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It’s Not Just about the Trophies Arsenal

For me, it’s not about the trophies by BN

There has been a lot of talk and criticism about the BSM march on Saturday, with some Arsenal fans saying that we are fickle supporters and don’t remember the bad days, and to be careful what we wish for as Arsene Wenger has been more successful than anyone else, blah bah blah.

But I think that people are maybe getting supporters’ feelings all wrong. Yes, we all know what Arsene has achieved, but from such a strong position, and possibly the best ever Premier league side, between 2001 and 2005, players have been sold and poorer players have replaced them each time, and so on and on to the quality of players we have now.

In the other barren spells in Arsenal’s history since the 70s, through to the eighties and the big dip in the nineties, most clubs other than Man Utd and Liverpool were on a level playing field depending on the size of their club’s attendances. We were the best club when the money kicked in in the early 2000s, and making money is not arsenal’s weakness. Not enough money is being pumped back in to the club in the right areas, like on the pitch, and Arsene must shoulder most of that blame.

Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Cole, Campbell were all world class players. Compare that to now, when we have probably zero. I know we do not have the right to win a trophy every year, but we should expect our club to challenge harder than we have in recent years and be involved in the title race past October.

don’t forget that IBM was the biggest computer company in the world once, look where complacency has got them.

Olympiacos vs. Arsenal will be on

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27 thoughts on “It’s Not Just about the Trophies Arsenal

  1. Dave

    The BSM was in 100% in regards to the board, and not Wenger.

    In regards to trophies, Chelsea went 50 years without one, United were in fear of being relegated when SAF took over and City went 40 odd years without one. And to think some of the fans on here are complaining about 7 years…

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  2. COYG malaysia

    just want the old arsenal back. No we dont expect immediate improvements. but step by the step. at the moment we’re not improving. Thats why our chances of winning are getting lower season after season. something has to change. January is change.

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  3. ashu

    I belive in Arsene who is the best and experienced coach we should just trust him and nobody knows arsenal better then him.Even if he want to make arsenal better he cannot because of very limited fund nd as e said signing players wont end the crisis everyone has to take responsibilty even the fans have to take their responsibilty nd support arsenal more. gunner for life!! (Coyg)

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  4. imi

    What i’m truly sick off is people blaming Arsene Wenger

    Actually I’m going to blame some one who no one is mentioning AT ALL.

    the bloody players.

    If you look at our line ups they are Class players and you’d think they’re strong enough to beat any team:


    Sagna, Per/Kos, Vermaelin, Gibbs

    Arteta Wilshere

    Walcot Giroud Poldi

    That is a very strong first 11 and I don’t see why we should loose.

    The players are who I’m blaming because they look flat.

    They’re passing the ball around WAY too slowly. If you youtube arsenals best move a few seasons ago when they did so many quick passes and switched it across the field to the otherside only to do a Barcelona and score a wonderful goal. Those were the days of Diaby and fabregas in the team too.

    That is how arsenal should move the ball around. Why should Swansea out pass us? It doesn’t make sense and clearly arsene wenger didn’t tell his players go and play the way they did against Swansea?

    The players are not turning up.

    Vermaelin is supposed to be our best CB… he’s flopping around way too much this season.

    Santos was alright last season what the F*** happened to him this season is beyond me.

    Gervinho was great beginning of this season and was looking like he could be our saviour … WTF happened to him after his little injury?

    Why should Rooney come back to the UTD team after his injuries and flourish?

    The second some one goes on injury he needs another 4 games to get back into it… That’s just not acceptable and I feel that’s just damn right laziness.

    I think arsene wenger’s tactics have been spot on with his formations and his subs no matter how bizzare it is to put le coq for Giroud… taking a point or taking nothing is always better to take a point.

    So Players are to blame and they need to be slapped across their heads so they can shape up and focus for a full 90 minutes…

    I also do think Bouldy and Wenger are a lot quitter on the touch lines than when Pat Rice was around.

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  5. kamal

    Im sorry but bc in early 2000,,we would walk over teams like sunderland,swansea and etc.Than in and around 2006-2009 we were always close to a trophy but it always seem like sumthing is missing.But now,we are 10th position and to make it worse where is the passing game gone,,we hardly create chances how r we suppose to win games.this is by far the most lost squad in recent arsenal history,,GOD SAVE US…

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  6. Gunner

    I don’t give a toss I want a league cup or fa cup or both this season and a top 4 finish. In the summer I want a massive clear out and want at least 3 world class players bought and start challenging for premier league and champions league where ARSENAL belongs. With or without wenger (preferably with)…..COYG

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  7. Richard

    Its not the winning its the competing and we havn’t competed for some time.

