Keep the Faith-Wenger WILL lead Arsenal to top 4 finish

Wenger to stay (Calm down) by KSM

So we got knocked out of the FA Cup and the League Cup (does anyone really care about that League Cup?). We are still in the Champions League. Also everyone is saying we are gonna get flogged by Bayern? Really? Is football sooo predictable? Sometime earlier this year everyone thought Man City were gonna win the Premier League…hmmmm how did that work out for them?.

Did anyone expect us to beat Barca at Highbury when Arshavin scored? Did anyone expect us to be in 5th (a measly 4 points from Tottenham at this time of the year?) From what I recall ever since Thierry Henry left every year, EVERYONE has been saying we were gonna drop out of the top 4…HASN’T HAPPENED!!! (And I mean every f**king year!!!) Liverpool on the other hand, no-one thought they were gonna drop out, where are they now?

Our 1st priority should be a Champions League place in the Premier League. Everyone is all “In Arsene We Rust” and “Wenger out”…why? Cause we lost to a team that ‘parked the bus’ almost the entire game? Good on them for working hard and earning the win. I ain’t gonna diss them, I’m just gonna say good stuff on the win…enjoy the Championship!.

Plus that’s less games for us to worry about. Now we concentrate just on the Champions League and Premier League.

A lot of Arsenal fans want to win a cup and are almost completely forgetting that crucial Champions League spot.

What would happen if we come 5th? Half of our stars would leave claiming they wanna “play in the CL” and I put my money on the first player leaving would be Vermaelen. But no, we want a cup rather than a Champions League spot. Yeah and losing half our players and top players not wanting to join us is gonna help us trying to win it next year.

There are 15 other Premier league teams that would literally kill to be in our position right now. To be in the Champions League contention or even near the top 4 (QPR is one clear example) or to have the players we have (Wilshere, AOC and Walcott) and have the players we bought at those price’s (e.g. Cazorla and Giroud both under 20mil).

Consider this, we have Man City and Chelsea spending all this money on players and wages (Eden Hazard just 22 YEARS OLD what is his wage per week? 170,000 Euro). Then there is Man Utd and the only reason why there are getting anywhere in PL is thanks to the FA and RVP (not EVEN gonna go there right now) no not the ‘Football Association’ the ‘Fergie Association’.

Then there is Arsenal. A team with history and consistency. A manager and coach with loyalty. A team playing for each other not for a pay cheque (Man city and QPR) and that’s why, despite all the odds, the media and everyone saying they are gonna fail…they will succeed.

So no to Wenger out, he knows that he is doing. If we win the FA cup (or League Cup), sweet!. If we win the Champions League, even better! But NUMBER ONE priority is top 4 in the Premier League. So that’s why I am not too fussed about the FA cup, even less about the League Cup.

I will be ecstatic if we win the Champions League but if we don’t, meh, I can live with it, try again next season. BUT we can’t do that if we fall out of the top 4. I would happily trade in a FA Cup and a League Cup for 4th place if it came to it and so would many other teams.

If Wenger were to quit today Man City, Real Madrid and Barca would be chomping at the bit for him to be their manager, throwing as much money at him as they possibly can.

So calm down. If we are not in the top 4 by the end of the season. Then rage up and rage quit.

Only a fool complains about a job before it’s done.


Username: L3igh


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85 thoughts on “Keep the Faith-Wenger WILL lead Arsenal to top 4 finish

  1. mr lean

    good article,lets see how we react for the rest of the season,hope the players show a response.Jack needs to be captain as he showed again yesterday by his reaction how much he loves the club

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  2. rares

    the only problem that wenger has is that he doesn’t like to spend..,and thats a big problem..

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  3. ablindman785

    who gives a shyt about top 4. Im so mad i cant even be bothered to rant today

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  4. Joe

    Like i said yesterday the game was not wenger’s fault and the team did not play bad at all. It was just one of them flukey games in football we couldn’t score and they scored a mishit goal. These things happen, lets move on.

