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Let’s face it – Surely it’s time for Arsenal to give up on Santi Cazorla?

Due to a multitude of injury problems, Arsenal’s little Spanish maestro Santi Cazorla only played 7 League games for the Gunners last season, and only played 15 in the previous campaign, so you imagine that the 33 year-old is close to finishing his career at the top. But while Cazorla was on the operating table, Arsene Wenger gave the midfielder a one-year extension to his contract in the hope that he would be able to rejoin the team again this season.

But it is now looking like a forlorn hope, as Santi has just revealed that he has now had yet another operation this week after his hopeful prediction that he would be rejoining the Gunners first team in January, so perhaps it’s time for him to accept his retirement gracefully? “As a result of some discomfort in the tendon that I had been suffering in recent days, I have had to go into theatre again,” Cazorla wrote on Twitter. “I have to put back the date for my return to the field. I still have the motivation and the hope of being able to return to enjoying my great passion, football.”

That was very loyal and generous of Arsenal to give Cazorla a new contract and an extra few million in the bank while he is on the treatment table, but perhaps Wenger should have seen this coming and instead invested those funds on the wages for a replacement midfielder?

As much I would love to have Santi back playing at his best it is becoming extremely unlikely that that is going to happen ever again. I don’t begrudge him the money, unless it means that he is taking up a useless space in the squad that could go to someone younger and fitter.

Is it time to face the fact that Cazorla is now past his sell-by-date….

Darren N

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11 thoughts on “Let’s face it – Surely it’s time for Arsenal to give up on Santi Cazorla?

  1. Sue

    Seems to be one thing after another…. I think he’ll have to call it a day, which is a real shame as he’s a brilliant footballer!

  2. Salmonella

    Bacterial invasion of the tendon grafted generally has a very poor prognosis. He’ll indeed be very very lucky if he’s able to make a return to football.

  3. Maks

    In the past, Wenger was “using” injury prone players to name them “as a new signing” when they would come back to the team. Doing so, he would justify not making the number of real signings needed.
    On the other hand I respect Arsenals care and belief in those unlucky players.

  4. Ivan

    Totally disagree with this article. Santi has been by far Arsenal’s best player in the last 10 years. On top of that he is one of only a very few players in that time who always gives his best on the pitch. Without him him we would not have finished top 4 in any season during his time. It is not a coincidence that when he was injured the team disintegrated and we finished in the Micky Mouse eupropean competition.
    For all of the above, and more, I think we owe him some loyalty and to give him the chance to get his career back on track rather than dumping him at what must be the worst time of his life.

  5. gotanidea

    He is one of the most talented players Arsenal ever have and he has helped Arsenal a lot for several years, but it is the time to find his replacement. Lemar might be too overpriced for what he has been showing in this season with Monaco, but there are other hardworking and technically gifted midfielders out there.

  6. ASol

    “Is it time to face the fact that Cazorla is now past his sell-by-date”. Dude Santi is not an Item!
    Yes he is going through a rough phase he might not even play again, but that should be his decision we owe that to him.

  7. Avenger

    let’s face it without motivation and eagerness to win
    against Huddersfield with or without Cazorla its not the issue
    the issue is Wenger and lis lack of vision……. Lets go Arsenal!!!!

  8. Atid

    Well respect works both ways, if Santi has any respect for the fans and the club, he will offer to play for free next season or at the very least on a pay as you play deal.

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