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Lewis Holtby – A move to Arsenal would be massive!

The Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby has been linked with a move to Arsenal since January, when it was reported by some influential journalists that a pre-contract agreement had already been arranged with the Gunners.

The 21 year-old, who missed out on a place in the Germany side at the Euros due to injury, has made it clear that he is happy playing in the Bundesliga, but would be very happy if the chance came along for him to join Arsenal.

“You never know, I’m just living every day in the day. I’m in Canada now, I’m enjoying it with my friends I’m just preparing for the new season.

“I just want to give my best for Schalke and you never know. I always said that my aim was to come to the Premier League one day because I love the league and my father is English. Some of my favourite teams are Everton and Arsenal so you never know.

“A move to Arsenal would be a massive move because in footballing terms they have always been my favourite.

“They play nice one touch football, offensive and with young players and a nice stadium so its a nice club. But for now my thoughts are with Schalke and you never know.

“My agent is there for that, I am here to play football. I love playing football, I love winning trophies and that is my dedication and that is my life.”

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23 thoughts on “Lewis Holtby – A move to Arsenal would be massive!

  1. OhToBeAGooner

    WOuld be a great addition , Holtby is a great attacking midfielder and I think Wenger loves his type of character .

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  2. John-Legend

    I don’t see Wenger acquiring him. From my own point of view, Gazidis and Wenger are not bringing in anybody elsa, unless perhaps, RvP and Theo leave, and it will be players with less abilities. What the f**k!!!

    i know we will rock it again next season. Somehow, we’ll get 4th place.

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  3. CristianoRonaldo

    good player but not what we need! we need a better CAM

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  4. lola

    the guy loves playing football n saying u never know.

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  5. Mikegooner


    This time around if players leave we wont get 4th place. All EPL teams are upgrading.

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  6. Leite

    At least good players want to play for us,we should be happy not the vertonghen type.
    *fingers crossed*

    by the way he is a good player watched him play this season

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  7. Frank

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger only makes 1-2 more signings but im more excited about our talent. Each year there is at least one of the young kids that will blow our minds. Who will it be next season. Lansbury, Aneke, Ozyakup, Afobe, Campbell, Yennaris, Wellington, Eisfeld??????

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  8. sunnyside1

    arsenal should sign him without hesitation bcos he is an awesome player with gr8 technique and amazing vision and flare…definately an arsenal type of player

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  9. East African Gooner

    At Arsenal fc fans don’t get what they want, deserve or atleast expect
    I feel like I’m a fan of a financial institution rather than a football club

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  10. Aussie Jack

    I could never be happy being a millionaire I don`t respect money enough therefore continually reading about the finances of clubs and what should be done to regulate them bores me. I`ll just stick to football as I`ve done all my life and try to enjoy it inspite of all the financial treachery.

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  11. Daniel

    he’s got a sweet left foot but we need a CAM like Lampard. someone who scores a sh*t load of goals.

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  12. gaway

    i watched buldesliga. this guy was a hot player 2 years ago when he was on loan. was it not for the injury someone else would have got him.

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  13. mani_gooner

    @paul/ AA23 Is BACK/Bill: Any official updates on Afellay???

    really need this update badly..

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  14. manorhouse

    At this point, any other signings would be an enormous surprise. I’m not a skeptic, but when our board speaks up, even my ambition seems to die down. COYG’s! lets let the team’s play do our talking.

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  15. Gunner.

    For Me I Think Arsenal Should Sign Him Or Afellay. Or Even Both! He’s A Great Player I Think Him And Jack Wilshere Will Develop A Great Relationship Together! I Seriously Believe He’ll be Great For The Club.

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  16. Alberto

    no need to be talking about this, we all know that arsenal and wenger will never sign any good thing. I am a true beliber that arsenal one day will win something, but not this way.
    this guy is a realy god option, eaven more that he is flirting with us,
    Arsenal just need a CM, beause wenger has great GP, great defence now with Lukas great attac. Song and wilshere need somene

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