    A big game on Tuesday night a real European tie, we need to get behind the team in the league because we need that top4 finish to attract better players next year and keep some of our star players. Lets enjoy tuesday regardless of the result and then concentrate on the league and overhauling tottenham again.

    If we get top4 then things may be better next season. Money is there to be spent and with walcott signing a new deal it looks like we wont be selling any of our starting 11 this season. Gary neville summed it up perfectly, We are two world class players away from being a very very good side that can challange United.

    Our main problem this year has been consistancy but that was bound to happen when you throw 3 new players into an attacking 4.

    The defense has looked good when we’ve been at full strength and monreal looks like a great signing.

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  5. Goonerpath

    Is 8 years enough patience for You Leigh? You may be happy with mediocrity, but i am not. Top fourth place finish is acceptable? You’ve been brainwashed my friend, ill never settle for anything less than 1st and that is what we should be aiming for. A team with our history should NOT be considering fourth place as winning a trophy!!
    Wenger has got it wrong time and time again yet you all blindly follow him. Watch the Fergy interview on BBC and see what he says about not winning trophies!!


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  6. Nikhilesh Maiya(india)

    I wudnt hav felt bad if we had lost 2 manure r shitty, but 2wice v lost 2 lower league sides dat is as gud as losin 10-0. I dunno wat da players feel ryt now.

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  7. Segun

    LOOL! Yeah right, we couldn’t even beat Championship side Blackburn.

    Won’t say anything negative regarding the club or coach till after the Bayern game.

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  8. FrankinTas

    Well Bob, you and I just aren’t of a mind here. I happen to think the FA cup is important and to go out againt Blackburn at home, well, words fail me. As important as finishing in the top four is, how can it ever be regarded as a legitimate target. Have things really got that bad? I for one would actually like to win something and I really don’t think AW knows how to do that anymore.

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  9. John

    You are outta your mind who gives a crap about top 4 when you scrape it i would rather come 10th because that would cause the panic the board need to stop thinking about balancing the books and think about improving the team. People who have faith in wenger don’t have a clue. Arsenal are now crap and do not deserve 4th place.i hope they don’t get it and wenger gets sacked. Sick of his lies and bullshit

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  10. obi

    So Bob and the rest of you all you want is 4th position not a trophy you are happy of gettin raped by lower league sides.well am not.i want my arsenal back.imagine 90 year olds siting on the stands yesterday watching their team riped apart by second best teams.shame on u guys suporting wenger

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  11. Alex o

    hearded david moyes is interested in bringing fellaini or boateng if he changes club.
    who would you most like? like for fellaini dislike for boateng

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  12. Nikhilesh Maiya(india)

    This website tells us not 2 accept mediocrity on 1 day n then anoder day tey don give a sh!t about trophies

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  13. mr lean

    @rares my point is are stan/ivan allowing wenger to spend,lots of promosies from ivan but is he lying and we all know stan is in AFC for profit and cash and not trophies

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  14. Joe




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  15. georgegooner

    I’ve had enough of keeping faith, why should we be keeping faith? We should be expecting us to finish in the top 2 teams, getting to the final of the CL every season and seeing games like the one against Bayern as an exciting thriller with no clear winner, not us trembling at the fact that they are (and mark my words they are going to) going to rip us to shreds. The board AND WENGER have dragged us down too far now, we don’t deserve to be the next liverpool. The fans who go to games (unfortunately i can’t afford it) need to revolt and get it into the boards head, that we don’t want them here. A string of 10 games withs 1/2 or 3/4 filled stadium and they’d shit themselves. We have no “no sirs” in our team, no one is brave enough to question the philosophy of an insane manager. RVP was. RVP left because he questioned where the club was going and questioned on signings, Wenger didn’t like it. I absolutely guarantee that if the board and Wenger took a loss on transfers for ONE F**KING YEAR, and signed top class players without selling our best players, we’d be up there with Barca and Bayern. Not even that, imagine our team now, with RVP and Song in there! We would be 10 times the team Chelsea and City are! because we’d have leaders! and players who are top top quality. Arsene Wenger has dragged us down to the point where every game we have to hope and ” keep faith ” that we’re going to turn up, he has no tactical brilliance, the man makes like for like changes every game and expects it to change. No change in formation. No change in direction of attack. He has one way of playing football and it doesn’t work, but he is too stubborn to change. Fergie makes tactical changes that change the game for man united, that is why he is 10 times the manager Arsene Wenger is, and it is a joke! Because at the start, Wenger was a f**king magician and for some reason, he has completely lost it and is making a joke of himself.
    Leave Arsene Wenger. Before you ruin your history at the club. Soon no one will want a statue of you outside the stadium.

