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Lemar wants Arsenal, but will the Gunners pay £53m to get him?

The rumours linking Arsenal with the Monaco midfielder Thomas Lemar simply won’t go away and it has been veriously reported that the Gunners have made two or three bids for the French international, with the last one reported to be £45million. But we were told that the original demand from the French Ligue 1 Champions was for a massive £80m.

But now the famous Italian sports journalist, Emanuele Giulianelli, is claiming to have inside knowledge of how much Monaco really will accept. He tweeted……

Giulianelli may well be right, and he proudly claims on his Twitterfeed that he was the first one to reveal that Mustafi was on his way to Arsenal last summer, but Arsenal fans are more likely to remember him as one of the many so-called experts who told us that Karim Benzema was a done deal a couple of years ago. His tweet from August 2015 said….

So there is a possibility that he could be right, and then again he could be wrong, but the question remains that if Monaco WILL accept €60m euros (£53m) then do you think that Wenger should pay that?


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24 thoughts on “Lemar wants Arsenal, but will the Gunners pay £53m to get him?

  1. muff d...

    Emanuele Giulianelli is a goof
    unreliable as they come

    name like some z list Italian chef

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  2. John Legend

    I have not seen him play. If he has loads o quality, it is okay, if not, such can be used to bring in a proper CM who is proven with some change

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  3. Deji Obe

    He had been right in some of his rumors over the years and also gets some totally wrong,so lets wait and see.On if we should sign TL for £53m?it’s no brainer the boy is still young and his market value will sky rocket in few years especially should he perform more than expectation#get him signed

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  4. Break-on-through

    The French guys over in Liga 1 are making it easier for these gossip columnists. I hope Arsene can get it done before some other clubs decide to also make a play for him. I’d be very happy with the Lemar signing but would love if we could keep Alexis along with him.

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  5. ZEN2OH

    Well it seems they have reduced the fee now to a reasonable price from £80 million to £55million or there about for Lemar, however i think we can make some reasonable deal with them too. Maximum should be £50 milliion maybe £45 million plus add ons. why i want this deal done ASAP is because this Lad is just 21 years he can stay at Arsenal for as long as 10 years, He can play in the wings, play as wing left back and forward, play in both left and right wing, can also play in the central midfield next to a striker (ozil’s position) He can dribble, score goals, assist ,Create chances, and defend a little at least

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    1. Farrri

      Lemar is class act but dont expect it arsenal is a club buys one exceptional talent each year and lose two this year they have already got two saad and laca its just rumour created to show fans how hard they r working in the window lemar is better than other lads in monaco he is going no where this year he will get monaco full price of the money if he comes in arsenal they will be champions of champion only one condition when Sanchez leaves he will be in otherwise no

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  6. Quantic Dream

    Pay 40M…if not enough then go for Gelson Martins.53M is a bit too much man will we buy everyone for 50M and above?

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  7. Arsenal_Girl

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    1. kev

      It would be wrong to sell the Ox at this moment.The guy can be a top player and must not be sold.He’s as talented as Lemar but just that he’s injury prone.He also has cutting edge which is very essential in any team to open up opposition defences.

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      1. Adam Criniti

        No offense but have you ever watched Lemar play for Monaco or France?

        Ox could only wish to have Lemars tactical and futbol brain.

        Dude is 21 and would walk into Arsenals starting 11 even with Sanchez, something Chambo in seven years at the club is yet to attain.

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  8. Ian Wrights bruva

    If wenger see,s the lad as part of his plans then pay them what they need and get it done. Strengthen the team and try and get Sanchez to realise we a ready to mount a serious challange this season. If Sanchez still wants to go the tm helps fill the gap.


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  9. Godswill

    Go all out for Lemar especially if Sanchez insist on leaving.
    Get the proceed from the sale and fund Lemar and one other addition.
    Lemar has many years ahead.
    City should pay 80m for Sanchez because he’s in the second class after Messi and CR7. Nothing less.

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  10. lube

    Don’t know Jack about this kid hope he come to us and become good.

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  11. Adam Criniti

    Can u imagine being a Monaco fan @ the moment. Fresh off a Ligue 1 championship campaign and CL semifinal birth and all of the following players either have left or expressed interest in moving on..


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  12. Samuel Ogungbayi

    Let Arsenal pay the £50+ million pounds and get Lemar quickly before other Clubs outbid us . A winger that got 14 goals for Monaco apart from assists last season must be good .Our “stingy” Economist of a Manager does not bid twice for a player unless the player is very good.
    We have good right wingers in Walcot who scored 19 goals last season ,as well as the Ox . If we get Lemar on the left wing considering his versatility ,talent and goal scoring ability, we would be title contenders even if Sanchez goes as Lacazette is also a goal scorer.
    The price commanded by a player is determined by talent , the productivity on the field in terms of goals and assists and the age of the player. Lemar at 21 years of age has all these positive attributes hence the price cannot be low.
    Pay up now and let him come quickly to get integerated with the team !

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    1. Jay

      “.Our “stingy” Economist of a Manager does not bid twice for a player” According to who? Or do you always get given insider information about each and every transfer negotiation that goes on at Arsenal?

      Once again, it is completely unsubstantiated nonsense, that you have made up in your mind, yet you use it to criticise our manager as if it were absolute fact.

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  13. Sparkles

    I think Monaco may accept £45 million plus £8 million add ons. We can give a try. If it fails, pay the whole money cash.

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  14. shabbirali

    Few days ago i said that the price wl decreased- still is high there wl be some change
    decrease imminetly – they are coming near to arsenal bid .in the neam time aw is searching qualified players let us wait few days and we wl know the full senario
    Forza Gunners

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  15. Liam Buttle

    Cracking player already and is gonna be real class. Pay whats needed to get him, or offer bit less and send some of our young fringe players on loan for the season who are not ready for prem this year!

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