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Jovetic team mate slams Arsenal

Stevan Jovetic seemed to edge himself closer to a summer transfer to Arsenal yesterday, before helping Montenegro to fight back for a draw against England. Although he didn’t score for his country, Jovetic worked tirelessly and gave England all sorts of problems with his strength, technical ability and link up play.

His Fiorentina team mate Luca Toni, however, doesn’t think much of the idea of Jovetic signing for Arsenal. The 35-year old striker, who was in the Italian World Cup winning side of 2006, did little to endear himself to Arsenal fans after spouting off about us not being any better than Fiorentina in Serie A.

“I tell him to think carefully before leaving Florence, as there is an important project here,” said Toni.

“If he has to leave then make it for a real top club. Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United fit that bill, but Arsenal are not better than Fiorentina.”

Hopefully Jovetic will treat those words with the disdain they deserve, as Toni obviously thinks money and spending is everything. Either that or he has just not bothered to look into Arsenal’s history, and has missed the fact that we have been in the Champions League every season during his career. He is hardly one to speak about sticking with a club either, after playing for no fewer than 16 different clubs and never staying for more than two seasons.

After seeing Jovetic work his socks off for Montenegro against England last night, it is clear why Toni wants him to stay at Fiorentina, but slagging off the club he could be joining just shows a lack of class and arrogant attitude that Jovetic will probably be glad to get away from.

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66 thoughts on “Jovetic team mate slams Arsenal

  1. Sharkseven

    woah woah luca toni!!!!! what do you smoke.arsenal are far better than fiorentina…where are fiorentina now?????lol

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  2. Mo Owais

    Luca Toni- chatting out his rear end!!

    He is just jealous nobody wants him!

    Jovetic- come here and make your dreams come true! Next season we are gona hammer the Premier League open!!


    This article has made me angry!! Keep your nose out of it knobhead!!

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  3. MilesLK

    I think Luca is pissed because arsenal have been linked with EVERYONE… Besides him

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  4. A Goonersville Citizen

    Ouch! Who, outside our Arsenal fan base, wouldn’t think like Luca Toni after all these 8 miserable years we’ve had? This is why we want Arsène really needs to shake things up significantly, before we further sink down the hole.

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  5. CUT

    After 8 yrs without a trophy, every Toni, Dicky & Harry out there, sees us as a fair game to have pop at!

    Abuse should be directed at the lame Arsenal Board!

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  6. Mo Owais

    @ Admin- your abit slow getting your articles in today! Why are you lagging today?

    I am extremely bored at work!!

    HELP ME get through the day!!

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  7. juhislihis

    I know Di Natale, Cassano, Baggio, Inzaghi and Del Piero..

    But who the f*ck is Luca Toni?

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  8. Mo Owais

    Carlos Vela has moved to cool talk of a return to Arsenal, insisting he would ‘like to stay’ with current club Real Sociedad.

    The Mexico international spent six years with Arsene Wenger’s side but was shipped out on loan to four different clubs in that time and made just 28 appearances for the Gunners.

    And while the 24-year-old says he will always be grateful for the opportunity Arsenal gave him amid rumours of a return, he underlined his desire to remain in La Liga.

    “Arsenal are a big team who gave me the opportunity to play in Europe,” the Mexican told EFE. “I will always remember that, but I didn’t have the opportunities that I felt I deserved.

    “I am very happy here (at Real Sociedad) and would like to stay here.”

    Vela has enjoyed an impressive first full season with Real Sociedad, grabbing 12 goals in 24 appearances.

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  9. Machine-Gunner

    Last night was Stephan Jovetic’s Premier League debut. He got a taste of what its going to be like. And to me he didn’t fare too well. His pass rate was horrible and his decision making was bad mostly because he was being pressed a lot more than would be the case in Italy. He was beaten by the pace of the game.

    But he showed a spark of brilliance with that chest and volley he pulled off from just outside the box. I would still rather hav David Villa, his age is actaully a POSTIVE. It means he’ll only be at the top of his game for 2years or so, giving Theo Walcott time to mature more. And his experience can only help theo become better. By the time his 25 he would have been tutored by Thierry Henry and David Villa.

    If not villa then I’d rather have Karim Benzema.

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  10. A Goonersville Citizen

    The longer the team goes without a trophy, the more a55holes like Luca Toni are justifiable to say such things… unfortunately! I’m more upset our management than Toni really!

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  11. Paul

    I like Fiorentina as a club, they play good football, but Arsenal have been a more successful club and have more history than our italian counterparts. Lets just take this as Toni is running scared because he knows he will lose Jovetic to us in the summer

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  12. Tobias

    arshavin could be of to azerbijhan in the summer as they look to bring in big names to increase the popularity of there league
    gervhino possibly moving to galatasary to link up with drogba (at least we wont lose him each year)

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  13. maq

    who the hell this mother f*cker luca toni are?
    tell him do ur own business dont interrupt others

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  14. mtawarira

    8years ago b4 the great arsenal depression no1 wud dare spew such gutter garbage about us but for some reason, we find ourselves here. This is hw far we have fallen. being compared to spuds, the likes of toni garnering balls to say such nonsense. Arsene & the board owe it to us to make the right signings & restore the great Arsenal were we belong. Starting with signing jovetic. COYG

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  15. Mo Owais

    @ Tobias- Whats your source!