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  16. Thomas

    Fair points, good u keeping the faith.

    That said – i called 6th place finish before season started. In december i called no material signings in january. Nothing has changed. We may be in 5th 4 points from 4th – but weare also in 5th 2 points from 6th. I stand by my call – 6th.

    I luv wenger but it is time for a change – he could have proven me wrong up until january and he hasnt. For god sake the marquee signing we were linked with was Villa – 31y old and broken leg… Enough is enough sorry to say but Wenger needs to go after the season.

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  17. mudah

    Is top 4 all we can do?? And still proud of wenger?? I love top 4 finish but its nowhere near a success we deserve as a team like arsenal

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  18. Zgooner

    At least fourth ISA.. wouldn’t be that surprised if we clip third.

    Great article; a breath of fresh compared to the fungus that’s been growing on the Arsenalosphere..

    Footballistically speaking… you are spot on about Arsenal and Arsene.

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  19. mudah

    (B)-Bayern munchen!!

    Am sorry to say, if you know what I mean…thanks for the memory arsene but its time to say good bye!

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  20. John

    Joe when do imagine we are going to be winning things we cannot compete against united,chelsea and city and you think we are going to winning things. Each season we get worse. Wenger let rvp go to united and now then will win the league maybe even the cl. I would’ve either kept rvp and let him go for free so we could a shot at the league because he would’ve been playing to get to a top team or sell him to a foreign team for half the price. He has signed so many flops in the couple of years and your just to blind to see it

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  21. Reddb10

    What will it take for some of you to open up your eyes.
    This endless going on about how important fourth place is will be the death of us all.
    Gazidis and wenger are taking us for a ride and people still think they are doing a good job.
    If we get fourth place they will only come out and say they achieved the seasons target.
    Use the f###ing money we are giving you to win a trophy you greedy gits.

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  22. hanenyo

    “Then there is Arsenal. A team with history and consistency. A manager and coach with loyalty. A team playing for each other not for a pay cheque ”

    Admin, are for really? Arsene loyality is to the board. Moreover, the team put together by Arsene is not playing for each other because they lack winning mentality and win or lose they collect their pay cheque eventhough many of them do not deserve to be paid that much

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  23. landmind111

    Pfffft! The 2010/2011 season we went from beating barca at home to losing the carling cup final against birmingham and then falling out of the title race down to 4th!
    That team should of won the league!

    The 2007/2008 team were 5 points clear in february, drew to birmingham, and didn’t win a game til we were out of the title race. And I clearly remember players being happy the pressure was off of them to win a trophy, and then began to play good football again when we realised we couldn’t win.
    That team should of won the league!

    We SHOULD! Be playing Swansea in the league Cup final this season, but nooooooo!
    This Team should of won the league cup this Year!

    We are just incapable of winning!, even when the odds look to be in our favour, (ie the league cup this year, and 2011)
    We could play blackburn in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL, and lose! That’s is how weak we have become.
    And if spurs finish on top of us, that is gonna be the nail in the coffin for Wenger. These group of players are good enough, but they are not motivated to succeed, there is no urgency and the fringe players are well overpaid, we can’t get rid of them and they are happy to rot on the bench for their cheque. I Respect Arsene Wenger, but Its gonna take a very strong finish to the season for me to believe in him again. :(

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  24. Gunner 8

    Ok cool, so your’e saying that i should accept top 4 this time also?
    With stupid fans and writers like you, you guys go and kiss Arsene’s ass all the time and not stand up for mediocrity and shit players Arsene has brought over the few years while selling world class players!!
    Are you still gonna be on this site writing a sweet-ass article for Arsene if we get top 4 and we loose out another top player to a top club??
    And admin, what the hell do you know about FFP? you think other clubs are so dumb that they will just let FFP relegate or make them deduct points and just make Arsenal a top club in a year with the mediocre players they have while buying no world class players in the whole Jan. transfer window when they already knew they were gonna face Bayern?? Really?? How high are you mate??

