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Liverpool woes to let Arsenal seal transfer of Van Dijk?

I must admit that I was surprised that Arsene Wenger did not sign another centre back for Arsenal during the summer transfer window, especially with Per Mertesacker on the verge of hanging up his boots and doubts over the ability of Laurent Koscielny to play throughout a whole season without any fitness issues.

Then you consider the Arsenal transfer rumours about our German international defender Shkodran Mustafi and his possible move to Italy to play for Internazionale in Serie A, which I am so pleased did not happen, and you think that Wenger must have had some defensive targets in mind.

If so then I would be surprised if the Southampton and Netherlands star Virgil Van Dijk was not on that list as he is a top quality and Premier League proven central defender. However, there was a lot of hoo-haa with the Dutchman after Liverpool had to apologise for tapping him up and the player seemed to have had his head turned.

Liverpool will almost certainly still want him but with all the questions being raised about their whole defensive style and about Klopp’s future, will Van Dijk still be as keen? Could this actually be just the opening that Wenger and Arsenal need to swoop and sign the talents Saint for ourselves when the January transfer window comes around?


11 thoughts on “Liverpool woes to let Arsenal seal transfer of Van Dijk?

  1. Nothing changed

    Who cares? The transfer window is shut. We had three months of writing about who we needed, who was coming, who would leave, why so-and-so didn’t want to come, if you really need CL football to attract the best etc. etc. Now the window is closed and we are mid-table. Let’s focus on football.

  2. Break-on-through

    Alan Brazil fella must be a bit of a fool. They always tell fans not to believe everything they read, then a story comes out in the Mirror saying we want Stirling, it has no quotes no sources. Brazil fella says sure this has to be tapping up, what else can you call it, shame on Arsene. He’s a bloody fool.

  3. Nothing changed

    It is also kind of funny we speak about Liverpool’s problems and Klopp’s future being an opening for us to get Virgil whilst Liverpool despite their terrible start to the season are still ahead of us on the table.

      1. Nothing changed

        Deluded because I refer to a fact? Liverpool is ahead of us on the table and they have played two top 6 teams. Whilst we have played one top 6 teams. Guess Van Dijk will come begging soon. 🙂

  4. Liam

    I would be straight in for him in January and I would consider offering Alexis for Cavani and try a new formation out. Maybe offer Walcott as a sweetner for VVD. In my system below we have Welbeck to replace the pacy striker and Giroud the other for rotation.

    Mustafi VVD kos
    bellerin Beast
    Xhaka Wilshere
    Cavani Laca

  5. Uwot?

    My only surprise is that you are in fact “surprised” that the ditherer did not sign another centre back? Do you seriously think he would cough up £60 million odd for van dycke?or that he would have the foresight to offer walnut as part exchange? Or replace an aging injury prone mertesacker?all of these things would have been considered by any clever manager.but not the wise one.he,as per usual,wants to show us how clever he is & play square pegs in round holes & take a gamble on injuries or buy an unknown who is as cheap as chips & may or may not save him spending any money.but then he will tell you (Arsenal don’t have any lol!)or will have to sell before we buy or can’t compete with the big boys.blah, blah, get the picture.groundhog day.over & over save your optimism its wasted until he & syrup f***k off!

  6. Grandad

    While VD is a polished centre back who strolled through games for Celtic and has done well at Southampton, he is a “sweeper” rather than the fast, tough ball winning centre back that Arsenal need. He is prone to over elaboration at times and significantly, he has never become a regular in the Dutch national side which it has to be said is the poorest side to represent the Netherlands for some time.We need a quality centre back but for circa £50 million he is decidedly overpriced as is Mustafi. One decent performance against Chelsea does not cover the flaws in his make up .

  7. Nothing changed

    We are about to lose arguably our 2 best-attacking players and we hope our response will be to spend our little money on VVD?

    When Ozil and Sanchez are gone Laca is not going to pull the kart on his own, we desperately need to bring in some attacking talent and with our small budget that won’t be easy so I don’t think there will be 60 million left to by a (much needed) CD.

    Let’s develop Chambers and Holding this season and buy some goals and assists next summer. I doubt we have more than 100 million transfer budget next summer if that. That doesn’t buy you as much as it used to.

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