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It’s Huntelaar plus others for Arsenal in January transfers!

Arsene Wenger is constantly asked about who, if anyone, Arsenal will be signing to strengthen the team when the January transfer window opens on January 1st. For the last two games he has given pretty much the same answer, that he does not want to react after a defeat, it is better to think carefully. He was nearly laughing at the reporter who quizzed him last night. Did they really expect him to tell them all his plans?

With the window less than a month away now, the rumour mills are turning faster and faster and Arsenal will be one of the teams linked with just about everybody. One thing you can be sure of is that Wenger will not tell the media which players he will be trying to buy, but there is often a little bit of fire behind all the smoke.

One player who will be almost certainly on their way to the Emirates is the Dutch international striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The only real question is whether it will be in January, or in the summer when his contract is up. The striker and people close to him have inadvertently let things slip, while his his boss at Schalke claiming that Arsenal have no money was so blatantly untrue, it meant he must be hiding something.

Huntelaar is likely to cost around £6 million in January, if Schalke decide to accept some money rather than see him leave for nothing. That leaves Wenger with a little over £30 million, if the estimates are correct. Assuming that he does spend it, as he surely will, who will he go for?

His admittance that Diaby and Rosicky have left him short in midfield would suggest a midfielder, either an all-rounder or a defensive minded player. Coquelin is showing promise, but is not ready yet and Frimpong is on loan to help his progress. I like Wanyama from Celtic. He is quick and strong and his youth and ability to learn and adapt make him just the sort of player for Wenger.

The performance of Jernade Meade last night may just have persuaded Wenger not to go for a specialist left back, but a versatile defender could be on the cards, especially if Djourou packs his bags for Italy. Arsenal have been watching the 20-year old Stefan de Vrij from Feyenoord, apparently, but I feel that Wenger may want a more experienced player. Any ideas?

We also need a keeper and a creative player. Zaha is an Arsenal fan and would bring alot to the club, but I doubt that Crystal Palace will let him go before the summer. Pepe Reina seems to be the favourite for goalkeeping, but the price of £10 million seems excessive to me, and we know that Wenger likes a bargain. Szczesny is class and we just need a better understudy, so I cannot see Reina coming.

It should be very interesting in the new year. I just hope that Arsenal have picked up before then and the pressure is off Wenger a bit.

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66 thoughts on “It’s Huntelaar plus others for Arsenal in January transfers!

  1. Craig Taylor

    We dont need a Keeper. Szczesny has been great the last 3 games. We only have 40m to spend? What a joke! Anyway Huntellar would be a good signing, but we need a DM and a Winger if possible. Maybe a LB too. Navas if possible and M Villa!

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  2. ArsenalsF

    I have to say I would be suprised if we got Huntelaar. He is fairly similar to Giroud so the only reason it seems we would be buying him is because he is such a good deal. Plus he hasn’t performed at a ‘big’ club yet, although that might be past him.

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  3. gunparadise

    off topic! another draw or lose to WBA willn seal Wenger faith! Just bring Dennis as a replace of wenger or our ex-players as manager

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  4. vanpersiesucks

    wenger will buy some “french messi” or some “german ronaldo” n he would become a benchwarmer for one season before d fans start critisicing wenger for buying them

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  5. GunnerCPH

    Would everybody please stop praising Coquelin. He is not showing promise, Wilshire is showing promise. Coquelin has been pedestrian of late. This season he has made just as many fouls as he has tackles. He is way too small to be an efficient ball winning midfielder, and he is not technically adept to play in an advanced role.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is an ok prospect, just not in the same league as the back ups other premier league clubs have.

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  6. Joel

    how is huntelaar on his way to arsenal? when schalke finished above us in the champs league table, this club needs sorting asap

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  7. Marko

    Jenkinson is a disaster!Slow..just dont good enough for arsenal RB!!!!We need to spend BIG in january!!!!!

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  8. Joe


    Too be fair to Klass- jan his goal scoring record has been very impressive in all the clubs he’s played for even real marid and Milan. I dont think he’s fantastic at linking up play and being involved in the game thats why he never got game time at Madrid but he can score goals and thats the type of player we need. He’s a RVP without the more creative play, right place right time either foot or head.. goal.

    For 6m its worth a punt. We need some decent wingers/ Wide attacking mids.

    Gotze or isco would be fantastic.

