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Liverpool to use Reina as bait for Walcott?

Theo Walcott For Pepe Reina? by AH

In the last few days there have been reports that Arsenal are looking to purchase Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina. However media rumours suggest that the club will only part with the Spaniard, if Theo Walcott is included in the deal.

At the moment Walcott is showing what he is capable of, giving very impressive displays on the pitch every time he plays now, as he pushes on for that central striking role. However he is still yet to commit to a new deal at Arsenal and although it’s known that he wishes to remain at Arsenal, an offer from his boyhood club Liverpool may be a difficult decision to make.

Pepe Reina’s season has been notably different. The Spaniard is Liverpool’s number 1 goalkeeper, however a recent injury, allowed Brad Jones to take his place in the Liverpool line-up. Once Reina returned from injury he wasn’t immediately reinstated in the Liverpool team and it’s reported that he is now looking to leave the club.

Wenger is a known admirer of Reina, having tried to purchase him back in 2010. Two years on and it seems that Reina would accept a move away from Anfield with the club in trouble both on and off the pitch, but would he accept a move to Arsenal, if Wenger came calling?
Reina admitted in his autobiography that he was close to leaving Anfield in 2010, however the club owners declined the offer and Reina remained. So it seems that he would be keen on a move to Arsenal, but should Walcott – a player who Arsenal fans have been so separated by for the past few years be included in any such deal?

I don’t think this is a good deal for Arsenal at all. By adding Reina we would have another really good player in our ranks, who at this moment in time, I think would definitely replace Szczseny in the starting XI but in no way would I swap him for Walcott. Reina reportedly earns £100,000 per week, a wage that Arsenal would not pay, but would a greater chance of Champions League and admittedly a league trophy, convince him to lower his wages? Do we even really need him? I’m not sure, for the cost he looks to bring with him I would say no to a transfer but it also all depends on other players situations.

We shouldn’t be looking to sell Walcott just to make way for Reina, which should be keeping Walcott and adding players of Reina’s quality to our ranks and build the team around players we already currently employ.

At the moment it is just a rumour but I think there may still be a little thought in Wenger’s mind about the player he almost bought 2 years ago.

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24 thoughts on “Liverpool to use Reina as bait for Walcott?

  1. VM

    Stiker – Huntelaar (Perfect Replacement for RVP and Different from Giroud)

    DM – Capoue or M’bigwa will be good

    LB – Cissokho or Any experienced one that can cover gibbs!

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  2. faruq

    We dnt nid him ……is he goin to replace scheszny or what?….wenger doesnt seem to knw which positn we are lackin its nt in goal a CDM and backup LB….and please wenger promote eistfield

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  3. SoftJunk

    We’ve Szczesny and Vito at the moment. Both are good keepers. With some good disciplined defending we’re good.

    Walcott is getting better and better. He just have to look around him and see that there are quality players at Arsenal and the wage structure is average compare to other big clubs. He has to accept this and sing the contract, if he really loves the club.

    Else I can just wish him luck for his bright future in other clubs. I hope Wegner replaces Walcott not fill the position.

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  4. Gunnerineverylife

    Noooooooooo!!!Walcott can score goals,Reina cant score goals,they should give us Suarez if they are so desperate to get Walcott.

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  5. AG

    sell walcott and chamakh. buy huntelaar for the money, he alone can do more than those two can do together. and no, we don’t need another keeper, especially not one who has reached his zenit.

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  6. DialSquare1886

    no way!!! did we just let lloris & julio caesar go, for reina??? he’s quite error prone. i don’t think AW will bid for him.

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  7. Thala

    Walcott Is Going Nowhere.
    Sell- Fabby, Squid, Djourou, Santos, Denilson, Bentner, Chamack, Park.
    Buy- M’Bigwa [CB/Cdm], Ayen Abdenoor[ LB], Holtby[ CM]
    Strikers- Poldi, Giroud
    Left- Gervinho and Santi and Arshavin
    Right- Walcott, OX
    Cam- Holtby, Rosicky
    CM- Wilshire, Diaby, Ramsey
    CDM- Arteta, Le coq
    LB- Gibbo, Abdenour
    RB- Sagna, Jenki
    CB- Vermi, Mert, Kozzer, M’Bigwa
    GK- Schezney and Mannone
    This team is Solid and Versatile.

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  8. ceezee

    2yrs ago that would’ve been a perfect deal but now swap sterlin & enrique. a winger & left back.. That’s a sterling deal.

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  9. Mudah

    If wenger is truly willing to keep theo, then its an easy task..coz both his demands are realistic and he wants remain here!

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  10. London2026

    So we need a striker, DM, and an LB; how about:
    Striker: RVP
    DM: Alex Song
    LB: Clichy

    ohhhh yeah, we taught and sold those guys!!! Someone remind me, why did we sell them again???

    VM says:
    November 23, 2012 at 7:07 am
    All we need is a Striker, DM and a LB. That’s all. Is that so damn Hard!?

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  11. henrychan

    No way.. Walcott will never go to Liverpool..
    What use for him..?? Liverpool now is different from his past history.. it’s just history..
    Reina.. is also a history.. his glory time is over..

    If Walcott leave.. then he will go to bigger clubs.. and that mean City or MU (if they also interest).. or go to Juventus (they want to barter him with Matri)..
    And they all play with two striker.. the position that Walcott eager tobe.. but can’t be at Arsenal..
    But i think Wenger is right.. Walcott is best in RW position.. not in CF..

    And if Walcott really go.. then we must bring Narsingh in.. or if not we must start to play 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 with Podolski and Giroud as CF.. Four midfielders seem interesting cause we have more than good midfielders..
    A lot of combination can mixed with that form..

    Buying a good experience player is not an easy job.. Nobody want to placed in bench.. They want to play not to subs.. Noway can Cissoko or Abdenour want tobe a subs for Gibbs.. Be realistic.. Jetro Willems is a better choice.. He is young (18) but very strong LB.. With his ages I think he will not complaining if he and Gibbs will start alternately.. And he is still cheap.. 6 millions only..
    Or if Wenger have more confident in his youngster.. Miquel and Meade can be a LB also.. He did well with Jenkinson.. and he can do the same with Miquel or Meade..

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  12. juhislihis

    Walcott for Reina? Well let me put some lipstick first bcuz I atleast like to look nice before getting F****D!



    Willems/Shaw (not gonna go for Baines so)

    Winger/ATM (if Santi on the wing)

    I would love to see Fellaini, it’s his breakthrough season and he is physical.

    Also Mkhitaryan/Willian both from Shakhtar are the real deal! Check them if you don’t know. Their stats are amazing.

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  13. arsenal4eva

    Wenger shud be given his chance as CF..he has showed wut he capable, imo, we had 3 gud CF…dis wud giving us flexibility in tactical display…short pass (Walcott/Poldi) or crossing the bol in front of goal (Giroud)…we can rotate 3 of them…

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  14. Gigi

    oh please God no!
    Reina was good, but hes getting older and IMO he is not focused these days…Theo is young and is focused…

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  15. TrueGunner82

    Do you really want Suarez? He’s a dirty bastard, not to mention the whole racism incident, how bad did Suarez make Liverpool look???

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