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Malcom set to sign for Arsenal while Alexis heads to Man United – Latest news

So with Alexis Sanchez being left out of the Arsenal team to face Bournemouth, it has now been revealed by Arsene Wenger that his future is set to be finalised mminently, although he seemed to indicate that Sanchez could still go to either Man United or Man City. Wenger said: said: “He’s been vague at the moment, his situation is not decided one way or the other so I left him at home.”

Asked if a resolution, one way or the other, was imminent, Wenger added: “Yes, but don’t read too much into it because even I don’t know what way it will go.

“You want to focus on the players who are on the pitch who can do well for the club.”

And as for his replacement, which now seems certain to be the Brazilian Malcom from Bordeaux. The CanalPlus journalist Romain Collet-Gaudin has posted this pic of Malcom and his entourage a couple of hours ago…

The latest rumours are that Man City are not prepared to meet Arsenal’s price for Alexis, but the Man United boss Jose Mourinho seems to think he is a bargain at any price. Mourinho said: “What we believe is there are some players in the football world where, if you have a chance to sign them, whether it is in January, March or July, then you have to try.

“In relation to Sanchez all I can say, which everyone else says, is that he is a phenomenal player. I feel I shouldn’t say much more than this.”

But now, with the Malcom arrival imminent, it only remains to be seen if Alexis will accept Man United’s offer or wait for Man City in the summer….

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39 thoughts on “Malcom set to sign for Arsenal while Alexis heads to Man United – Latest news

    1. Arnold

      It is a january transfer window and you want to know how good Malcom is go watch youtube Boaudex and PSg Lemar not a good in terms of fee Aub no too old yes Fekir may summer time

  1. muffdiver

    we gave ferguson his last title for 25 million

    now were gonna help a manager who insults and ridicules us for 30 million?
    when man city offered 20?


    1. kev

      The Sanchez to United move is driven by money.The guy wants more Cash.United’s £350,000 a week offer is greater than City’s £336,000 a week offer.City are also not willing to pay the £35m we are asking while United are prrpared to and even offer a player in return for a lower amount.

  2. sfgunner

    if he goes to utd, a 6th place team last year and w no chance to win the league this year, then how bad must he consider it at arsenal? what does he gain? i am fine with him at city if need be, but freaking jose and united? that makes me sick,

    1. kev

      Sanchez to United is money driven.City offered £336,000 only if he signs in the summer but United are offering £350,000 a week for himto sign right now.
      The player likes good cash as we all do.

  3. AndersS

    So we replace our biggest star with a young talent from Bordeaux.
    Well, done Wenger. You have only had more than a year to find a suitable alternative to Sanchez, and this is it??
    It has become a joke with Wenger.

  4. kev

    Sanchez situation clarified:As I said some days back that Sanchez told City that he’ll stay at Arsenal and sign for them for free in a £17.5m deal which is more than what he would’ve earned(£13m)ad he signed now for them.In fact he already has a gentleman’s agreement with Pep.
    United have now come in with a mammoth £350,000 a week offer which has turned Sanchez’s head.So before you say I lied this is the situation.He was staying but United are offering more than what City offered.
    City offered £336,000 a week.
    United offered £350,000 which makes him one of the highest paid in the EPL if not the highest.
    Sanched was set to stay and sign for free(City) but money has turned his head.
    People shouldn’t blame Wenger and Arsenal too much because Sanchez can actually reject them if he wants to.

    1. Jib

      Kev I have no idea why you persist on reporting on things you know absolutely nothing about. This has been proven yet again that you are talking sh**e.

      1. kev

        It’s not sh**e.Sanchez’s move to United is driven by money.That is the truth.Just wait for it.
        City offered £336,000 in the summer.
        United offering him £350,000 for him to sign now.

        1. Jib

          Mate you are just re-reporting what the media is reporting and the things you have reported that weren’t echoed by the media has turned out to be completely wrong. You were talking shi** last summer and now you are talking shi** again. Just leave it.

        2. Ivan

          @ kev
          Why do you persist in pretending you have inside knowledge. You have proved that you don’t and keeping on is just embarrassing yourself. Give it up fella.

