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January is make or break time for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal players know they are in a fight for a top four place in the champions league this season. Arsenal are currently sitting in fifth place, and the two Manchester clubs look like fighting it out for top spot. Arsenal are left fighting it out with Chelsea, Tottenham, Everton, West Brom, Liverpool and maybe even Stoke and Swansea for the next two qualifying places for the champions league.

With three important league games against Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool this month, Arsenal have a great chance to pick up points against teams around us. It also means that if we lose the games, we will lose vital ground on our direct rivals. We do not want to have too much ground to make up by the end of January.

Our next game is away to Swansea in the FA cup, and if we win that, then there is the fourth round matches near the end of the month. The FA cup represents the best chance for the Gunners to end the seven year trophy drought. If we go out of the cup, it will frustrate the fans and players and could have a bad effect on confidence.

Our French defender, Laurent Koscielny, has been talking about how important this month is for Arsenal. He knows that the team must be at it’s best in the weeks to come.

“It is very difficult, it is a race and I think there are five or six teams who can finish in the top four.

“Every game you (watch) the other scores, but if you don’t win your match then it is nothing to see these results. It is very important to get the three points every time and then look for the other scores.

“Every weekend is difficult, it is a little war. It is very important to fight together until the finish.

“Now we have a lot of very important games against teams who want to play in next season’s champions league so it is vital to stay focused on these matches and win.”

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94 thoughts on “January is make or break time for Arsenal

  1. gunner4life

    This will happen Chelsea will finish 3rd, Spurs will finish 4th then Arsenal will win the Champions league. Dropping Spurs into Europa.

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  2. Rob

    All fellow Arsenal fans….

    qpr have just proved, again, that anyone can beat anyone in the premier league. There is no such thing as an easy game, or an easy 3 points.

    All those fans that keep saying, the southampton game should have been an easy 3pts clearly no nothing about football.

    Any pts gained away from home are good points, its the home form that is disppointing.

    If we win our game in hand, we are still only 2 pts off fourth, and with walcott signing a new deal, and hopefully lopez/turan coming in, we’ll be able to push on.

    Let’s keep positive, get behind the team and manager, the end of the season is the time to call for a change, not now.


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  3. robkrieger

    Chelski – QPR 0 – 1 ha, ha, thats worse than our result gainst saints
    I predict:
    arsenal 3rd, Chelsea 4th, Tottenham 5th

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  4. Ardi

    We need winger more then anything else’s I hope we get Lopez or Turan from AM and Zaha and keep Walcott then anything else would be a bonus.
    Chamakh, Djour, sqolaqi, arshavin and gervinho out Ramsey on loan and came on you Arsenalllll

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  5. artillery1

    Time to build!

    Wake Up Wenger, Since CITY won title, every team spend money to make thier squad much strong!

    PL is changed now, every CLUB has strengthen itself!

    But look at US, when Shity Chelshit Manure Spuds all spend money to BECOME STRONG, what we did???
    Sold our Best players, n make profit….. 🙁

    We need Players, much deep squad n kick out all deadwoods!



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  6. gunner4life

    Oh, btw guys, Ryo might be in action in the FA cup this weekend. He is 80% fit. He has been out injured. Wigan haven’t been wasting him… Writers need to do some research before they write an article.

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  7. LoCkAy

    Ramsey is not a football player, is something else…!! I don’t even think he has Championship qualities. He has been tightened to a new contract, so we are stuck with the rubbish.

    Gervinho has passed the state of being next to a ball… I am giving him a compliment by saying he is a clown, well a retarded clown. He is obviously missing something in his brain.

    Before even thinking about bringing new players, the deluded one should start by getting rid off the trash accumulated over his luxurious period.

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  8. artillery1

    Its Hard to realize, But we are becoming average team year by year!

    1st we sold our Best players, But now WE ARE SELLING ARSENAL!

    TO LOOSE OR TO DRAW is never a point, every team can loose or draw But how to loose is question, last year When we Loose any match I asked GOD that Y we are not rewarded, we created Plenty of Chances but couldnt Convert it …. But now, cant see even a single chance created, no service to our strikers!
    now in end i cant even dare to tink That we DESERVE VICTORY but were unlucky!
    now I think, we were so bad n lucky to get draw, what a time had come!


