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Last Arsenal chance for Arshavin?

Arshavin Set To Have One More Chance? by AH

Wenger has today confirmed that Andrey Arshavin will be returning to the squad to face Swansea City in tomorrow’s FA Cup reply at the Emirates.

Arshavin has featured hardly at all for Arsenal this season, not even managing to make his way onto the substitutes bench for match days and many fans assumed his time at the club had ended as there was no news that he was injured or anything. However, it seems he is still very much part of the club, despite his lack of action so far this season, and he is now set to start (I presume) in tomorrows game.

Wenger told;
“We have Koscielny suspended for tomorrow night and everybody else will be available. He will be replaced in the squad by Arshavin.”

Now, the key bit there is that Wenger said he (Koscienly) will be replaced in the SQUAD by Arshavin and so, as the two players occupy completely different positions of the field, it’s not going to be a literal like for like swap but it does seem pretty certain that Arshavin is set to mark a return in Arsenal colours.

It will be interesting to see how he performs after such a long time without playing, as well as the fact that this is most likely going to be his last chance to prove himself and show that he still has talent, otherwise we could be saying goodbye to the Russian in the very near future.

Arshavin has been linked with moves to Reading and Fulham as well as former club Zenit St Petersburg. It’s reported that talks broke down with both English clubs after his wage demands (£75,000) were too high.

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58 thoughts on “Last Arsenal chance for Arshavin?

  1. johnverdal

    arshavin is a quality player. im surprised other teams havent made an offer for him yet.

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  2. Kjacko

    Dont think he will even come of the bench for us – He is only being named in the squad.

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  3. Ahmed

    the guy s definitely lazy…plays one game good, next game “DON’T BOTHER”.

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  4. Gunner 8

    He is just fooling with us. Arshavin gonna be on the bench and remain there coz Wenger knows if he f##ks this up he’s gonna be booed his ass off from the Emirates.

    He’s gonna field his best side. Giroud and Ramsey gonna be coming of the bench after 60 min. SOOOOO Predictable.

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  5. G-Force

    @ Invincibles nice (1) – in case you missed my earlier reply to your question:

    If it were up to me, we would have strength in depth mate.

    I don’t have a problem with fans essentially paying off the stadium. For the record when the stadium debt is completely paid off (with the fans’ money), the shareholders are the ones who stand to gain financially through increased share price. What do the fans get? They don’t own the stadium – all we have is the passion + love for the club and the expectation to see their team be competitive and to succeed.

    Bearing that in mind, I do have a problem that the fans are being exploited and taken for granted despite being a major contributor to repaying the debt. Ar$ene, Gazidi$ (and $tan) do not pay off the stadium with money from their own pockets and yet all they care about are PROFITS, maximizing the shareholders value, selling off the key players in the team and not replacing them, taking home their huge pay checks and bonuses while talking about ‘restricted finances’ – all at the expense of the fans.

    And that is what I have a problem with. The fans deserve to be treated better when they are the ones essentially paying off the stadium! All we ask are some reinvestment into the squad so that the team can compete and be successful. Is that too much to ask?

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  6. dal

    Good times and low times but all in all it looks like AW has got us into a very strong position financially & ready to compete next season.
    I haven’t always given him an easy ride but hats off to him. Great achievement at the highest level.

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  7. Ahmed

    If we lost to swansea city, I’m sure the headlines will flash up on our faces again 8YEARS WITHOUT TROPHY. we n3d our arsenal back.

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  8. Nick

    Why not roll the dice and play AA23 at CB? Wenger had Per playing up front in the last 10 minutes against Citeh!

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  9. green gunner

    We don’t need arshavin. This team needs fighters, not lazy spoilt millionaires.

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  10. Ben

    Hope Ramsey gets a chance down the middle again, he played pretty well on Sunday.

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  11. kimbono

    arsha the ox/theo
    wilshere coquelin
    meade verm mert jenks

    cazorla diaby podolski on bench

    easy peasy lemon squeezy, apple pie custard

    and dont forget the mustard wenger

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  12. Briano

    Heres a mad idea Arsene………play Arshavin in his right position for once!!!!

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  13. Andrew

    Arshavin has had many offers to move to other clubs and Arsenal have been willing to offload him, BUT HE WON”T LEAVE!!!!

    He has refused all offers to leave. He would rather live comfortably in London and collect his big salary rather than play football.

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  14. Jarhusanthegunner

    Arshavin is an outstanding player and will always be an outstanding player. He’s got the ability to cross and score. Remember his performance at reading with Walcott. I think Arshavin should have more chances to play especially in premier league. In order for him to play Wenger needs to alter the formation.

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  15. tom

    How do players like M’vila and Remy join qpr for 15m???
    Isnt that a price that wenger would pay for 2 quality players!!! why the hell didnt he sign them

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  16. para

    This man AW has no idea how to play against Swansea.
    Swansea plays like we used to play, plus their rugged strength in tackling, closing down, knocking down opposition players, not pulling down i may add, knocking down.
    If we do win tomorrow, i will be pleasantly surprised and fuxxxxx happy.

