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Joe Cole To Help Arsenal In Transfer Merry-Go-Round

Liverpool outcast Joe Cole may be able to inadvertently help Arsenal secure a much needed new midfielder by sparking a transfer merry-go-round. Arsenal are keen to add a creative player to their squad after the departure of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri.

Joe Cole has seen his career stall after falling out of favour at Chelsea and moving to Liverpool. Now the Metro is saying that he may be heading to France’s League 1. They report: “Reds reject Cole is headed to Lille to undergo a medical after Liverpool agreed to cut him loose, and speculation is mounting the skilful 29-year-old may be being brought in to cover Hazard’s departure.”

If the moves goes ahead it may open the door for Arsenal to recruit 20-year-old Belgian international Eden Hazard. Arsenal have been following the young star for some time but a transfer looked doubtful after Arsenal poached Chu-Young Park from under their noses as he was about to join them from AS Monaco.

Lille might be more inclined to sell Hazard if they bring in Joe Cole and this would mean that Arsenal will only need to sign another midfielder to significantly improve their squad, assuming the transfers of Mertesacker and Santos go ahead. Possible targets still include Yossi Benayoun and Clint Dempsey, but Arsenal will have to work fast because the transfer window closes on Wednesday.

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74 thoughts on “Joe Cole To Help Arsenal In Transfer Merry-Go-Round


    If This Goes Through This Will Be The Beginning Of Our Re-building Stage And We Can Finally Start To Get The Mix Right Of Experienced Players Along With Young Guns Where The Experience Would Pass Down Knowledge


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  2. Arsenalfanforever

    Holy shit!

    If all this is true this will be insane!

    Bringing in Mertesacker, Santos, Hazard and possibly Benayoun would be great!

    I so hope this is true, tho I suspect the Hazard-transfer may be ruined after we snitched Park!

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  3. pete19

    hardly, who in the right mind would replace hazard with joe cole.

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  4. emem

    I would be so happy if Arsenal happens to snatch Hazard. With Mertesacker and Hazard additions is a real boost to the squad. Is it true that AW is in France right now doing business? I heard it from somewhere, I don’t know if it’s true or not.

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  5. Checherio

    At last i’ll be able to have a say wen man u fans are mocking me.gunners we always on the high spirit

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  6. liban

    I still feel we need another CB as djouro and serbastian squillaci are surples to requirements. by the end of the transfer window we have hazard, mertasaker, cahill, benayoune gerviniho and park chu and andrea santos we can challenge for the leauge and champions league and why isnt arsene wenger going for scott parker as he has handed in a transfer request.

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  7. Alex Jackson Oluwasegun

    Yes i always belive in dis club we can stil make much out of dis season dat is if we get it right by make a gud signing b/4 11pm tomorrow den we can say a gud season is 4 Hazard Wengar should jt do all d possible best 2 bring him here if d price is right dey we sell him.GUNNER 4 LIFE N GUN D ENEMY DOWN.

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  8. emem

    And also if it happens to be so that we already missed out on Hazard I would be slightly disappointed that we didn’t approach for Montolivo, He has some arguement with Fiorentina board and we could have got him in a fairly reasonable prize, He would have been a real quality addition to the squad in my oppinion.

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  9. AFC

    *sigh* if only we didnt steal park we would actually have a really good chance of signing hazzard.

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  10. ambrose patrick

    this well be a season to a true gunner i have faith in my team that we are going to do better this season than last signing of this new players i know this will be better.UP UP UP UP UP UP a die hard GUNNER till i die

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  11. dave

    Joe cole is brought to replace Park with high probability. I don’t see Hazard coming to Arsenal, just yet.

