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Man City v Arsenal review – Gunners good but get nothing

A lot of Arsenal fans did not expect us to get anything from today’s away game against the Premier League leaders Man City, and that is how it turned out with De Bruyne, Aguero and Gabriel Jesus scoring to make it a comfortable 3-1 scoreline in the end, but that did not tell the whole story by any means and Arsene Wenger will surely point to a couple of key decisions that went the home side’s way at crucial points of the game.

The Frenchman had opted for a surprising Arsenal XI with Coquelin in between Koscielny and Monreal, Alexis Sanchez as centre forward with Ozil and Iwobi either side and Lacazette on the bench. We started well in a fast and frenetic game but after 10 minutes or so the City players just started to dominate a little, but even so it felt a bit harsh on the Gunners when De Bruyne scored with a long drive in the 19th minute.

To be fair to them City were strong and probably should have scored again before the break but it was Ramsey who nearly brought us level on the stroke of halftime but was denied by a good save. Soon after the restart came the first contentious decision, a soft penalty awarded by referee Michael Oliver for a comi9ng together in the box between Monreal and Sterling that saw no intent from the Spaniard.

You see them given but more often than not it is seen as good defending, but Afguero made no mistake and Arsenal were in trouble. We hit back through a fine Lacazeete goal and were right in it until the linesm,an failed to spot that Silva was offside before squaring it to Jesus for a tap in.

It’s just a shame that a good performance from the Gunners got us nothing and once again we got hurt away from home by a referee.


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150 thoughts on “Man City v Arsenal review – Gunners good but get nothing

  1. gotanidea

    It is normal that Arsenal lost, because Manchester City’s players’ passes, first touches, skills and creativity are way above Arsenal’s. Wenger’s and Mourinho’s systems are inferior compared to Guardiola’s.

    Having said that, most of Arsenal players’ qualities are below Manchester City players’. A few thoughts on both clubs’ players:

    – Cech: He should have been able to deflect the shot that lead to the first goal. Arsenal should find another goalkeeper that has better reflex and can build the attack from the back, someone like Ederson, Bravo, Stegen, Lloris, Navas, etc.

    – Ozil: A player with nice ideas and creative, but he lacks the skills to penetrate, could not possess the ball longer and produced a lot of bad first touches. Someone younger, faster, more skillful and creative must replace him next season.

    – Sanchez: He has Barcelona first team player’s quality, showed by his skills and movements. Arsenal should get more players like him.

    – Manchester City goalkeeper and defenders: They showed their abilities in playing the ball, by toying with Arsenal attackers, even under heavy pressures. A manager that has been managing the same club for the last twenty years should be able to create a good system like this.

    – Sane: He is taller than Koscielny and may be as tall as Xhaka, but he is much faster and much more skillful than both of them. Why can’t Arsenal get a player like this?

    Arsenal’s lack of technical abilities and bad system could be mitigated with the defensive 3-4-2-1 formation. They could hit City with counter-attacks and set pieces with their players’ physicalities.

    1. kev

      Man City weren’t that good today.Arsenal gifted them a lot of their chances.They could hardly break through our defence when we were compact.They only did when we gifted them poseession.I also felt that Arsenal could have scored many goals today if they had made certain passes so simple.
      With how City played I can confidently say we will beat them at the Emirates as usual.Their best result will be a draw.

      1. Ivan

        You are right but the trouble is we are too tippy, tappy and don’t get enough crosses or shots in.
        As for them being lucky to get a draw when they come to us you are seriously deluded.

  2. GunnerUp

    I am so tired of this meerkat referee. Every single big game he gives a penalty against us. Sanchez as a striker never ever worked. Tired of seeing S Bould & the medics face on our bench. Been pathetic defensively all season. Overrated blery Ozil

    1. heidi leigh

      Tell me why, when we spent millions on a centre forward, we don’t play him in a top game like this? Wenger is no longer good enough for this club.

  3. Salmonella

    Credit to Arsenal to have put on a near to decent performance. We were up against a very special Man C unit & let’s not take anything away from them.
    I’ve been saying this for quite sometime that KDB is a more complete player than Ozil. KDB is your modern day Bergkamp
    To win against WC players you need to be exceptional not just “good”
    Better luck against Spuds

  4. Me

    That is the premiership over once again.
    Wenger’s future will apparently be decided in the summer.
    So that is another five years of this rubbish then..

