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Let’s look at the positives from Arsenal’s injury crisis!

Trying to take the positives from the negative injuries plaguing our team. by Usmanov

If there is one attitude the boss is well known for all over the footballing world, it his tendency to always look for the positives even in terrible situations. Wenger will always take the positives. I want to do the same too!

I know injuries are terrible and shouldn’t be wished for/or on any one. However, have you guys noticed how some of these injuries have worked positively for us in some ways recently?

Theo’s injury last season meant that we needed more than ever to get another pacy forward and we did. Now we have a pacy and VERY TRICKY (at his best) Alexis!

If it wasn’t for Giroud’s injury WHILE THE TRANSFER WINDOW WAS STILL OPEN, we would not have gotten another striker! Now we have 3 specialist center forwards and a very pacy and TECHNICAL (at his best) Welbeck!

Ramsey and Arteta’s injury meant that we ditched the troublesome 4-1-4-1 formation for a much familiar 4-2-3-1. With an inform Wilshere running things in the middle (without Ramsey getting in his way and vice-versa), and Flamini who is more of a mid-field battler than Arteta offering defensive protection, we have been much more direct in the last two games (including the famous 4-1 Gala win and the HARD-FOUGHT 2-0 loss AWAY AT STAMFORD BRIDGE).

Now Ozil is out injured. Is there any possibility for his injury offering something positive to our team?

Well, for one, we will be saved the frustrating sight of Ozil on the wings. I am not sure if that is a positive. However, more importantly, maybe the clearly inform and hungry Oxlade-Chamberlain will get more play time to contribute to making this team play to its strength -speed and technicality.

Finally this the chance for Santi Cazorla to fight towards reclaiming his spot as the teams creative hub. Like he did in his first season with us, Cazorla may just be getting more time to again display his godly skills and vision in the No 10 position.

Especially now that he has more resources (than last season) in the attacking department, Wenger may be moved to try new things now in this life without Ozil. Or maybe he will just revert back to the basics.

I (like every other gunner out there) am feeling very sad about these many injuries at the moment (most epecially Özil’s). But I want to take the positives from them if there are any at all. I certainly hope there will be.


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36 thoughts on “Let’s look at the positives from Arsenal’s injury crisis!

  1. muffdiver

    no positives we are all DOOMED – DOOMED I TELLS YA’

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  2. Greg

    Well im not exactly up beat about our injury crisis! But we gotta dig deep and remain positive with what we have! Grinding out wins is what counts! Coyg!

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    1. IceBergKamp10

      If koscielny is not 100% he shouln’t be risked.
      Dat means a back four of : Bellerin BFG Monreal Gibbs.
      Not exactly ideal, which means koscielny will have to play=more injury.
      Do u see where i’m going wid dis.
      Weak squad means more injury.
      All our own doing.

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  3. esther5561

    I am tied for always being positive sometimes one has to be a realist, all these injuries are not positive for the team, we don’t have strong backup in depth like Chelsea so the injuries really hurt.
    Why is it always Arsenal with the most injuries all the time surely something is wrong.

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  4. Twig

    I suspect Rosicky will replace Ozil and Cazorla will be shifted out wide. A part of me still wants to see Cazorla in that Pirlo role 😉

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    1. Mesut O-thrilled

      i’m watching the match too. Half of these players are from Chelsea, Man City, and Man U. How come we don’t have an Argentine or Brazilian on our squad? They bring a different kind of flare to the pitch.

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      1. muffdiver

        would prefer colombian and chileans- they work harder and have amazing skill

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          1. NY_Gunner

            @Mesut O-thrilled
            i.e. Vidal. Yeah, he’s box2box but he’s super defense minded with an off the scales work rate…

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          1. Sumo

            Yepz. Reading the text commentary. Didn’t know Kaka and Robinho are back. Nice.

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  5. Ted Drake

    Now Özil is injured we can’t sell him in January. But we can still buy Reus before all the other big clubs pounce for him.

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  6. Horliquegold

    sometimes in life misfortunes turn into good luck.. anyway injuries gives other players opportunities to shine and contribute to overall real success..
    now we have sanchez n welbeck which are very good players..
    but injuries are part of the game so no need complaining,whining and blaming wenger for every injury rocking arsenal. every big team has injury problems.. hopefully some of players will be back to contribute..
    dont blame wenger for every negative issues rocking arsenal,he only has one head and he truly loves the club not a glory hunter coach…

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  7. fred cowardly

    Welbeck is the only positive really as he is a slight improvement over Giroud, but it also means no chance of a better striker in January like Cavani, Martinez or Huntelaar.

    That said, I don’t wish injuries on any gunner and hope Giroud will be back soon. We will need him as back up for Welbeck and for FA Cup.

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  8. Sumo

    I hope we do the 4-4-2 after Giroud’s return.


    And B team would be like-


    And we are still left without Diaby, Rosicky and others.

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  9. Sumo

    Brazilian captain Neymar? Ha ha.
    Nice presentation though.
    The 4th time Bird’s nest is being used for football.

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  10. Sumo

    What has Kaka done to his hair? Unrecognizable.
    Seen Brazil players happy makes me think they forgot the 7-1. 😉

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  11. SaveArsenal

    “With an inform Wilshere running things in the middle without Ramsey getting in his way”
    Stopped reading right there.
    Only thing that gets in Jack’s way is his feet!

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  12. sollygunner

    i actually like that pairing of welbeck and giroud think it would be lethal

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  13. Gooner4G

    Chambers BFG Koscielny Gibbs
    Flamini Wilshere

    Ox/Theo Carzola Sanchez

    That’s a decent team but we lack depth. Not a positive thing to see Ozil injured though I wanted to see him rested for some matches, as well as Ramsey.

    Walcott and Gnabry are back, Diaby is not on injury list too. If you add Rosicky, Monreal, Coquelin, Bellerin, Campbell and Podolski, then there should be no excuses for not winning matches.

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