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  12. kickuPthearsene

    Haha … this is brilliant! If we get Mertesacker, Santos, Hazard & Dempsey, by tomorrow, I promise to strip fully and run down my street naked, video the whole affair, throw it up on youtube, and paste a link here. Because honestly, I would love that to happen – really! … but it will not. (Unfortunately).
    As I have been saying over the last few days – HAZARD WILL NOT COME TO ARSENAL THIS WINDOW. You can bet any amount you want on that. And as someone above wrote – Who in their right mind would consider Joe Cole as Hazard’s replacement!
    Very entertaining on the eve of the close thought.
    (Although Sky Sports are confirming Metersacker is on his way to Arsenal for £10million, which I can believe. That’s good news).
    I do have to say – possibly the best transfer window in recent history for ‘edge of your seat’ action! The season will seem boring by comparison. 🙂

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  13. kickuPthearsene

    Hearing some reports we are bidding for Marek Hamsik. Thoughts?

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  14. GNR4LFE

    Sagna TV Merts Santos

    Wilshire Diaby (Frimpong, M’Villa)

    Gervinho Park Miyachi

    None of this team played on Sunday, so it is not all doom and gloom,


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  15. afc by birth

    M’Vila and Hazard would just about allow me to forgive Wenger and the board,

    Then i would be very happy to play one out one in with a number of players, in January or even before, Almunia, Squillaci, Rosicky, Diaby, Chamakh and Arshavin. If we could sell these 6 for 6 more i would be ecstatic. My squad overhaul would be complete.

    How about take the Chelsea 4 Alex, Bennayou, Kalou and Malouda instead of Squillaci, Rosicky, Chamakh & Arshavin. Then bring in Marvin Martin for Diaby. As for Almunia, we dont need another keeper, but i would loan out Mannone and bring in someone like Marcus Hanhemaan on a free, he is a great charachter and would be only too happy to play 3rd choice at Arsenal.

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  16. The Heff

    Cahill and Hazard to agree terms tomorrow…..that would just be the icing on the cake for me, though I still think we need to be active again in January for another player or two….perhaps I’m being unrealistic or greedy….we need to offload Denilson (permanently), Squillaci, Almunia and Djourou as well as giving careful consideration to selling Chamackh (waster), Rosicky (completely lost), Diaby (sick note). If we sell any of those 7 players then we need to reinvest their money not keeping depth within our squad as January is when the league gets tough!

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  17. Gaddiel Quainoo

    Honestly, I don’t understand why Wenger and his cohorts will put arsenal fans through such a torment. Arsenal fans deserves better!

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  18. Alex

    Hazard and mvilla would be absolutely great. Hazard and gervinho teaming up together again would mean trouble for all teams. If we don’t get hazard can we get sneijder or gourcuff

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  19. topgunner

    The Lille president says ‘There have been no offers, Hazard is going nowhere’. He says that the Cole signing has nothing to do with Hazard.

    VERY SAD FACE :((((

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  20. Cjay

    Forget Hazard. Definitely won’t happen now. The Juan Manuel Vargas rumour is exciting me though (not as a left back though – step up Santos). Excellent player with an amazing left peg. Shaqiri would be nice also. Either of these plus M’Vila and the well known ones will put us in great shape. Add a real creative player in January and, assuming we don’t have a full physio room and we can occasionally finish a game with 11 men, we could be ok!

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  21. bob

    What a load of bull….this will never happen….NEVER…..come on man…we had enough pain in the past months… then this 8…2….it is now time to stick to stories that are true…not made up ones…

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  22. justinho

    If this speculation re Cole and hazard were true, don’t get why the writer of this article then suggests we still need and attacking midfielder such as Benayoun? Arsenal in the past few years have been one of the consistancly creative teams in the world. We need another Vieira instead.

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  23. Dj

    My believe is that notin is impossible 4 God to tommorow hazard,cahill,m’villa,depesy will surely agree term.Aw go for them now.In Arsene we rust.