    The difference between us and say Man U is that every year SAF brings in quality player (if possible) We on the other hand sell quality players each season and replace them with a lesser player.

    If SAF had done that for the past 6/7 years where would Man U be now, the answer would be mid table where we are now, and Sir Alex would probably no longer be the manager.

    Whatever is said against Abramovich he is an owner who puts his hands in his pockets unlike ours who is just rubbing his hands as the share prices rise.

    The Lone ranger and Tonto are a disgrace, but only time will tell how much damage they are doimg and how many decades and multi millions it will take to repair.

    Unfortunatly the Wenger years will not be remenbered for his successes

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  8. davidrusa

    The debate rumbles on and on but the question is “are Arsenal players really poor?” My simple answer is a big no. Why do I say this? Because most of Arsenal players represent their countries in international competitions and many have several caps for their countries. It is not plausible that a poor player can represent such big footballing nations like Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Poland, Ivory Coast etc. What then is the problem? Like I said a short while back I attribute poor display to the players lax attitude. This might be due to the manager’s leniency with his players and his extreme empathy with some players who are permanently in the treatment room like Abu Diaby. This makes some players to feel that the manager can’t touch them! What then is the solution? Let the manager become ruthless with non-performers.If need be let him start fining them. He should also start benching those who have no spirit to fight for the team. Those who are beyond reform should be forced out. This will make every player alert and the team will start achieving results.

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  9. Santi claus

    We can realistically challenge for top 4 in wengers eyes this is a trophy for arsenal, the only cup we are gd at winning is the emirates cup but didn’t even get that this year as we didn’t host it, gunna be a long season but league cup is most realistic of them all

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  10. Bob Dylan

    For me its not all about trophies, we are going still going through a long period of transmission, but i just want to be able to watch arsenal play good football which we can do we done it against southampton earlier in the season, but most games i have watches this season we have been dominated by lesser sides, weve created no chances, i think there was a stage when we had 1 shot on target in 3 games which is pathetic, i just wnt to watch up play good football, and top 4 is minimum expectation but we must play football how weve always played it, rather be a swansae fan at the moment, might not be the best team but give 100% and a joy to watch

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  11. Scott

    i am sick of all the lies, show me any statement made by the board or AW and i’ll show u another where they blatantly lie and contradict that statement just to try save face for the second in front of the media.

    i wan my Arsenal back!!

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  12. diamond dave

    we must stop this talk of trophies, remember their is only 4 trophies to go around, what gets me is the performances for the past 5 years we have gone down hill big time, we have no direction on the pitch or from the manager, then we have the board because of greed selling world class players like fabregsa, nasri, clichy, van persie, then look at the players bought in they dont even look class apart from carzola, most of the players gibbs,jenkilson,ramsey,gervinio,would not get into a championship side, arshavan is a quality player why does wenger always play him out of posistion? when you sell your top players it kills moral, it kills the belief you have in team spirit because it shows what the real interets of the club is and it is not about competing it is about greed, kroenke needs to go and go back to america to live in his 80 million dollar ranch and take the board with him maybe they can milk the cows just like they have the fans nobody is gaurenteed trophies but being committed to win is important but when you look at our team over the past 5 years that commitment has gone with no leaders to guide this team wenger is to blame but so is the board becuas of their greed and gazidis you are a waste of space, if i was manager their would be at least 8 players i would get rid of, walcott i would give a contract and give him the role he wants and build a team around wiltshire, carzola,walcott, sczeny,vermalen the rest are a waste of space, we must be realisitc wenger has to go and so should kroenke gazidis and the board and bring in someone who wants real success and not just to line the pockets

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  13. truthmustbetold

    @ Dave
    So becos chelsea went 50years or even 100years(who cares) without a trophy,we should all sit back,relax and enjoy our trophyless run till we get to 50 years right?-Loser mentality
    You see a winner once he has tasted victory, never wants to be caught in the loser’s section again;so he STRIVES to win always and not look @ dose around him who are also losing thereby comforting himself.
    ManCity dropped points dis weekend,so did chelsea,so did arsenal buh dat wasn’t excuse enuf for manU to drop points against reading,they fought 4 d victory. As a club we are financially healthy,we have a stable management,so there’s no reason why we should slump down the table and not ask questions. The clubs you keep mentioning had problems(most of the time financial) and dats why they went trophyless!-so stop comparing…

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  14. Kemp hater

    Baines… No explanation needed
    Wanyama… Arteta not a DM
    Fellani… Beef up Midfield
    Gotze… Invention up front
    Huntelar… Clinical finisher








    With some money spent this is not unrealistic. Purchases like this could unite the club

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  15. Gooner Cape Town

    @Kemp hater: where’s Podolski and Goetze? Baines before Gibbo any day not the Gibbs is bad. Just need that steel at the back.

