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Lewis Holtby back on Arsenal’s wishlist as Walcott talks going nowhere

As early as February this year it was being rumoured that Arsenal had supposedly already arranged a pre-contract with the Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby, who is (like a couple of our players….) entering the final year of his contract at the Bundesliga club.

The deal seemed dead in the water with no more Arsenal rumours linking Holtby during the Euros, but now it seems that the interest has now been revived. According to this mornings Mirror, Arsenal are testing the water as they are looking for a straight replacement for Theo Walcott if the Englishman still refuses to sign a contract extension.

Holtby has been considered to be a very promising talent for many years, and due to his English father has often been mooted with a move to the Premiership, although he made the decision last year to become a German international over England for his senior career and has now made two appearances for his adopted country.

The 21 year-old left his options open though when he said on Monday: “I like it at Schalke. I will give my best in training and the manager will decide if I am a first team player.”

Having been loaned out to Bochum and Mainz for the last two seasons he may simply be trying to commit Schalke to promise him a first team place before making a decision, but considering the amount of time he has been linked with a move to Arsenal, I could easily see this one coming true if Walcott leaves……

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44 thoughts on “Lewis Holtby back on Arsenal’s wishlist as Walcott talks going nowhere

  1. Johan

    I would love for wallcot to stay, but we won’t give in to his wage demands and for that reason I expect him to leave. Maybe a couple of fresh faces in the squad won’t be such a bad thing a good replacement for RVP and Wallcot. We should get Affelay from braca

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  2. Travis Bickle

    I haven’t seen much of Holtby, I was hoping for another “informative” youtube video of him, just to get a taste of what he can do.

    It’s a precarious position right now with Arsenal. RVP needs to be resolved as soon as possible, so the fans and the players know what the outcome will be. We have signed 2 great players, and that is a positive. We now need to look into getting Song, and Walcott to resign, to avoid more transfer saga’s.

    If 6mil (or there about’s) is being quoted for Afellay, I think we should make an offer, irrespective of whether or not it has any influence of RVP. Afellay is a very talented and versatile player and is the kind of direct threat we sometimes lack.

    I don’t know about you guys, but just the calibre of players we are being linked with is very promising. Yes RVP and Walcott are a problem, but the players who we are being linked with certainly give us hope!

    I still feel overall that this summer has been positive. We have spent 24mil on two fantastic players, with seemingly more additions to come. So far (finger crossed) there are no new injury concerns in the first team, and those who had last year, are recovering well.

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  3. Patrickfoo08

    Welcome to arsenal the one stop where we make u a better player n u will leave for higher wages n better chances to win trophies

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  4. alex chengoh

    i think the issue of Walcot is reaching far. Lets sell him and nurture the Ox Chamberlin and invest the money to Central Midfielder. This is dragging the Club Back wards.Lets find a Lasting Solution Because Theo is not worthy 100k pounds really and up the Songs per week to 80k pounds as well as Koscielny. Also lets Tie Arteta and work on Jack the Wilshere.

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  5. kamali

    is he world class enough to play for arsenal, is he even better then walcot, remember walcot was our second top scorer last season, with a bunch of assist, he might seem lost on the pitch sometimes but give him a chance and he will shine.

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  6. Johnny

    Let Theo go,I know he’s had a handful of man of the match performances but given the hype around him when he signed he really has been a disappointment.take £15 million and reinvest.We have the Ox and Miyaichi who are more consistent than Theo and give all around good performances and actually track back unlike Walcott.

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  7. Gunnerineverylife

    Walcott is about to reach his prime,selling him now would be a stupid move after putting years of effort to develop him.I wonder why players are always offered contract with only one year left,cant they do it before?they still have not learned anything.

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  8. Frank

    Walcott will sign once RVP goes. I still think Wenger will only make 3-4 signings all up this summer and Holtby won’t be one.

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  9. Alex

    Who will be the ideal rvp replacment?

    Like for Lewandowski
    Dislike for Jovetic

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  10. Tyro

    Like for m’villa, ganso, jovetic, butland, sakho
    dislike for biglia, paulinho, lewandowski, viviano, m’biwa

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  11. Gunnerineverylife

    @Alex Both of your options are not affordable. One DMF(Very important,Song will go to AFCON in January),CAM and a versatile defender would do it for me.

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  12. gunner

    I want walcott to stay…..still we have ox…he can take his place and I think he is better than walcott in many ways .. I want arsenal to sign afellay n m’villa…

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  13. SeansterB

    In my mind Theo is more of a priority than RVP he is starting to flourish and all elements of his game are coming together with many years in front of him…whereas RVP has had his glory season and has less years ahead of him. Give him a crack in the striking position behind Giroud with Pod on the left and the Ox on the right if RVP leaves

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  14. Bolly

    Everything about Theo seems to be pure speculation at present as I do not think I have seen quotes from him or his reps regarding this. It does seem odd though with all the speculation that he has not made some kind of statement on the subject. My gut feeling is that he will sign a new contract and certainly hope so because he scores goals and makes assists even though he can be a tad frustrating and inconsistent at times.

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  15. Cruz

    Afellay, M’villa and Llorente are the perfect players we should sign because they are:
    (a) Affordable
    (b) Available
    (c) Talented awesomely and could fit perfectly in Arsenal’s style
    Players we should forget about are Lewandowski,Biglia,Ganso,Jovetic to mention a few because they are rather over valued!

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  16. rvp

    can these low life attention seeking p*icks stop writing like for… dislike for….