  5. Wolf

    I don’t really know what to say anymore. No fight in this team. Build ups too slow. Constant mad decisions by Wenger. He keeps doing what he’s doing to Lacca and soon his form will drop also. Wenger playing with fire. We got the spuds next and i don’t hold out any hope of getting a result against them. Oh how far we’ve fallen

  6. Godswill

    Buy a player for 50m and he is on the bench. One could think that the team is the best team in Europe that did really bought players at silly prices.
    Thank you Lacca

    1. Anko

      I thought he said we were going to play attacking football! I was very hopeful before the game but Pep did the thing I thought we were going to do, challenge their midfielders for the ball! Am sad we are moving backwards!

      1. gotanidea

        Wenger used 4-3-3 to man-mark all City players. Which did not work, because City players are too skillful, too fast, too agile and too mobile to be man-marked.

        1. Gunners

          I didn’t see 4-3-3, We used our 3-5-3 formation, Coquelin between Koscienly and Monreal. Xhaka and Ramsey will never dominate any midfield. We dont have anyone to attack the ball when defending. They scored when we had 10 men behind the ball but not even a single player tried to mark Debruyne! No hunger at all

    1. Anko

      Immediately I saw the referee I knew 3 things were likely to happen, offside goal, penalty, or a sending off. At least two of it happened.

  7. Kenny Rolfe

    Not a bad performance at all but how Alan (Judas) Smith made the second goal onside I will never know, even when they froze it two players, blatantly offside, he still said onside.

      1. Trudeau

        Not Smith’s greatest punditry moment. It’s almost like he is trying so hard not to seem bias that he made an ass out of himself. What he should have said was that linesman didn’t miss one player offside but two players. That and the fact that Arsenal defenders made the cardinal error of not playing to the whistle would be what I would expect an expert commentator to pick up on. As big a Muppet as the linesman.

    1. jon fox

      I agree with your comment on how did Alan, never a Judas though, Smith claim that goal was offside , when the still pic clearly showed two CITY PLAYERS IN AN OFFSIDE POSITION, ONLY ONE THOUGH, OF WHOM WAS ACTIVE. You are unwise to think of respected ex-players whose opinion you don’t like or agree with as a Judas. I saw most of Smiths games in our shirt(and for 30 years prior to him arriving) and to slur an honest fair minded man like Smudge is just childish and silly in the extreme. I wonder how old you are, since you are clearly not being fair minded. Yes he made a mistake; that does not make him a Judas. Judas betrayed and Smith has never betrayed Arsenal , either as a player or commentator. FYI, he is paid to call it as he sees it. End of story!

      1. Kenny Rolfe

        I’ve been following Arsenal the same time as you, since the late fifties and still a season ticket holder and let me tell you, Alan Smith has never given us a good call since he’s been in the job. I coated him one night at a Champions league game at Wembley, Yeah that long ago,with the words “do anything to keep your job at Sky hey Smudger”

  8. Colin

    What possessed Wenger – Coquelin in the back line????????????
    I have really seen it all now, left back in the changing room would have been a better option, never at any time is he a viable option these days, especially in a game like this one.
    Some of the decisions Wenger has made last few seasons are bizarre to say the least. Wilshere and Lacazette showed more in 15 min than Iwobi has all season as well.
    Was not a penalty but also the third was onside to be fair but we could have shipped 4 or 5 in the first half alone

  9. Sol

    The referees won the game the penality is not penality the third goal is offside and laca should not be dropped. Arsenal should appeal to the FA

    1. Gunners

      For the penalty, there was contact but many referees dont blow it especially for a big game like this. As for the offside…Even a blind man can spot that one!

  10. Alatari Douglas

    We lost 3:1 so we shld pick ourselves up & forge on cos the better team won today even if it was because of a controversial penalty & offside goal. Glad 2 see Lacazette on the score sheet again, shld start more often.

  11. Goonerboy

    Wenger is frustration personified, leaving Lacazette on the bench makes me speechless.

