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Jenkinson to sign new Arsenal contract- Anyone else?

Carl Jenkinson is an Arsenal fan, you could see the genuine despair on his face yesterday when Mikel Arteta’s penalty was saved by Fulham keeper Mark Schwarzer, denying Arsenal all three points in a topsy turvy game. He comes from a family of Gooners, so they will be delighted when he signs a new deal with Arsenal in the next week or two.

It will be the latest high in a season which is going well for the young right back, if not for the club. The injury to Bacary Sagna gave Jenkinson an extended run in the first team, and he has now proved to Wenger and the fans that he is up to the task. So much so, that he has earned his first call up to the England national squad. There is a good chance that he will make his first appearance on Wednesday in the friendly against Sweden.

Former Arsenal right back Lee Dixon and current first choice Bacary Sagna have been full of praise for Jenkinson, and have backed him to have a great future. According to the Mirror, Arsenal have the contract ready to make sure that his future is at Arsenal, with a new salary of £30,000 per week.

Now all we need to do is get Sagna and Walcott to sign a new contract. Theo will probably not travel with the England squad this week, due to a pain in the arse (not the proper medical term) and Arsenal are ready to sit down with the winger/striker and resolve the issues over his new contract.

Sagna is the next priority, contract wise. Arsenal do not want players getting in to the last two years of their deals, and the Frenchman’s runs out at the end of next season. Sagna wants a pay rise from his current £60,000 a week, apparently, and Inter Milan are taking a keen interest in the outcome. The Italians have been keen on him for years, and are hoping that Arsenal fail to tie him down.

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32 thoughts on “Jenkinson to sign new Arsenal contract- Anyone else?

  1. Craig Taylor

    Sagna is very consistent and deserves his pay rise. Wenger needs to sort out everyones contracts and buy some players. A striker maybe, a change of formation a 4312 or a 442 would be awesome, and a winger like navas or Farfan. That would be around 30m and we can sell deadwood. Come on Wenger… Play Pod and Walcott in their position!

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  2. Musty

    Yes, definatley get Sagna a new deal! One of the best RB in the league! And Walcott, JUST SIGN THE FUCKING THING!!!

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  3. Dan

    Jenkinson could be great. But I think we need Sagna for another 2 or 3 seasons to show him how to be top quality, especially with all the crap we’re going through at the moment. You can’t throw another 20 year old kid in the deep end, Wenger’s lucky that Wilshere’s got the maturity to deal with it.

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  4. Always a gooner

    kronke , hillwood and gazidis out ……usmanov , dein in …….contract problems solved and decent transfer budget for Wenger ….

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  5. No more excuses

    So jenks will be on just over half of what schillaci is on ? Funny how we are good at holding onto players with a salary of 50k or less . If I was Carl i’d be insulted ! Then our top players in the 70-90k category get to let theyr contracts run down so the board can say “we tried to keep him” and muppets on here turn on the player instead of the real culprits stan , gazidas , hillwood etc . Total , complete and utter f*ckin DISGRACE !

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  6. tiger

    sack wenger and we’re gonna be a new liverpool. i think wenger’s hands are tied. we need the new boards,dein, usmanov…

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  7. clarks

    I really don’t know what to say anymore. We won’t sign Farfan, or Navas, or Cavani, or Falcao. Llorente is a small possibility and so to is Taraabt. I’m not saying i know better than Wenger, but in my opinion our formation is wrong, we continue to allow contracts to get rediculously short, we offer low wages to our top players while ‘deadwood’ pick up 40 or 50 grand to do nothing.
    I love Arsenal, i always have. Butif things don’t change, when Wenger retires or leaves, we won’t be able to get another world class manager to take the helm because all that will left is average players.
    It’s heartbreaking.

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  8. Braaf

    So glad he is staying cos he is a wonderful talent. But our squad is short of a couple players. Left back, Def mid (M’villa), Centre back and another striker. Make it happen Wenger.

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  9. leo

    @clarks llorente has already agreed to move to juve he will be earning 5m a year acc to basque so that leaves us with huntelaar the only cheap option or some unknown player

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  10. leo

    on the cavani rumors media reports say that arsena chief scout steve rowley was present at that match where cavani scored 4 goals in a match the question is ,is it really cavani & not some 18 year dubbed the next cavani or someone else because we all know the stingy board will never spend 30m+ on 1 player secondle a playeer like cavani does not need to be scouted we all know what he is like or just watch him on tv

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  11. jk

    This club has lost its values which used to be about the fans. I used to be able to fly from dublin to see the gunners 4 times a year when they had the best team in premier league history, now because of price hikes i can only get over twice a year to see an average side??? Its time for the fans to reclaim our club! Jenks is the type of player we need who would run through a wall for the team

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  12. leo

    peter hill wood at the end of the agm meeting i thank you for your interest in our affairs so disrespectfull no he should than us for paying huge amount of money to watch crap performance week in & week out we are make their already fat bank accounts even more fat

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  13. jk

    the club needs to convince sagna he is in the right place and i doubt they will they cudnt convince rvp,nasri,clichy,adebayor,hleb and fabregas!

