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Man City tell Arsenal to FORGET January transfer of Sterling

When all the football media outlets were full of Arsenal transfer rumours linking our Chile international striker with a summer move to Man City, there were quite a few claiming that the City boss Pep Guardiola was so keen to be reunited with his former player from FA Barcelona that he was willing to let one of their quality attacking stars come the other way.

One of those was the Argentinean striker Sergio Aguero who at times last season seemed to be well out of favour with Guardiola. That swap was certainly one that a lot of Arsenal fans would have liked to see, but the way that Aguero has started the new season we all know that this is not going to happen.

The other most talked about swap deal involved Raheem Sterling coming to north London as part of the Sanchez deal and not so many Gooners were as keen on that one. The young England international did not have the best of times last season after a strong start and the reports this summer were that his manager had offered him as part of the attempt to sign our striker.

Now though, according to an Evening Standard report, Pep has changed his mind and has no intention of letting the talented 22-year old go anywhere after his very impressive recent form.

Guardiola said, “Raz [Raheem] is staying here. The club trust him, that is why we have invested a lot of money in him, so the players we have are going to stay.

“If they want to leave they are going to leave, but he wants to stay. If players want to leave they have to ask the chairman, but there is no chance of that. He is going nowhere.”

So should Wenger and Arsenal forget about signing Sterling or is the Man City boss not being entirely honest? Or does it just depend on the form of Sterling at the time?


13 thoughts on “Man City tell Arsenal to FORGET January transfer of Sterling

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    I’d prefer Debruyne or Aguero any day over Sterling.

    Sterling is not a replacement for Alexis. That would be a downgrade in my opinion.

    Sterling isn’t bad but prefer Lemar or a Mahrez or Draxler to Sterling

    Forget Sterling please. City’s other world class players make Sterling look good

    1. Kilted Gooner

      Wasn’t keen on the idea when I heard the rumour in the summer but its hard to deny that Sterling’s start to the season has been very impressive!

      1. waal2waal

        hes from here in NW London, seems we didn’t make a serious bid at first instance but if we managed to keep sanchez, lacazette and added sterling would we not be stronger? there’s no

  2. Imran

    Why should we buy sterling? We need to find replacement for santi, Cech and sanchez. Also a quality CB and a powerful physical CDM. I think Wenger has already chosen lacazette as Sanchez replacement but I would say he must go for lemar or Draxler . I think we can go for golovin or Danilo of porto as santi’s replacement. Van Dijk or proven CB. Finally, William Carvalho or krychowick.
    I am very shocked to see we are the last ones in London. How quickly Chelsea and spurs has taken over our us. I think arsenal need to think seriously and invest in quality before it’s too late.

    1. Break-on-through

      If Lacazette is Alexis replacement then Arsene has learned nothing from the protesting. We needed Lacazette before we even bought Alexis, and we needed Alexis back then too. Still need another big wide player who can play in the hole, this is with Alexis, so without Alexis hell yes we need to look at wide players. Don’t give me any bull about a skinny academy teen having his path blocked, his age size and experience is what has his path blocked, and if he’s good enough in future then he needs to be supremely good.

  3. In your face

    I dont know if it’s a good idea stockpiling unnecessarily expensive youngsters like Sterling when we have our own youngsters like Reiss Nelson begging for game time, I’d rather have a Dries Mertens at £30 million even 30 years old so we can ease our own youngsters into the first team. If Fabregas had not played with the invincibles, Henry with Kanu, Bergkamp and Davor Suker ahead of him, they would have been stunted like Walcott who only had other developing youngsters for company.

  4. Arsenal_Girl

    We need to get a top attacker because Alexis will leave but we desperately need an upgrade or two in Central midfield

    We miss Cazorla big time. Cazorla was truly world class in my opinion. Xhaka is not the answer. We should have gone for Seri or Goretzka but we definitely need an upgrade in Central midfield

    We have not had to Top spine (GK, CD, CM, CAM, Striker) in a long time primarily due to no replacement for Viera and a Top striker. Now that we have Lacazette we are closer but we need someone in box2box like Cazorla and someone who can challenge Ozil or replace him should he decide to leave.

    But getting better Central midfielders should be a priority, not Sterling

    No sterling please.

  5. Break-on-through

    He has to say that because he never got Alexis so he has to rely on Stirling some more. Who wouldn’t take Alexis over Stirling, maybe some AFC fans but if Alexis agreed to sign I’d say no-one would choose Stirling. Pep is going to want bigger and bigger players, Stirling is going to want out at some stage. Arsenal is a good move for him if he wants to play, I can’t see him going to utd or Che, Liverpool is a threat to his signature. Pep is back tracking, Stirling is too good to play bit part, he should come over to us where that work ethic will be appreciated.

  6. waal2waal

    ___________ onion basket _________

    _______________ Lacazette
    ___ _sanchez _______________Sterling

    not much wrong him coming emirates stadium far as i see:

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