    An open game like this is for Walcott, he should have come on alongside Lacazette, that would have been hard for City to cope with…

    A must win game against Spurs now..
    And it is now official that we are playing fo Top 4 this season

    1. gotanidea

      Walcott would get robbed a lot, would not offer any playmaking contribution to the team and would get offside-trapped a lot. He is fast, but his other skills are way below Sterling and Sane.

    2. Bob2

      No hope of top 4…. 5th or 6th… So we should take the Europa more seriously as it’s our only hope of a champions league place next season.

  12. ramterta

    don’t remember any of you complaining during the fa cup final v Chelsea when a certain wrong decision went our way

    1. gotanidea

      Most humans have double standards. Most fans were clamoring when Wenger used 4-3-3, but now they condemn him because Arsenal were dominated by City.

      It was the same with Burnley matches in the last season. The officials’ decisions were unfairly against Burnley, but most fans just like ugly and dirty wins.

      And the same thing happened with Xhaka purchase. Most fans praised Arsenal when they bought a tall and physical player like him, but now they blame that decision. Haha!

      1. TheJad

        When decisions are not against us, it’s not our fight to fight. We don’t expect City to say, sorry ref it was offside don’t count the 3rd.
        Mistakes are fine, but this ref is making it a massive habit. Call on Optastats to prove it.

  13. i was a gooner

    ITS Confirmed, NO EPL title for Arsenal this season.
    its for all the indigestable gooners out there who still think they got a chance with the title.
    sad we kept ozil & Sanchez

      1. Wolf

        That’s Ozil and Sanchez I’m talking about. 4 out of 11 games already lost this seaon thats just not good enough. Hoping Wnger goes end of this season and I think he will

        1. Ivan

          I wish Wenger was going at the end of season (or sooner) as I am fed up with his incompetance and constant whining. Unfortunately he is going nowhere and indeed I bet his contract will be renewed wih another 2 million payrise in 2019.

      2. lol

        Drop Ozil and Sanchez because there are others who play better? Anyway, if you want get the best price for something you are selling, best not to tell potential buyers that you don’t need that thing you are selling

  14. AndersS

    Well, we did put in a decent performance and with some luck, we had gotten a point.
    But let’s look at the facts:
    We have played 11 games, and we are 12 points behind the leaders.
    We are in 6’th place.
    I think this was the 15’th game in a row played against the top teams in the PL (Man C, Man U, Chelsea, Spurs & Liverpool) without winning.
    How can anyone think, it isn’t time for change????

      1. Ivan

        Any other manager would do better. Wenger is clueless on modern tactics, has mad ideas on formation, picking the team and could not motivate a player if his life depended on it. All he can do is winge. I am fed up with seeing his miserable bony self representing us.

        1. Neo Malefane

          You talking nonsense now. Are you telling a manager like Raneiri or Pardew is going to improve this team? There is probalby only 4 or 5 managers in the world that can improve this team.

          1. jon fox

            Neo Malefane, NO! IT IS YOU WHO ARE TALKING TOTAL NONSENSE. THere are at least 15 managers in our Prem right now who would improve this team, even without bringing in new players. They would COACH for a start. That would be a great help. Then they would be likely to pick the correct team and in the correct formation. Finally , there is a very minor matter, minor to Wenger that is, called motivation of players. Other managers use it. You might have thought that after all these years Wenger, too , might have discovered it’s usefulness! But I give Wenger the gold medal for complaining uselessly to the fourth official and waving his arms around so pointlessly. One day, long into the future , when he is still at Arsenal for his 100th birthday,( AAARGH!!!!) it may, just may, dawn on him that the onfield ref makes the decisions, not the fourth official! I am old enough to remember him a decade and more ago, when he was sane!

            1. Abel

              Utter rubbish comment. ” THere are at least 15 managers in our Prem right now who would improve this team, even without bringing in new players” really. So why aren’t we in 16th position?
              How come your 16 better managers can’t coach their respective teams into 6th place and above arsenal?

      2. AndersS

        I am not an expert on managers, but it is clear, we are going absolutely nowhere, but backwards.
        Wenger is old, his ideas are outdates. He was given the chance to put things right this season, but we are in a mess on and off the pitch.
        As Wenger is old, has less than 2 seasons left, and one is already wasted, then I do think it is time to give someone else a chance to rebuild, and I really don’t see, what we have to loose.