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  9. Joe

    Walcotts staying which is a huge bonus for us. Look out for it in tommorow’s papers. 90K a week with a 4m signing on bonus, Arsenal will deffinitely announce it within the fortnight but most likely before the swansea game.

    We also have another midweek game against west ham which is our game in hand this month which will add more pressure to pick up points.

    Massive game’s for us we need to pick up the points against chelsea and liverpool especially winning these games can get us so much closer to the people above us

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  10. dboy

    @Rob I hear where you coming from. But we have heard this too many times before. Yes Chelsea lost today but they are still ahead of us and so is Tottenham and even if we win our game inhand we still lag behind.That means we even stand to lose our famous Trophy 4th.Nothing will change if we accept and sympathise with these type of performances. So if the team plays well we let them know and if they play crap we let them know. LOVE ARSENAL HATE KROENKE & CO.

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  11. Arson Winger

    I guess it’s break then. I see no fire, no passion in this team. No matter how many “special” players we add, it’s gonna be tough to right the ship (or is it sheep?). You heard it here first, no champions league next year. If not next year, then not for some years to come. We are future liverpool. Pains me to say it but I think my sanity and my health will thank me if I have low expectation. Don’t mean I won’t be rooting for, though.

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  12. artillery1

    Believe me, no buys!

    Wenger is looking For Exceptional player as he think he had EXCEPTIONAL squad!

    We all know Wenger!

    NO STRIKER, as Walcot is enough to make excuse!

    No DMF, as COQUELIN N FRIMPONG are there, enough to make another excuse!

    Winger??? RAMSEY N GERVINHO …..

    After Window, WENGER: we have big squad we have to respect quantity of our Squad, i didnt find any exceptional player who has qualities of GERVINHO OR SANTOS OR CHAMAKH!

    But what ever, we will make 4th spot again!

    Diaby will be Back, Gervinho out for ACN n for Ramsey, SHAWCROSS plz!

    Diaby arival will Bench ARTETA, Jack n CAzorla to Create, Walcot to finish!

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  13. Always_A_Gunner

    First we should sign wolcot then sell Chamakh, Djourou, squillaci, arshavin and gervinho. after this we have to sign Holtby(or good playmaker maybe sneijder or kaka) because i think cazorla is not a playmaker he can benefit more from playing on the wing. And last it will be perfect if we sign Fellaini/Diame/Mvila one from these players.

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  14. Nick

    Chelsea just lost to QPR. The points are always there for us to pick up but we’ve got to win! we have to win all our home games and most of our away games.

    We need to make a few signings for sure but I truly believe our season rests on Jan results.

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  15. Dan

    These next 2 months could finish Wenger. Usually we start losing our legs around early April, but this time we’ve barely reached new year, which is the sign of an average club.

    If anyone else watched the Everton vs Newcastle game you’ll will have seen what proper attacking football looks like in the first half. Everton were going FORWARD with PACE rather than going SIDEWAYS at a SLOW tempo.

    A player like Theo Walcott joining our top earners at the club in salary just puts the cherry on top of our mediocrity.

    The best thing we could do is get rid of all the average, greedy players who think they can take club for a ride (yes, Walcott) and start again from scratch. Pep won’t want to manage a team that finishes 5th or 6th in the table and hasn’t won a trophy in ages.

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  16. Greg

    January is indeed a crucial month for the gunners!we have some very important fixtures coming up Swansea(fa cup) and man city.Chelsea Liverpool in the league all these games are crucial being that 9points are at stake so we got to be focus and motivated.we have to show hunger and fight gunners if we wanna come away victorious in these make or break games!

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  17. IJM

    anyone else here think fergi and RVP are lovers!?? I can’t read anything on united these days that doesn’t have Ferguson making word-love to him. He obviously left us to be with his Truelove fergi. Rooney is the jealous ex now. I’m sure Rooney hates the attention and praise rvp is getting. So lets sign the jealous ex!!!