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  16. 9jagun

    Arsenal used to be a club that wins at least one trophy in every 2 years all of a sudden Wenger and the boards have changed it with their greed. I see people try to sell the players who are not doing well but they sell our best. And you tell me Chelsea went trophy less for like 50 years and “man u was in fear of being relegated before SAF took over… So my question to you Dave is that did SAF let the club go trophy less? No. He maintained top four and added to his cabinet. If you can compare Chelsea 50 years lack of trophy to arsenal you can as well compare your self to the prostitute in the street who f***s every dick and harry and has nothing to show for it at the end. If you don’t need trophies I think majority of arsenal fans do. So you can go support a low life team like you.

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  17. Kemp hater

    i thought it would be unfair to just drop gibbs(little bias lol) Gotze can tuck in behind Huntelar at the expense of one of the midfielders depending on the opposition. Im not podolskis biggest fan as i think hes over rated(hopfully he makes me look like a tit for saying that)but he could play up front or on the wing depending on form. You have to admit it would give serious options. I do think these are the sweeping changes needed for competition of places. This large splash in the transfer window would be perfect if it was followed up with one top quality signing per window. What ya think

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  18. Gunblast

    The best thing is to SACK WENGER THEN THE BOARD. Wenger past records are HISTORY we must not live in dreaming history. Reality is infront of us. Why are we keeping him after 7 years, is it because he fit the stiggy money grabbing Board agenda. We think WEnger has lost the rabbit in his magic hat to save Arsenal for top 4. Ater 7 years our debt should have been wipe out or in minimum stage. Acclaimed to be 4th richest club in the world but currently administered like 400th in the world.

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  19. Uche

    What I hate most about the people who run arsenal is that they take no responsibility for our problems but they hug the spotlight in the areas where we are doing well, especially our finances. When Mourinho or Mancini lose a game, they will tell you that the fault is their own even when you can see that they did their best. Pep Guardiola left barca voluntarily because he felt he could have done more last season but didn’t. He was not fired. But wenger will blame the grass and the weather and anything else he can find except for our poor performances except for his players. Gazidis goes on record to say that it is okay if we don’t qualify for champions league and then they all act shocked when our players are not motivated enough to beat norwich city. What a joke. That is why the whole world is shocked when we fail to perform.

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  20. AOB

    AFC shd be competing for the trophy every season toll may. Now everyone knows that we cannot say we can or we are at this stage. 15 points behind leaders is not a child’s play. There was no need to have sold song. RVP we can understand but not song. I just op he buys some top top strikers in January and some fullbacks as Jenknson is just an average player that shd still be learning his trade. I feel Diaby is still very useful at this team. Check out our results after he was injured. We need a strong box to box who can bomp forward quicker with the ball an has an eye for a good pass in the final third

    Quick recovery gunners and wish we win tonight.

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  21. trm

    Arsenal 2000/2001
    IN £22.7m
    Edu, Pires, Wiltord
    OUT £33.5m
    Overmars, Bothroyd, Petit, Suker

    Arsenal 2002/2003
    IN £6.6m
    Cygan, Silva
    OUT £6.96
    Manninger, Wright,Upson, Sidwell

    Arsenal 2003/2004
    IN £16.25
    V. Persie, Clichy, Reyes, Fabregas
    OUT £0m

    Arsenal 2004/2005
    IN £0
    Almunia, Flamini
    OUT £0
    Kanu, Wiltord, Parlour

    Arsenal 2005/2006
    Arsenal in £19.1m
    Walcott, Adebayor, Helb
    OUT £20.2m
    Bentley, Pennant, Veira

    Arsenal 2006/2007
    IN £7.4m
    Song, Rosicky, Gallas, Denilson
    OUT £10.5m
    Cole, Cygan, Lauren

    Arsenal 2007/2008
    IN £19m
    Sagna, Fabianski, Eduardo
    OUT £21
    Henry, Lungberg, Aliadiere

    Arsenal 2008/2009
    Nasri, Arshavin, Ramsay
    OUT £15.9m

    Arsenal 2009-2010
    IN £8.45
    OUT £41m
    Adebayor, Toure

    IN £132.05m OUT £149.46

    What have we learn’t? Arsenal spend what they make. As the years have gone one the purchases have become names that have not become the stars of yester years. Why is this? I do not have the answers, I have just provided the facts above. I guess Wiltord, Pires and Edu came into a team with Henry, Viera and Bergkamp. While if we look at Vermealen, he came into a team with Fabregas!!! Everyone one else was still developing there career like Walcot, Diaby and Nasri.

