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Jesus Navas unlikely to be coming to Arsenal

Navas unaware of Arsenal Interest by AM

Arsenal have been linked with a move for the Spanish winger Jesus Navas this season. In this is not the first time he has been linked with the Gunners, back in 2009, he was also rumoured to be on his way to the Emirates, but it didn’t materialize. Chelsea have also been a long admirer of Navas and they even managed to reach a deal for the Spanish international, but the deal was called off due to Navas’ homesickness. Navas can’t stay away from home for long and this has even prevented him from travelling with the Spanish national team in the past. It is said that Navas is undergoing treatment for this and things have improved significantly.

With Theo Walcott’s future up for speculation, Arsene Wenger was believed to be looking towards other option just in case Walcott decides against extending his contract and leave the club. Liverpool have been linked with a move for Walcott and that also gave rise to the rumours that Arsenal are after Jesus Navas as a replacement for Walcott.

Jesus Navas, when asked by Canal Sur radio after Arsenal said that he was unaware of any such interest and is happy at his current club. Here is an excerpt from the interview in question –

‘I don’t know anything about Arsenal. I’m staying calm and I am enjoying every moment here.’

Even Seville president Jose Maria del Nino has said that Navas is not for sale, last week, and has claimed that the club is yet to receive any offer.

Even if Walcott leaves and Arshavin stays back, then Arsene would still have a lot of options out wide with Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain and Gervinho. Santi Cazorla is also adept at playing out wide; Podolski is also more suited to playing out wide rather than through the center (where he was operated from in the last match). And considering Navas’ well documented homesickness issue, and chance of a deal materializing does seem to be quite slim.

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49 thoughts on “Jesus Navas unlikely to be coming to Arsenal

  1. Younggunnerspatz

    🙁 can’t blame us for hoping!
    Has anyone seen the sky sports report on what Rogers said last night about Shain?
    Another sad face 🙁

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  2. dan

    Oh dear leo i suggest you sack your sources once again your words sahin will be a arsenal player in 24 hours deal done well now according to every paper and many others he is def joining liverpool and the thing that makes me laugh is all those idiots that believe you and keep asking you for more info well anyone in there right mind will know your just another fake that seeks attention give it up dude!!

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  3. c.p

    m’vila is coming to source says the transfer fee has already bin agreed by both clubs and are now negotiating personal terms. deal is set to be completed by tomorrow latest. COYG
    he might play against stoke. fingers crossed

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  4. Msomi

    I don’t expect us to sign anyone else. I expect movement out not in.

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  5. Apostolos

    Tired of hearing about players being linked to us when in the end the only deals Wenger gets done anymore is when the media doesn’t know about them ,or until there pretty much done quickly(Giroud ,podolski, etc)meaning any team that gets involved prices us out It’s getting ridiculous, I still think Wenger will make some moves but man It’s tough being an Arsenal fan,Liverpool without Champions League money for 2 years beat us out on the Sahin deal. Come on Wenger pay the freakin money for M Villa/Capoue allready.

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  6. skin

    This is good news as it means walcott is staying, he must have mvilla in mind? Or if not capoue he looks as good if not better than mvilla. But if wilshire and rosicky get back in due course then wilshere and arteta can lie in midfield with cazorla attacking so its not too sad, shame sahin went to liverpool rumour has it he didnt want a permanent deal with arsenal, too bad mate u wont play at madrid

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  7. alex

    thats the reason we cant pay anyone else more cuz ppl like djourou, bendtner and a lot of unused players earn like if they were first team im sorry unless we get rid of them we will continue to fail in any signing attempt and besides the stadium debt is what holds arsenal and the board im pretty sure by the time the debt is paid arsenal will spend big again cuz after all its a great club and a successful one lets hope we will not get relegated or not be playin CL by then so we can be a TOP club again, and im pretty sure if we won something with the earnings we can offload some cash to the stadium debt lets not get down, im hoping arsenal will sign someone AND STOP ASKING FOR LLORENTE HE SUCKS IT WILL BE ANOTHER GIROUD WE NEED MIDFIELDERS AND DEFENDERS CAUSE JENKINSON SUCKS BALLS, GIBBS HAS IMPROVE A LOT BUT DAMN JENKINSON WILL KILL US, SUNDERLAND ARE NOT MAN UTD, CHELSEA, CITY AND EVEN LIVERPOOL THEY HAVE REALLY TRICKY WINGERS, IM NOT BEING HARD I AM REALISTIC!!