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  18. joer22

    Lay off Ramsey at least he tries, and he has visibly improved over last fee games

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  19. Philthompsonsnose

    Truly a one off result from Chelsea don’t u think? Not seen the game and how Chelsea played but WE don’t have one off games! Our performances in general are severely below par and its a worrying trend!
    Are giroud and gervinho who have a combined fee of £25m worth more than RVP?
    Podolski and cazorla £25m worth more than Mata and Cahill?
    Point being that if we had spent on quality and bought like for like instead of quantity buying average we might be in a strong position??
    I hope AW doesn’t leave the signings until the last minute again because our next 3 pl games, are in my opinion pivotal to our whole season.. Liverpool are on a run, city chasing the title, Chelsea chasing 2nd, 3rd ?? Us on the other hand are chasing 6th! 5th!4th?
    Come on AW you really owe us a quality player or 2

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  20. Twig

    Is Luiz Suarez the best player in the EPL?
    Yes (Thumbs Up)
    No (Thumbs Down)

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  21. Fish

    @Dan are you forgetting that we scored 7 past newcastle?? Everton only scored 2.

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  22. landmind111

    Wenger should of Never Declared 4th as a “Trophy” we probably won’t win it now!!! Hehehehe

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  23. artillery1

    RAMSEY is good AMF, not winger not cmf not holding midfielder!

    WENGER desrtoyed him by doing is experiments to try him on WING than deep midfielder n than giving him plenty of chances to start games!

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  24. Bob Dylan

    Alex song and luka modric voted worst signings of the summer, what about kagawa lol, modric was always crap, and alex song we made him look good

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  25. sKeeza

    ARDA TuRAN will NOT be leaving athletico Madrid this window!
    This was earlier confirmed by AM director of football!

    Demba ba talks Have NOT broken down and will sign for Chelsea!

    Some people on here chat pure shit! Pretending they have a heads up from inside!
    STOP quoting other blogs and bringing it in here, and kids when something happens arsenal or sky will let you know first !

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  26. artillery1

    Haaa, IF SONG was here, DIABY n SONG, a beautiful mid-field, Song was Just Close to FABREFAS!
    DIABY , VIEARA said he vl better than me!

    JACK, WE all Know!

    Cazorla, a class signing!



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  27. robbie

    January matches are important we do need that 9points but I would like to add its transfer window we need mvila and decent left back maybe striker too! DON’T LET MVILA GO TO ANY OTHER TEAM THAN ARSENAL! Trust

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  28. Carl

    Squillaci: “Perhaps I will leave in January, Perhaps It will be in June. He admits he’s speaking to a few French clubs.”
    Squillaci: “Marseille, Monaco, Nice, Bastia or Ajaccio are clubs that speak to me. I am 32. I have 2 or 3 good season left in me”
    Sebastian Squillaci confirms he will be leaving Arsenal in an interview with Var Matin.

    THANK GOD !!! 🙂

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  29. dboy

    @Fish. Now we are being compared to Everton. What happened to the days when we were compared to Man UTD? Oh I forgot. We are mediocre now!! Amazing how some people are totally deluded of reality. Dude we are not progressing we are regressing!!! Please stop this it beyond foolish now. We are the laughing stock plus we have Mr Bean for a manager. Come on gunners please aspire for new hights not all time lows.

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  30. Carl

    Johan Djourou to join Hannover for £1.6m

    Too bad he is gone for little 1.6 m pounds, but good he is close to join another club 🙂

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  31. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Has not our history in the last 10 years tell you that we can hope all we like, we’ll only get cheap, French imports at low transfer fees. However, Arsene will put them on massive personal terms and when we and Arsene realise that they’re shit, we’ll have to keep them at the club until their 3 – 4 year contract expires. Message For All Gooners – Do not get excited, or at the end of the transfer window, you’ll be depressed again….

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  32. landi

    QPR beat chelsea away with 0-1. LOL
    We got 1-1 away against southampton the day after NEW YEARS.
    I bet they all couldt sleep and partied hard, sure its not an excuase but its not worser than chelsea. keep yo head up, arsenal will rise and cl spot is for sure to next season.

    I heard something about that walcott has sign the thing and will be annoced soon, and m’vila to be our first signing.

    I hope that he will follow up with luke shaw and zaha, and wenger please turn this season around we still got the chans to win the FA CUP and beat bayern, get the 4 or the 3rd spot !