    – The boards decision to move was partly decided on the bases Arsene could continue to find unknown players and develop them into Top players.
    – This to be fair to Arsenal has not changed, only thing that has, has been them players are harder to get becuase we are Arsenal and we have Arsene – Prices rise when we go in for someone…unfortunately.
    – We are no longer the unknowns, we are consistantly in the CL, we are Arsenal, we are no longer smarter than the opponents in bringing in there unknown germs.
    – So with the lack of funds, we have gone for the next available player within the budget wanted to be paid rather than the players wanted.
    – The decision to move should in theory be about not profit but the ability to compete in the transfer market; Even if that means buying unknown top talent at a premium.
    – We now find ourselves with over paid average players. Experienced players brought in are not excellend but good players – Not good enough for Arsenal.

    Board need to realise the demishing state of out squad. Unknow players we can develop are still out there. But we are no longer in a state where our squad is good enough to bring them in.

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  22. Ritesh

    Will aw sub a player after 30 mts? Rafael was booted out as he was not up to the mark against reading. Awaiting needs a hairdryer

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  23. owens

    We dont want to develop anymore..we want trophies..thats the joy of a fan and also see his club excelling.

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  24. Terry Norman

    Best article I’ve read on this site by miles!
    Wenger has totally lost it and, as someone else posted on here, you cannot and should not always live in the past.
    Here’s my contribution into why Mr Wenger needs to move upstairs , why I scratch my head and why I have no faith in him being able to turn things around.

    How can Wenger motivate his players to become winners when he is quite happy not to be one himself? Quite frankly, Wenger’s lack of ambition has bred mediocrity amongst the players and it shows on match days.

    Why hasn’t Wenger been able to organise our defence for years, organisation does not take money it takes savvy?

    Why does Wenger continually make the same lame excuses, year after year, week after week, for our piss poor performances?

    At last, apparently SB gave the players the ‘hair dryer’ treatment after Saturday’s lame duck performance. Why wasn’t that Wenger doing that and why hasn’t he done it previously?

    What are Wenger’s tactics, I often have no idea what plan A is and there is definitely no plan B, why?

    Wenger continually plays players out of position, why?

    Wenger’s recently substitutions have verged on the ‘lunatic running the asylum’.

    Wenger inability to identify and acknowledge the teams deficiencies have cost us dearly e.g. for years it’s been obvious to everyone that we desparately need a quality goal keeper. Yet Wenger chooses to ignore this obvious fact.

    Wenger putting below average players on ridiculous contracts verges on insanity!

    After only 15 games into the season our players are tired, what the f*** they gonna be like when the pitches turn muddy and near the end of the season? Why do our players suffer so much more than any other teams players. Or is it just Wenger rolling out yet another lame excuse?

    I could go on pointing out the obvious deficiencies of Mr Wenger but it should be obvious to all. He should move on now with both grace, dignity and the respect of the fans for what he ONCE achieved.

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  25. KC

    KC December 5, 2012 at 4:30 am

    Arsenal’s problem is it’s fans [And I include myself as part of the problem]. We become increasingly more apoplectic with each week’s abject performance and the team’s irrepressible dissent into the depths of mediocrity.

    Verily I say unto thee, ”what the f*** are we so upset about?!” This team is performing exactly as it should…exactly as its talent dictates, nothing more, nothing less!

    A front line of Giroud, Podolski, and Walcott/Gervinho; and a midfield of Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere/Ramsey is not ever going to get close to the Premiership title. At best, it will fight and claw like hell to the last day of the season just to lumber into the top six.

    The team isn’t as good as we would like and will NEVER live up to our expectations. I for one will not beat up on a group of 2nd tier players who are playing as well as their talents allow.

    The fight should be with a manager and/or board who have sold Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Clichy, and RVP to Man City, Barca, and United. And bought Arteta, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud, Mertesacker, and Gervinho. Therein lies the glass that cuts the skin.

    We shouldn’t be mad at the way the current squad play because they are playing their best. We should be mad that this is level to which Arsenal Football Club has been allowed to descend.

    Like Liverpool fans before us, we Arsenal fans are being force-fed a new identity. Try as we might to spit it back up, Wenger and/or the board are shoving it down are throats.

    “Arsenal Football Club—2nd Tier Premier League Wannabees”

    Eat it and like it my friends!

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  26. Aussie Jack

    Arsenal fans seem so pre occupied with ACES, LEGENDS and STARS that they`ll create them, even if they`re not there, after all this is ARSENAL!
    The next set of statues should be dedicated to the board of directors, proudly displayed naked at the rear of the stadium and, unlike the Greek and Roman Gods, with their balls removed.

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  27. hamid

    Kudos for the IBM comparaison. That is exactly what is happening to Arsenal, and if Wenger doesn’t start buying, we’ll be watching a darby between Arsenal and Coventry in a couple of seasons and be happy to even play in the EPL.

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