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  24. emkay

    Personally,i wld love 2 hv hazard απϑ M’vila in d squad bt I rily doubt dat d both of dem wil happen dis window.wenger is in france doin business απϑ i am guessin @ d end of d day we wld have marvin martin or gourcoff with M’vila as d last signins.its noteworthy hweva 2 knw dat gourcoff is injured @ d moment.pls wenger leave d chelsea-rejects alone

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  25. arsenalinmablood

    I think if really all these players come to Arsenal,Wenger must still be given 50 lashes at his back for delaying with the signing.Now we signing the players out of desperacy,there some good intended signings eg.M’villa,Gotze,Hazard and there are some shitty crap intended signings like Alex,Bennayoun and Arterta.Look at how we were disgraced at old trashit and now you are signing the players,Idiot don’t you know this lost will still remain even if we win every trophy in da world.I’ve promised myself i’m staying indoors till 17th September! i hope wilshere,song,sagna,gervinho and Vermaelen are back to play again then i will be back to normal! speedy recory to wilshere our stardom!!!!!!!, UP GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. Cor Cas


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  27. Nick

    Werder Bremen’s manager has confirmed Per is on his way to Arsenal !!!
    Let’s hope for more big news Wednesday as the window closes

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  28. gunnerVVC

    To be honest, wingers are the only thing we have in abundance sowe can wait another year for Hazard. I’d much rather have Montolivo with his hieght and presence. Add M’Vila and we can nurture Ramsey and Frimpong off the bench.

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  29. frquen

    i c’dnt imagine something like,
    scenzyn, sagna, vermalean, permertsacker, santos, wilshere, song/m’vila, Hazard, gervinho, van persie, walcott.

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  30. Damn_Gallas

    Since the thrashing by man utd, arsenal has move fast in the transfer dealings. Mertesacker and Santos has signed, and park too!! Mertesacker has the aerial advantage and experience to partner vermalen. Koscielny will be backup along with DJ. Scquillaci is surplus and is best he never appears again. DJ has this season to prove himself, otherwise he is better be gone next summer to make space for bartley and ignasi.

    Santos is a good addition, given his attacking instinct, scoring ability and dribbling skills. Great addition, and would prefer to see him play in the left attacking role than at left back. Interchangeable with Gibbs. Gervinho, miyaichi and Santos as the left wing attackers is fantastic!! Arshavin, Walcott and chamberlain on the right wing!! In the middle of the part, I hope we break our transfer record and bring in hazard, though it’s very unlikely this window. Otherwise M’vila is also good acquisition, as he can form a powerful DM partnership with both song and frimpong, especially both are involved in the African nation cup. Getting both hazard and M’vila is impossible, and I would prefer M’vila over hazard because I believe wildness Ramsey and rosicky can fill fabregas’ void. DM is more important to assist the defense.

    I am not sure if Cahill would be coming after signing mertesacker. Given that Cahill is so expensive, wenger will not buy him. But if he is purchased, then It will be perfect for us, as he will partner mertesacker in the center and vermaelen will move to LB!! Gibbs will be reserve and Santos will play upfront!!

    Lastly, park will be an interesting player to watch. Hopefully he will be like the park from man utd. Hardworking, and full of running. He will be backup to Rvp. And chamakh, he is gone for us. No contribution, and as for bendtner, he better be gone!! The story on zarate, I doubt it’s going to be true.

    Conclusion, arsenal has made 6 signings this season. Hopefully we will have 1-2 more, preferably Cahill and M’vila!!

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  31. Ahmed

    I am not sure where Bendtner is going, but if Lille get Joe Cole then Arsenal should try to go for a swap deal with Bendtner going to Lille for Hazard. We also need someone like Hamsik to replace Fabregas, if the Hazard transfer doesnt happen.

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  32. xx


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  33. eleanor

    The Metro is the biggest pack of lies on the block.

    If there’s ever been a ‘newspaper’ that makes stuff up, it’s the Metro.

    Besides, Joe Cole turned down Lille’s offer yesterday afternoon. And the Metro knows this full well.

    Shame on any blogger that cites the Metro.

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  34. mzeey

    i think hazard is a long shot but every body has his price i would add arshvin+(campbell loan)for hazard and 20-25 mil
    some of you my think its a lot but one two seasons when he becomes the next PL star we cant us campbell or betner for loan i rather sell him but hey wenger has a thing for him

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  35. ross tregaskis

    This is NOT TRUE…Hazard is NOT coming to Arsenal…which is unfortunate!!! Please close the transfer window and put us gunners out of our misery with soooo many linked players and so few quality signings who can immediately impact our performance this season.

