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Let’s all go to Australia to see Arsenal this summer!

The Gunners have been spreading the Arsenal Brand around the world in the last few years since Stan Kroenke took over at the Emirates, whereas Arsene Wenger previously preferred a low key pre-season build up in places like Austria before the Yank’s arrival.

The latest continent going to be visited by the Gunners destination is Australia, with Arsenal set to play both big Sydney A-League sides, Sydney FC and the Western Sydney Wanderers in July next year. Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis started the promotional buildup when he said: “Our pre-season matches enable the squad to complete final preparations ahead of a new campaign, and Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers will provide a strong test for the team. The trip also gives our travelling squad a wonderful opportunity to see our loyal supporters in a country so passionate about football; it’s set to be a truly special trip and everyone at Arsenal Football Club is already looking forward to it.”

The New South Wales Tourist Board is hoping to promote it as part of a tourist boost to the area, despite the games being played in midwinter over there. Destination NSW Chief Executive Office, Sandra Chipchase said, “Sydney is Australia’s home of football and the perfect destination for Gunners fans looking to not only watch their team in action, but to also begin a memorable holiday in NSW. There are beautiful beaches, also great casinos where you could find the the best online slots in Australia. You also have the Opera House in Sydney, which is a must-visit, and many other brilliant attractions, like the arched Harbour Bridge and fantastic Royal Botanic Garden nearby. Don’t forget the Sydney Tower’s Skywalk too, but if you go to the casino definitely have a look for the Where’s the Gold pokies

“Travel packages will soon be available to assist fans in building their perfect Sydney and NSW itinerary. With plenty of travel and accommodation options on offer, visitors can take in one or both of these two exciting matches, and stay on to experience everything NSW has to offer including world-class beaches, scenic coastal locations, adventure, nature and other great sporting and cultural events,”

With no Euros or World Cup this summer, Arsenal can prepare a leisurely build up to the new season, and they can be expected to bring most of the first team players on the trip. The Australian Minister for Sport, Stuart Ayres said, “Football fans around Australia and the world can now get these dates in their diary, and book their trip to Sydney’s ANZ Stadium for two blockbuster matches.

“Tickets went on sale last July, and I encourage all sports fans to come to Sydney and enjoy our great state. Arsenal will be bringing their first team squad, and going head-to-head with our two biggest local sides.”

Well it sounds like a great excuse for a jolly to me! The big question is; Will Arsene Wenger still be running the team?


11 thoughts on “Let’s all go to Australia to see Arsenal this summer!

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    For what’s Worth

    Please kindly donate your money to charity
    Not into Kroenke’s greedy coffers!

  2. Frank Neasey

    It’s this July, not next. Stuart Ayres is the NSW Minister for Sport, not the federal minister and I’ve already got my tickets. Just hope Wenger has been replaced by then.

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      sorry to say season ticket holders like you are the reason the board will never wake up nor sack wenger!
      Kroenke is off to the bank with a “Thanks for the money” smile

  3. Bolly from Borehamwood

    Asking a season ticket holder who has obviously supported the team for a long time as he was likely on the waiting list for over 10 years before he got it, to give up his ticket is reciculous. If 10,000 gave up their tickets it would make no difference whatsoever. There are 50,000 plus waiting to snap up that ticket so what bloody good will it do? Not only that, when the good times come back he will have a cat in hells chance of ever getting a season ticket again. Stop blaming season ticket holders. We buy tickets to support our team not the manager or board.

    1. Break-on-through

      It’s all apart of his dastardly! plan to nab a season ticket some time the near future.

  4. Fatboy Gooney

    ?? I wouldn’t even bother sticking my head out of my bedroom window to watch these forkers in preseason, let alone jetting off to Australia.

    Gazidis is nothing more than a money grabbing bull?ing kont,
    The £200 million war chest is another lie and There’s no way that the likes of Ozil and Sanchez will be taking part in this event, even if they both remaining at the club.

    This is just a good opportunity for the fans who live in Australia to watch the ? that’s being served up, live and in the flesh and a chance to flex their Wenger Out banners.

  5. Ronny

    It’s bad enough investing in a ticket and feeling a grieved after watching a poor performance.
    Travelling for 24 hours, (UK), horrible jet leg and no savings left. Hmm let me think 🙂

  6. JPS_AFC1

    I understand what you guys are saying, but for people like me this represents the only time i have been able to see the football club i love and am very passionate about Live. If i was in the UK i would boycott matches but us fans here in Australia it’s the 1st time in 40 years the club has been here. 1st time in my lifetime. So if your trying to tell me not to travel from Adelaide to Sydney to watch my beloved club for the 1st time in my life as part off a protest I’m gonna tell you to get F#_&+d. If you know what i mean. I am as pissed off as any body else with what is happening to my club and if Wenger is still manager when they come here i will be upset but i cant not go. God knows when i will be able to go to London to watch my team but if they come here i have to go .

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