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  9. usmanoniyo

    Klass jan will b a great addition, but we really need a defensive midfielder and I think waynama or Diame will b great, and Reina is really junk. Opinion divided. AFC 4 life

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  10. Ryan

    Ideally – huntelar, zaha, gotze, m’villa/fellani (we can dream) and either Enrique or Rangel – we should hold out for Esteban granero from qpr for 5.5 in the summer bargain and he’d be our all out midfielder jack of all traits covering the ground

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  11. GunnerCPH

    Also whoever says Huntelaar is similar to Giroud should stop watching football altogether. You’re not good at it. Huntelaar is much more of a goal poacher, where as Giroud is a target man.

    Giroud brings other players into play, Huntelaar finishes chances and is very, very good at it. Giroud has 5 assists in 13 starts, almost twice the number of assists that Huntelaar does (3).

    Huntelaar on the other hand have twice as many goals.

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  12. BG Gunner

    dl- cissokho
    dm- m’vila/capoue
    st- falcao/cavani + henry (loan)
    optional- amc/amrl- goetze

    everything less is mocking the fans again

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  13. BG Gunner


    santos- 6mil
    squillaci- 1mln
    chamakh- 4mln
    diaby- 3mln
    gervinho- 9mln

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  14. vyash

    soldado,vila-verrati-strootman,shaw and zaha or holtby

    and the legend

    now we r ready to fight and maybe win the cl


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  15. Nathan

    Wenger will not buy players who are not eligible for the forget about huntelaar,goetze,…etc we will not get them in Jan.

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  16. Segun

    Huntelaar would be an ideal signing considering the fact that he’s worth around £6m.

    Our main priority is a DM. I won’t mind Fellaini cos he’s young and as we all know an established EPL quality but Wenger prefers cheap imports.

    So Bender/Capoue/M’Vila won’t be bad alternatives either.

    For the LB slot, I think blackburn’s Olsson won’t be a bad choice for backup or Rubin Kazan’s Ansaldi (can give Gibbs a fight for his money)

    If Walcott doesn’t sign, get a pure winger to replace him. Holbty/Navas would be ideal.

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  17. juhislihis

    This season is lost for Title so we must focus on top 4 place and cups.

    That in mind as well Wenger not willing to spend in January, my wishlist (realistic but hopeful):

    Huntelaar 6-7m (not a long term solution)
    James Rodriguez/Willian about 20m
    Wanyama/ Strong DMF 10m
    Shaw/Willems (if not too expensive)

    Hopefully can get rid of Santos, Squid and Bendtner for a start..

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  18. couldbne1

    he’ll try and buy as many decent players as possible in January because of 2 reasons;

    i/ the fear that come the end of the season, we won’t be have champions league qualification for next season (therefore, less attractive prospect for the big names)
    ii/ he’s got to prove by the end of the season that he’s still the man for the job… the final push if you like.

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  19. AYJ

    Like to see: Huntelaar/Ba, Adrian, Zaha, Diame/Fellaini, Henry, Reina come in Jan.. As well, all the deadwood out!! That’s why I’ll dream tonight 🙂

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  20. john 3:16

    OUT: Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Ramsey, Arshavin, Chamakh, Park and Bendtner for around £35-40 million

    IN: Vorm, Baines, Yanga-M’Biwa, Capoue, Zaha and Huntelaar for around £50-55 million

    Szczesny, Vorm

    Sagna, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Yanga-M’Biwa, Baines, Gibbs

    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Zaha, Capoue, Arteta, Wilshere, Diaby, Cazorla, Rosicky, Podolski

    Giroud, Huntelaar, Walcott

    Martinez, Yennaris, Miquel, Coquelin, Frimpong, Eisfeld, Miyaichi, Gnabry, Campbell

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  21. BJV

    Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions and empty rumours! Let’s concentrate on the football for now and wait with all the stupid rumours until jan…

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  22. BPAix

    i think lopez is the striker we will buy on january which is very good for arsenal. as dm wenger would propably sign a cheap one or noone at all as he will definately say we are counting on diaby’s return.
    Everything else simply wont happen until summer.

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  23. olanipekun oreoluwa

    Arsene wenger has been the major cause.for the downward upsuge of the club during the past 7 seasons of draught.his stubborness and pride has cost us this far due to his arrongance and selfish interest. Proven players are needed at the club and not mediocres, he needs to wake up frm his slumbers by spending some money on good, quality players in the january transfer window if he doesn’t want his story to end from grace to grass.

