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Join the campaign to get Arsenal’s sponsors to condemn Kroenke

Stan Kroenke Must Go!

I have just understood that Arsenal’s majority share holder – Stan Kroenke, is launching a TV channel, in the UK, dedicated to the blood sport of hunting endangered wild animals such as lions, rhinos and elephants. Apparently this is a money making venture aimed at capitalising on the misery of endangered animals and giving the depraved and those who have more money than sense the opportunity to relive the experience of death of defenceless animals at the hands of cowards with the latest modern technology. Those who wish to view the channel’s contents will have to pay handsomely for the privilege to do so.

Records show that to date, all of Stan Kroenke’s sports franchises are struggling. However, not content with bleeding our club (and others) dry by taking money out of its coffers, it appears that now that he has his sights on bringing our reputation into disrepute by the mire association with his name. Even the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is an Arsenal fan, has called for the ‘disgusting’ channel to be banned.

This is up there with the most depressing Arsenal related news I have heard in a long time (and there has been a lot over the years). I love animals and believe that we do not have the the divine right to exploit creatures for our entertainment. This man’s association with Arsenal FC is once again dragging our good name through the mire. As Arsenal fans we cannot turn a blind eye to this man and have to protest immediately. Some things transcend football. We have a voice.

There is one way that we can force some action against Kroenke, and that is by petitioning our sponsors to put pressure on the club, so please join the over 35,000 people that have already signed this. Here is their link and aims…..

Arsenal Sponsors: Say No to Animal Hunting! #KroenkeOut

Achieving #KroenkeOut won’t be easy. But the sponsors of Arsenal football club have a huge amount of power, and I think with their help we can create change.

With this petition, our demands are simple:

1 For Arsenal’s key sponsors: Emirates, Puma, Vitality to publically condemn Kroenke’s actions and call for him to stand down..

2 A meeting between the Arsenal Board, Key Sponsors to the club (including Emirates, Puma, Vitality etc), leading Animal Rights Charities and most importantly: representing members of the international fan bases regarding this situation

Sponsors Emirates, Puma and Vitality have all publicly said they stand against animal cruelty. How can they say this, and then give money to a club whose boss is celebrating and endorsing the killing of vulnerable animals and treating it as entertainment?

If we can show the most influential people in the club just how far reaching our disgust is at our owner and his complete disregard for everything we care about, then we have the potential to achieve change.

Please sign this petition, and together we can get our Arsenal back.

By Anonymous

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48 thoughts on “Join the campaign to get Arsenal’s sponsors to condemn Kroenke

  1. Muff d

    Petition signed

    Anyone catch Liverpool’s destruction of Bayern?
    Look lethal
    High octane Monaco style counters

    Still feel like klopps the one that got away

    1. McLovin

      Pool also battered Barca 4-0 last summer. And Bayern haven’t really been at their best. But anyways, their wingers Mane and Salah will cause some problems. It’s the defense of Pool who will let them down.

      1. Incarnate

        Only pure vegetarians have a right to protest animal cruelty, any others are just plain hypocrites, there ain’t no such thing as ethical killing, how would you like to to be “ethically killed”. Euthanasia (even when the recipient is in untold pain) is still a hotly debated subject… Kevin Peiterson plays cricket, cricket balls are made of cow hide, not synthetic leather yet he wants to lead a protest against animal cruelty, ironic indeed. Is Kroenke a twat? I think so! ?But most of theses are animals are bred for sport which isn’t different from owning an abattoir where we all are happy to patronize, I really doubt animals are happy to be killed in any case, field or slaughterhouse.

    2. Jay

      Just watch how they do this season. Klopp has never had a good league season when his team have been in Europe. His tactics may be good on a 1 game basis, but over the course of a season, his teams usually falter.

      People seem to forget that Liverpool only barely finished above us and the season before that, they didn’t even get into the EL.

    1. Eddie

      That is very bad to fight your own team. Doesn’t make sense. You campaign is very bad.

      1. Break-on-through

        Tell Usmanov that, looks like it might’ve been his idea. It says people signing want Kroenke out – instead of taking down the hunting website ..not even an option. So he can keep his hunting program, see no evil hear no evil, so long as he leaves the club. Which is more abhorrent to you all – The murder of living creatures being broadcast throughout homesteads – Or the man behind it profiting from our club.

      2. gmv8

        He is not in our team. He has no interest in Arsenal, just his wallet, and whoever get killed or maimed in the process is inconsequential.