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  25. Zgooner

    Howcome so many have hit out against Wenger for the loss against Blackburn instead of hitting out at the PLAYERS? Howcome Gervinho get criticized even though he had twice the work rate of Chamberlain? Is it because he’s not an English player?

    Most of the “Wenger -Out-Representatives” tend to do everything in their power to support their original verdict on Wenger even before the season had started.. doom and gloom with a teenagers hormonal knee-jerks… so all the criticism is ready even before kick… ready to jump on everything that goes against him.

    I never read anything today in criticism of the Arsenal supporters this season at the Emirates.. let alone the match against Blackburn last night.

    Are we going to get behind the players come Tuesday night against Bayern… or are our boos going to extend from the Blackburn match?

    Do any Arsenal Neigh Sayers follow the German league? Have you seen how fans support??!!

    Remember when we Beat Partizan Belgrade? 3-0 I believe…. the fanse stayed 20minutes after kickoff cheering their players. It breaks my heart that so many Arsenal fans are only supporting the team in good times… and in bad times…. turn against it and all it’s elements: starting with Wenger.

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  26. Ofir

    Who cares about that top 4 finish, for fu*k’s sake?
    We’ve finished in the top 4 every year since forever it seems. Has that shown up in our budget the following year each time? They say it’s crucial for us in order to retain our best players and attract others. Well, they leave anyway, consistently so, and no true class seems to come to replace them.

    I say fu*k champions league, we’re not going to win it anyway, and we always embarrass ourselves somewhere along the way. All I want is to see Arsenal play great football, for a change, and show some character in front of ManU, Chelsea and Shitty. If we can’t do that and fight for the league title, I’m indifferent about finishing 4th or 13th. If anything, by losing the Champions League money we might get rid of Stan earlier.

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  27. ABK

    i keep hearing that its a shock that Arsenal lost…sorry but its just not shocking anymore!

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  28. Andy gooner

    Finally someone talking sense.A great point well made.Other so called big clubs would be handing Sir Wenger a blank cheque to join them.Any realistic suggestion for who could replace him?
    People be very careful what you wish for!!!!!!!

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  29. goonner


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  30. Jim A

    When you have teams playing on a different wage scale what do you think is going to happen? When a team can double my wages and hand me a huge bonus well I just might take it? No I would be crazy not to. Man U just got under 400 million in debt for the first time. Yeah for them. Man City, Chelsea who can offer wages that are not even close to what we can offer.
    Like the poster says I’m happy being a top side every year and playing against the best teams in the world. The Champions League is the top trophy and if you have to rest your players in a league cup or FA cup to be ready for the best then you have to do it.

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  31. NIKK

    What pisses me most about Wenger is why can’t he like Fergie and just buy one one or two quality here and there, motivate the team and give the hair dryer treatment when called for!

    Leave the coaching and some tactic/training to trusted young lieutenants like Bould etc.

    Nooo! he has to poke his bleeding long nose into every affairs of the club…like he owns the bleeding club!

    Get rid of all those french wines from the trophy cabinet and start filling it with silverware!!!!

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  32. bashman

    arshavin has never played at highbury, some of the people calling for wenger to go are genwinly concerned fans but their blame is misplaced and they should be a little more respectful. wenger is not the problem at arsenal, its the people who run the show behind the scenes. this we will find out when he leaves.i think wenger himself will resign at the end of the seasons if 3 things happen
    1. no title challenge
    2. no cup
    3. no champs league spot
    sad but true

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  33. Dan

    Fans like you are the reason why this football club has turned in to a joke club. Wenger’s lost the f**king plot.