    1. lol

      Didn’t we beat Chelsea 3-0 last season? Has it been 15 games already? Anyway, I do agree it’s time for change

  15. Lupe

    Mancity were not as brilliant as we thought they would be and arsenal were not as bad as we thought they would be. The penalty was the correct decision but the third goal was offiside. Wenger now will use the penalty as an excuse but he should remember what he said after west brom were denied a clear penalty when we played them at the emirates. The truth is we do get decisions go against us alot but we don’t know how to react to them, like why did the players stop for fuck sake! Please can someone explain why wenger dropped lacazette? Why doesn’t he give Wilshere a chance, i swear when he came on he was dodging tackles with swift turns, something xhaka can only dream of. Wenger should just release us from his prison and chains so we can at least compete with these teams with a different manager even if we can’t win because of our useless owner and board, those we can’t run away from.

    1. lol

      Think Wenger felt that without Ozil, we might have difficulty transitioning from midfield to attack. On hindsight, he probably should have dropped Ozil instead of Lacazette. If Wenger gives Wilshere a chance in a game like this, would the media and WOB give Wenger a chance if we lost by 4 or 5 goals and Wilshere played poorly?

  16. Angello

    Koscielny is taller than Xhaka and both of them are taller than Leroy Sane get your facts straight

    1. gotanidea

      You must have gotten it from Wikipedia, right? Don’t be fooled by Koscielny’s spiky hair style. It could make anybody look taller when measured.

  17. Kedar Damle

    The manager who has spent 200 millions in 2 seasons then he has to win everything… Pep I think one of the most overrated and over hyped manager… In his career he has always managed the clubs which have countless money to throw in transfer market or league is very incompetative…
    He was at Barcelona where he had money and also there was only Real Madrid to compete… After that he managed Bayern where there is no opponent at all…. And now he is managing Man City where he was complete failure in 1st season compared to his overrated image.. So what he did?? He took a blank singed cheque book from Shaikh and started spending… Spent 200 Millions in 2 seasons…. Even after spending so much today’s their performance was unconvincing…

    1. sfgunner

      true, but one point to make, the best players want to play for pep, the best players run away from AW

      1. Kedar Damle

        Of Course because they know that they will get 300k per week and trophies Because Pep will spend money whatever amount he wants.. If as a player I am getting 300k per week and gurentee fir trophies then I would certainly like play for any Manger….
        Let him manage a club like Arsenal where there is very limited resources and big history and expectations plus media is there to criticize every now and then…. Let him manage arsenal and then we will see how successful he can be or how many best players wants play for him…

        1. Ivan

          What are you talking about, look at our wage bill. Arsenal pay way too much salary to players. We were going to pay £180k per week to The Ox and he still turned us down (thankfully) for less money with the scousers.

            1. Ivan

              No what are YOU talking about. Our wage bill is massive, especially when you consider our squad is full of average players. Stop making excuses for that old bag of bones.

    2. gotanidea

      I still enjoy Guardiola team’s way of playing football, even though he has not won anything yet in England. Fearless, flowing and spirited, like when Arsenal faced Everton in Goodison Park.

  18. Fortune Chibueze

    Good game boys, every team playing against Mancity would definitely walk into the field nervous just like we looked, a few mistakes but we showed good composure and desire to keep going, credits to Lacazette, we need to be a little bit aggressive decisive, thats what we lacked today, i believe the boys will bounce with a comfortable win against d spuds also hoping for an injury free international break

    1. lol

      He gets thumbs down for hoping we will have a comfortable win against spuds? Would he get thumbs up for hoping we will have a humiliating defeat against spuds? Is this an anti-Arsenal forum?

  19. Plankton

    Watching the game between Manchester City and Arsenal is one game I regret watching wholeheartedly. City shouldve won by more. We were lucky and to add to that, Mike Oliver and assistant were City’s 13th and 14th men on top of their supporters. I for one don’t think that they shouldve been awarded a penalty for a shoulder to shoulder charge. That just being my opinion though. For the offside goal … I’m lost for words.

