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Jack Wilshere: ‘I love Arsenal and want to stay’

Jack Wilshere has declared his love for Arsenal having made his return to first team action in recent weeks.

The midfielder has made the starting line-up twice in September, against Doncaster Rovers and BATE Borisov, and has expressed his satisfaction at returning to the Gunners fold.

“I definitely feel I am back,” said Wilshere. “I felt good coming back to Arsenal and into training and (Arsene Wenger) has been good.

“Everyone says ‘you are never fit’ but last season I was fit for the whole season. It was only in April that I got injured, but my rehab went well.

“It has been a while since I felt like a proper Arsenal player but I am back, playing these types of games.”

Wilshere is into the final year of his current deal, and admits that he is ‘playing for his future’, whilst revealing his first choice would definitely be to stay at the club beyond the season.

“You are always playing for your future but I am happy to be back, to feel part of the squad,” added Wilshere. “I am fit and healthy and getting back to my best and when the time comes to sit down and talk or not we will see.

“Do I see myself staying? Of course I do. I love this club. They have been good to me over the years, I have a great relationship with the boss.

“He (Wenger) has played me since I was 17. He has put his trust in me since then. We have a great understanding and of course I want to stay.”

Would a fit Wilshere be in contention to break into the Arsenal first XI? Does Jack look like he is deserving of a new deal?

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22 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere: ‘I love Arsenal and want to stay’

    1. Gooner Craig

      None of our players can do it against Barcelona lol luckily we’re not playing them this season though

      1. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

        But after Bayern fail to beat Celtic at home and then lose against Celtic away, they will finish third in their group and drop to the EL. They lost mid week in the CL so looks like we will be playing Bayern in the EL.

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    Nobody doubts his love for this club. Jack has always been seen as a genuine Arsenal supporter

    I would love to see him succeed this season in Central midfield.

    But the main question is his fitness. We can’t keep on paying someone for sitting on the bench. So if he can have an injury free season that would be awesome. Only time will tell though

    Love Jack. Always have. Even when he was smoking in that swimming pool and other naughty antics

    1. gotanidea

      Most of us were also clamoring when Walcott wanted to extend his contract, as he seemed (to us) to have genuine love for the club. Well he has got the new 110K per week and now most of us want him out badly.

      Wilshere has got to prove that he is not another Diaby, but another Iniesta or De Bruyne in the making, before getting a new hefty contract.

    2. Goonerforever

      Big thing is for him to adapt his game to avoid drawing players into crunching him on one of his driving runs, & knowing when to release the ball. He’s starting to show that maturity & if so, could still become a real player for us. Here’s hoping….

  2. Eat Pie No

    Jacks passion is what all the players need.

    You cant doubt his passion, his fight or his talent, but his frail body is holding him back.

    Hope he stays fit and plays his England role in our squad.

  3. gotanidea

    If Wilshere or Welbeck is in his final year and he is highly sought-after like Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain, he might not say the same words.

    If Sanchez, Ozil or Chamberlain is not sought-after and injured a lot like Wilshere and Welbeck, he might want to extend his contract.

    The “love” would depend on several situations, such as the demand of the player in the market, the money the player will be getting and the player’s ambition.

    I hope most fans will not blindly reckon the staying players as heroes and the want-away players as traitors. You could do the same if you were him, because a footballer’s career is very short.

  4. Uzi Ozil

    Who remembers Arsenal Vs Liverpool game (can’t remember the season) but Diaby bossed the midfield. I was in awe of his performance that day. He had a solid reception when he was substituted in that game. Sad injuries didn’t help his course.

    I fear that’s the same thing for wilshere. I won’t forget his performance against Barcelona in a hurry or his one touch football that Led to the goal against crystal palace or so (Giroud with the assist). The major problem is injuries. Can he stay fit? If yes, then consistency will be vital.

    I want him to succeed with the team because He is quality and love the club, but will fitness and consistency let him? Time will tell!

  5. HenryB

    Jack has been a brilliant player since I first saw him as a kid in the youth team.

    He has suffered more than his fair share of injuries, and I suppose that is still an unknown for the future, but he is a quality player and will boost Arsenal’s chances of winning competition.

    He has a never-say-die and that counts for a great deal with Goobers like me.

  6. John0711

    Jack should stay
    On another note the club announces their biggest cash turnover and gazadis states they will back Wenger with money

    Hmmm where have I heard that before ?

    1. Otunba007

      Gazidis doesn’t know Blue from Red…. Someone should please help us tell him we don’t want to hear anymore BULL from his mouth, he’s a LIAR and a FRAUD…. with his frog eyes …mxm

  7. jon fox

    Most posts all saying much the same, which I too endorse; that if Jack can stay fit which many on here, me included, sadly doubt, then of course he is well worth a new contract. All sound common sense but not actually telling us anything new. Virtually 100% of Gooners love Jack and his common touch and love for the club. Now pure fitness or lack of it will decide whether he has an Arsenal future. And with that statement of the bl….ng obvious, I too have said nothing new. Really it has all been said by thousands of us, many times , so what will be will be. And if you have managed to read to the end of this boring post, I am both grateful for your patience and sorry for your lack of taste!

  8. John

    No doubt he loves Arsenal…….and he gets paid handsomely for playing for the team he loves…….what we want is……..stay fit and do your professional job…………doing what you love and being paid by the team you love should be enough motivation…….

  9. KaTs

    Jack is the only player that still has the old Arsenal playing style. Never expose his mates when he pass the ball, is at right place and right time. You see Jack you wish Xhaka packs his bag tomorrow

  10. Vijay

    Someone who wants to play for the shirt…we have very of those…shame we sold wojciech…these 2 knew what a derby meant.

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