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  8. Pat Rice

    I say we should go for Kevin Strootman, coz Man city will pull out all the stops for m’vla. Kevin is big, good vision, passing, a leader and has presence..

    If walcott doesn’t sign, we should add Dries Mertens, dries is skillfull, quick, good passing and is Belgian so vermaelen can convince him to come.

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  9. alex


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  10. Justinho

    Yet another transfer story that failed to have any legs. Was a non-starter really and not worth the web space it was given. Any news about our team vs Stoke or an article with facts not fiction?

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  11. alex

    P.S. Giroud doesnt suck he just needs time and we will be rewarded with goals Llorente SUCKS ANYWAY!!

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  12. Jeo

    Rodgers said that the deal with sahin was at a very progressed stage and he expects it to be sorted within the next 24 hours, glad I didn’t take note of all the bull on here that he was definitely coming to us, I don’t believe stuff til it’s on,
    To all those who put stories on here saying he was definitely coming and should be within 24 hours I hope this is lesson learnt,
    Nice to see m’villa sign on a permanent if poss, was never that keen on just loaning a player for a year to be stuck in the same place a year down the line, let’s get in good permanent players, build a good squad, win trophies!!

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  13. Edward Alaka

    Liverpool are prepared to pay 75% of Sahins salary with no option of permanent signing… Arsenal are offering £2m loan deal with option to buy at the end of the season for £12m. Madrid are not stupid to pay a player €2m as part salary for a player that has the tendency of remaining at the emirates(based on the clause arsenal want to include on the loan contract). Madrid then told arsenal to pay £14m outrightly but i don’t think the board have that kind of money… The truth about this transfer saga is arsenal wont fork out the kind of money we fans are expecting them to part away with. The simple logic is why buy an M’vila for £15m, when we could easily increase songs salary to £85k(which is not upto £5.5m per season). Why sell a walcott for £15m to replace with a Navas of £18m… We cant sign M’vila, Llorente, and Sahin(unless he comes on loan with the clause of permanent signing for next season) bcoz we need to sell walcott to be able to afford any buy! The board top priority is to balance their book!!

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  14. coolfool

    i agree cant see this happening at all seen as he cant stay away from home for to long moving to london on a 3-4-5-year deal seems long to me not just one game away from home then back again didnt think there was anything in this when i 1st saw it i think in attacking we can survive its defence we need some additions in imo…

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  15. Sam

    Not that its trustworthy but Wikipedia even now says Sahin is at Looserpool.

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  16. Johnny

    We should get some top striker like Cavani or Benzema,this two guys are very best to replace RVP.and yes M’villa is best to replace Song

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  17. Aurijit

    Never going to happen with his Psychological issues …. Brilliant player but expect Tevez like tantrums if he shifts to England….

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  18. Edward Alaka

    @Jeo: M’vila is not coming to arsenal coz we cant afford him! AVB is trying to make room for M’vila by shipping out huddleston(loaned already) and like we all know Sandro can play RB and Parker cant play most of the game… Board have balanced their book and are waiting for money from the sale of bendtner, walcott or arshavin to be able to buy again… What a joke!

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  19. mtawarira

    id prefer muniain or isco over a very risky navas.. I hope ths is just another smokescreen

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  20. Patrickfoo08

    We will only get him if the club in debt or no one want him ok anyway ah heard that he a very homesick person that why he hasnt gone to another team

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  21. D1GOON

    This website is the most random… lol, especially the Sahin photoshop in Giroud’s attire.

    Whatever it is, fans are highly anticipating new quality signings now…. just do not disappoint us.