    I can GUARANTEE you that Gervinho will be going NOWEHERE!!

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  16. Tobias


    reqd it last night and i said he will possibly be moving not defo moving

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  17. hamswai

    Toni you don’t know what u’r doing in Italy.
    Welcome Tanzania and play for YANGA FC they want
    Experienced center forwad.

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  18. arsenal4eva

    The main point is….Jovetic can prove his class by joining Arsenal…jus my 2 cents…

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  19. Joe

    Jovetic showed he can handle the ruff and tumble of the premier league, actually he dished out more tackles then he recieved. Wasn’t his best game last night but he worked so hard and had so much determination, plus the rest of his team arn’t great and the pitch was beyond awful for passing.

    Would like too see him come to Arsenal, how he would fair as a loan striker though im not sure as ive never seen him play up top on his own, ive seen him be effective on both wings and behind the striker though.

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  20. jermaine

    is this the same fiorentina who want chamack and djouro for there starting 11 hahaahaha

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  21. shekar

    go f**k urself TONI.. u think florentina is at the same level as Arsenal? how many times did the florence side win the Serie A?? did u(florentina) ever compete in any f the european competitions(i really have no idea)? Anyway jovetic remenber one thing, if keep throwing stones at every dog that barks at u, u’l never reach ur destination in time.

    And though what TONI said is completely stupid, there is something that has to to be given a thought.
    NO, Arsenal and florentina are not at the same level.. but these money sucking leeches(ALL THE BOARD MEMEBERS and STAN and IVAN)are making Arsenal look like florentina from the outside(though from the inside v are as good as Real Madrid) with all their idiotic ideas on wage structures and transfer policies.

    I hope the board and the owners will atleast learn(from the comments made by players like TONI) to be ashamed of ruining Arsenal’s image.

    If that happens and either the operational tactics of the ARSENAL changes or STAN leaves by selling his shares then v should be thank ful to TONI(though i hate saying it).

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  22. sandzi

    what a stupid statement coming from a big mouth said by a an ignorant tall man. how on earth can you say arsenal is a smaller club. it seems toni does not know what he is talking about. this man is just stupid, ignorant and lack class.

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  23. Edumaestro

    Luca toni is just being a busy-body! I wonder if he is playing d role of jovetic’s father… I believe dat by summer, jovetic wil b a gunner

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  24. Haxxxan

    There is not just 1 luca toni, there are millions of luca tonis around us and all over the world who have the same thoughts about arsenal. what are we going to do about them? wenger must realize whatever he has given us in his first 8 years, he has taken all of that away in the next 8. our club needs a major overhaul after this season ends, from the very bottom to the top level and in every department. We all know what our problems are, accepting our problems will solve half of them. please wenger do something quick or otherwise we will see more luca tonis popping out next season 🙁

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  25. Wenger's coat

    Luca Toni like many fickle glory hunters see the here and now. Sadly many glory hunters are not fully aware of Arsenal’s history and achievement including some English fans. I have asked a Liverpool fan. How many titles did Arsenal win? He hesitated and replied: 5-7 something like that. if you tell anyone that Arsenal and Liverpool were the most successful teams in England before the arrival of Ferguson at Manchester they would not believe you. one should not live in the past but history should never be dismissed. Despite Chelsea’s billions thrown down the drain they only have 4 titles in their entire history. Manchester city 3 titles. having said all this Arsenal need to get back to the were they supposed to be- winning titles

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  26. african gunner

    luca toni in a way is actually happy tht jovetic will be going so tht he can atleast be regarded as the main striker,but if rossi returns he will be forgotten

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  27. Big Gun

    He has a point, Arsenal are not really a top team anymore. The only reason Chelsea have suffered a bit is because of their volatile manager situation. If they had a solid, long standing manager, they would be fighting with United for the title. City also are much better than us.

    So there definitely is a gap between United, City, Chelsea and us/Spurs/Everton. In my honest opinion, any player would be outside of his mind to join Arsenal right now, unless he is young and wanting good experience and exposure. Otherwise, proven, quality players would need much persuasion to join Arsenal. Sorry but just speaking the truth. At the moment, signing TOP players is a pipe dream, and Jovetic is not even a TOP player. Arsenal need a serious overhaul, we need to start winning again to attract big names. Just qualifying for CL isn’t gna cut it. Players want to know they can win it, not just play a few games and get knocked out – this is why even with CL, TOP players still are hesitant to even think of joining Arsenal. Mata, Hazard are prime examples.

