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Should Gooners be as positive as Liverpool legend is about Arsenal?

It is quite rare to see many positive stories about Arsenal in the football media, especially at the moment when we have finally failed to make the Champions League under Arsene Wenger and have started the news season poorly and sit down in 12th place in the Premier League table.

It is even rarer to see anything positive about us coming from a former player of one of our rivals, so when the ex-Liverpool and England striker Robbie Fowler sticks up for the Gunners in a report by The Mirror I reckon it is worth a read. He has some fair points, to be honest, and give him credit also for being one of the few to give us a chance in the previous EPL match when we went to Chelsea.

Fowler talks about the high quality of the players in the current Arsenal squad and about how he sees us a threat to anyone when we are in form. He also praised the transfer policy of the boss, although maybe not in how much Arsene Wenger spends but in the way he finds good players.

He reckons we have more than enough for a good run in the Europa League as well as a strong League campaign and a good chance of a top four spot, so should more Arsenal fans be as positive as Robbie Fowler and start getting behind our Arsenal?


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15 thoughts on “Should Gooners be as positive as Liverpool legend is about Arsenal?

  1. tatgooner

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    1. Jay

      You don’t genuinely consider yourself as an Arsenal supporter, do you? If so, you’re a complete embarrassment.

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  2. De

    Yup, instill the player with determination. Work on tactics and play the player in there position, the player is like a puzzle, put it wrongly and there is no shape at all.

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    1. Carbon - 12

      Probably yhe most honest of players I have seen. He was wrongly awarded a penalty but he openly told the referee that he was not fouled and it should not be a penalty. How distinct is he from the players/ divers of today. I respect him a lot

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  3. WIGGY

    This is Wiggy from USA. I hear you fans. If we lose two more games in the league I am going to give the BOOT to Wenka and bring in Benitez. I do what the fans want!

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  4. Stephan Larose

    The “fans” are a disgrace. They are the ones that have undermined team morale and created Arsenal’s “mental weakness.” Sad when ex-players from opposition teams and current managers of other teams are more positive about the Arsenal team than their own fans–whom instead of supporting the team and rallying around the club do their utmost to undermine it. If you are a supporter you should act like part of the team. Instead, you people act like Chelsea or Tottenham fans, trying to sabotage the club at every opportunity so that you can be proven “right”. We’ll all be very happy when you do boycott the club and stop attending games and stop whining like the spineless b*tches you are on the internet. Get OUT.

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    1. Nothing changed

      Yeah, Mourinho even told Piers Morgan in Harrods that he hopes Wenger stays. Wenger has a lot of support from PL managers. In fact, I don’t remember the last time a current manager ever said anything polite or non-confrontational about any another manager, usually, the knives are out in public and they tell owners to fire their managers.

      The one thing that is funny managers that want Wenger to stay give the same reasons as fans who want him to leave; results. Fans want him to leave because we are dropping down the table and managers want him to stay because we are dropping down the table with him in charge. Strange…

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    2. John0711

      How can fans undermine players surely poor results came before fans voiced their opinion? Not the most intelligent argument I’ve seen on here for a Wenger support. And to call other fans bitc#s and tobtell them get out? I though admin told people to stop being abusive or he would remove them ???????

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      1. Admin

        The rule is no PERSONAL abuse. If I deleted every comment that was derogatory to all Wenger defenders there wouldn’t be much to read!

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  5. Arseneout

    let me give you a brief about whats going to happen. we will win some games. we will beat newly promoted teams at home. and when it comes to real deal , we will loose and maybe get embaresed. look at our opponents we bring two good players but look at the other teams look at man utd and man city and totenham. they all become much stronger, just a note we were behind them last season!! a fool who makes same thing and expect different result!!!

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  6. Bond 007

    There is a famous saying:
    If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
    After the match with Chelsea, I was almost over the moon, but I came to the realisation that we have fallen a long way as a team. I remember the days when a draw was loosing 2 points.
    If we don’t realise something is wrong with Arsenal, there’s no amount of positivity or good wishes that will improve the team. It starts with a realisation.

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    1. Carbon - 12

      Yeah, so we stop supporting? You are just an illustration of some of Arsenal FC problems.

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    2. Buddie

      When were the days when a draw at the defending champions home was losing 2 points? the game have changed, move with the chanhe. Chelsea won 2 premiership tittle in 3 years.

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  7. David Rusa

    Some realists like Robbie Fowler see it for what it is while some of our negative fans see everything in their own subjective view. Any unbiased observer would agree that Arsenal deserved to win the game against Chelsea. In fact the Liverpool game was lost simply because of Wenger’s confusion. Why should he have played two unsettled players, Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain while leaving Kolasinac on the bench? That was a self inflicted defeat! If we had played our most committed players we could have got a result against Liverpool. Lest some people have forgotten this is the same team which won 7 out of the last 8 games last season. So why should anybody doubt the team’s quality. It is on such verifiable data that objective people like Robbie Fowler base to make their analysis not the emotional sentiments that many of our fans exhibit.

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