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  33. Al Bundy Weed

    I swear transfer has become like Christmas Eve for me the last few years, Waiting for Santa Claus to come up with surprises waiting for mr wenger buy Messi The best central striker on this planet I think of all the times maybe maradona,Haha it’s just dream but you never know swer mr wenger is rich,
    I swear that in all honesty I think I have three awesome players to mr wenger What I think and know they will be real real bargain for mr wenger
    1 is Leighton Baines´left back good movement very good speed with good shots,Mr wenger can get losse him for £10m mor or fewer we don´t no but If he tries swer he will get him,
    2 Adel Taarabt,Wow what a great player he is,I swear trying not to overdo it too much but mr wenger kannse tjåkar
    his movement is the son of Andres Iniesta,He wants to leave QPR for bigger club,I swear for me you can not find better and bigger club than Arsenal,mr wenger if he tries he can get him for no more than £ 10m is good business,I think he is very much better than Aaron Ramsey as a substitute.
    3 centralstraiker maybe huntelar swer all 3 for £25m he can get them,

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  34. craig2500

    1.Man Utd have lost 3 games
    2.Man City have lost 2 games
    3.Spurs have lost 6 games
    4.Chelsea have lost 4 games
    5.Everton have lost 3 games
    6.Arsenal have lost 4 games
    As you can see its not as if we have lost more than the top clubs we just havent won as many and a run of winning games could have us move up the table but we HAVE to get results against Man City Chelsea and Liverpool.

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  35. mo 2

    All those who are going on abt chelsea losing as a feasible excuse for yday draw are complete fools. You want to know wat it proves that if you don’t play ur best players i.e mata,hazard you don’t win simple as. The crap overrated lampard is being over pumped most English players do. Arsenal for Europa keep Thursdays free nxt season ppl,LOL

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  36. Doc

    When is Gnabry, Eisfield and particularly Rosicky not getting more footbal.

    Carzola seems tired why is Rosicky not his natural cover more often and rest him for more impact.

    Eisfield played recently and starred in midfield but we haven’t seen him since surely if a player plays well he is promoted to the bench at least. This kids clas.

    Finally why is Jenkins not getting more football he lost his place for no particular reason when Bacary came back.

    Seems to me there is bit of player politics at Arsenal like putting certain players on the window hoping for a return to form or a sale or trying to keep them sweet to get contracts signed.

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  37. dboy

    @Graig2500. Just proves that a draw can be just as good as a loss. After all the stats prove that the more games you draw the more points you lose. Remember we drop two points for every game we draw. That is why we need a winning mentality. That iS why Man U and Man city cannot afford to draw games there is just too much at stake. Please note that two points can be the difference between winning the league or not or even a fourth place trophy. Please gunners wake up!!

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  38. gunners11

    people lets get real, we are 17 points away from the top. chelsea lost vs qpr, it was bad for them too. chelsea rested mata, hazard and other key players at list 5 players were rested and used 2nd keeper.
    we played our strongest side and were outplayed by Southampton.I am not criticizing but if you want to compute with the best, you have to play like a champion. looka at united they win all games and lost 3 and draw 1, and us lost 4 and draw 7. united won 17 and we won 9. see the deference, this team is far from good, we are struggling because, we can’t rotate the squad.
    we need new players that are good enough to challenge our xi 11 for place.

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  39. robbie

    Mvila mvila mvila mvila mvila for when we on attack and then the ball goes are end it won’t most likely be a goal coz he will be there to stop and apply an accurate pass for another one of our attacks!

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  40. mo 2

    Lol, Zaha bye bye, united are in for him and let’s see who he goes to then. Arsenal ain’t going to buy anyone

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  41. Ru

    new right back, new left back.
    defensive midfielder
    star striker, as we can’t depend on Walcott to consistently perform!
    Then we can be the best team in the premier league

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  42. Young gun

    I am not bullshi77ing and this has been menti oned but I am 100 percentage confident in saying that arsenal will have Lopez in at the latest before man city game and m Villa is on his way out with arsene trundling his interest for a cheaper 12 mill which he wont turn a offer too good to refuse so yh these will hapenwatch!

