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It’s Walcott that makes Arsenal dangerous says Laudrup

Michael Laudrup is preparing his players to face Arsenal in the FA cup tomorrow, and if his words about Theo Walcott are anything to go by, Swansea will be concentrating heavily in keeping Walcott quiet. The Dane has already steered his unfancied team to the semi-finals of the Capital One cup, and will try to gun down the Gunners tomorrow.

Swansea may have some of their attention on Wednesday’s league cup tie against Chelsea, and Laudrup is worried that Walcott’s pace and finishing could give his defenders a nightmare, wherever he plays. There has been much debate about whether Theo can really operate down the middle as a central striker, but Laudrup has no doubts that he can.

“Theo is a threat whether he plays wide or down the middle.

“He’s not a number nine, but because of his pace he’s so dangerous. He’s faster than 98 percent of the centre backs in the Premier league, so you have to be careful.

“One ball through the middle and he’s gone.

“Speed in football is so important. Of course, speed without quality is useless, but he’s got both.”

Laudrup will be expecting an assault from Arsenal at the Liberty stadium, because he knows that the FA cup represents our best chance of silverware this season, although we are in the knockout stages of the champions league. I would not be too surprised if Wenger starts with Giroud tomorrow and Theo on the right, but he could always hold the big French striker back in case the game is not going to plan with Walcott in the middle.

The most important thing is that the players who do start, do so with a high tempo and attacking intent. The problem the last time we faced Swansea was a lacklustre performance that gave the Welsh team confidence and encouraged them forward. We must not let that happen again

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143 thoughts on “It’s Walcott that makes Arsenal dangerous says Laudrup

  1. Paul

    @ um yesssssss this is what this has all been about………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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  2. caribbean

    hahahahahahahahha….will one of the paul please write the name in capital letters

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  3. James


    leave Paul alone this is the real Paul and so far all he has said has been bang on according to me

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  4. gunner4life

    Okay if not a striker then why won’t wenger focus to get a DM. That DM spot is more important than CF and we need proper wingers. Not false ones. WHY DO ARSENAL WASTE TIME TO SIGN THEIR PLAYERS FFS. I wouldn’t be surprised if M’vila went to QPR. The guy is waiting for Arsenal to bid for him but they’re taking the p*ss

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  5. jjoonneessyy

    sign up walcott sign a winger jefferson farfan wud be good and mvilla or bigila for dm and a new defender and i think wel b fine maybe another striker aswell for mvilla or bigila will cost 7-8 mil farfan 10million a new defender 10 million and david villa 16 million thats 44million spent take away sales andif so weve got 50 million warchest then i dont see y this cant happen these players would make us challengers again

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  6. James


    stop with this whole thing that we have a 50m warchest the media have got it wrong
    its more in the region of 25m..

    to prove it the daily mail today wrote that we have 70m to spend this transfer window
    that is complete utter bull.

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  7. PAuL 4rm Nigerian

    Paul, please watch it! You are so rude and immature… I apologized that that didn’t work out..Because of you I changed ♍Ɣ name… I think everybody knows that until a player is playing on pitch for arsenal he’s not yet an arsenal player..Juan Mata and Cahill were almost arsenal players but fell through.. So Paul, watch it! I respect you but don’t you ever regard or refer to me like that again thank you… To all gunners I’m sorry for the M’villa deal last year June..Humbly say Sorry!!!

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  8. Rob


    No way, I remember u tried to convince us that mvilla was coming.

    U sod off 4 mths, then come back and start abusing people again.

    Leo is cool, has never claimed to have inside info, just reports what he hears.

    @ADMIN- whatout, that TROLL @Paul is back.

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  9. Rob


    If @paul starts slagging off others, remember he is a repeat offender.

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  10. gunner4life

    @Rob just listen to skysports thats all don’t listen to any of them. I just hope for the love of god Arsenal buy a DM and a striker.