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  17. Dan

    This is why Wenger doesn’t buy quality players, he just ruins them by manipulating them and playing them out of position. Arshavin was a big boy when he came to the club and new he wanted to play as a striker as he had for club and country. But Wenger decided to force him out on to the wing.

    No wonder Arshavin doesn’t put in much effort, he has no reason to after the way he’s been treated.

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  18. ks-gunner

    Arshavin is a good player i wonder why Ar$ene choosed to freez him out on the bench…..he can play behind the strikers ,he can be rotaded with cazorla giving him some rest for once…he also can be used as a striker remmeber the chl games,and of course on the wings….him infront of the likes of Gevrinhio or Ramsey anyday in my openion…..

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  19. dee

    Finally!!! So I wonder what caused Aw to include him. I am just amazed that AW will let Ramsey play and keep Rosicky on banch and Arshavin not even on the list.Of course tomorrow if he will not perform well everyone going to say “oh he is deadwood blah blah” and too few going to think that guy did not play for a ver long time. And most frustrating is that he is way better then Gervinho, Ramsey, and even Walcott. He has the feeling of the game, yes he doesnt run a lot, but he knows when to be in the right place in the right time, plus he can cross the ball, and when he runs with the ball he is not chicken without the head(Gervinho). Man i want ressurection of Arshavin at Arsenal!

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  20. Maxigooner27

    QPR managed to get both Yann M’Vila and Loic Remy. I really wanted M’Vila but it seems Wenger really doesn’t trust him not to be an idiot and a bad influence. Oh well.

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  21. nir

    wenger did say rosicky has an injury problem. i wish eisfield and serge got a chance:( they actually have potential to buzz a game.

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  22. Henry

    @dan…so if a player is played out of position they should just give up and not put any effort in? That’s a bit pathetic and childish don’t you think?

    I don’t know what has happened to Arshavin. If he is as good as everybody is saying then surely he would be good enough to play anywhere up-front, whether it be behind the CF or on the wings! I think this whole “he plays him out of position is nonsense”. At Arsenal the front three can rotate and switch positions, when played well thats the beauty of it. I accept that when i see a CM (Ramsey) played on the wings then it can be a problem because he has always been an out and out midfielder but Arshavin is more versatile and should be able to play in various positions. Unfortunately i think the sad truth is that Arshavin has bags of ability but he is too spoilt and lazy to really give a s**t all the time.

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  23. william meleady

    What’s all this shit about asshole shaving should
    have be F##ked out two years ago.its like this play the
    youth team and you will see players that want to play
    as for wenger he’s had his chance and we have heard
    all the excuses out with him ass shaving gervineo ramsey
    and get some quality players for a change and a
    manage who will spend when needed and not keep
    the money for the miser s up stairs

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  24. ablindman785

    Just play him in the right position. Its as simple as that. When he went bacjk to zenit he was banging them in and for the national team he is still a force. The man is class, he’s just got to be given the right chance to show it. i.e not as a winger.

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  25. GoneGunner

    For me this will be a great line up and formation to include arshavin in!


    Sagna – Verm – Kos – Gibbs


    Cazorla – Wilshere


    Walcott – Podolski

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  26. machiavelli


    Sagna Vermalen Per gibbs

    Diaby Wilshere Cazorla

    Walcott Giroud Arshavin/podolski

    thats our squd tomoroww i think.
    I personnally think Ox should get more chances from start he’s way more stable then for example Giroud who is not consistently good. Ox in Giroud out!

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  27. Invincibles nice (1)

    The very talented Russian has gotten more chances than he should have and did never prove any real worth due to himself having absolutely no work ethic whatsoever. Its frustrating wathing ourselves play the lad for the privilage of a couple of classy passes. If only he had half the desire to work within our team fighting for the right to play ball similar to how Wilshere indeed does, could really have been an outstanding asset, a real pitty considering.

    I would like to see Cazorla move out to the wing and Oxlade move centrally to play alongside Wilshere, for a couple of games so to mix it up a bit. I think the future of the Arsenals midfield will have the young Englishmen dictating our midfield for years to come. Maybe even rest Wilshere for sixty odd minutes Rosicky taking his place beside Ox.


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  28. Hademe P

    Wenger has no option now with the number of matches in days to come and with Arteta and Giroud and Rosicky with knocks,Arshavin is an option after all he is still an Arsenal player.However,Arshavin should choose between his carrier and money because no club will ever pay him what arsenal is currently paying him. Who knows, he may outstanding for us tomorrow.

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  29. ripple

    Some unwanted players are almost unusable they are so bad.
    Arshavin, however, does have talent and can contribute.

    After Wenger has left him to dry so long it remains to be seen if he can remember how to play.

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  30. Raj khan


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  31. luwegunner

    Please play him in the position you saw him playing in. It has destroyed a lot of players at Arsenal in the last 7 years. Even Gibbs was good in midfield but now with no one allowed to coach him how to defend teams will keep bombing thru our left flank.


