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Man City return with Alexis bid but will Arsenal break their word?

Manchester City are claimed to have returned with another bid to sign Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean has been linked with a move for over a year now, having failed to agree new terms on a contract before the start of last season, and with less than a year remaining on his current deal, a move looks likely.

Alexis seems to be keen on a move now, and his attitude looks to be causing problems in the dressing room, and we simply must consider his exit, but we have so far rejected any offers.

The Citizens are now claimed to have come in with a offer of £60 Million, including £5 Million in bonuses, having had a £50 Million offer turned down for his signature already.

Sky Sports News is reporting that a cash-only deal for Alexis will not be considered today, but that has not stopped the Sky Blues from coming in with another offer.

Manchester United have also been linked with a possible move for the forward, with the possible offer of Chris Smalling also, but that story appears to have gone cold for now.

Should we accept the £60 Million offer? Will he just join City for free in 12 months if we dont? Can we bring in a top replacement for that price?

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15 thoughts on “Man City return with Alexis bid but will Arsenal break their word?

    1. kev

      The offer is worth more than £60m actually.It’s £80m.I know you guys won’t believe me and call me dumb because of sky sports but it’s the truth.A bid of £72m was rejected yesterday.Man City know £60m won’t move us.
      Anyway unless their bid involves Aguero Alexis will still be an Arsenal player.Arsenal are only demanding Aguero+huge cash.Nothing more nothing less.I’ll update you on the Sanchez saga on how things unfold.

      I repeat again all Draxler reports are untrue.I had the info about no one coming last month.I thought my source was a joke.Now I see how dumb I was since he’s proven me right time and time again.Expect no incomings but possible outgoings.

  1. John Ibrahim

    We brought in Carzola and Giroud

    Sold RVP, there were no new signings

    Man Utd Champs

    Bought Lacazette and Kola

    Sold Sanchez and no new signings

    Man City Champs

  2. paul

    we all know how this story ends (van persil, fgabregas, nasty, etc)

    he will be gone, cheque will be banked, gadzidis will receive a large bonus for the profits this year…

  3. andydale

    Let him go he wants to, Hope we don’t sign anyone, My only wish is get rid of Kronke and Wenger as quickly as possible. Then we can start to rebuild, Otherwise pointless.

  4. Paul P

    What’s the point in keeping him? It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be at Arsenal, you saw that from his performance against Liverpool, so let him go.


    I feel the money is worth it considering his age and months remaining on his contract. let the club buy thomas lemar who is young with alot of potential.

  6. Sarmmie

    As much as I want to see draxler in an arsenal shirt, I don’t see that happening, wenger said that he’s only looking to sign 2 or 3 players before the window opened. Wenger has always been very active on transfer deadline and I pray he signs someone tonight at least a new midfielder.

  7. Wolf

    Might as well give Takuma Asano a shot at this rate. While we’re at it Krystian Bielik too cos we ain’t buying anyone. Lamar worth more than Sanchez? We should just keep our money till we get a new manager cos Wenegr wont last beyond next season.

  8. Taiwo

    Please report on which clubs bid for Arsene Wenger. I have been searching all news sites but nothing yet. Kev, Re-source, Fatgooner, etc, any insiders info please

  9. Kenny Rolfe

    It’s gonna kill Wenger to get nothing for him next year. Giving up on £60 million is going to be hard on his economics ridden brain but the problem is, he’s already in enough trouble with the Arsenal fans and another lie would not have been tolerated. However I won’t be surprised if he takes the money at the last minute. Regarding the Ox, good business, £40 million on the eve of the transfer window for an average player, couldn’t turn it down.

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