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    ?? What’s all this fuss about? ?? he’s just a poor Billionaire looking for a new Wig! ? I suggest a bit of Buffalo, to match his moustache ?

  3. Coldzero

    As noble as this cause is I would hope we are now not going to be having demonstrations in the stadium about it. We had enough of that nonsense last season!

    The team is there to play football, the fans are there to watch football. This matter has nothing to do with the football side of things and needs to be kept out of the stadium. The club has become toxic enough as it is without all this going in.

    Petition has been signed by myself but for heavens sake let’s keep it away from the ground or we are going to have no players left next season. No more toxic stadium.

    1. gmv8

      I’m afraid this has everything to to with Arsenal. This man takes money out of our club, so our season ticket money etc., may be being used to fund the pr@tts torturing those wonderful animals. The fact that any of my money may be being used for this, makes my stomach churn

    2. gmv8

      I would be in favour of a silent protest – no to animal cruelty, so at least the position of Arsenal fans is apparent to all.

  4. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Ask yourselves this:
    If the news would have reported that Stan was willing to sanctions deals for the top five players that were voted for by the fans and went and signed them, I bet the majority would have turned a blind eye to the muppets hunting channel shenanigans? ?

    1. McLovin

      I hunt myself every now and then but not for sport. Everthing I hunt, I eat and consume and waste none. To me hunting endangered species just for views is descipable.

      And before this hunting channel incident I still thought he’s a cancerous man.

  5. John Ibrahim

    196m for Neymar

    very soon no players willl cost below 100m

    there are no poor people out there

    1. ZA_Gunner

      It’s retarded amounts of money. There has to be some limitations to this lunacy and FFP has proven to be a failure.

  6. Ben

    Have to say I feel sorry for Arsenal fans, Becoming the most hated club in the country cant be easy. I would like to appologise in advance for the abuse your are going to get at every club you visit this year, especially from those of us up north who are still British and animal lovers. But any fan that spends a penny supporting Arsenal while Kroenke is still owner, Well frankly you deserve what you get.

    1. Coldzero

      Grow up you fool! What the heck has it got to do with any of us? It’s the football we support and the team, not some jerk billionaire. I couldn’t care less about him.

      Rest assured your idle threat nonsense
      In no way will deter Arsenal travelling fans so do what you want. We are here for the football, we watch our team for the football and go to away games for it. If some of you overlay sensitive people now want to link every Arsenal fan as an animal hater then that says more about your narrow minded mindset than ours- time to grow up mate.

      I have news for you- Osama Bin Laden was rumoured to have gone to Highbury in his youth to watch Arsenal play- does that make us all terrorists too? Pathetic.

      1. summerbreez

        What if Osama Bin Laden owned Arsenal ???? If Stan Kroenke’s was just in the stand watching Arsenal play he would be insignificant The point here its about Arsenal a club with history and a philosophy Arsenal represents London the monarch and the UK Arsenal is a brand an ambassador to the values of the UK London and its people If you are pro life you would know that bin laden and kroenke are figures of the same coin and that is pro death pro terror How would you feel if I butchered your pet for fun? that would be Pathetic wouldn’t it ???

        1. Coldzero

          Think you might be reading too much into it mate! Arsenal is a football club, we are its supporters, we support our club and only that. Not hunting, not Kronke, not Osama whatshisface. We go there on Saturdays to shout and club on, to be the best and win their games of football….not to shoot a lion….we are my huntards we are foortball fans, just as our team are football players and not huntards- so it isn’t their fault either so certainly should not be taken into the stadium. Leave the agendas as the stadium entrance- we are there for football.

          We are supporters of Arsenal FOOTBALL club, we cannot control some huntard loving billionaire and we certainly need not feel guilty in our support for Arsenal because of him- it’s as simple as that.

          1. ArseOverTit

            We can speak out against what is clearly wrong though.

            Or is a pie and 11 men kicking a ball around all that matters?

            Seems so to some

    2. Jay

      “But any fan that spends a penny supporting Arsenal while Kroenke is still owner, Well frankly you deserve what you get.” What a painfully stupid and narrow-minded comment. The whole club, as well as the fans, should all suffer, purely because of our owners antics that don’t even involve football? Do you live in the real world?

      1. Coldzero

        Well said- it was a truly pathetic comment and I am glad someone else spotted that.

  7. Declan

    Told you before Kev is Resource and I hope Ben is wrong but have a bad feeling about all this, especially if the animal liberation terrorists get involved!

    1. Coldzero

      Animal Lib are now going to target Arsenal fans are they? For supporting a club long before some dozy billionaire idiot was around? Well more fool them then!

