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Kroenke desperate for Arsenal to win the title – but won’t pay for it!

Arsene Wenger is definitely taking the brunt from Arsenal fans after only bringing in two players during the transfer window, especially as the two losses we have already suffered in the League made it quite obvious that we had a massive problem in midfield. But the fact is that Wenger can only spend what Stan Kroenke gives him for a budget, and according to David Ornstein, the Silent One is extremely keen to challenge the big-spending sides for the Premiership title, but wants Wenger to chieve it on a shoestring (comparatively!).

In his fascinating insight into Arsenal’s summer of woe, he spoke about Wenger’s problems in the transfer window, and then spoke about the club’s aims this season. He tweeted……
Ornstein Arsenal aims

That all makes very interesting reading, and it would appear that Ornstein has been working closely with people at Arsenal all through the transfer window, but it also says volumes about Kroenke’s real intentions. If he admits that we simply can’t compete with the spending of the two Manchester clubs and Chelsea, then the fact is that we really are aiming to reach 4th every season!

Now where have I heard that before?

Darren N

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21 thoughts on “Kroenke desperate for Arsenal to win the title – but won’t pay for it!

  1. mark

    FFS….either we bid for Lemar for 90 odd million or we didn’t. The accusation of not spending does NOT match with that alleged bid.

    So which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Either Wenger was prepared to spend big ergo we DID have the budget, or this is just a mud stirring story for more hits.


    1. Tas

      Nothing makes sence that’s the way they want it, one director says they have hundreds of millions and AW says they cannot compeat because we don’t have funds GOOD COP BAD COP you know while us supporters are fighting each other they are geting away with it

      Lamar situation I think was like this, we make a huge offer late so no time to think for the player or the club to make it hapen,

      I think what Stan is saying is that he won’t put in from his pocket like PSG or City but the club is rich which he fails to explain

      It realy wouldn’t suprise me to hear Stan seling the club and taking AW to America to run his new soccer club

      1. JJPawn

        30M + 60M = 90M

        (savings now available + sale of Sanchez)

        It is really, very simple. Wenger can only spend what he has.

        Please try to support the team, so that they can prevail to get into top four. Attacing Mesut or Alexis or the other players now forming a stronger core makes no sense.

        1. gmv8

          It’s all so vague .. I heard 40m +65m which would leave us with a 15m profit. We are holding the largest reserves in the Premier league, and we could be holding an awful lot more if we weren’t buying players that we have no intention of playing (not that it’s their fault). We all know we would be operationally and financially a lot better off without Kroenke.

          1. gmv8

            We had 100.4 million available for football at the beginning of April, 140million PL money and the profit we made in the transfer window, so I would estimate around 250 million available for business.

          2. Mems

            You have hit the nail on the head, people say that things don’t make sense at arsenal , as long as kroenke is at arsenal we will achieve nothing, the sooner we the arsenal fans realise this man will destroy arsenal , then we may be able to save our great club by forcing him to sell his shares. Don’t anybody out there find it suspicious that just before season tickets renewal time we had 200 million to spend on players?

          3. satanK

            That LA Rams stadium ain’t gonna pay itself ya’know. That new ranch needs funds too. Expanding ya wife’s Wallmarts ain’t free either. Wave goodbye to title challenges for as long as there’s a living kroenke having it’s greedy claws up the arse of Arsenal.

  2. AB

    Utter nonsense…I am not sure what attempt was made to address central mid-field…are we referring to Lemar? In any case both kroenke and wenger have to be out for us to win the league…Leicester example makes sense for a motivated team with an astute manager…we have neither…

  3. Antony Douglas

    Leicester won the premier league on a shoe string. Arsenal players need to work harder as a team. They are paid too much. They are not hungry for success. They earn more money than a managing director and a brain surgeon who spent many years training at medical school. They need to pull their socks and put more effort into their performances. If they don’t improve take a pay cut.

    1. MANTAK

      You’re right Anthony about Arsenal players needing to regain their hunger but life is not a Rocky movie. Once you get comfortable its impossible to regain the hunger UNLESS circumstances change, ie you join another club, you get a new boss… Its been said on this forum a million times before Wenger has made these players feel too comfortable and secure. That creates complacence. Read Ian Wrights book. It explains that very point. #boycottbournemouth

  4. gmv8

    How can people say that Kroenke wants to win trophies, when he’s on record saying that he doesn’t buy clubs to win trophies….

    1. Segun

      gmv8, The answer? Deliberately quoted out of context because the media know Arsenal fans read headlines only, not the full article, with context/perspective.

  5. arsenal-steve

    Kroenke will not spend on Arsenal, but It’s not hard to figure out why. There are a couple of things happening in America that are affecting his portfolio of clubs. On the one hand he is being sued along with the NFL for 100 million dollars by the city of St Louis. There is,in this case a chance the NFL and Kroenke could lose and that would open the floodgates for the big money legal action.
    On the other hand he is building a 2.6 billion dollar complex for the LA Rams and the coming Olympics including an 100,000 seater stadium. What is sad is that all the TV and Premier League money is coming in and morally and ethically should be spent on Arsenal, but is being kept as a cash pot to serve his portfolio/businesses. The LA Rams are his pet and all his clubs are there to eventually service the massive project in LA. At the end of the day he has a massive majority of shares at Arsenal and de facto controls the club, the profits. There is no love on the board any more. He will keep the cash of Arsenal held back even though it is given by TV etc for Arsenal to use for it’s Premier League season. Kroenke is an unethical man who makes Usmanov look like a saint. His other clubs on America end up like Arsenal….also rans. He has found the perfect patsy in Wenger who is a weak man who just cannot leave Arsenal. No other manager would accept Kroenke’s method’s. Wenger is essential to Kroenke’s plans as he is the Wally who accepts the orders.

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