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  24. Smash

    I can’t tell if people are serious about Gotze coming to Arsenal or not. I mean lets think about it, Gotze would leave Dortmund, a team who beat Real Madrid, Ajax, and Man City, for an Arsenal suffering from an identity crisis? I mean if not for Joe Hart, Dortmund and in particular Gotze would have had a field day at the Etihad and by all rights were robbed of a victory. Dortmund is challenging in all competitions and has a legitimate shot at winning the treble, while Arsenal are happy if we finish 4th in the league. Please stop with this talk, he’s already extended his contract and he doesn’t want to leave.

    My biggest concern is that we are asking to much of Tommy V without giving him any cover on that back line. Gibbs was woeful in the Swansea game, and Jenkinson still has a ways to go before he’s a solid starter. I feel the focus has to be on the back line this January and Summer transfer seasons. If the back line is good then Jack and Arteta and Diaby and whoever else wouldn’t be handcuffed bc they have to cover a weak defense, and would be allowed to get forward more often in supporting the attack. I’m not saying Vermaelen is Tony Adams but he’s the closest thing we have. Why not immulate the Dixon, Bould, Adams, Winterburn defense we had? Admittedly that sort of defense is once in a generation, but I’d say our lack of competitiveness, not to mention lack of trophies, is a direct effect of our lost emphasis on a strong defensive line. Good teams play good defense, and frankly Arsenal doesn’t have a good defense. So please no more attacking players, if Arsene is truly interested in building long term, I’d like to see him fix the defense first and give Vermaelen some sort of help.

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  25. rau

    we should of never sold alex song what the hell was going on in wengers stupid head

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  26. scott

    Why do people keep saying navas, he gets home sick, a well known fact so stop writing it.

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  27. Dan

    Get Huntelaar and Zaha

    Then get a veteran keeper and a proper defencive midfielder who doesn’t leave the centre circle.

    Sort out Walcott’s contract and tell Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamakh, Santos, Djourou, Squillaci and Fabianski to do one. I think Arshavin needs to leave aswell. Unfortunately the guy obviously just doesn’t care anymore. Wenger’s ruined him.

    These are the first steps to getting back on track.

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  28. Josh

    some people are clueless, m’vila has been playing awful this season and has been dropped to the bench and forced to train with the reserves, and is banned from international football for 2 years, so i doubt arsene will go for him

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  29. JustJoy

    Klaas is cup tie, CL. Lopez YES.
    But, get HANGELAND, M’VILA, Walcott, Strootman. Make sure SELLING DEADWOODS IS A MUST.

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  30. Justin

    Yanga-Mbiwa I’m betting. Versatile defender and Montpellier out of CL and very poor in Ligue 1.

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  31. robbie

    Hunterlaar I’ve been wanting him to play 4 us 4 years he’s a top player we don’t like rvp neither does hunterlaar! Imagine if we buy him and he f*#ks up the man ure and chelskis. Arsenal aint in no crisis and r players r decent its not wengers fault its the boards trust me gooners!

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  32. owens

    Lets get 1 thing right gotze aint coming and obviously wenger looks adamant of signing any striker(esp henry likely to surface)..wenger just makes me sick..
    Now..probable huntelaar might wenger should get baines,holtby,.

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  33. Matt C

    Demba Ba, Wanyama in
    Santos, Squillaci/Djourou, Fabianski out

    Huntelaar and LB in
    Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park out

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  34. sincek1

    all of you that are suggesting players like gotze, well i think you all should find another team for all your suggestions. it is not wenger fault it’s that no good stan karoenke fault this man is buying a 121 acre ranch for i dont know how many millons we need the old board and wenger has to acknowledge that this is not the old days no more you can no longer make single digit deals for world class talent. all am sayin is we got to support arsenal fc and rebel against against arsenal corp.

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  35. Uche

    Whatever happens, players are coming in January. Even Wenger has indicated that all we need do now is hang in there till January. Already has it that henri has agreed to join arsenal in principle. This is good news. You guys may not think much of henri now but I can assure you that he is a lot better than Giroud even at his age and he is a game changer. I also hear we want to loan him for a longer period this time. Well, I just know that with Henri on our side and with Rosicky back from where he left off, we will see an Arsenal fighting like a wounded Lion. I am trying not to read too much meaning into the Olympiacos game because our first team would have beaten them again like we did at the emirates. But when your central striker is chamak, you might as well forget about scoring goals and the guy had chances yesterday but he fluffed then as always.