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  43. Crespo

    sell rubbish players and give chance to rosicky,arshavin and eisfeld instead of gervinho and ramsey

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  44. Hafiz Rahman

    buy this buy that and Arsenal will have a brand new squad again

    All new boys and cant coordinate and you folks think the new boys will automatically win games??

    this only happen in Fifa 2013!

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  45. Hafiz Rahman

    What Arsenal need is a Very Experienced and tough DM

    Some one like Essien or etc….not Mvila or Capoue both are young and inexperience

    Arsenal already have inexperienced DM like Coquelin and Frimpong

    An experienced DM and Zaha (optional) would be sufficient…or recall Campbell and ryo

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  46. nir

    hopefully we can get mvila and keep walcott. maybe sign adrian lopez.i dont expect more from wenger with the board we have.

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  47. saras


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  48. S.H


    Where have you been mate? Happy New Year to you and your family! I’ve just come back from holidays myself. We need you for treatment of the FIFA 13 disease. Some of these fans need to wake up to the real picture!

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  49. bob

    Deal is done….Ba has signed for Chelsea….next to sign for them, Walcott.

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  50. henry

    szeny (new gk ) i prefer mignolet
    Sagna ( jenkinson) kons ( per ) tv5 ( miguel) gibbs ( nee lb)
    Arteta ( mvilla )
    wilshere ( ramsey or arteta if we get mvilla ) cazorla ( rosicky)
    podolski ( Ox )
    walcott ( new striker ) giroud ( podolski or gervinho)

    promote : miyachi,gnabry,estifld.

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  51. syed

    Even if Walcott signs a new contract, he’ll be gone within 2 seasons. A contract doesnt mean a player will stay. It just means the club will receive money for the transfer. Look at song. He had 3 years left.

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  52. Mike Gooner

    Why the f*ck do we need Essien? In a year we will have problems removing him from the wage bill. We need M’Vila….

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  53. Big Gun

    Chelsea lost. What a shame. Need I remind people they won the CL last year. They won the league in 04/05, 05/06, 09/10. They won the F.A Cup in 2007,2009, 2010, 2012.

    What the f have Arsenal won in the last 7 years? So before we go comparing ourselves to them, we need to realize they have been winning stuff and we haven’t. They are still ahead of us in the league and have a far better squad than us.

    We will be lucky to make top 4. People are saying now is the time to start winning games. What, lose to teams like Swansea, Norwich, Soton etc and then decide its time to win and beat teams like City, Liverpool etc? No logic there. The weaker teams are the teams we should bury, and then settle for a draw against the tougher opponents. But now, because of our inconsistency, lack of squad quality and depth, lack of tactics and absolutely no fight in our team, we have no choice but to try and get a win from the top teams. If we do not make top 4 this season, Wenger should pack his bags. No more excuses. We need a new no nonsense manager whose attitude rubs off on the team. Our guys are powder puff because so is Wenger!

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  54. henrychan

    For all Wenger hater.. What will you choose..??
    (thumbs up) for Arsenal in top 4 and Wenger stay..
    (thumbs down) for Arsenal out of the top 4 and Wenger out..

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  55. gonnerboy4life

    1: Leighton Baines (LB) or a tough tackling LB.

    2. Yann M’vila (Def Mid) or Etienne Capoue.

    3. ISCO (AM) Attacking Mid who can create chances and score.

    4. Adrian Lopez (Striker) A striker who is pacey and good with both feet.

    Szeczny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelan, Baines, M’Vila, Cazorla, Wilshere, Arteta, ISCO, Walcott/Podolski/Giroud/Adrian.


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  56. snakeoil

    @artillery1 I would agree that Wenger did Ramses no favors by starting him all over the field and putting pressure on him.

    That said, Ramses poor performances did not just suddenly start this year. He has been terrible since early last season and Wenger knows it. He benched him in Feb last year and Arsenal won 7 in a row with Rosicky.

    Most of all – Do we really need players that are so fickle, sensitive or volatile that we have to coddle them and figure out what THEIR needs are?

    No. Arsenal does not exist so that struggling players can ruin games for 3 years while trying to figure out what one little love child requires to become confident and whole. This is not a psychiatrists office. Players exist to help the team. Not the other way round.

