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Lacazette finds life at Arsenal quite different! No frog’s legs!

Alexandre Lacazette hasn’t had a lot of interviews in English since his arrival at Arsenal in the summer, but for a player that has never played outside France before I’m not surprised that he finds life in London a bit different to what he is used to. So let’s ask him what he thinks the main differences are, and what he has had to get used to…. did just that, and you can tell from his answers that he is still learning the language, so first off he said: “A lot of things changed for me. Firstly, the language, obviously. ”

Yeah those cockney twats can be a bit hard to cope with, I guess, but don’t get him started on the Northerners or the Welsh…

“Having to adapt to their accent because not everybody’s accent is always easy to understand. ”

You can’t knock him for that. I have the same problem and I’m a 58 year-old Londoner! So what else is a problem, Alex? “Also, the roads. They are different from France. Everything is on the other side. ”

Yeah even the steering wheels! Nightmare yeah I can see where you are coming from mate. Is there anything else you are having trouble with? “[Then there’s] the food – I haven’t gotten used to English food yet. So quite a lot but I’m getting used to it.” Eh? Surely you can order snails and frogs legs in London? I know they do them in some posh London pubs!  We had better get him an A-Z so he can find his way around maybe? Or perhaps try and tempt him with some cockles instead?

So, have you had a look at London yet? “I have seen a lot of the city. I’ve been on London Bridge. I went to see Big Ben, although I’d already seen that before, the London Eye, the city centre. Oxford Circus, all of that.” Well that’s good. I hope you weren’t driving on those visits (on the wrong side of the road) coz it’s a nightmare in the City, and don’t get me started on the congestion charge!

So was there anything that you have got the hang of yet since your arrival? “I did some shopping, of course, as I like clothes, so I made the most of it as you’ve got almost all of the shops there.”

Almost? Almost! You have every shop in the world in London. You can even buy L’escargot if you know where to look lol.

I’m a bit worried about asking him about the football now….
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8 thoughts on “Lacazette finds life at Arsenal quite different! No frog’s legs!

  1. GB

    Pourquoi tu me regarded?
    Bit of a piss taking article really. I’m surprised you didn’t throw in a couple of hee haw he haws for good measure.

  2. Jaydawg

    Shut up you lot this article was a bit of fun. If you lot were representing the fan base hell you’re boring moan moan moan lighten up!

    1. GB

      Don’t know where you’re from mate but article could be conceived as somewhat francophobic. Perhaps you still live in the 70s. Try moving on.

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