    So let us wait till january. If it happens that all our efforts don’t lead to champions league qualification this season, then on thing is for sure. Next season, we wouldn’t have to complain as much as we do now because Wenger will no longer need to be reminded that we need to invest in this squad and stop cuddling under performers. I have decided to look at this whole thing as a long term one. So, I am not too worried about what happens this season. It may infact be in our own interest to fail in the short term so we can succeed in the long term. It won’t be the end of the world if we finish in sixth or seventh position. But it will be a wake up call that no amount of bitching and demonstration can achieve. Wenger is strong headed. He needs to fail terribly like he did at the 8-2 massacre at Old trafford before he acts so I am secretly wishing for such a failure.

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  36. saras

    I HOPE Wenger respect him self and leav arsenal för someone else who is capabel of winning titel than going for top 4 in fxxxn 8yrs…. i need our ARSENAL BACK…..

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  37. RWRW

    Buying hunt could also be a bad move!!

    How is giroud meant to feel knowing we have just signed another striker??

    Personally, im not even convinced hunt would be that effective. Not considering we should be playing Walcott and Podolski as strikers firstly

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  38. deepin2night1

    @GunnerCPH …why are you so dumb…le coq will be very efficient as he is a very good prospect…just needs mroe time for that role..its a very difficult spot ..
    regarding what you say he is small he cant win tackles…remember edgar davids??

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  39. Christ

    I agree with certain players being booted out but think arshavin puts a shift in chamak should get more game time thats just my opinion 🙂

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  40. Ray

    At the end of the day, we will not sign anyone because:

    1. we wait too long until MC, Chelsea, PSG, Real and Barca come into the picture and we say we cannot compete with those rich boys.

    2. we hoping that those financial crisis clubs will be bully by us. Then we try to scared the hell out of them by dragging until 31 Jan just for them to tell us “it is a trap!”.

    3. before we can bring in, we must offload those “MISTAKES” we made. As we know, no one will pay Squilacci, Park, Bendtner, Chamakh etc. like how we are paying them now and those who didn’t get a loan deal rather sit on the bench and wait the beer session after the Saturday game.

    4. Wenger will say “if we find someone who can improve the squad, we won’t hesitate to sign him”. Wow! Then what are those deadwood that we signed doing in the suqad?

    5. Wenger will say there aren’t any good player available in the market. Yeah right, but we see other clubs signing some players which really improve their performance.

    I really have mixed feeling in this Jan transfer windows. On one side, I really hope just before the windows open, we get bashed up by MU with 8-2. But on the other side, I also worry that when that happened, we will get a Andre Santos (when we could try Aly Cissokho or Baines), Per Metersacker (when we could have get Garry Cahill), Park Chu-Young (to upset Lille who wanted him and I wonder if that got any impact on us signing Eden Hazard) and Arteta (the only signing I was a bit happy about). In another word, I want quality signing, NOT PANIC SIGNING.

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  41. King Henry 14

    If Arsenal Win(BIG) over WEST BROM this Saturday, Arsenal wont need big signings.,,. 😀 Just sign Zaha(IMPORTANT) and Huntelaar(if needed).,. COYG.,.,!

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  42. Arslan

    With only 6 month left from Hunterlaar contract ends, most probably he’ll come in the Summer (IF he do come)!
    Remember 2009/10 season… we just sold adebayor earlier & at the end of 2009, when we’re still challenging for the title with RVP & Bendtner out injured, Wenger still refuse to buy new striker in January, instead he waited until summer 2010 to get Chamakh for free when he can actually buy him quite cheap in january to have a go at the title…

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  43. **** Set Gunner ****

    In an ideal world Wenger would go out and buy Gotze and Falcao. But realistically speaking i thnk he should go for:
    1) Maroune Fellaini (15 mil)
    2) Stevan Jovetic (20 mil)
    And also sell Squillaci, Chamakh and Arshavin.
    In the summer he can look to replace Ramsey, Santos and Diaby if he still has injury issues.

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  44. sreejith

    the only option to bring back our ols arsenal to sign kaka, already wenger mentioned he will sign a special palyer only and kaka is a special player, before any small boy can score for arsenal becuse of our playing style . pls sign kaka from real

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  45. Jake from 9ja

    Alright fellow gunners I love Arsen Wenger so much that I never want to see his bad side. Its also his fault that Arsenal are suffering the way they are right now. Has any of you even thought of the the fact that he is our voice to the greedy boards. I’m so disappointed in him, he has let me down on too many damn occasions. I’m not saying he should be sacked but he should resign if he still has any dignity left in him.

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  46. Bouba

    We should be playing 2 strikers up front and not his ridiculous tactical system… It is boring, ineffective and we are always outnumbered in the box…!!!