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  57. GUN

    @Hafiz Rahman Don’t you have any arguent other than that bullshit Fifa 13 comments. You are making yourself look silly with such comments.
    Arsenal lack creativity and struggle in midfield when the opposition team defends with their 10 outfield players(Against stoke city, sunderland etc) and against those teams which press well(Swansea, Man utd etc). So we clearly need a quality playmaker. Remember when Fabregas was playing. We used to dominate the midfield.

    I am sure I needn’t stress the need of a Defensive midfielder.

    We don’t have a good back up left back atm. So we need one.

    If we are going for a striker option, it should be a quality one. We should not buy a Chamakh or Park chu young anymore

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  58. Maxigooner27

    Demba ba is off to Chelsea
    Hope we get Walcott to sign, sign Adrian Lopez, a defensive midfield boss (M’vila/Strootman) and maybe Adra Turan from Atletico Madrid.
    Turan has great skill and flair which is something Arsenal has been lacking lately. We need a player to really liven our play up

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  59. VonMich

    Demba Ba at Chelsea, it seems like a done deal, according caughtoffside. I’ve read also that AFC is still interested to sign M’Villa… wait and see

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  60. ripple

    @henrychan You ask a good question but I don not own a crystal ball so I can’t predict what Wenger will do. He is the key.

    What I do know is, fans around the world should have to go thru this nonsense each year – where Wenger experiments with proven poor performers week after week because they happen to be his favorites, or his love child, or his protege’s, or his experiments, or whatever.

    The coach should put the best team on the field each game that he is able. Will Wenger turn it around this season? I don’t know. It took Wenger til Feb last season to wake up and start selecting teams based on ability instead of favoritism and ego – and even then there was the luck of winning that last game vs. W. Brom Hopefully he will do it again? Cannot predict Wenger.

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  61. snakeoil

    @papercutz It is true that most transfer negotiations fail. If you based it simply on the odds you would have to reason that any one single deal probably won’t happen.

    However, one rejected bid is quite common in these deals. One side offers a bid, the other rejects, maybe a new bid is offered, the other side plays coy for a while, etc.

    Can’t necessarily know for a while yet.

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  62. G-Force

    @Big Gun

    These days one of the most hilarious things that the wengerites are mentioning in their defence for Ar$ene is that Arsenal finished ahead of Chelsea’s expensive squad in the Premier League.

    What they fail to realize is that in spite of the fact that Chelsea finished below Arsenal (which I wholeheartedly acknowledge), they not only managed to qualify for the Champions League BUT ALSO win the Champions League trophy itself!!! Arsenal on the other hand – just qualified.

    Oh the irony of it all…

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  63. ripple

    I see that most comments revolve around attacking players and a DM.

    I am more concerned about defensive help. Djourou is leaving it seems, Sagna looks shakey, and Gibbs often neglects defensive focus and has no qualified direct backup unless Meade is suddenly ready.

    Last season we had all 4 fullbacks and a center back injured at the same time. This year even half that would be a disaster.

    Also, last season, even with RVP, AFC struggled early in the season because of the lack of defensive depth.

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  64. ripple

    @henry I noticed you were clever enough to notice Arsenal need a LB for depth there – and most of your starter and backup selections make sense.

    But please, never ever again mention Ramsey as a qualified backup for any top level team. That is either wishful thinking or psychotic denial.

    When was the last time Ramsey actually helped the team more than hurt it? Assists? Goals? A nice FORWARD pass?

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  65. GUN

    Agree with you. Ramsey is a good lad. But as a player he is not good enough for any top premier league team

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  66. Happy gunner

    Get Wanyama 4 10m, and Villa or Stefan Jovetic for 15m.
    and loan Ramsay to wigan,where he will suit his style.

    Arshavin,Djouru,Chamakh,Squilasi,Bedtner(WTF R THEY DOING THERE)?????