    Forget Bayern on Tuesday, this team needs to get back to basics, meaning starting over again completely with a new defence and goalkeeper.

    One thing Arsenal has always had is a proper goalkeeper, Lukic, Seaman, Lehman. But now Wenger thinks its okay to throw some 21 year old Polish kid in the deep end. Szeseny will be great in 3 or 4 years, but he isn’t ready yet.

    Our right back is p**sed because we sell all of our best players, and our left back is injury prone. Plus you can’t expect Monreal to do anything special in half a season.

    And as for our f**king centre half. Vermaelen and Mertesacker don’t possess half a brain cell between them. Even the mighty Tony Adams said the two of them aren’t compatible as a centre half pairing.

    Wenger will end up destroying his legacy and integrity if he doesn’t leave this summer. The current team is boring to watch and his comments afterwards are just embarrassing.

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  34. John

    I’m getting so sick of this it’s the boards fault poor wenger. Wenger is a club legend who could easily threaten to resign if he wasn’t happy with the way things are run. The fact is wenger doesn’t want to spend money and talks about stupid salaries. Myquestion is why does he get paid so much if he’s worried about the fianaces. Its bullshit wrapped in bullshit

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  35. Gunnersince15

    When I was a child, I believed in Father Christmas and Fairies. To my mind that is what is wrong now, with Arsenal. There are some Arsenal supporters, who believe that Arsene is God, untouchable because of his previous achievements and the things that he won for us, “In The Past”. But, living in the past, is not good enough. Any other manager, in any other “Top Club” would have been sacked, with such a poor winning record, so why has Arsene got away with it for so long? Money. Winning a trophy is not as profitable, as getting into the CL. It doesn’t matter if you get knocked out in the first of the knock out rounds, the real money is made in the prelims., and Arsene has achieved that year in and year out. Should he fail this season and that looks likely, it could be his Waterloo. Tired old tactics, so predictable, even lower league clubs can counter them and beat us, even on our own turf. We pay the highest seat price, yet we are often served up second rate shows. If this was a Broadway Musical, they would have shut it down.

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  36. well

    It is not about where Arsenal qualifies or what trophies it takes..Look at the lost charm of the arsenal play. They arent playing like they were in the past. They dont look to be the best team or even strives to. If we do so we have the best players and it is a matter of bringing out their potential, then i would say it is the managers fault of not bringing out the best of these players.
    I dont want to give any disregard to AW. He has been brilliant and everybody loved him.He probably believes , everybody believes in him still . But unfortunately, many of us have lost the trust in him. Every match we watch makes us think ‘hmmm… can we win this one?’ . If we do win, there is always been luck behind us this season for those wins. many of the matches did not look convincing.

    Not sure what Arsene is thinking these days. Perhaps he believes he is bigger than the Arsenal club and can do whatever he likes. This would be unfair to the fans.

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  37. 7

    We should never play Gervinho. Why was Poldi on the bench anyway when we knew that the FA cup was our only realistic hope for a trophy this season?

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  38. wibble

    I don’t believe Arsene Wenger will be sacked. He will stay until his contract expires in 2014.

    So we have one more year, then he will go.

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  39. Gunnerforlife

    First of all we the Arsenal fans are the most stupid and naive fans in the world. Since when have we become a club that sacrifies CL, FA Cup, League Cup,… just to finish fourth in Premier League? Well it seems I missed the damn change I still thought that we were a great club(the greatest with United, Liverpool…). In December we were promised changes in the team and how stupid we were again to believe in those emmpty words, AGAIN!!! We still don’t have a striker capable of scoring at least 1 goal out of 10 chances, and we still have defence against which anyone can score. We have Giroud to play AM but we pay him to score goals. Well I say he is here only because he is French not because he is good goal scorer. I could understand selling Van Parsie because of the years, salary that he wanted… but what I don’t understand is why the hell we don’t bring in the replacement. Again the replacement that scores goals not playing AM. In the defence we made a great step forward with Nacho but what about central defender. Thats just sad we call Arsenal great club and we can’t bring 2 damn high quality players. The answer is we can, but some people in the board like more the fact to earn some money every year for themselves. Well enough is enough and lets just stop beeing stupid for once and start pressuring Wenger and Board to lead this club as it suits to a great club that Arsenal is, and not to lose FA cup to a Lower league teams.

