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Lucas injury boost to let Arsenal rest Alexis Sanchez?

There some reports about Arsenal in the football press this week talking about Alexis Sanchez and how Arsene Wenger was keen to give the Chile international star a winter break like he used to have at his former clubs Udinese and Barcelona, because with his recent international commitments it has been over three years since the striker had a proper summer break.

The obvious problem for the Arsenal boss, however, is the fact that he needs to do this without damaging the Gunners’ chances of challenging for the Premier League and the other possible trophies we could win, so it is a matter of delicate timing for the manager and he may just have been given a helping hand with the early return from injury of the summer signing Lucas Perez.

The Spaniard was just beginning to show the quality that made Wenger sign him when he picked up an ankle problem in the EFL cup win over Reading a month ago. At the time it was thought he would be out until christmas but and report reveals that he could feature in our next league cup match against Southampton on Wednesday.

Wenger said, “Lucas is for the first time in training today [Friday]. He might be in contention for Wednesday [against Southampton], but one training session is not enough to be involved on Sunday.”

I reckon we will see him in midweek though and Wenger will be hoping he plays well as that just might give him the opportunity to rest Alexis as soon as possible to minimise any risk of our star man picking up an injury himself. The next four games after that are against West Ham, Basel, Stoke and Everton, so is this the right time to give Sanchez his winter break so we can get him back fresh and fit to face Man City on December 18th?


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20 thoughts on “Lucas injury boost to let Arsenal rest Alexis Sanchez?

  1. Dennis

    Giroud is good enough to beat Bour, He’s dying to make an impact so rest sanchez now, play the ox on the wings.

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    1. Break-on-through

      The only thing that could make sense of that, you must be itching to try out a brand new potato peeler.

      Would’ve loved the draw all the same.

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  2. Jansen

    Would be great to have Lucas available to replace Sanchez when he needs a break.

    Giroud as super sub, Sanchez/Perez as starters and we will be in business. Perez was also convincing on the left wing IMO.

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    1. citrenoogeht

      The problem with this scenario i.e. exchanging Lucas for Sanchez is that Lucas and Sanchez are very different players who have distinct styles of play. Lucas is very left footed, still new to the premier league and direct, whilst Sanchez is more technical and bullish in his approach. Like Giroud, to get the best out of him you have to play to his strengths. It would be ridiculous to expect the same from Lucas as Sanchez as they play differently.

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  3. Theophilus

    Well we’ll well
    I miss u guys here.
    Anyway we all know wenger is as stubborn as ever. He wont play wingers but will expect giroud to deliver. Play gibbsand ox on the wings and xhaka -coq central,no ozil. Give akpom and giroud starts to show what they are made of after all they are wasting away on the bench

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  4. Juhi McLovin

    Is Wenger watching? That’s how you win Tottenham at home. Take notes.

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  5. Ddog

    why can I see only like a couple of comments in the comments section to articles atm?

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Because people only come around when we either lose or draw, so they can post the negative…They’re not interested in anything else.

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    1. Arsenal Boy

      Now that’s an attack that is definitely worth trying. Pace and goals all the way

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  6. samtz

    Todays results,makes our game tomor a must win!!TWO BIG REASONS ARE:
    1.Next game Chelsea plays mancity, may settle for a draw
    2.Next game Liverpool plays bournemouth whom if we beat tomor they will look to come back at home……..A MUST WIN GAME TOMOR GUYS!!

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  7. Trudeau

    Really hope Xhaka gets a start tomorrow. He hasn’t set the world on fire but has had his moments. I don’t really get Wenger’s hesitancy to throw him in.

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    1. RSH

      he doesn’t want to play with 2 cdm, and Coquelin>Xhaka. I know the fanboys don’t like to hear it but it’s the truth.

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  8. Onochie

    Its a great news that Lucas is Two weeks ahead of schedule,makes me wonder if that would have been possible if was receiving treatment

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