    Anyway, if you think Wenger will recruit in January, you are obviously deluded… They have just offered Sagna the same wages and just one year extension…!!! It is a disgrace, when you have Djourou on almost the same salary who is not a defender ( he is something from another planet ) and not playing at all…!!! WTF is Gazidis doing?

    They were talking new terms for Wenger contract, but had to postpone it all due to our chaotic situation… So they were about to extend his contract even though we have been winning NOTHING FOR 7 YEARS ????

    Henry is the recruit… Wenger will accommodate one if his mate ( again ) instead of going hunting in the market for what we need….!!
    I won’t mind Henry, he can shacke up some if the weak links ( Ramsey, Gervinho, etc… ) and bring his experience to Giroud.

    I don’t think Wenger will make it. The symptoms of failure have been there for years and we are now in a critical condition.

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  47. Fletch

    I’m expecting Wenger will go after Spanish and Germany players.

    And for crying out loud this Wenger basing is disgraceful. Cant’t believe the shit thats being said about the man who made Arsenal what they are today..

    Put any other manager in his position and I can guarantee you that we would not have or had what is in place today.

    Please give it a rest!

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  48. TopGunner

    The day Wenger buys Reina then I will agree with all people who are saying: Wenger is losing it

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  49. James A*

    As a Arsenal fan it disappoints me to see the direction Arsenal are heading, the transfer targets we are linked too are not who we should be trying to sign.

    I understand the current climate and why financial longevity is a must for our club. That’s why the names of players I will post are both affordable and ready to help with the re-development of Arsenal Football Club.

    Forward options:
    Robert Lewandowski, Edinson Cavani, Klass Han Huntelaar, Jackson Martinez, Leandro Damiao
    Central attacking:
    Willian, Joao Moutinho, Marek Hamsik, Mario Gotze, Prince Boateng, Mohammad Sissoko
    Marco Reus, Andre Schurrle, El Shaawary, Aubameyang, Iker Muniain, Lewis Holtby, Zaha
    Central defensive:
    Lars Bender, Etienne Capoue, Diame, Yann M’Vila, Fellaini, Sergio Busquets, Kevin Strootman
    Howedes, Dede, M’bwia, Ogbonna, Subotic, Hummels, Alderweild, Piszczek, Alex Sandro, Caceres
    Vorm, Diego Alves, David Ospina, Asenjo, Courtois, Rene Adler, Landreau

    These picks and more are nothing but my personal opinion of player that I believe could change Arsenal future forever.

    Arsenal should sell these:
    Chamakh, Bendtner, Arshavin, Ramsey, Frimpong, Diaby (Injury prone), Djourou, Squillaci, Sagna, Andre Santos, Fabianski + more

    Arsenal should give these a chance:
    Joel Campbell, Miaychi, Denilson, Eisfield, Gnabry, Coquelin, Wellington Silva, Botelho, Galindo, Miquel, Martinez

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  50. j

    Reina, Yanga Mbiwa, Baines, Wanyama, Zaha, Huntelaar in.

    Out (if possible): Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou, Squillachi, Santos, Diaby, Arshavin, Ramsey (maybe on loan), Bendtner, Chamakh, Park (has he gone already?), Vela (has he gone already?)

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  51. nizzu

    U shld betta stop speculating,arsene will neva do wat every 1 won’t be ani different come january

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  52. taylor

    we dont need hunterlaar, we already have giroud, podolski, gervinho and walcott all wanting to play striker, so i think we need a winger and too sell chamack and bendther. a midfielder is a must, theres no use having arteta if hes wasted at cdm when he is one of the best minds in the premier league. and left back is also a must after santos made me question how good you have to be to be a professional.

    wanyama – 5m
    ince/zaha – 10-20m
    ashley cole (why not) – next to nothing!
    m’biwa – 15m

    chamack – 3-5m
    diaby (hes good when hes playing, which is hardly ever) 7m if we are lucky
    arshavin – 4m
    ramsey on loan
    fabianksi – dont care, just get rid

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  53. consrod

    we need players in January but lets face it; the time for major squad surgery is in the summer. the best we could have hoped for is an emergency signing in January to ensure top four this season. this year however we are presented with a unique situation; assuming, as reports suggest, that we have practically signed huntelaar. how about a bid for sneijder? we would defiantly have the funds for his knock-down value plus he would link well with huntelaar. he does not have a good relationship with van persie which would rule out united plus city do not need nor want him. i belive these signings would more than be adequate to ensure top four this season and, combined with the signing of m’villa, zaha and a new left back in the summer, would signal aresnals return as major players in the english premier league

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