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  32. jack

    oh yes wenger the wan— has really fu— it up soon he will be gone and so will all the shi- players he has collected

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  33. mohawk35

    @dee: you are so right. if Arshavin would get even half the chances that Ramsey has had, I promise you he would have contributed much more than Ramsey in goal creation, assists etc.

    Arshavin can still be weak defensively and he sometimes gives up the ball too easily but so does Ramsey constantly. And Arshavin can offer much more creativity and quality service.

    It has been a long time since he played 1st team so I am not expecting too much.

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  34. Sox

    Wenger will have to play a mix oy young gunners with seniors. Got to play Eisfield and serge and Arshavin and maybe Rosiky if fit. He has to bring some freshness into the squad and surprise Swansea!!!!! Got to also rotate squad to be ready for Chelshit!!!!!

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  35. Neil

    We signed Andre when he was 27. Froma anealry age, Russian coaches knew he was a talent and gave him the playmaker role, behind a striker.

    He played in this position for ever..even for the national side until…he came to Arsenal.

    Wenger played him out wide and asked him to defend (which he can’t do).

    Everyone complained at how lazy he was…but Wenger must have known he was a ‘Bergkamp’ type player. It’s like asking Cantona to track the full back. He never had a chance.

    Wenger ruined a real talent. That’s my opinion on Arshavin.

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  36. LoCkAy

    Here we go… He gets another player we have not seen for ages and take him out of his box !!! Wenger is unbelievable… The miss management at Arsenal is just artistic and legendary !!!


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  37. ripple

    It seems like every fan has an idea for rearranging players so that the team will suddenly be good. Some of the ideas are no-brainers (play Rosicky) while other ideas are fine but would likely not make a big difference in the long run.

    Adding a little more quality and depth is the real answer. Most players and teams respond well to new signings. Quality play begets quality play. And players know they must perform or they won’t get selected.

    Instead, Wenger claims Arsenal have enough talent and constantly selects big underperformers instead of proven talent.

    The lineup rearranging game is fun… but it not the answer to Arsenal problems. They should be able to play well together regardless.

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  38. mohawk35

    @dal: you have a great positive attitude but i would like to know what wenger has done in the past few seasons to indicate he will actually go out and spend the kind of money it will take to rebuild the team. A dozen players would be needed to cover the current dead wood.

    Why has he then intentionally let the team go so far down? Just so he can try to recover it? Seriously? If so, that is a stupid way of trying to manage a team.

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  39. snakeoil

    @Ben Great Idea – Play Ramsey Again. Instant success. After all, he has had so few chances but has looked fabulous all season when he does play.
    (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm, cough, sarcasm).

    Why don’t we just play Gervinho, Ramsey, Park and Squillachi all in the same game. Genius.

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  40. ya

    Wenger destroyed Arshavin, fact. Hidding still can’t forgive Wenger for killing on of the best talents of his time.

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    for some reason i believe in arshavin,he can acc get his form back if he plays CAM

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  42. Kadiri Bigben

    I still cant why Arshavin is not fit for the team while Ramsey is…I for one still have so much faith in Arshavin’s talent and what he can offer to the team on a good day so Mr Wenger whats your rationale for pickin your squad?

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  43. Arshhhaakiki

    I’m so happy to hear that. Such a great news!!
    I hope he (arshavin) do his best tomorrow and make everyone especially
    Wenger think that ‘hey!you are wrong about him!’
    Cheer up ,keep on going , fighting Arshaaa:))

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  44. Doc

    Arshavin would be like a new player IF he got his old form back like 4 at Anfield.

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  45. Sun

    So now some fans think Arshavin is good enough to play, despite most fans calling for him to leave, or to up his game for 2 seasons.
    As some have pointed out he is lazy and half the time he plays he can’t be bothered to put in a performance.

    Though the way the fans that comment on here…..
    if Arshavin plays tomorrow and has a good game you will all say “I told you I was right” Wenger doesn’t know…blah blah.

    But if he does not play and we lose you will all be saying “if Arshavin played we would have won….etc” and again blame our manager.

    If Arshavin comes on as a sub there will be people saying he should have came on earlier.

    And if we win without using Arshavin I bet there will also be fans that comment on here saying we would have won more convincingly if he played… just so they can have another pop at our manager.

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  46. Johnno

    Start him in place of Carzola in an attacking position, centrally. DO NOT play him on the wing, for f*cks sake.

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  47. LoCkAy



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  48. Asterix


    2 years ago we had better players than him and he was lazy. Now with the quality we have left he looks like a potential messiah.

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  49. Scott

    Good News guys… we have just bidded for Jim Floyd Hasslebank but the bad news its going to be a swap for Jack Wilshere plus 7million pounds. C’mmon guys get some laff… we can’t be upset all the time. We will start winning trophies again and remember these 8 years with laughter.

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