    1. Neo Malefane

      Yeah the refs had a big hand in the city win. Yes they could have and probably should have scored more but hey that’s their fault they couldn’t take their chances.

  20. miker

    Alexis as 9 is wrong, lecoq should have been subbed off at half time for Wilshere, laca should have started and I don’t like ozil’s behavior, he should grow some balls.

    Zero points but at least we were not overruned, we did fight back, same old crap refs.

  21. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    Good..really! I know we would like take solace In the fact that the refs were shiits..(which is becoming a norm)…but we could also have bin down 5 by half time…we did OK no doubt..but pls how did we end up with these set of midfielders (xhaka..coquelin) you can forgive for excluding Ramsey he ain’t dat good either…oh wait the ozil play today? and I just heard someone call wenger world class..i think the poor man still stuck in ’04…buy a 50 something striker and bench him against the top team smart right? ….we didn’t play bad but we ain’t going anywhere soon..

  22. Anko

    Man City were not exceptional, Arsenal were just below average. The game was there for the taken but we don’t have a manager who makes decisions at half time to change the course of a game.

  23. Ray

    Stop blaming refs!! We lost the game because we are not Arsenal of past. We Arsenal of the present! This Arsenal side will NEVER win the EPL. NEVER!!

    The race for FIFTH is on!! coyg!!!

  24. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    funny people calling guadiola overrated…I would take him over wenger in an heart beat

    1. Kenny Rolfe

      Pep was desperate for the Arsenal job and even took a year’s sabbatical waiting for “Le Profeseur” to quit but stubborn old Wenger refused to quit.

  25. Cheadle


    fantastic write up from you, your comments probably serve as the “main article” upon which we all comment. Arsenal need to to grab what they can from the “easier” games moreover, the work rate required for a game against this season’s Man City is too steep from some of our players.

    Arsene is doing what he can but he has a team with two superstars sitting on the fence going against a settled side brimming with confidence. I think keeping Sanchez will pay off against “lesser” teams perhaps to give us a good chance at top four finish. But against the top teams??

    It is clear however that the top teams of the future will cost hundreds of millions to build and that will still include the “talent bargains” of 30-40 million such as we have seen with Leroy Sane and Gabriel Jesus.

    i did warn that we would misplace our Cojones again this season

    1. Anko

      Arsene Wenger is the problem, we seems to be so easy to beat! Whenever a team sets up against us in a certain way, it seems to work for them. He doesn’t make big calls early. When the game started today it was obvious Man City wanted to pressed us from the middle and spread the ball to the wings. It just worked like easy. Sanchez was used as a striker, but he has sandwiched between two defenders and that just worked for Man City like that. He wasn’t very good on long balls which we kept playing because the midfielders were being pressured. So a sensible manger would have changed at least by halftime. Bring in Olivier Giroud and change the midfield formation. I am not a manager but I saw what was wrong with us because of the pressure Man City put on the midfield. Our players are not that bad, we just need a new manager or someone that can make big calls.

      1. lol

        So bringing on Giroud at half time and playing long balls would have solve our problems? You must be a managerial genius

  26. Neo Malefane

    I am not saying we were going to win the game but Arsenal were right back in it before that clearly offside goal killed the game. The penalty is a 50/50. I have seen them given and others I have not but it was a little bit soft to be honest. I think Arsenal gave a good account of themselves in patches. We weren’t consistent with our performance throughout the game. If we played like the first 20 minutes and the period in which lacazette scored throughout the game I think the game would have been really close. I think Arsenal fans are disappointed because Man City weren’t at their best today and if we were on our game they could have been there for the taking. But honestly the refs killed a good game. Such a pity..who knows what could have happened at 2-1.

  27. Sue

    Just face it…… we’re a million miles away from man city. They’re so strong in every position & we’re not. Starting Iwobi & Coquelin & leaving Lacazette on the bench! WTF!!!!
    Based on this performance I think a hell of a lot of money needs to be spent….

    1. Trudeau

      Iwobi was very good today. I’d question a few of Wenger’s calls today but he got it right with Iwobi.

