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January transfer to make Alexis Sanchez sparkle for Arsenal?

It could be an interesting few months for Arsenal and maybe even more so for our Chile international Alexis Sanchez. The striker is said to be not too pleased with the fact that he did not get the transfer away from Arsenal that he wanted, especially if the move to Man City was as close to being done on transfer deadline day as some Arsenal transfer rumours have suggested.

The next chance that the Chilean will have to get the move he wants is the winter transfer window in January but with him being available on a free transfer just a few months later, the chances of him going in january are greatly reduced.

So if Sanchez really is desperate to join Man City then he needs to show Pep Guardiola just how good he is over the coming weeks and months and that could be good for Arsenal. It is a bit of a strange one, to be honest, because if Alexis plays as well as we know he can it may just help to inspire Arsenal and see us challenge for the Premier League title and if that is the case I cannot see Arsene Wenger selling.

If we do not look like challenging for the EPL trophy by that time but Man City are, it could mean that Guardiola tries his best to get our forward and then it all depends on finance, where the Gunners stand in the league table, who we might be able to sign to replace him and various other factors.

For now though, Wenger must convince Alexis Sanchez that the best thing he can do is to play out of his skin for Arsenal. Let’s hope it works…


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23 thoughts on “January transfer to make Alexis Sanchez sparkle for Arsenal?

  1. Muff d

    He’s not gonna pull a tevez
    Nor does he need to show anyone anything. Everyone knows he’s a monster of a player

    He does not believe in the project or the club like ox ozil an others an I suspect it will show
    He will still pull magic but 100 percent cos he’s from tocopilla etc. No

    1. Ivan

      I totally agree. He will not be trying extra hard to get in the shop window; it is just in his nature to try hard which is why we like him.
      And like you say he seems to have lost faith in Arsenal being a club that can help him win trophies so he will be gone at the earliest opportunity. Again as you say Ozil is likely the same as although he is not a obvious his failure to accept a new contract speaks volumes.

        1. Ivan

          Against Chile he was in the wrong frame of mind as the move he had wanted to happen was turned down.
          The same could happen with us although I hope not. He is in a very strong position though as in 5 months time he can and probably will, sign a pre-contract with another club and he will have a lot of offers no matter how he has played for us. My guess is though that his competitive nature will see him give his best.

            1. JJPawn

              If sits on his fanny and gets fatter, he will not get as much interest. However, if bangs in 10 goals and provides 5 assists, or something like that, it will be business as usual.

              That he cannot perform at his best for his country shows a weakness. Also, there are younger players who are faster and more hungry than he is…

              Sanchez is not a god.

  2. fredupGooner

    Form is temporary but class is permanent…the man doesn’t have to prove or show anything to anyone! End of the day Wenger screwed up for the umpteenth time and he deserves whats coming to him.

  3. JJPawn

    Wenger will look to cash in on Sanchez in January. If the current trend of losses continue.

    However, Wenger can also offer Sanchez 350K-400K/week for two more years, if Arsenal are closer to the top team in the EPL in the standings.

    Wenger needs two younger wingers. One may come from the junior side, and another from the outside. He will need midfielder with a defensive mind-set.

    That will keep Arsenal in the top four. Arsenal cannot win the EPL with the current spending pattern.

      1. JJPawn


        I love this team. I do not hate Wenger. I see the problems with money. It break my heart that we do not have money to compete.

        One way we can compete is if we make home games the best for the home team in the EPL.

        That would give Wenger the option to go away to a Liverpool and play not to lose, and hit back on the counter.

        1. Ivan

          I love this team too and you are right we do need to spend some serious money to compete and that seems unlikely given Gadzidis recent comments.
          Again I agree that a positive atmosphere would help the team too. Where we differ is that I think Wenger is no longer capable of managing at the top level. I don’t hate him as a person as ultimately I think he is a decent guy but I do think over a long time his errors in team selection, tactics as shown in the first 3 games of this season and his inability to motivate lead me to the conclusion that no matter what team he was given they would not do as well as if another manager was in charge.
          So I really wish he would leave under his own volition but I fear that he will not go voluntarily and will still be our manager in another 20 years no matter how much we decline unless something is done.