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  28. leo

    luca toni is a cu*t 16 teams in his entire career at 2010 wc i bet he couldn’t score a goal with an empty goalpost


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  29. Big Gun

    @Wenger’s coat. It’s all fine and dandy looking back and seeing what a great club we truly are, but looking at the past is futile. Kids growing up these days(outside England) who become football fans generally start supporting a team that is attractive and winning stuff. The amount of Chelsea supporters that have popped up here in South Africa over the past decade is frightening. The only way Arsenal can get back to their winning ways is by spending money. And to spend money, we need an owner, board of directors and manager willing to do so, none of which we have at the moment. The whole lot of them are penny pinchers…David Dein himself said that Arsene Wenger would never ever spend big on ANY TOP player, because he (Arsene) believes he can create them. We have seen this time and time again, Arsene developing great players (Cesc, RvP, Cole, etc etc) just to sell them, and replace them with cheap bargain buys hoping to do the same. The difference now is that the players I mentioned that we have recently sold for millions (Henry, Pires, Viera, Cole, Fab, Nasri, RvP etc) were all scouted by Dein. Now that Dein is not around, we can have a look at the signings Wenger has made, and they are not NEARLY as good a prospect as Dein’s. I mean Denilson, Vela, Bendtner, Giroud, Squillaci, Park, Gervinho to name were a complete waste of money.

    Wenger must go period. We need someone who will come in and actually utilize this 70m effectively of 2 or 3 quality players, not 6 or 7 sh*t/mediocre players. Arsenal are making profit every year, debt almost paid off. Time to change the wage structure to attract bigger names and keep our current ones. This must happen, because scraping the bottom of the barrel isn’t going to get us trophies.

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  30. Mo Owais

    @ Leo- Wenger will not sell a player after signing him 2 seasons ago!

    NOT GONA HAPPEN!! Stupid speculation

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  31. Ardi

    Runmer of the day Gallatasaray wants to buy Gervinho for 12m I really hope he joins arshavin chamakh n the rest of dead wooden n 12 is very good business aswell jovetic, Isco n wanmaya coming in

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  32. Anon.

    He is 35 years old, Accrington Stanley wouldn’t touch him with a 50ft barge pole.

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  33. AmericanGooner


    Fiorentina have not been relevant since Roberto Baggio went to Juventus in 1990.

    I don’t think this will have an impact on SJ8.

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  34. leo

    @mo owais i don’t know whther wenger will sell or not there is interest from galatrsay & if 12m is offered maybe who knows even his former club lille wants him & are willing to pay o10m now it’s upto wenger

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  35. Kobi

    No matter how bad a season we are having, we would CRUSH Fiorentina.

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  36. Mo Owais

    @ Leo- are you sure its not up to u!

    You talk as if your the players agents!

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  37. will share

    Toni u ass…fiorentina=stoke next to the arsenal and u have never been relevant no football brain,no tech ability,no shooting ability and no fans just rot in italy with your empty stadium u c*nt…

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  38. yann

    @Machine-Gunner. Yeah, but thats because he didn’t have amazing players playing with him apart from vucinic. At arsenal he would have time and would get loads of chances from our creative beasts

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  39. Uche

    First of all, I blame wenger and the board for subjecting us to this kind of ridicule. Luca Toni is nobody but the truth hurts. We have a great history but based on recent performances, it is hard to argue that we are a big team. We are bigger than Fiorentina for sure but that is as good as it gets. Secondly, I have a good feeling about Jovetic. Arsenal will be perfect for him. At arsenal, he just needs to bang in 16 to 18 goals in his first season and he will be considered a success. He knows this himself. The top teams like Man city and Man U will not be okay with that stat and as soon as he starts to struggle a bit, he will start warming the bench more often. I don’t see Jovetic displacing Van Persie, Rooney, Tevez or Aguero in these top teams and if Mourinho does go back to chelsea, Jovetic definitely will not interest him. Clubs like chelsea only have eyes for the Cavani’s and Falcaos of this world. I understand Jovetic has scored 12 or 14 goals this season. That is hardly spectacular. Walcot has scored more and Giroud has scored right about the same number of goals. So Jovetic will be perfect for arsenal and we all want him.

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  40. gery

    afterall he is right about least one thing,we did fall behind and we are not as attractive as used to be.(think Hazard).but stillhope he can be at emirates and bring us something new

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  41. g00ner4lyf

    So annoyed this is what our team has become. 7 years ago we got anyone we wanted.

    Wenger and the board OUT

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  42. khaesar

    Kroenke and Gazidis told me that they would never buy a player above 20 million euro!

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  43. georgie b

    Well f#%*& you and all your relatives back to Christopher Colombus.

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  44. Roy

    Sorry I’m late for my comment but somebody should check the Luca Toni Aarsenal rant.Smacks of a Spurs connection.

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