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  40. Arsenal4eva

    Last nite game against blackburn had showed us da teAm lacking of depth, top2 class be in da champion league,compete in premier league,board n wenger must spend,spend n spend!!!..dun get me wrong..we must spend wisely in order to win things n of cost we have to invest in order to end our trophy drought..we av to spend to obtain quality n top player!!!

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  41. jackie

    Do us a favour Bob, stop talking out of your rear, and get real.

    Top 4 is gonna take a monumental effort both physically and mentally, and we’re struggling with both. All this team seems capable of in the past 2 seasons is setting unwanted records. If anything, not finishing in the top 4 would be rather fitting since the club doesn’t deserve any sort of reprieve with the way they have disrespected it since the American and his South African boyfriend joined.

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  42. AmericanGooner

    I don’t doubt that we will finish 4th. But that’s not good enough anymore.

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    By the way.. Arsenal did not beat Barca at highbury you goon! it was at the Emirates

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  44. Bomber

    Wenger out – fine…sure whatever…but replaced by whom? You think Wenger is mid table but Moyes will somehow lift the team to a top club in the world again? Seriously? You honestly see Arsenal beating Man United, Barca and Bayern with the likes of Moyes pulling the strings? The average fans IQ must be south of 100 if you can picture this. You think the ‘Special One’ could do what Wenger has done and build a stadium? Haha – Jose is hired gun with a short window and has personal ambition, not a clubs interests at heart.

    Wenger out fine…but just remember – the ambition of Wenger was to pay for a stadium while maintaining a competitive club. This ambition is much greater then anything the modern football world has seen and it will only be recognized as a great feat 20 years from now. There are probably 3 maybe 5 managers in the world that could have built a state of the art facility, field a competitive team that is in the mix every year and still balance the books, the hard part is almost over…Arsenal will be in the best position in all of Europe in 3 years time. Their model is untouchable, no debt, high revenue and they control their own destiny.

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  45. Bomber

    One last thing…ask Leeds fans or Glasgow fans about ‘ambition’. And ask yourself how well would SAF have done if he was forced to pay back the half a billion in debts United owe and build a new stadium?

    Arsene out fine…but he had better be replaced with a top 5 manager in the world or were screwed…much harder for years to come.

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  46. gunner4life

    if a member of the Arsenal board would pretend to be a fan and write a blog post, it would look exactly like this one. it’s exactly because of mentality like yours that we’re in this deep sh*t right now. long gone were the winning mentality that has been the core of the Invincible’s. we were once world beaters, and now we just hope to be “better than most”. teams like QPR would want to be in our position. of course! because that means IMPROVEMENT. every team in the world is trying to improve themselves through different methods, the most popular one being “spending” but as far as i can see, the only team that does NOT want to improve is us. it’s exactly because of the mentality like yours that we are where we are. we are no longer trying to win competitions, but just trying to QUALIFY for them and as an Arsenal fan, this is a tragedy

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  47. Somtee

    He has always done it let’s keep the faith and for those of you that want Wenger out he hasn’t signed any contract and does want too either

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  48. ferro....

    Some people really have to listen to themselves… theyl go on about how shit the team is ripping it completely to shreds only then to go on and say we are one player (rvp) from winning championships or that we are only two or three players from having a [great] team. The teams not as bad as you make out then is it, and when you consider how many of them are new to each other and/or to the PL well you have to make certain allowances.

    The way i look at it – i see Arsene were trying to get the nucleus the foundations of a solid team to build upon with the viewpoint of these troublesome restrictions behind us and i also believe it would be madness to sack him at this stage of the season and not support our entire squad until we get to a date were changes in personel are a more common practice.