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  17. syn

    they are rather over valued because they are world class and will need world class

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  18. coach

    if rvp n theo leave. arsenal shud replace them wid matias Suarez-theo n jovetic for rvp. they r both footed,can play as CAM(best position ) can play in the franks especially Suarez is more of a right winger. buy m’villa plus a center back- mammadou sakho convert coq into a right back best suits there and i promise u arsenal wud great.

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  19. forlan

    Just let him go (van Persie & Walcott). They were part of our problems. They can never be part of our solution having regarded the remaining players as scraps. Them staying will kill the morale of other players. It is a conspiracy between them. None of them has really done much for the team even RVP one good season was not enough to compensate for the club

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  20. villa

    this guy is technically too good! wactch his game against schalke and also against italy! really we will have better midfielders den any other club in premier league! if walcott leaves den please keep miyaichi, bring holtby and if possible m’villa! i can assure u we will be premier league champion next year! we dont need strikers anymore! just bring m’villa and holtby.. and we will run down any team! i think for striker we can use podolski and giroud and if needed we can also use gervinho! as for wingers we have gervinho, chamberlaine, miyaichi and even roscisky can play as winger and if needed even holtby can be deployed der! with arteta, song and m’villa in center.. both attack and defence will be stronger! and for defence we have fastest cb in premier league and also the best! i hope jenikson and coquelin can take place of sagna while he is injured! coquelin seems to be very matured player.. he knows his role and adapt in that position very easily! as for left back gibbs and santos can do der work! i just hope wenger will buy dis two player!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  21. arsenal 4 ever

    according to forbes we are 4 richest football club in the world……….wenger plz act like a big club…..dont go for cheap alternatives…

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  22. S.H

    Where would Arsenal be without Wenger? Good players come and go, but there is only 1 man who can lead them. Now if the Board backed him with more finances, he’d stop protecting their strategies of self-sustainability and start talking about AMBITION!

    It makes me wonder what Wenger could achieve with the wealth of Man City, Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid. Forget Mourinho as the best coach in the world. He’s only achieved his accolades through money invested by the rich clubs he’s managed.

    We currently still owe about 130M on the stadium, but a devoted Gooner would naturally ask, will the Board invest heavily after the Emirates is paid off?

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  23. Ddog

    why are poeple talking about seling walcott, is 23 too old now!!? he will stay, it doesnt make sense for him to leave.

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  24. dan

    sorry villa but arsenal will never win the prem league again tittle race will be between city,utd and chelsea with 3-4 clubs battling it out for 4th spot thats about the best we can hope for!

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  25. hley

    walcott will play the rvp role and ox or ryo will play wings…captain should be rosicky…i think we have a pretty capable squad of winning the leagues if we stay injury free.

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  26. Gift naija Gunner

    Victor moses of wigan has been rated as the best dribbler in epl last season, please wenger should go for him before chelsea sign him he is d ideal replacement if walcot leave, he can score, dribble and assist and he also has speed please wenger buy dis kid he is 23

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  27. Dagy

    Lets always work to mantain our players (walcott and rvp) for this case i do hope that this is the time arsenal should benefit from them let us work on settling their problems coz bringing in other players that will exit the other season wont help anything to me you cant buy what you cant mantain the arsenal board needs to stop this tradition of seeing its top players leave season after season it has end.

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  28. Gunnerineverylife

    @Admin:Why are comments closed in the latest post?I swear I wont abuse you.

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  29. Tyro

    why do some of you give false hopes
    you guys said that the m’villa and ganso deal were about to be finished
    but m’villa s agent said that there aren’t any offers for him
    and santos president said that clubs can only have ganso for his buy-out cause which is 40m and we obviosly can’t afford that

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  30. Sanoj

    Plz let van percy go and sign edin dzeko 4rm man city ,as 4 walcot let hm leave and upgrade playas like ox and miyachi instead of waisting money on holtby n please tie down alex song to atleast another 4 years!!! IN ARSENE WE TRUST

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  31. stephen187

    just thought with bredan rodgers at liverpool walcott would be quite dangerous… they going to try and emulate our passing syle…maybe we should keep him lol

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  32. villa

    DAN>>> are you arsenal fan? if u have little knowledge of football den u sud know arsenal play most creative game in premier league! we make d most chances to score den any other team.. but due to lack of strikers we were struggling! but now we have both podolski and giroud who are clinical strikers!!! and i guess you what arsenal can do with two clinical strikers! we dont need playmakers,,, coz most of the arsenal players are good in making chances!!! so i can bet dis time arsenal will have much better team and with does two players..we can ruin city, chelsea and united’s dream easily!!!

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  33. Douglas

    didn’t javier perez say we had a pre contract agreement with holtby already?

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  34. minty

    Firstly I hope Theo stays. He is adecent winger (more of a wide forward than tradiitonal winger).

    Secondly – stop banging on about Affelay – he is POOR; injury ridden, flopped badly in Spain, bad attitude, and has only really succeeded in a league much weaker than the PL (Eredivisie). No thanks. Stop just jumping on the bandwagon and repeating the amntra that Affelay is the second coming – the realisty is far different.

    Thirdly – Holtby is a fantastic player; great crossing, great tackler, great passer. The majority of his performances have been at DM recently, but he can play CM and CAM well. Hell he can play all midifeld positions. He would add a little more to our defensive capacity and is good going forward, and given his Blundesliga experience he wouldnt need much converting to play in the EPL.

    Fourth – if we want a direct replacement for Theo then Moses or Hoilett should be considered.

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