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Lacazette praises Reiss Nelson – Should he play tonight?

All Arsenal fans that were watching Reiss Nelson in the Gunners tour of Australia and China couldn’t have failed to be impressed by his silky skills, which I highlighted in a video at the beginning of the season, but for our new 52m GBP signing Alexandre Lacazette to have been just as impressed is high praise indeed.

“I think Reiss is very good,” Lacazette said on “I believe he will be a top player for the club. He already impressed me during pre-season and it’s great to see what he’s been doing for the under-23s.

“His stats are very good and he’s been performing well. When he’s played with us, he’s shown that he has real quality.

“I really like Eddie [Nketiah] as well. He’s a great striker at the academy. He is very calm in front of goal and has great technique.”

Real quality indeed! So surely tonight’s game against lowly Doncaster is the perfect opportunity for Nelson to perform in front of a capacity crowd at the Emirates, and show us what he can do for the first team. Should Wenger play him from the start tonight?


15 thoughts on “Lacazette praises Reiss Nelson – Should he play tonight?

  1. John

    Too much pressure on this kid………..people need to remember that he is only seventeen………a mere teenager………..he will have a bad patch at some point……let’s back off with the high expectations……..and let him enjoy the moments……….

    1. John Ibrahim

      Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Viera, Henry, Fabregas,

      and most recently Mbappe

      All play top tier footy when they are 17yo

      Keep playing and keep improving thats the only way

      1. tas

        John Ibrahim
        there is an argument that young players have young bones which have not yet developed fully, with most youth players you risk long term injury if they are thrown in the deep end

        1. Break-on-through

          Don’t know why you got thumbed down because youngsters are still developing, the bones, I’m not a doctor (“no s**t) but you’d have to believe that bad injuries when young would create a problem area for later. Ive heard a professional say before that brakes actually make your bones stronger after healing, esp when young, but I find that hard to believe when we are talking about players trying to reach peak speeds and physicality.

      1. Joseph Saleh Australian Gooner from S.A

        Mate I live in Australia and am life long Gooner. Kids his age play AFL football here which is a much tougher sport than Football or Soccer as they call it here and they are fine , no need to ease them in if they are good enough they play 1st game after being drafted the off season before hand at only 18 years off age and they have no problems with long term injuries. So I don’t know what you guys are on about if they can play a full season off Aussie rules football at 18 they can play EPL at 17

        1. Break-on-through

          Mostly all handwork though, the feet were not exactly built for intricate movements and taking knocks on the turn, the arms were built for manual labor. Fighters hands have problems after years of fighting, but all they used them for was making a fist before contact.

    2. tas

      agreed and i think he should play games like tonight competitive but not the end of the world game if we don’t do well, that is not doing well further in the competition tonight’s game we have to win otherwise we will be laughing stock of the world and so soon after Liverpool disaster

  2. Ronny

    I hope he’ll start/play.
    Ot I’ve just caught up on the ox curse saga!
    Oh dear very smug on lfc website when he signed and they’ve not won in 4 games since and we are yet to lose, hmmm!
    Just think what we could do if walcott went as well lol
    Another ot:
    Did anyone see James Rodriguez assist to vidal last night for the 3rd goal against schalke. Outrageous skill such that I had to keep replying his touch several times to see exactly how he struck the ball. Incredible player last night.

  3. Ronny

    Agree with tas about the development of physique and the growing process of bones and cartilage etc
    When you look at Reiss it does appear he could do with just a little bit more weight/muscle on him.
    Probably wise to give him 45 to 60 mins when the game suits.

  4. Break-on-through

    I’d like to see him play bit parts mostly, I’d hate to see another youngster coming through like Jack Aaron Diaby and be totally blighted with injury. Rosicky the same thing happened, but his began elsewhere so it’s not all cut and dry. I thought our pitches were getting looked at, did that ever happen. Then the PL teams are usually harder on us than most because of that wnkear that said you need to kick Arsenal and they fall. Refs bought into it too I don’t care what anyone says, it’s like they believed well they have a point, they aren’t gonna pass you off the pitch now are they. You’d have to imagine the fault either lies mostly with Arsenal for overusing them whilst still in development, or else with it being that people are made differently so you need to lose the ones who cannot stay fit and keep up with our pace at the same time. Another one might actually be – not enough competitive football when young, the academy game is not 90min, and it’s all about technique, then all of a sudden they could become a must for our 1st team. I’m going round circles here, not sure what to believe, it’d be good to hear from someone who is familiar with this kind of stuff, and has no stock in the matter.

  5. Jimmy Jazz

    It’s time to give him some game time. Antelope cup and Europe are ideal starter games for him. Hopefully he’ll get 20 to 30 games this season but Wenger shouldn’t start him 50 plus times like he did Wilshere in his first season.

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