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  14. leo

    wenger must sign soldado he is a typical false 9 & can score great goals cavani is good but soldado in my opinion is much better & cheaper around 20-25m + fellaini

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  15. clarks

    cheers fella, didn’t know he’d agreed a move to Juve. We need to sign some players that will improve our team now, not in 2 or 3 years time. My personal picks would be Vorm, Baines or Fellaini because Everton couldn’t afford to lose both, Holtby, Remy and Shawcross. Players who would provide real depth to our squad and really give us some more options.

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  16. lmyyyks

    Sagna deserves at least a 90k, in my opinion, considering the contribution he’s given to Arsenal.

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  17. Kay123

    Any other team would want a rich owner, but not arsenal. They say it will ruin football, don’t they understand that it will ruin the club

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  18. The Truth

    Sorry, but we only signed Jenkinson last season and after a few pretty good games, he’s going to be offered a new deal? I remember the same thing happened with Denilson, Diaby and co… they come in, have a few decent games, get a brand new contract and then injuries and/or a run of bad form leaves us stuck with yet more deadwood.

    It’s purely reactionary to give Jenkinson a new contract now and because he happens to be a Gooner too. I’d say the Walcott and Sagna contracts are much, much more important to sort out first!!!

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  19. dave

    Honestly, there is nothing for them to stay anymore other than players being a gunners fan or wanting to play the beautiful game. Trophies are guaranteed elsewhere with other clubs and salaries are guaranteed higher in other clubs. I do not blame the players if they were to leave the club. Supporters/fans are being exploited; most expensive tickets in the whole of EPL; lies of signing quality player but nothing/signs someone and let the other go. What more is there? I really really hope that something will change. Back then any team would have some fear of playing Arsenal. Right now… You know deep down. Why do we have to fear when we play the other top teams when we were the ones gunning them now in the past?

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  20. Andy

    People won’t notice this because Sagna doesn’t have an ex above his name like Santos but he actually hasn’t been that good since he returned he was good against Qpr good against Manu but poor at Schalke Infact his poor positioning cost us the second goal and he wasn’t that good yesterday either, he was making little mistakes at the start of last season before his injury.

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  21. Roughchops

    New deal for Theo. You say Arsenal will sit down with Theo to discuss a new contract.,with his latest injury I reckon Theo will be standing.

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  22. Ed


    I have said this on more than one board, they don’t listen and they don’t care what we say, they piss down our backs and tell us it is raining. If we continue to be scammed by this board and don’t make our voices heard when will it ever change???

    I know it is often said that we should stop spending money to boost share values, well we really should.
    Boycott a game entirely, leave the stands empty, it is the only weapon we as fans have and we should use it!
    Forums, online posts, petitions and the footballing community laughing at us make no difference to this board.

    The resounding sound of silence in an empty stadium might make them take notice but I doubt it.

    The drop in share prices caused by the worldwide news coverage that such an event would receive would have them spitting up their champagne and reaching for the phone…

    Our joint responsibility is more than supporting Arsenal, in this situation we need to man up and step up to make something happen to save the club from mediocrity.

    Are you a real Arsenal fan prepared to do something for the club or are you just gonna continue bitching and procrastinating?

    If you can grow some balls then let’s choose a date and BOYCOTT!

    I doubt there will be enough consensus to make it happen but I would like to put a date forward; Sat 24th November.

    Let’s get together and make something happen.
    Go now and re-post this and that date for a boycott, let’s see if this has legs, let’s see if you are real Arsenal fans, let’s work together to make our voice deafening by our silence and save our club.

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  23. arshavin

    Wenger is just as rubbish as the board,if anyone on the board has to go,he has to take Wenger with him.

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  24. max power

    JENKINSON NOT GOOD ENOUGH that what,s wrong with with Arsenal they have a lot of players not good enough. This I because Mr Wenger and the Arsenal board buy Cheap.If we had quality players instead of middle of the road players we would be able to compete.

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  25. Pete

    Wonderful news, now we know the Jenkinson doesn’t care about trophies either.

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  26. dan

    please do not listen to leo he gave us all the spill who we were signing in the summer and not one came true he knows jack shit just reads whats on the website and repeats it he has no inside info just seeks attention the poor kid!!

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  27. Hafiz Rahman

    If Jenkinson spends lengthy spells on the bench…do not expect him to perform like he did at the start of the season…

    hes HUMAN…and may need time to re adapt and get back his game play…

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  28. Popeye

    i m an die hard Arsenal fan for many yrs now, but I think the only way we could get rid of Wenger & come back to become an top club again is by failing to qualify for CL this season. Its better to lose something than lose everything. See at Liverpool & u will understand.

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