  28. Avenger

    Arsenal robbed again???
    no my friends Arsenal lost because
    of the wrong coaching the wrong starting line up
    and the negative motivation{cold chests}
    some players dont deserve to wear the
    Arsenal shirt
    today some players dont have the skills to
    confront a mayor team as Manchester City

    1. lol

      What negative motivation? The lads worked hard today. Even Ozil pressed more than he normally would. Effort-wise, who doesn’t deserve to wear the shirt today? Explain yourself

  29. ThirdManJW

    Four genuinely tough games played so far this season:

    Won – 0
    Draw – 1
    Lost – 3
    For – 1
    Against – 8

    Poor team selections in all of them as well. Wenger needs to be put out of his misery, before he completely destroys his legacy.

  30. Oh I get it, Arsene is Pep and Walcott is Messi

    To only lose by a 2 goal margin shows the real progress we have made this season.


  31. Bookie

    Ozil and Sanchez are like a cancer spreading their disease across the team. Began to secretly hope that they’d both get injured or carded so i’d be rid of them for a while.Did you see the burst of fresh air when Lacazette came on? A hungry striker, that. Sead…….i love you so much…and Ramsey….my industrious phoenix. Better luck at the NLD


    Sad times when with a sigh of relief we are beaten for the 4th time this season burying any chance of winning anything, we can also forget our given right to 4th place; strange how for many years we complaint about being 4th and now how much we would give to have it back.
    Sanchez must go in January. he no longer plays for us, how AW left Laca on the bench and played him instead to no other than City is the WENGER logic no one else can get, Ozil well today at least showed some guile…..other than that well what can we say from top 4 we are now top 6 and descending…all this being said the penalty was soft and both City players were offside…

  33. Okoro E Alaebi

    Hahaha well @ times like this I really wonder what is going through Kroenke’s head or mind as for Wenger I know he is senile or worst dementia lost touch wit reality. Played 3 top clubs this season lost 2 drew 1,please u all should spare me d storyline dat Arsenal was robbed. If we had opted our game this rubbish of being robbed wud v stopped a long time ago. I feel Wenger does bet against his club to loss because dere is no other explanation year in year out losing to d top flight clubs in EPL. I guess our next match is Tottenham n I know fans out dere will expect us to win. We’ll our behinds will be whipped badly that many will be unable to recover. Arsenal is playing Europa this season wonder wat will become of us next season.

  34. Rkw

    Arsenal have become a weak and shapeless team under wenger … Those people who were thinking things would be different this season need to take a serious look at themselves in the mirror … Not just spurs to worry about but burnley … Season could be over by first week of December if we don’t see a change

      1. Rkw

        Another nut job … I don’t watch highlights … A below par man city were comfortable winners against a shapeless team with no ability to control the game from the middle but enjoyed a brief revival when the other nut job paid around 8m for his managerial services decided he might try one of his best attacking options instead of the flapping teenager he put on from the start …. Best keep the change!!

          1. Lance

            How sad for English football when the supposed best team in the land is helped to get a win against a poor Arsenal by the ref.

  35. GB

    Missed the game but just watched the highlights on Hoofoot (a good site for highlights). Good strike for their first goal but I think Cech could/should have saved it. Penalty was one of those, sometimes given but sometimes not. Always given against us though. Our goal was clean and good by Laca. Their third goal was offside, Lino’s fault not the refs.
    We played better than in recent games and I think we will beat spurs in two weeks time. That’s my 45 pence worth, Peace and Love to you all.

  36. Lugdush

    We played against a very good team with a very good coach, with an overrated coach and players who needs to overplay to be 5th on the table…and thats because our club wants it…they choose to buy players just to try 4 place needing the best of our players…whats the sorprise? How can u win to an ambitiuos team being a mediocre one?

  37. Jack reacher

    Sad Sanchez wants out ozil doesn’t no what he wants , Cech is old man xhaka very average player and my god how arsenal didn’t sell bellerin he is hopeless no end product no strength bad passer can’t cross da road never mind a killer pass so poor I said last year sell him and go buy Seamus Coleman or bring back lee Dixon it’s over for arsene and arsenal and all them club rotten to the cure how bad is it when we lose I look forward arsenal fan tv ? joke really but let’s not kid ourselves Man City are better and I no it prop was not a pen and offside they were for 3 rd but we are afraid to take chances we have no zip in our play it’s dead for long time so that’s that goodnite

  38. Liam

    Dont know what game you were watching but city could have scored more if they needed too. We were all over the shop bar a few decent chances. So predictable now.