    When the Arsenal are truly greatly placed financially which should be the next transfer window, what im looking forward to seeing – has Arsene lost his touch. He used to fill our squad with world cup winners and im hoping to see similar in the summer. If like Neville says we are only two or three proper players from having a title challenging team well then Arsene must also believe this and i believe wether he stays or not should hinge on who he intends bringing in. If he says his squad is good enough when this year its proved otherwise well then i think its time to call it a day.

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  49. gutted gunner

    we want at least 4 to get champions leauge and attract top players but when we do we cant or wont pay there wages or transfer fees so all seems a bit pointless

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  50. kevin

    WHAT IS THE POINT?!?!? whats the point of making top 4 a target if we never build a team to actually compete in the champions league. we have wasted many seasons, and anyone who says yesterdays loss was acceptable has given up on arsenal. WE LOST AT HOME!!!!! away is a little understandable but omg!!! cant even put my frustration into words

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  51. kaz

    Wenger Is worst maneger ihave ever See. Some sheet everry season..leave arsenal for us. go .go.go.go.

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  52. davidrusa

    This is a very reflective article but is anybody opposed to Wenger in mood to listen? It is not a question of love and hate but realism. I think the question is misplaced. It should not be whether or not Wenger should leave but who would replace him if he left. The question of Wenger leaving is not a brain teaser what is of significance however is the replacement. It would be near madness to get rid of Wenger and bring an inferior replacement! What would be the motive in such a case? Would be it be irrationality, myopia, madness or all intertwined? Let the debate shift to “now that Wenger is not doing well what would be the ideal replacement for him?” My reasoning here is that it should not be Wenger per se but the desire to get a manager who will bring trophies to Arsenal not change for the sake of it. Most human beings are negative thinkers and taken up by the desire to expunge, expel, sack, dismiss but few ever care to ask themselves who would be the quality replacement for the sacked person. It takes long to build but very little time to destroy something built over time. Every genuine gooner should now be soul searching on what is best for the club rather than making emotional utterances which aren’t helpful. I have not read a response which refutes Bob’s assertions on their merits. All I am reading is insults, subjective statements, hate statements etc. Let us take Bob on using his arguments not our emotions. I would love to see somebody say that Bob is wrong because of the following reasons—not irrational statements that are not helpful to any of us. I find Bob’s arguments persuasive because he doesn’t engage in personalities but ideas. That’s what any true gooner should be doing because ultimately our arguments should be targetted at improving our team.

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  53. Gunnerineverylife

    Stick ur faith up ur arse,deluded AKBs who continue to support Wenger even after years of failure are also responsible for Arsenal’s demise.Even if we qualify for Champions League,nothing will change.

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  54. JAHVID


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  55. kaz

    u dont have eny filling about arsenal.dont u? all I care Is about arsenal fc .I dont care about a loser like (wenger) Bradford. Blackb………this Is to much

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  56. LoCkAy

    I hope when the deluded one decides to pack his “valises” you will be going with him…!!

    The person who wrote the article portraits the philosophy that has prevailed at Arsenal for the last 7 years… Which is:

    1- No or lack commitments
    2- A proven lack of sporting ambitions
    3- A clear and only focus on the financial aspect of the structure.
    4- Resigning a manager with a significant wage increase despite a zero title or trophy gain.
    5- Lies
    6- A disastrous selling and buying policy
    7- A catastrophic youth policy
    8- A manager lacking skills and tactical senses
    9- A total commercial failure of the club that sees us with only 21 partners when team like Man United and Real Madrid have an average of 150.
    10- A policy based on keeping the “yes boss” cronies and selling the strong characters.

    I could go on, but the true Arsenal fans got the point ( of course ) and have realised that even if Wenger goes we have some SERIOUS WORK TO DO.





    WENGER :-(

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  57. Arsenal Here

    Stupid things Arsenal fans say:

    - Let’s sack Wenger and bring in Moyes with the same board and no spending money!

    - We don’t have a strong goalkeeper!

    - It would be better for Arsenal to win Captial One Cup than to get a top 4 finish!

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  58. skitos

    Top 4 than what? Hope that we get easy games ?honestly we need to start spending or we going liverpool direction we need consistency n wenger must stop hoping that things will change u cn not sell world class,than u dnt replace them.this problem hurts me as a fan!!! Spend !