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  36. Gunner-Galactico

    Never gonna happen guys. When its too good to be true, it will never happen

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  37. Gunnerguy

    I am still holding out for Keisuke Honda. Arsenal quality through and through. Why are we looking at Dempsey and Malouda when Honda is what we need?

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  38. Gunnerguy

    And Joe Cole is undoubtably the replacement for Chu-Young Park…you know…the player we just pipped from Lille?

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  39. James

    Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong bow to tie dont you think? Not going to happen.

    Besides I would prefer Shaqiri from Basel. Skillful and a solid unit. Will not get pushed off the ball.

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  40. Alex

    i think we need to be realistic and sign martin and m’vila and then in the other transfer window we can lure cahill cause he is just gonna be like 6 months more in bolton and we can get him for free bolton is asking a lot of money because of that and they know that cahill wants to come to arsenal and maybe a big offer for hazard will be the best we can do althought arsene must be insisting since DAY 1 of the next transfer window and get rid of some players that just arent good enough for arsenal like arshavin for example but im just a FAN saying and posting my believings ciao!!

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  41. Jason

    Lots are still hellbent on hazard…I don’t understand that, because there’s a ton of evidence proving he isn’t coming to Arsenal. You all really want another winger? Our team really needs a strong play-maker to replace fabregas to unlock the flood gate of potential goals.

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  42. Arsenal1Again

    It’ll be good if we get Hazard, but who will be feeding the likes of Hazard, Gevinho, Park. In Gervinho we has a Nasri replacement. In Hazard we will have another Nasri replacement. Who is replacing Cesc?

    M’Villa the defensive midfielder is aleady a monster. This guy is immense and because of his age he’s going to be even better.

    Hazard = Scoring goals.

    M’Villa = Preventing goals being conceded PLUS Creativity.

    Which direction. We can’t afford both players, which do we go for? My preference is M’Villa. I think we have more chance of beating the likes of Barcelona by preventing them from scoring with Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Santos, M’Villa -> while one of our many forwards nick a goal.

    RATHER THAN concede 3 goals and hope Hazard can score 4.

    It’s just my preference. Hazard would still be a good addition though since he and Gervinho have an already good proven partnership from there time together in Lille.

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  43. gooner

    Joe Cole is doing a great thing 2 the arsenal club..
    Hazard and gervinho teaming upto geather may cause a little bit of damage 2 the other teams..
    Mertesacker and vermaelen will be our “WALL”in protecting our defense..

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  44. deejay

    rosicky does have the playmakers head…
    he was losing the ball but he can create, wenger boost up his confidence.

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  45. GunnerGus

    Clint Dempsey? Are we serious? Have you guys seen this guy play? He is a retard in my opinion. What can he possibly bring to the table?

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  46. baligooner

    mission impossible!!! nothing is impossible! i hope miracles to land hazzard at emirates! desperately need god’s help!

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  47. Raghav

    Somehow the opposite of everything i type into the forums ends up coming true. So, I hope that we DONT sign Mertesacker, Hazard, M’Vila and Santos.

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  48. Bryant

    Mertesacker, Andre-Santos, Park Young. Thats Perfect.

    As of all the other players that seem to be close to signing or on our radar would be: Alex, Malouda, Benayoun, Hazard, Goetze, M’Vila, Cahill, Samba.

    Out of the $70 million that weve made this summer we have spent around $30 mil. on 3 players. Im pretty sure if all goes well we can sign 3-4 mores from this list. Preferably Alex, M’Villa, Malouda, and Hazard.

    Main hopes and dreams for a formation with a squad we all hope we can have and complete would be:

    D) Vermalean(Sagna) Mertesacker Alex Andre-Santos

    M) Malouda(Gervinho) M’Villa(Song) Wilshere(Ramsey)

    FW) Walcott(Park Young) V.Persie(Chamakh) Arshavin(Hazard)

    If you think about it with a bolstered squad like this we’ll have enough power and technique to get back on our feet and Dominate and shut down our competion.

