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Londoner Raheem Sterling keen on Arsenal move despite rejected Man City offer for Alexis

The latest Arsenal rumours are saying that the Gunners have rejected the first offer from Manchester City for Alexis Sanchez, and as it has been reported by the BBC I am more than willing to believe it. Wenger will be aiming to get as much as possible from the moneybags at the Etihad but I am sure a deal will definitely be struck before the window closes.

But the idea of getting in Raheem Sterling as part of the deal is exciting to me, and according to the Beeb’s report the ex-QPR youngster is keen on a return to London where he was brought up. In fact he went to school just down the road from Wembley Stadium.

This is what the BBC said: England forward Sterling, 22, has featured in all three of City’s games so far this season.

However he is not guaranteed a starting role at Etihad Stadium following the summer arrival of Bernardo Silva from Monaco.

BBC Sport understands Sterling would be interested in moving back to his home city of London should he become part of the Sanchez deal.

It is hard to believe that Sterling is just 22 considering that he has spent 5 years at Liverpool and Man City already, and has made 32 appearances for the England team. If Arsenal can persuade City to let him return to London I think he is an excellent signing and still has loads of improvement in him.

If we must sell Sanchez then we may as well get a young star in return….


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24 thoughts on “Londoner Raheem Sterling keen on Arsenal move despite rejected Man City offer for Alexis

  1. Konstantin Mitov

    Before people start to slate Sterling I think it’s a better deal to get him rather than giving Sanchez away for money, that’d build a ranch in the USA. It’s not Raheems fault Wenger left us in this mess. I’d support the guy if we get him.

    1. muff d

      raheem has behaviour problems. wenger is useless at dealing with that
      good young player, ready , but back in london, he would go ape

      sterling needs a klopp pep type manager
      a proper man manager

    2. kev

      It seems like what I said yesterday was true about Sterling being interested in the move.
      JUST IN:News coming in is that Oxlade Chamberlain has not actually rejected Chelsea.Chelsea have offered him a salary totalling £190,000 a week and Ox has told Liverpool to match that offer and he’ll sign for them.It’s more of him holding out for the Liverpool move than him rejecting Chelsea.
      Liverpool’s mammoth £70 + Origi loan bid is yet to be accepted or rejected for Lemar.

    3. Midkemma

      Transfers is Gazidis area, tactics is Wengers, yes Wenger messed up on tactics but Gazidis is the reason we are in this mess K.

      Just look at the history, I am citing history to you now.

      Gazidis took over in Nov 08, it takes anyone a short while to learn the ropes of a new environment and Gazidis was coming to EPL for USA, sport is different over there compared to the EPL.

      So best to look at the next season where his influence would have an effect, it did have an effect, we cut our spending to less than 1/3 of the season before.

      Gazidis was hired by the old board when they was looking to bump up share prices looking for the payday they received, they even sold the BS of of a pact not to sell to us fans to play on our pride of AFC.

      The team AFC has today is made up of Gazidis failures in the transfer market.

      Losses this season due to tactics are Wengers fault, he is not blameless… but he isn’t the fault of EVERYTHING. Transfers is not his area, he even said that he deals with the sporting side and his decision (over Alexis) was pure sporting.

  2. OxInTheBox

    get that swoop. sell Ox to liverpool for joe gomes+cash (this kid will be a top defender).
    get draxler, VVD for walcott, and n’zonzi and grotazka.
    that will be the start of a long process of rebuilding what wenger have destroyed.
    and of course, wenger out!

    1. Midkemma

      Transfers are Gazidis.
      Rebuild failing to happen is due to Gazidis.

      Wenger gave targets and all us supporters had a good view on those targets, missing out on 2/3 of them is not Wengers fault but Gazidis for not making the transfer happen. MBappe is out of our reach but Lemar???

      He wanted to join us but AFC was too slow, this pattern of being slow only happened after Gazidis arrived and he was hired by the old board while they was bumping share prices. Gazidis has done his job… share prices are increasing year after year.

  3. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    another headless chicken.. I thought the idea was to get rid of em headless chicken, but then again I thought we were a big team…and since winter is finally here we might as well start stocking em deadwoods.

    1. gotanidea

      Another headless chicken but a good English player is needed to replace Chamberlain for the quota. Sterling would be perfect as Mane’s and Salah’s competitor at Liverpool, but he could be another Chamberlain, Welbeck or Walcott at Arsenal, if Arsenal does not change their system.

  4. muff d

    cannot believe the situation we’re in

    while mid table teams are quietly keeping there best players and trynna pull off last minute solid buys an loans

    we are losing our best , our up and coming talent and buying no one

    catalyst for change …here we come

  5. Chekwube Kwentua

    Waiting for September 1st with all emotions…. Lolz(am tired of all these baseless transfer stories)

  6. Elkaissi

    Somone please wake me at 12:00AM Friday… I cant take this anymore. My blood pressure is running xtremely high…

  7. Mobella

    who i want most in swap deal plus cash is no one but Sane. He is young and talented. Sterling is good though but i prefer the German.

    1. Elkaissi

      I hope you get your wish, but he shouldn’t be handed to wenger other wise he’ll end up like another Walxott wenger cant manage a player anymore, he needs to go back to France

  8. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    it’s rush hour bro….expect a lot of em crazies till the transfer finally ends.. funny how the fan in me is still hoping

  9. Kilted Gooner

    Sell Sanchez and buy Draxler. Highjack West Broms deal for Krychowiak on loan while we are at it, he was an unbelievable DM at Seville, he just hasn’t had the game time at PSG.

  10. Godswill

    Well, I would not mind RS since rather than letting Sanchez go with no body in as Wenger is not active on the in side.
    The lad is better than Ox that can not be trusted.
    Remember he was part of a dreaded SSS attacking front Liverpool.

    1. Kilo Kilo

      We do not want powder keg we want strong players with a sense of respect for the Arsenal shirt not problem players like Raheem. Grandpa Wenger cannot handle them.

  11. Midkemma

    Could be a decent deal, RS may not be as good as Alexis but he is HG, he has talent and he has had some good development from managers who ensures their players but in effort, IMO now a Wenger type of manager could be ideal to get his creative side developed.

    RS could offer depth.

    Also read today that AFC is still interested in Lemar and VVD, needing to raise funds for the transfers but AFC hoping to get it done before the deadline… I know, another rumor to build our hopes lol.

    VVD, Lemar and Stirling in.
    Alexis, Theo and Mustafi out.

    I would still like a CM but not reading many rumors about that other than retold stories.

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