  39. Ignasi

    If Wenger starts Xhaka against Spurs i will kill myself.

    Again, and again and again he is the biggest and most obvious weak link in the team. Lost the ball for the third goal and constantly lost possession.

    Also, Ozil has one or two many passes in him.

    Ozil: pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, Shoot (chance missed/acite angle/difficult chance)

    De Bryune: pass, pass, shoot, goal

  40. Ivan

    We have played 4 teams in the top half of the table. Out of a total 12 points on offer we have got 1 point. That is really bad form. SACK WENGER.

  41. dboy

    Don’t really know how to put this question:

    Why are Arsenal always so bad in November? or
    Why is Arsene so bad in November?

    Happy November Gunners! or Not!

  42. Marty

    Instead of keep on dropping Lacazette how about leaving Sanchez out. The man has been a waste of space all season and the sooner he goes the better. Despite what Wenger says about Sanchez giving his all until he goes he just doesn’t seem interested and looks as if he can’t wait to go. You can’t just keep playing him because of what he has done or might do. He’s not doing at the moment.

    1. Ignasi

      Sanchez caused city a lot of problems today –

      I would leave Ozil out, especially in the big games. He offers NOTHING.

      he’s the catalyst for our overplaying and also makes unnecessary, needles and difficult passes for team mates.

  43. Mitch Connor

    I think most of the players tried their best and I’m not going to blame them. They did a decent job actually. You can’t expect a team like ours to beat a team of Aguero, Silva, De Bruyne, Sane, Jesus, Fernandihno, Oram ending, Sterling.

    We’ve lost 4-0 to Liverpool, 3-1 to City. I hope we beat Spurs, but does not look good. At least we are playing at home I guess

    There is only one man to blame. Clue he is delusional and not the referee. He set the team up to be mediocre or at least top half of the table but not top 4 quality. Right now we are the 5th or even 6th best in the league. If he had got another top CB, Lemar, Draxler or Mahrez and at least one top Central midfielder we would be fighting for the title

    He is delusional to think we can make the top 4 let alone win the title and Top 4 should not be our goal anyway.

    We MUST play our best players in Europa league from the next round. If we lose to Spurs at home then Top 4 is out of the question. Europa may be our only salvation because winning it means a Trophy AND Champions League. It will be tough but we are good enough to win it

  44. Chekwube Kwentua

    Sanchez should be sold this January! he has outgrown Arsenal and his heart is no longer with Arsenal! it may sound painful but that’s just the truth! Another bad performance from him today!

  45. Sam-afc

    We were good?

    We could barley pass the ball to our own team let alone gifting it to city every 5 minutes.

    It was like chamberlain vs Liverpool with Alexis today. He made more passes to city than he did Arsenal.

    Our record signing on the bench against one of our main rivals ?

    Honestly Alexis and Özil can piss off. Take Wenger with you??????

  46. antonioro

    I think the EPL hopes are over,even getting the 4th place must be out of reach-how about concentrating on Europa League Cup and winning it?

  47. Shinoda_Kc

    Arsenal football club is long gone. This is just another Kroenke’s American club playing in the UK. I don’t even know where to begin. I wasn’t even shocked, it was city’s game to lose. Just pray to God it doesn’t get worse.

  48. ruelando

    I actually feared the worst for the team, it was not the back three pairing wenger would have wanted to use, but i thought they did ok.

    I will admit Mancity was the better team, however, decisions from the ref were what won them the game, yes and many will say Mancity could have scored many goals, but did they, no they did not, so, therefore, the ref decisions were what got them over the line.

    I think arsenal is missing the services of Welbeck in these big games to run at the defense, we had some good opportunity to do so but just could not.

    Everyone should be ready for the Tots so let us see

  49. Tat

    It’s funny how sky sports commentators were still saying the third goal’s onside during the reply…
    But whatever, I just hope we beat spurs next

    1. jon fox


  50. the barrel

    We could have started Walcott and Elnerny in place of Xhaka and Ozil. These guys are losing possession like they were not bought for more than 70 million. Arsenal has good players, but the problem is team selection

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