    *Not gonna lie. I had the biggest urge in the world after the Manchester Utd. defeat to buy an Arsenal jersey n record myself burning it n post it on YouTube just to show my disappointment and anger to Arsenal and Wenger. Thank God they’re turning things around……. but Not just yet. Lets see whats happens tomorrow*

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  49. SA Gooner

    All this news is fantastic! If we could get dempsey AND hazard then we will have close to a complete team. We will have dempsey to add experience to the midfield, mertersaker and santos guiding our defense. All these experienced players will provide much needed guidance for our promising youngsters. The only position we are missing is a holding midfielder, fingers crossed that we sign someone like m’villa.

    The future looks very bright once again as long as we make key signings. We might need another transfer window to complete our squad, but if we can get the above done then we will once again be a force to be reckoned with.

    The 8-2 loss, as devastating as it was, was exactly what we needed to happen to raise this awareness. I once again have faith in wenger, I’m sure he’ll do the right thing for ARSENAL…

    Gooner through thick and thin!!!

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  50. rocky

    hmmmmm, possible but I very much doubt it. We would have to pay big for him now, probably around 30mil euros being the last day of the transfer window, and being on bad terms with them. I’m sure they’ll want to recruit a much better replacement than Cole to boost their chances in the UFC. They won’t have enough time, so they’ll want to keep him.

    I would love to see Wenger go all out for him! Maybe Vermaelen could drop him a text 😉

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  51. ike@Ghana

    Wenger and the Board are just exposing their real intention of running our dear club going forward. It is selling to rake in good money and bringing in cheap buys. Fellow gunners, lets embrace ourselves for middle table position from this season. LONG LIVE ARSENAL, SHORT LIVE GREEDY KROENKE.

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  52. JOHN - JOHN

    with hazzard it would be…

    cesk+nasri+clichy+eboue+CL qualification+bendner =
    35 + 28 + 7,5 + 3,5 + 25 + 8 = 107million

    AOC + JENKI + GERV + park + SANTOS + PER + HAZZARD =
    12 + 1 + 10,5 + 11 + 6 + 9 + 45 = 94,5million

    that means we have a profit of : 107-94,5= 12,5million

    that’s healthy bussiness…WELL DONE WENGER…IN ARSENE WE TRUST…

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  53. Gunner

    give them bendtner+cash for hazard and they will have a strike its a win-win siuation.

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  54. Guner for life

    Even a rumour like this brought cheers and smiles on the faces of Arsenal’s fans after the very humiliating defeat..
    what’l happen if all this really come true..! 😀

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  55. Aung ko ko tun

    Hazard is star player for Lille.Arsenal must buy this player
    before transfer window closing.Please Wenger

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  56. hamid dende@jos

    hmmm! Fellow gunners, i dont believe any of this will happen. If it does, i would prefer mvila and hazard to get us back to our fit, am sure of the tro of park, santos and mertesaker is done dea. GUnners 4 eternity

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  57. hamid dende@jos

    hmmm! Fellow gunners, i dont believe any of this will happen. If it does, i would prefer mvila and hazard to get us back to our fit, am sure of the tro of park, santos and mertesaker is done deal. GUnners 4 eternity

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  58. TheJourneyMan

    Gervinho (from Lille), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (from Southampton), Chu Young Park (from Monaco), Per Mertesacker (from Werder Bremen), André Santos (from Fenerbahçe) are new addition to the squat.
    Arsène Wenger is presently in France trying to sign Yann M’Vila from Rennes or Marvin Martin from Sochaux or, most probably, Eden Hazard from Lille before the deadline.
    Any combination of Clint Dempsey from Fulham, and Yossi Benayoun or Florent Malouda from Chelsea, and Alex from Chelsea or Christopher Samba from Blackburn Rovers would be great additional signings, too.

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