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  22. Jon

    At the start of the season we were all thinking this was the year that Arsenal ‘spent BIG’……..

    Now were all thinking that we’ll possibly sell Theo, or desperately try (a couple of years too late) to sell the ‘deadwood’ and buy in one more player.

    You never know…… we might be surprised by Arsenal yet and make a couple more decent signings, there’s a tiny chance Sahin could switch again but that obviously looks pretty much dead.

    I’m staying optimistic (like the last 7/8 years but if we don’t make any more big signings i can’t see us getting any better than 3rd / 4th in the league at best and winning the league cup or fa cup would feel like the champions league!!

    Sort it out Gaz and Kroenke pls …. us fans deserve something this year

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  23. daniel

    i think wenger is a confused coach,nobody sells a player like song and not shop for replacement except a visionless coach like wenger who has refused to believe even when it is obvious that the game has changed a lot look at chelsea fc for GOD sake they ve bought all the players they ve been linked with and now have a good team i dont think arsenal will survive 90mins with the current chelsea without losing with a margin of 8-0. am afraid its another trophyless season for the club with wenger at the helm of affairs

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  24. green gunner

    Navas, sahin, m’vila…how can we believe any of these stories. What sad little men write for this website. Wanting some kind of recognition they construct a story with no proof or facts and sell it to us as the truth. makes their egos grow knowing suckers are hanging on their every word…I’m important, I have the words you all want to hear. Gather around and listen to me..Makes me sick!

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  25. Patrickfoo08

    AW must think his youth can make it big time n he must think jake wilshere is coming back so it okay he like a new player to us

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  26. Bergkampglory

    If Wenger wants to bolster his squad, he should go for:

    1. Van der Viel
    2. Capoue
    3. Fellaini or Dempsey
    4. Navas
    5. Defoe or Gameiro

    These five players would be excellent additions for us.

    Van der Viel – 10 Mln max
    Capoue – 10 Mln EUR
    Fellaini – 20 Mln – Dempsey – 15 Mln
    Navas – 18 Mln
    Defoe or Gameiro – 9 Mln
    67 Mln TOTAL

    Now the reality is that Navas will not join so we are at 49 Mln.

    It is a lot of money but that s the price to pay to compete for trophies. Chelsea is having a marvelous transfer window (Azpicueletta, Moses, Hazard, Oscar, Marin) as they are building a squad for the future by adding these elements to an experienced side…

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  27. Essien

    How can ANY NORMAL PERSON sell a song and not by music(M’vila or capoue)? Wenger is MAD! Ive been saying this for two years now… Wenger is arsenals ONLY PROBLEM, WENGER GO! WENGER GO! WENGER GO! WENGER GOOOOO!

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  28. john

    We won’t buy anyone else wenger never does we need a right back for definate and defensive midfielder for sure don’t hold your breathe its all gone quiet on the arsenal front we won’t compete with the players we have that’s fact.

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  29. Essien

    How can ANY NORMAL PERSON sell a song and not buy music(M’vila or capoue)? Wenger is MAD! Ive been saying this for two years now… Wenger is arsenals ONLY PROBLEM, WENGER GO! WENGER GO! WENGER GO! WENGER GOOOOO!

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  30. franz

    sad news abt Nuri Sahin..! nway Arsenal we will go on am wondering whether Jesus Navas is Breastfeeding to av this homesick but we need him ad we op Carzola ad Arteta can convince him…wenger pliz sacrifice for us fans by bringing M’villa, Navas ad Liorente…consider also victor moses he has opportunity at AFC than Chelz…we are for every trophy ad i consider Liorente competitive for champions Legue,podolski EPL,Girould FA ad Carling.

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  31. Jonny

    People are being so greedy here. We’ve signed one of the most talented midfielders Spain has to offer, France’s top goalscorer and a German International with an eye for goal. Everyone fails to remember that we had an extremely poor/weakened team last season, yet we still managed third. GRANTED RVP provided most of those goals, but we need to give these new signings a chance to prove themselves. They are younger, fitter, less injury-prone, there’s TWO of them, and in my opinion, more physical and therefore better suited to the Premier league. It took RVP 8 seasons to start producing goals consistently, and I think we’ve got exciting things ahead for this season. Less egos in the team, better team spirit. Better determination to win a trophy for Arsenal.