    2. Break-on-through

      You do know that you react to everything that’s happening right. Prediction is something different, you are trying to predict from a reactionary point of view. Defeats the purpose.

  5. Jib

    Truly shambolic the situation we are in. Our any of our rivals in a situation like ours? Wenger’s project has failed.

    Bringing in Ozil and Sanchez was suppose to be the start of a new era and he has failed. Both WC players possibly leaving for less than we bought them for (in an insanely inflated market) or for free. Having sunk wages and transfer fees for them with only a couple of FA cups to show for it. Even on the business side of the club (the one area the club are supposedly competent on) this is massive failure. Not forgetting the deadwood we have carried for years and still haven’t finished the clear out.

    In this time since signing them the clubs footballing profile has diminished and we look set for a second consecutive season competing in the Europa league. Looking at the squad today is embarrassing and it looks like a sign of things to come.
    I have disagreed with many arsenal fans about the club and i’m sure I will in the future. But I don’t think any fan of the club regardless of their opinions deserve this.

  6. Break-on-through

    Has anybody watched this guy or esp watched him before our links to him. I’d be interested to hear from one of those guys who watches all the football that’s on tv. Maybe you seen him against PSG if so would like to know your thoughts on him and can he harass players even slightly like Alexis. Went to Youtube for Xhaka and came away thinking this is more like it, not doing that again in a hurry.

  7. Hayzed

    Malcom’s signing is VERY CLOSE TO COMPLETION. Mind you this is Sven’s signing.
    From the way Wenger talks one can deduce that he is not in charge of the ins and outs anymore.
    Arsenal is rebuilding and Malcom is not Alexis’s replacement.
    I would be sad if Alexis leaves for United.

    1. Arnold

      why wanna be sad for somebody who will be 30yrs soon?
      players come and go and Malcom is a gem! and doesnt matter how tall you are as footballer remember Messi!!

  8. jon fox

    Once he is gone it is not that important where he goes. Of course the transfer fee is the most important matter at this late stage. As a Gooner all my life I have at least as much distaste for United and Mourinho as any one else on here, BUT it is silly to hate ANY rival MORE than you love our own club. I have never understood this childish mentality and the relevant facts are that both City and United will continue to be packed full of great players, irrespective of whether that includes Sanchez. NEED I POINT OUT THE OBVIOUS, THAT THIS IS BECAUSE BOTH THESE CLUBS HAVE REAL AMBITION , whereas we do not! PERSPECTIVE HELPS !

    1. Arnold

      we should also include that Amernian guy in sanchez deal he will an upgrade to Iwobi and Welbeck very good play maker Mourinho just dont know how to use him

      1. Me

        Some one in a drug induced coma would be an upgrade to Iwobi and Welbeck.
        Come to think of it someone in a drug induced coma would do a better job than that moron Wenger…

  9. sfgunner

    the difference between rvp, cesc and alexi for me is i dislike sanchez, he was rescued from barcas bench, he laughed at our/his squad, he is a drama queen, and i just want him out, mistake made to keep such a player in september, but ok, get this jerk out now, please…

  10. Ade

    Wenger should sell Sanchez even to Man United Pls, don’t allow him to leave for free to d club of his choice, if he’s not ready to go to a club that can offer €35m and insists to wait till summer Pls neither allow him to wear Arsenal Jersey again till his contract runs out nor pay his wages.

  11. Elliot

    Can you imagine if ozil goes to united in the summer as well? That would truly be soul destroying.

      1. Me

        Not difficult.
        He just needs to put a team out – any team of any players.
        And he will get one over Wenger.
        Not difficult considering Wenger is a blithering idiot…

  12. Me

    Who the **** is malcom?
    A nobody nothing player from Bordeaux.
    What have you achieved Malcom?
    Another Wenger **** up – pay 40 million more than he is worth.
    And we are losing against one of the worse teams in the league.
    Malcom – NO!
    WENGER OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. abs

      what had Gabriel jesus done before city? or even Leroy sane? atleast wenger will be gone soon to give this kid a chance to achieve something. The ONLY transfer news that will excite us fans now is wengers retirement!

  13. i was a gooner

    all the fans,pundits, ex stars all could see what is wrong with arsenal, but the idiotic manager needed a half season to find what is right. what a shame for arsenal..

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