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JustArsenal Betting Guide – How handicaps and Spread Betting works….

Points Spread Betting ??

About points spread and handicap football bets – Facts you should know

Although point spread and handicap football bets follow the same core principle, they’re slightly different from each other – the reason it makes sense to go over them in one single write-up. Let’s tell you some important facts related to both these bet types, so you can bet accordingly next time Arsenal play, and make the most of your football predictions.

Handicap football bets

In handicap bets you must predict and back the possibility of a Team A win, Team B win or a draw. The handicap comes in the way that the teams may be subjected to deduction or awarding of extra goals, for betting purposes. Whenever a team is given a negative handicap (-), it implies that their final number of goals would be deducted by a certain figure for settlement of wagers. On the other hand, if a team is given a positive handicap (+), it means a few extra goal/s would be added to their final number of goals, for settlement of wagers. Let’s explain it to you with an example. Following is how the handicap market for a match between Manchester United and Arsenal may look like:

Manchester United vs Arsenal (Handicap Betting)

MU (+2) – 1.13 Draw (+2) – 7.00 Arsenal (-2) – 12.00

MU (+1) – 1.50 Draw (+1) – 4.50 Arsenal(-1) – 5.50

MU (-1) – 6.00 Draw (-1) – 4.50 Arsenal (+1) – 1.40

MU (-2) – 15.00 Draw (-2) – 8.00 Arsenal (+2) – 1.10

As can be seen above, bookmakers normally like to give sports bettors plenty of options in handicap betting. If you choose to go with the first row, you’d be placing a win-draw-win bet with Manchester United getting rewarded with two extra goals, after the match, for settlement of the wagers. You’d still need MU to win after those 2 goals are factored in.

So if the final score line turns out to be 1-0 to Arsenal, the result of that match from the perspective of your bet would be 2-1 MU. As a result, you’d win the bet even though MU actually lost that match.

Point spread football bets

The point spread football bets work on the same principle as the handicap bets, but you’re not allowed to punt on the draw. There is no provision for extra number of goals deducted or awarded to a team either. A bookmaker sets the spread at a certain fixed level. Let’s see how the point spread market for the above example may look like:

Manchester United vs Chelsea (Point Spread Betting)

MU +0.5 – 1.91 Arsenal -0.5 – 1.91

In the above scenario, the spread is half a goal. Now, if you back Manchester United, they’d be awarded an extra half goal at the time of settlement of the bets. Hence, you would win your bet if Manchester United either wins outright or draws the game. However, you’d lose the bet if Manchester United losess.

On the other hand, if you back Arsenal to win, half a goal would be deducted from their final score line at the time of settling the bets. You would only win if Arsenal wins the game, and lose if they draw or lose.

Bet responsibly and just for fun!

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