  4. ruelando

    I had hoped he would be long gone from arsenal, with ox and ozil with new replacements in place, with them still being here any loss by arsenal will be met with storms of negativity, which often affects arsenal performances.


    Arsene Wenger admits contemplating leaving Arsenal “for personal reasons” before signing two-year deal. SHOULDA, SHOULDA, SHOULDA.

  6. Jib

    Wenger has gambled on the future of this club. Got lucky with getting a decent price for the ox. But at the end of the day he doesn’t want to see a 100 pounds plus of talent leave for free, no manager would. The only way we could justify letting them go is if we won the league, top four is not good enough.
    So far this gamble is not paying off and I can say with 100% certainty that this will blow up in his face. He said he’s going back in for lemar, and he’s gambling on being able sell sanchez in january to achieve that. There’s no way we can magic up another 92mil from thin air.
    For a man that prides himself on sensible and responsible spending, he is taking f**kin*stupid risks and making plans to raise money in a situation he has zero control over.
    Strong and stable leadership?

  7. JJPawn

    “Got lucky with getting a decent price for the ox.”

    Not really. Wenger knows the big teams need token British players. He knows this more than anyone else, as he was the master of using the foreign players. Ox is a token player at a big club and Wenger built him up in the first two games. Could have got more money had Arsenal played better with Ox stopping one of those goals that he allowed…

    I hope we can get some more cash for Ramsay. Wenger will likely sign Jack to a longer deal, and then sell him.

  8. tony Man

    This will fester on and on till we get rid of the real problem WENGER hes the cause of our demise why does the board still support him he must have big friends on the board any other manager would have been sacked years ago but not Wenger does he run the club or what?????
    And Ozil the useless German hes the worst player on the field no commitment, and along with a few others he should be sold we have the money , months ago it was said we had in excess of 160 million to spend where did that go we only spent 50 m.

  9. tony Man

    Ive been supporting Arsenal for 65 years to say im dissapointed , well words fail me
    Why did we let the window slip by and not do the business in the begining get in quick and get our players signed and out as well but NO we buggered about with the DREAMER for 6 weeks dithering with expensive so called talent and what we get another Frenchman , soon we will be able to say we have the whole french international team here The way to go is to boycott the home games and make it known the fans run the club not the useless manager or the lackluster board who dont know who plays for us and are not interested in football per say just the money Buy Kroenke out and let him go as well

  10. Okoro E Alaebi

    So funny I can’t imagine am reading this but I am the life of a club hags on a thread depending if a player plays well or not. Well I guess many knows the saga that happened between Gallas and Chelsea let’s all hope it does not happen here cause if it does, we sure do not have anyone to blame. Arsenal ain’t winning the league soon so those dreaming do have a long night on their hands. Any player who has dreams and aspirations will sure want to leave Arsenal under this management. No one saw it coming but it did happen with all Barcelona had going for them, Neymar left. M not trying to be negative, Arsenal has lost it for quite some time it’s now to right our wrong if not we all will continue in this misery well I beg to draw the curtain.

  11. Nothing changed

    Sanchez would be a fool to risk injury this season. Not having a contract for next season could mean injury could cost him dearly. His agent will have warned him. Don’t expect the same Sanchez as we are used to. He might play decent particularly at first but he will not die for the team any longer IMO.

  12. big g

    Alexis does not need to prove anything to anyone though I cannot say i’m not dissapointed with his performance thus far and if he continues to not want to play for us then leave him out of the team altogether to rot or make him play for the researves, he is the one who doesn’t want to play ball for the club which means he is not fulfilling his contract so until he leaves or changes his attitude towards helping Arsenal we should not pay him.
    It won’t happen but it’s what i’d do.

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