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Man City and United prepare to poach Walcott from Arsenal

The Arsenal striker and winger Theo Walcott has yet to commit his future to the Gunners and the nearer the transfer window gets, the more likely it is that Arsenal will lose the 23-year old England international. Chelsea and Liverpool were the two Premier league teams who seemed most likely to swoop, with Serie A Juventus also very keen.

There was good news for Arsenal fans this week when Liverpool sealed a new contract with Raheem Sterling, while apparently agreeing a transfer deal with Chelsea for their young striker Daniel Sturridge. This basically meant that Liverpool would not be targetting Theo in January.

Chelsea are likely to go for a big name like Falcao and Torres has started to find some form, but two new names have entered the frame. The Daily Star reports that Man City are looking at Walcott and Man United are known to be keen as well.

Both of these clubs will want to entice Walcott to join them for free next summer, but there is a problem with both of them if the rumours about Walcott’s wishes are true. They do not need strikers, they need a winger. Theo is much less likely to get a place as a central striker with them than he is at the Emirates.

Arsenal are possibly on the verge of big things with the new look team filled with youth and talent. Walcott could be a major part of that and he is happy at bArsenal, so as I have said before; Arsenal, give him what he wants and Theo, SIGN DA TING.

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22 thoughts on “Man City and United prepare to poach Walcott from Arsenal

  1. Mowember

    Wilshere 20 times better signs without any hessitation.
    Walclott can hardly cross or controll the ball refuses to sign.He doesnt even deserve to ask for more money.

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  2. Mowember

    Why is everyone so excited about the ”wilf” zaha? A 20 year old championship player, so we can have an excuse that he is young? Come on we need to go for ben arfa or isco thats more like it.

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  3. YK

    I will gladly give it to them at a very good price though that mark the end of his career, bye Theo !

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  4. Sunny

    They can have him … But at the right price ..
    No offence to english fans bt he is not good enough and his demands are too high … Better to sell him and replace him with zaha …

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  5. always a gooner

    i think he will sign ……..stipid stan give him a 3 year extension with 75k including bonus …which will take his aalry to 100 k ….however if he wins us titles …please give him a five year extension worth 100 k and including bonus ….120 k…………

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  6. Sunny10

    Walcott will not sign with us.
    I think Weneger should sell him to Man United. Now a days he has become a fan favourite at Old traffod. He literally gave Man U the title by selling RVP. Now he can sell Walcott to them to bost their champions league camapign.
    Man U fans will not boo him any more. They dont consider him as enemy, rather a friend. Actaully all big clubs are thankful to Wengers’s contribution to their success.
    Look at what a small club like Schalke did with their star striker. They took the gamble(Same situation as RVP) and it paid off. Our greedy board and manager, can compromise on anything, trophies humiliating loss etc. but never on money

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  7. truthmustbetold

    It just shows u have a very sentimental and biased opinion and u reason without thinking if u can use ur two hands to type dat rubbish about walcott! Walcott was our 2nd top scorer last season and gave Van persie 11 assists! This season he has made fewer appearances than any of our strikers including cazorla,yet he is our top goal scorer and has the most assists(many of which have come from crosses,which u are magically unable 2 see). If chamberlain can be given a bumper increase in wages for doing next to nothing,why oh why shouldn’t our top scorer and highest assist given receive a wage raise too! Only in Arsenal is something like that done!
    Give honor to whom it is due,walcott deserves more than the crap he is getting right now bcos he is one of our best players for the past two seasons! That’s the difference btw ManU and Arsenal,they appreciate n motiv8 their players and that’s why they’ve long serving players like giggs,scholes,etc.

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  8. truthmustbetold

    Nice comment,well said!
    I was really surprised when I read it in the news that huntelaar had signed an extension,but u see that’s what clubs with ambition do,they keep their best players. Some of you saying we should sell walcott to manU are not any better than the board or Wenger;if u can support selling our best finisher to a rival….so he can go and rekindle his partnership with van persie and supply him more assists!
    U want to replace walcott with Zaha? who is Zaha? and is he supposed to do what hazard is doing in chelsea? U want to gamble with 20million on a championship player,instead of giving walcott(ur best player with stats as prove) an extra 20k!
    Chamberlain who you claim is better than walcott has just bin average in his 2seasons in arsenal(45appearances n 5gols)…

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  9. Frank

    We will never keep our good players or win anything with our ridiculous pay structure.

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  10. Mowember

    Haha theo is how should you say. Not a footballer that is gifted i mean without his pace there are hardly any qualities that hes got to be excited about. Yes according to statistics u can put anything in a good daylight and with a compilation i can make him look like messi.

    Theo is just not an arsenal player just like gervino they just dont have the vision the technique the everything to play for arsenal they might do well at other clubs but theo after so many years u can say hes flopped, forever a talent cause talents are inconsistent.

    Only reason to keep him is as a supersub when teams get tired and they leave gaps in their defence he can cut trough but thats all he can.

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  11. Goonertron

    Walcott is shit as a striker and doesn’t want to play the position he is good at. He can go, too much drama. The Ox just as good.

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  12. KickuPtheArsene

    If we sell Walcott to United, I will stop supporting AFC till the reigeme changes. Because if we sell Walcott to United, we have totally lost it as a club. I love Arsenal, but cannot a support a club that in fact has been hijacked by money hungry Americans, not the true Arsenal. How could we ever keep selling our best players to our rival clubs? I am still not over us selling RVP to ManUre. If that wasn’t enough, Walcott will be the straw that broke the camels back. We better not sell him to them!

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  13. lmyyyks

    I was in fact disappointed to see Sterling signing a new contract with Liverpool. He could be the perfect and even-better replacement if Walcott wants to leave. Liverpool gets a star fan and Arsenal gets a true prospect while getting loads of money from transfer and wage, both win.

    Walcott should consider himself very lucky to be in Arsenal at the moment. He knows a lot of big clubs want him, but he may not know that none of these clubs want him as a CF but a winger. He should cherish the moment which he has somehow managed to have Wenger let him play in the position he wants.

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  14. superflams

    Be careful what you wish for Theo. Look at what happened to wright-phillips, sinclair, sturridge, adam johnson. They were all sought after English players that got well paid contracts with sugar daddy clubs. If he goes to ManC, United, Chelsea he can also forget about CF. In terms of established foreign players, even Berbatov never cut the mustard at united and ended up rotting on the bench. Theo isnt even close to the quality of Berba when he arrived at united from spuds. I hope wenger gives him one of his ankle length puffer coats as a leaving present. It gets a bit chilly on the bench.

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  15. ran

    Arsenal is the only place where Walcott would be given chances. Walcott cries for a big club many years ago, arsenal got him. Wenger then nurtured him, defended him, and now he is showing some promise he wants to leave. He should know that if he goes to any other club he will play on the wing, not up front. He can’t even cross as well as jenkinson or chambo, play up front as well as giroud or poldi, and yet he wants to be the clubs second highest paid player after poldi. Let him go I say. We don’t need unloyal players who burn bridges at arsenal.

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  16. true goon

    If Theo really does want to play upfront more than he wants the money then how can he even think of going to Man U,City,or Chelsea?

    If he tells them he only wants to play CF he’ll most likely be warming their benches most of the time.

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  17. Adam

    Arsenal wants to go cheap again to get another lazy greedy crap striker such as Ba . For the name of god wenger enough is enough stop buying dead wood buy live wood such as isco , cavani or even belhenda if you wanna buy some one from Newcastle at least get their beast player Ben arfa don’t get another lazy bastard Ba

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