  14. sam-afc

    I can’t believe our own fans are supposedly giving Gabriel hate/death threats over this training ground injury to wilshere. Some people are so pathetic. Shame on them

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  15. Tidan2

    Diaby and Wilshere are not similar. Diaby was injury prone, Wilshere invites injuries in the way he plays, that’s why all of his injuries are ankle injuries caused primarily from tackles.

    It doesn’t matter how fit he is or how prepared he is for a match he will continue to get injuries consistently until he realises that he needs to change his style of play to avoid tackles. He invites tackles onto himself, which is fine if there aren’t other options but usually he could just distribute the ball instead, avoid the tackle, and keep the play moving.

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  16. Kotte

    Thats a sign that we nid to sign playrs…injuries with arsenal are married goin into a new season assuming that our injury crisis wil misteriously end is suicidal!

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  17. NY_Gunner

    Read on FB that Gabriel is getting death threats from some AFC fans for injuring Jack in training…WTF!!!

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  18. Hafiz Rahman

    with the on going injuries we do need some signings to strengthen the squad before the window closes…

    theres no excuses for Wenger

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  19. kamn288

    This is the only club other than Chelsea who can really withstand attacks from Real,Bayern and Barca and launch their own, so i expect Arsene Wenger to either stop injury prediction or allow the club doctor to speak ahead of him cause he never tells us the truth.

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