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Jack Wilshere already has three choices – Which is best for Arsenal?

Jack Wilshere may still be recovering from his hairline fracture in his ankle, but with his Arsenal contract set to run out next summer he is in the driving seat as to what will be his next career move. Arsene Wenger is still convinced that our Jack should still be a Gooner this coming season, as he said: “I think Jack will be with Arsenal next season, yes,” said Wenger. “I will give you a very focused answer on that, that he has to work hard to come back and fight for a place in the team.

“But once he is ready, when he comes back, he will not be far from practising with the team.”

So it would seem that Wenger is keen for him to sign an extension at least, but do any of us really think he could knock Xhaka, Ramsey, Coquelin or even Elneny out of the squad until he proves he is really back to his best.

But it would also appear that the Italian minnows Sampdoria are keen on taking him to Serie A, and it was reported this morning: According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Marco Giampaolo has seen an initial £6.2m bid rejected.

He claims Arsenal are holding out for £8.8m before they’ll consider selling Wilshere.

Sampdoria’s swoop is apparently entirely dependent on Juventus buying Schick.

There is no doubt that Jack would probably get to play on a regular basis at Sampdoria, but he is a London boy through-and-through and I can’t see him being keen to uproot from his family and friends to a team that finished mid-table last year. Although I believe that Genoa is a very beautiful city….

The third option is that he DOES sign an extension with Arsenal, and goes off on loan again to see if he can recapture his fitness and form. Although he managed to get nearly a full season of games with Bournemouth last year, he didn’t really have much return in the form of goals or assists, so I think he still needs to improve a lot to get back into Arsenal’s starting XI.

Which do you think would be best for Jack, and Arsenal?


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15 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere already has three choices – Which is best for Arsenal?

  1. jonestown

    I love Jack but I think we all have that nagging doubt that the boy ain’t gonna be lucky with his career, especially the injuries. At his very best and fully fit he could walk in to most teams but truth is his very best is now preserved on fairly old video footage and his ability to stay fit for longer than a month or so is pretty non-existent. If we want a harder, tougher regime at our club he has to go – cannot see any way round this conclusion.

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  2. kabeer

    take the £6 and run with it
    this guy will never be fit to play

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  3. Break-on-through

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    1. Bonano

      That’s true…Sanchez is a great player, in games he’s always making stuff happen, goals, assisars…man of the match performance, yeah…Let’s be honest, he is very wasteful, he losses possession more to often and is so many ways kills out game. We don’t focus on his flaws because he’s the first one to chase the ball down after he losses possession, even when we’re not in possession of the ball. We all complain about Ramsey because he gives the ball away, loss too many passes, he doesn’t have the same hunger and drive like Sanchez to get things right in his game, so we focus on his flaws, regardless he’s a good player, he just needs to keep his game simple and do the right things more often. I remember Henry and Van Persie early days…😀The game was just about them, they were selfish but in time they became team players and their game was just out of this world. The goals came in galore and assists as well. I love Sanchez, his desire, spirit, attitude…he needs to make the game less about him and more of the team.

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  4. GB

    So how many assists and goals did Coq, Xhaka and Elneny get?
    Yes I can look it up too but it’s not the be all and end all of being in a team.
    Playing deeper as he did at Bournemouth, he started lots of moves from the back. Having said that and as much as I love Jack, it would be best for him if he left us for regular games.

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    1. Crazy gunner

      Jack started at No 10 and was poor there tbh he wasn’t a goal threat…he really has never been…he did better in the deep lying role but ultimately lost his place

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      1. Carlos Da Silva

        Jack was never a No 10 for us, he had the number but never played there, not even 5 years ago.

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  5. Simon

    8-10m id sell.

    He needs to play- so needs to be sold or loaned

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  6. Crazy gunner

    Arsenal have told JW he can leave its in the news…at 90kpw he’s not played for the club in 3yrs…it seems we are keen to get him off the wage bill…hope we leave a buy back option…

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  7. Quantic Dream

    Sell him off ASAP! He never plays yet is on monstrous wages…so off he goes. Deadwood.

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  8. Rkw

    Irrelevant article … At this point the best arsenal 11 is good enough to fight for 4th spot .. Wenger doing what he always does bs ing fans with the “very active” talk … The man should become a yoghurt salesman … So far his 6yrs of being in this state every July and august has produced a team now in the third tier of elite european football on the pitch … But in the top tier when it comes to earnings

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  9. Milton John

    Jack is another Diaby. Like Wallcot, Jack is not going to be injury free for a complete season. They’ll look pretty promising towards the end of their contract and Wenger will renew with a massive salary and both of them will go back to treatment table one by one. Pathetic, when will Wenger realize this. I’ve heard Wallcot is in the wish list of West Ham and they’re ready to buy him for £30. Be sensible and encash him ASAP invest in better way.

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  10. Midkemma

    The best choice for me personally would be to sell with a buy back option, I do not care how much we get in all honesty as his wage will be freed up and we can promote a kid in his place for the fraction of the cost.

    If Jack regains his form and stays fit and looks like he could be an asset then buy him back.

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