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  59. kentazola

    I’ve heard it all when it comes to complaining due to lack of winning or inconsistancy many of us as gooner fans like to crit from the sidelines and hope some1 would notice our nagging and our consistant conplaining how about we complain less and get behind our team mre mayb that last ingrediant to winning something is a more positive outlook and a less critising association.Gooner till I die!

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  60. ST The Gooner

    Just 2 more games in the CL, then we won’t have to worry about that either, possibly for another season and I fear for seasons to come. And Arshavin helped us beat Barca at Highbury? Did you sleep in 2006 and never wake up?

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  61. sperez

    The profit trophy, the so called 4th place, i$ only good to $atan Kroenke, the greedy board and Wenger.
    If Ar$enal make$ top4, the French clown and gazidi$ can collect their nice bonu$. Kroenke can make more money and the Arsenal fan$ will $uffer more humiliation$.

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  62. scott graham

    I think that the Spuds will get forth place & that they will have deserved it more than us.

    They have will get there by pipping us by beating sunderland on the May 19th. its every arsenal supporters worst nightmare or is it?

    Lets say Arsenal players play to there full potential and wipe the floor with bayern, then with that added belief the go all the way to Wembley where we get to meet RVP and his hangors ons, we then score in the 8th minute of injury time to lift the champions league.

    So we wouldn’t that put a smile on every gunners face. RVP & the Spuds shot down in one game of football

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  63. Redemption

    who the bloody hell do you think you are?? I mean you have some f**king nerve to write this article given the recent games at Arsenal and the way Wenger has been handling things.

    Just admit it already, Wenger is done!! his time is up and he HAD HIS CHANCES.. for 8 F**KING years so yeah its not like we(Arsenal fans) dint have faith in him, we did… a lot.. even today but i have faith that Wenger shud realise what he’s doing wrong and learn to let go.. its the only way Arsenal can get back on top.. we need a bloody CHANGE is what we need.

    Oh so for many of you guys who think otherwise, what do you think Wenger is gonna do?? make some transfers in the summer?? if you ask me thats the last chance he has if in case he still is the manager next season.
    And we all know how he is when it comes to signing new players– main thing — he lacks ambition and aggressiveness.

    Summer is going to be all about bullsh*t rumours and fake articles like this one just for the fans to put blind faith in i guarantee that.
    I dint wanna believe it but its true, facts are facts and stats show that.. time to wake up Wenger.
    and the people who support him when hes doing things wrong– it just makes me sick.


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  64. donal de burca.

    personally , i hope that the arsenal finish way down the table and out of europe totally . this is the only way that this board will react , they need to be hurt where they feel it most , their fat pockets , and i include wenger along with the board , he is a silent member of this crowd of conmen and thieves .if we do fisish fourth the board will defintely say to wenger job well done and heres a 20% pay rise .what i cannot understand here is the fans who actually attemt the games that the arsenal stroll about it , why cant you abandon these games , show the world that you are unhappy with your guru . again , if the board sees empty seats their cash registar ears will prick up and think do these fans have some brains after all .what is the point in coming on here and moaning and groaning about how bad our situation is when you have the destiny of our club in your hands guys . if we saw thousands of empty seats at ashburton grove then we would all know that the fans who are blessed with being able to see our heroes week in and week out are at last doing something about this dire situation . stand up and be counted , dont go to any more games , prove you are unhappy with the board and the manager and the team and the dreadful tactics and the awful medical team .in arsene we are f@cked !.

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  65. Zgooner

    Watch everyone call Wenger a genius when the football body as a whole get hit financially.. Arsene’s model is sustainable and organic… the football market currently isn’t..

    Regulation WILL come.. sooner or later… The ‘football bubble’ WILL burst one day.

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  66. Samonches

    This article is BS n d writer clearly is a mediocer wit no knowldge of wat sucsex is.!! I cld bet 50,000USD wenger aint gonna win shit till he drowns arsenal n leave take my bet if u got balls. Mcheeeeeew my email,

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