      That makes them just as bad as that tool and from that moment on any sympathies most people will have for their cause will disappear.

      So I guess it’s up to them then, but I will support Arsenal and go to the games as much as I want, I don’t agree with Kroenke or his disgusting channel- but I sure as hell won’t feel guilty for something I have nothing to do with and no control over. Only an idiot would do that- the only one who should feel bad here and be held responsible is Kroenke- so let’s have some perspective shall we.

  8. Summerbreez

    This Stan Kroenke is a criminal shame on him I love Arsenal but if this channel goes a head I will no longer support Arsenal We should all do what ever is possible to stop his criminal activity we cant have a club such Arsenal be a part of this in any way or form attached to this barbaric nonsense Shame on you Stan Kroenke

  9. HA559

    Best way is to not buy season tickets. Problem is there are richer people who just go to matches like they’re in a theatre that quiet. They are more than willing to pay no matter who the owner is.

  10. HA559

    Why People keep talking about Financial fair play I will never know. There is no such thing unless you are a small club, you can never spend more than you get if you are a small club. Uefa needs the big clubs and so it will stay that way.

    1. Break-on-through

      It was to stop future Chelsea Cities PSG’s. And I’m glad that they done that at least. I would have appreciated it if they were a bit quicker about it. See how Everton are able to spend similar to us, because they have a ceiling. Those clubs changed the entire landscape, we thought at the time of our move, that we were gonna one day rival manu off the pitch the way we could at times on it, but we got robbed.

  11. summerbreez

    I would go as far as calling a boycott to the Fa community shield final to both sets of clubs supporters teams and managers to set a clear message that this barbaric venture is not tolerated in London and the UK as a whole

    1. Coldzero

      Would you? So are the players responsible for kroenk as well then? They will be like us, probably disgusted but willntalkse they are there to play football not to hunt lions. They are no more responsible than we are. It’s for Kroenke and his conscience no one else’s.

      Arsenal is a football club, we go to watch football. Who knows what else some of these dodgy directors get up to in their spare time? All sorts of weird crap probably! Should we be held responsible as fans for that as well?

      Why should the team suffer and is as fans because of the rich tool? We already have some northerner further up making veiled threats – some other guy mentioning animal liberation etc- we are football fans!!! None of this has bugger all to do with us or whatever we may believe in.

      For the record hunting isn’t abhorrent for fun, disgusting. A channel dedicated to it is also bad. But you can’t hold the entire club responsible for one rich fools hideous pastime.

  12. ThirdManJW

    Kroenke is now dragging our club through the mud, cannot stand this guy. Going to be interesting to see what Wenger will say when he gets asked about it by journalists this weekend.

    1. stubill

      The same as I would say. “This has absolutely nothing to do with me or Arsenal Football Club, next question please”.

  13. waal2waal

    Who in their own leisure time ever stops to wonder what the major shareholder in their place of work does in their own spare time. If its a contentious matter then let it be dealt with as a matter under an animal rights campaign or the next we’ll hear is another petition for cruelty to chicken or eggs being sold in and round the emirates stadium at half-time. Real focus must be on the team.

    1. waal2waal

      Its also worth noting there are no bears being hunted here in the united kingdom maybe badgers and foxes. which lets not forget we’ll be hunting the foxes in the very first game of the season. So let me suggest – as arsenal fans – we stick to those battles we’ve a possibility of winning. Kroenke is culpable under USA legal system so considering that many here are simply wasting energy/time.

      1. gmv8

        Fox hunting, Kroenke-style is illegal now, as are all forms of animal cruelty. You need a license to hunt, the land owners consent, times are limited and most species are off bounds anyway. This thing is really blowing up, it could be our best chance ever of getting rid of the @$~@&ng £$%!er, and his subscription murder channel.

  14. Break-on-through

    If they were hunting then eating what they caught, so long as it’s something they would also buy in a supermarket, I’d be cool with that. Vigilantes should go all predator, let a lion and some hunting dogs go hungry for a couple of nights, before giving the billionaire a half hour head start on a ten mile preserve. That’s a hunting show I would watch.

  15. andydale

    Signed. #kroenkeout. I was Kronke out anyway, Would love to throw him in the emirates lock all the doors after adding a pride of lions to hunt him.

  16. Tina Kelly

    Kroenke has brought shame on his club and his species. YOu have to wonder how bad his physical impairment is to need this much over compensation. greedy tosser should seek therapy abroad.

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