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  67. Somtee

    As much as I like Gibbs more than Santos,he makes wrong decision making and wrong positioning check out our last 3 games but don’t get me wrong I prefer him than Santos,I think we should get a starting left back someone older than Gibbs e.g Baines who will guide him through just as Henry is doing to Walcott so that when Baines is approaching his retiring age Gibbs will be in his prime

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  68. azi

    hopefully we buy strootman/m’vila,adrian, luke shaw and I would like to see Ricardo Queresma at Arsenal because he is a free agent and is much better than gervinho, if he could find form he could be amazing because he is a handful

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  69. Huy liem from vietnam

    We are so sad now with the kind of performance against Saint , we so lucky not to be defeated. Now, how to transit all our thought and requests to Wenger? Any one can help me? I am from vietnam and i have no chance to meet wenger. I respect him but hate him so much. Why he can make our Arsenal average like this? I dream of our past team!

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  70. Pan

    @Big gun i agree exactly what you are saying wenger has become a football administrator not a football manager

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  71. r1j021d98o5w

    I would love to see a Left Winger (with a left foot..!) and move Podolski central. With Walcott signing (hopefully) and giroud I think we have enough options as striker. We’re lacking the creativity down the wings. and, I hate to say, another central midfielder. As much as I love Diaby, his injury situation (slow recovery rate of the muscle fibres) means we cannot rely on him to be consistently fit. And as we all know we need a LB, someone to challenge Santos for first place…. I joke!

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  72. davidrusa

    This is what will determine Arsenal’s season! It is better to meet all the big teams at once so that you can then plan how to recover lost ground on small teams. If somehow Arsenal don’t suffer defeats this might be a turning point which can bring new confidence to the team. Either way I think it’s good for Arsenal to meet these teams in a row. If you win some and lose others it’s ok; if you draw it’s still fine because it gives you confidence. The important thing is that there will still be time to make amends and stage a come back unlike later on in the season. My gut feeling is that Arsenal will win some of these games, if not all of them. And why not? We meet Man city at home where we normally beat them, we beat Liverpool at their home and several times we have beaten Chelsea at their home! The one thing I know about Arsenal is rising up to the big occasion and I expect the same to happen. Perhaps the Southampton game was a blessing in disguise because it has awakened our players to the realities of EPL. May I re-emphasise that our team is not really poor but just sometimes switch off. Normally in big games our team becomes very alert. Remember on average we have a better squad than last season. All is not doom and gloom.

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  73. Brian Passmore

    Arsenal’s weakness is a defensive mid fielder so the majority of supporters say. Maybe this player is under our nose in Koscielny- comfortable in going forward, one of the few who can tackle and can pass a ball with high efficiency.
    This would allow Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta & Rosicky to alternate in the attacking two midfield role and prevent the tiredness which is beginning to show. When are we going to see Jenkinson in place of Sagna whose performances this season have been well below par

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  74. Neil

    The Southampton game on its own is just a blip, every team gets them. In fact Man Utd were fortunate not to lose to them earlier in the season.

    What frustrates more is the gradual decline over the last 7 or 8 years and whilst we didn’t have big money to spend there were bargains to be had. We lacked a top quality keeper after Lehmann left, yet Friedel and Given were both available at money we could afford. We passed up the opportunity to bring Alonso to the club. We’ve lacked a commanding presence at the back since Sol went, but again didn’t bring in Samba or Cahill.

    None of these would have broken the bank and I am convinced we would have won trophies which may have persuaded RVP, Cesc and Nasri to stay.

    Now the job of rebuilding is so much harder.

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  75. Big Gun

    @Snakeoil FINALLY someone who sees it for what it is. Arsenal is a professional football club, not a charity case. These players who cannot get over their injuries and are liabilities to us, quite simply need to find another club. Yes we feel sorry for these players, but end of the day they are bringing the level of quality down. I have always said it, Ramsey will never become a great footballer. Some people can just see it, others cannot, like Wenger. This is why there are other managers better suited for his job. Would someone like Ferguson, Mourinhio, Pepe etc have players like Ramsey, Squid, Djoure, Santos in their squad? Hell no. Wenger went out and bought them. A waste of money, instead of buying Gervinho, Santos, that money combined could have got us Hazard or Mata. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY WENGER. When will you learn. You give Djoure a contract extension, he hasn’t started this season and now he’s leaving? No logic whatsoever.

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