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  11. Paul

    @nigerian paull

    sorry if it comes across that way these messages dont shozw the real emotions of the words nyway thnx for changing ur name fellow gooner

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  12. Ksiolajidebt

    i just went online why is everyone all having a go at paul! ¨¨

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  13. Toni Balle

    Y’all realise that the 50 million Wenger has is for both transfers, and wages to spend over the duration of a players contract. So say we sign Villa for 16 mill, and he earns 100K per week. That 400K per month, 4.8 mill per year, and over 4 years, that is 19.2 mill. Add that to 16 mill, and that is already 35.2 mill. All you mugs playing football manager and being decieved by Ivan’s words while he sets Wenger up for tha fall, get a clue!!!

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  14. Rob

    I’ve been following this blog for 2yrs, I know who I’m talking about.

    @paul claimed to have inside info, and get his transfer updates every wed, abused people on a daily basis and was generally the rudist, little kid I’ve ever seen on a blog.

    Yeah he called some transfers right, but he did call the mvilla deal too, which was wrong.

    I do follow sky sports, but I also like hearing stuff from across the globe and other leagues, and sky sports aren’t the best at reporting the latest from spain, italy, france etc

    we are keeping an eye on things

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  15. James

    @ Toni Balle

    Well said

    why do you guys think we have not bought him yet and are selling our deadwood

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  16. Rob


    Don’t believe I’ve been rude to anyone, just told admin to watch out.

    @Paul has been banned for this before.

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  17. Paul

    @Ksiolajdbt and rob

    this is place where we can discuss our thoughts not argue so pls stop

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  18. gunner4life

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooool, see what making up rumours do? fellow gunners fighting each other. Please stop making rumours up it’s annoying now. No more lies.

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  19. Rob

    I’m cool…

    Just don’t like people abusing each other on this site to the extremes it seems to go to recentley.

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  20. LoCkAy

    The only rumours we know about are David Villa and Adrian Lopez… The rest is pure speculation and wishes…

    There is one thing we all might agree on: Wenger might not bring any players in this transfer market… That’s pretty sensible assumption…

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  21. yod

    luadrup is just playing a dirty trick on walcot’s head right now. so on the match day, his blotted self image will cause him to be too pressured thus he under performs.
    as to the whole Paul saga goin on…I love it! that’s what makes this site worth it, gives it character.

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  22. Sokeye

    Stupid Wenger! It’s already mid-jan. when is he going to buy? I can’t wait to see AW go. Culpable.

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  23. ripple

    Earlier this year one lone fool ridiculed me on this site because I stated that when some top players and coaches were asked which gunner scares them the most, many answered…. Walcott.

    I did not make it up I just reported what I read but was ridiculed anyway. I feel a touch vindicated.

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  24. wishbone35

    Whatever the amount Wenger has to spend this transfer window one thing is for certain…. None of us on this site have a clue – we are not privy to that information.

    Anything reported here is guesswork. I have seen plenty of different reports so somebody will be right just from pure luck.

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  25. S.H

    You guys are so impatient! People calling Wenger stupid are really so themselves. While you guys complain about transfers, Wenger and his negotiators are working round the clock. Remember it takes 3 parties to agree. Both clubs and the targeted player. If a player doesn’t want to sign, it is not completely Wenger’s fault. Fair enough, sometimes money is a factor, but it’s always easy to blame it on Wenger who has had to be frugal in previous years. Funds are available. Relax! Don’t always make Wenger the scapegoat. Holtby decided to be a spud, that’s his prerogative. He probably fancied more first team opportunities there. You must respect his decision. Again, not Wenger’s doing.

    There’s still a long way to go. Part of negotiating is playing the waiting game to test the other club’s resolve. There are a myriad of players available that can improve the squad. Don’t be surprised if the big names arrive late Jan, in the last 48 hrs. Wenger could have a treat for some doubting gooners!

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  26. synsix

    i feel like throwin up everytime RvP win a match for ManU/lets be honest we, Fans, his fellow team mates and his manager all mis him sorely but would never reflect/i guess they feel the same way as i do

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