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  32. leo

    @dan i think dude you spend way too much time playing fifa manager mode on your playstaion/pc that you expect transfer dealings to happen no sooner you make a bid this is what transfer window is like today i didn’t have a clue since monday which way the sahin deal would go deal was agreed he was suppose to show up for medical on monday & what happened now we all know it didn’t happen to just arsneal even to manure on lucas deal

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  33. abel

    “To put us off madrid asked for 8mil loan fee yesterday and to pay 75% of sahin’s wages which is 100k which will make him the highest paid player at our club so wenger backed out.and sahin says he has hopes of breaking into the nadrid team thereby rejecting the option of a permanent transfer”……if this is the news then kudos wenger

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  34. leo

    when you are dealing with mourinho things can change within a blink of an eye it is difficult to report transfer dealings if things change people think you got it wrong/let them down

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  35. leo

    if you feel i misled on sahin apologies to all including dan i know how frustrating transfers can be i just tell what based on what info i get

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  36. adegold

    y all dis? Ystday i saw it in this site that sahin has pass medical test this same site was telin us dat liverpool close to land this same guy…… Pls if u dnt knw what to post leave ou alon nd stop all this ur usles rumors news

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  37. Ddog

    everyones exited about new transfers. people are just relaying what they’ve heard, anything can happen in transfers, things change at the last minute, people should now to take any transfer info with a pinch of salt. no need to have a hissy fit when things dont work out – thats football. dont shoot the messanger!

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  38. pt

    Arsenal have been down this road before, a home sick baby from Seville- DON’T BUY HIM- BOO HOOOOOO!

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  39. SYNC

    WENGER go for us fans by bringing M’villa, Navas and Liorente will can competitive for champions Legue

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  40. Edward Alaka

    @Leo: your source seems to have a bit of info but not full info. The RVP deal was announced by you on this blog tho i was fully aware by then but wasn’t sure of his wages… The Llorente deal wont happen plus the M’vila am sorry to break your heart! A.Bilbao are holding out for £17.9m(€22m), which i think we cant match. Tho with liverpool interest in walcott, we could rake in £20.1m as they cherish English players, but our Board wont splash out the £17.9m requested by A.bilbao… Llorente imo, was made for arsenal! His positioning are far more than what we’ve got in RVP… Remember even RVP couldn’t convince himself he could play as a CF but was convinced by wenger he can do it… We’ve signed our DM in BOULD! We had a problem of back four always leaving their position most especially our fullbacks to participate in the buildup for goal scoring chances but our flank guys failed to cover for them… Most of the counter attacks against us were channeled thru the flanks not Midfield. We need players like Sahin not M’vila as we need to get the ball to our men upfront and leave the defensive work to Arteta! We all know we play the same way as Barca, but barca plays only one DM(Busquet). Why do we need two DM? Can someone differentiate btw CMF and CAM… Pls don’t confuse yourself, we need two creative midfielder and on DM.

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  41. OM

    We have sold as much as we have bought so the money IS here. Add another 15m for Arshavin/Bendtner plus Park on loan and there is enough to buy 2 players given that we would not have had £0 in our pockets at the start of the transfer window.

    The problem is to find a player that fits, young, skilled and not overpriced. I expect to see another 2 signings: 1 DM / 1 versatile defender allowing us to play either with 2 CM and 1 DM or 1 CM and 2 DM (just so we don’t throw a 2 goal lead away…).

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  42. libz

    we nd ol of the three,llorente,navas,sahin nd mvila to compete for smthin meaningful therwise wl be cmptin 4 thrd nd 4th again

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    Some of u gunners Fans need to use a bit common sense. Gettin a player on a years loan on £120,000+ a week with no Option to buy may cause disharmony in the camp. Imagine that, highest paid player, only on loan??!!?? Imagine thé backlash people, Arsène Wenger aint no mug!

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