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Man City v ARSENAL – Taki’s Player Ratings

Arsenal played City to a hard fought draw in Sunday’s clash. by TS

Here are my ratings for each player. As usual, feel free to argue.

Vito Mannone: Produced a good save from Aguero early on and later from Kompany, but then again, he was left floundering when City scored. Not the best game for the Italian. 6/10

Carl Jenkinson: One of Arsenal’s best players. Has improved dramatically this season so far. Nullified Sinclair effectively in the opening half, and ensured Clichy was unable to offer his side much in attack. Went forward with ease and even created a glorious opportunity for Podolski to score. 8/10

Laurent Koscielny: Came in for Vermaelen and showed why he deserves to start each game. His goal gave Arsenal the equalizer. Made amends after allowing Lescott to rise unchallenged for the opening goal. 7.5/10

Per Mertesacker: A mountain of a man. There may as well been a mountain in front of Mannone. An excellent performance by the German. Looks faster, meaner and passes better this season too. My man of the match 8.5/10

Kieran Gibbs: Did what was needed of him. Didn’t have an amazing game but he’s still our best left back though. 6.5/10

Abou Diaby: Was strangely dispossessed 6 times. Started really well then sort of fell asleep. So much so that he was woken up by his teammates only to be told that he was being replaced by Walcott. 6/10

Mikel Arteta: Excellent performance by Arteta. Did everything really well. Anyone that can keep Silva and Yaya quiet is a master at his craft. The new and improved Song. Actually, the one and only Arteta 8/10

Aaron Ramsey: Can’t fault him on anything. Then again, I can’t really remember Ramsey doing much. 6/10

Santi Cazorla: Passed well, attacked better and was the heart of everything. He and Arteta seem the perfect fit for one another. 8/10

Gervinho: The Ivorian didn’t have his scoring boots on. Missed a few chances and really should’ve tested Hart more. Blazed a goal scoring opportunity with a shot that landed the moon when he really should’ve tucked it into the net. 6/10

Lukas Podolski: Not the usual performance we expect from the German. Played from deep too often to really pose a threat to the City defense. Held onto the ball well but wasn’t the same threat he usually was playing up front. 6/10

Theo Walcott : Substituted in the second half but you’d never know it looking at his performance. He looked tired on the ball and didn’t inspire much. Crossed a really poor ball that went out of play with no one pressuring him. 5/10

Olivier Giroud: What can you say about this guy that hasn’t already been said in previous games? May as copy and paste a previous analysis. Didn’t score but looked threatening. He’s starting to look like a lion with marshmallow teeth. 6/10

Francis Coquelin: I’ve swam underwater longer than Coquelin was on the pitch. n/a

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58 thoughts on “Man City v ARSENAL – Taki’s Player Ratings

  1. Jonny

    bit harsh on Ramsey, created gervinho chance in first half and made some good runs and passes with the ball.

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  2. gooner man

    Gervinho was the worst. I wanted him to come off at 60th minute hoping to be replaced by the Ox.

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  3. LivingLegnd

    I am having a hard time getting on this Jenkinson bandwagon. I tremble every time he touches the ball in the defensive 3rd of the pitch. his passes do not find their target NEARLY enough for me to feel comfortable. I like what hes doing defensively, as he played really well. But I just think he lacks composure.

    More games like this and I may start to feel better about him, but right now, im still skeptical.

    Someone…please help me to feel different. I just dont trust him back there yet…

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  4. Dave

    Jenks best game ever for arsenal and showing a steady improvement. many ppl wanted a new right back but jenks stood up and now the question is will sagna get back in. I like that jenks was and is an arsenal fan and had arsenal bed sheets and only dreams of playing for us. legend in the making. him and gibbs to be englands world cup full backs 🙂

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  5. vanic

    I think you’re abit too harsh on Ramsey. The lad hardly put down a wrong foot the entire game, he was neat and tidy throughout.

    Koscielny definitely deserves more than a 7.5

    Gervinho was kinda disappointing. He looks like a different player from his previous matches.

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  6. manish gooner

    Thre open chances fo gervinhno…i wantd hm to remvd frm the game
    If it was nt joe hart then it was a definite goal fo cazorla….santi is a beast man.
    I cnt imagine our team widout arteta ..he is ma Mr.Reliable
    ramsey was beta cmpare to lst game made sme nce run

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  7. con-kamp

    I will be the 1st to tell that am one of those fans who have called for ramsey’s head..and I still do..he is simply not good enough for me..his showings over the past season were poor,very poor infact..BUT,I would have to say the ratings have been unfair to him for the city game,I think he had a smashing game,”can’t remember ramsey doing anything”..well let me remind you..that lovely through pass to gervinho who ofcourse wasted it..that was more tham memorable and through out the 90min..he worked tirelessly and contributed towards stopped yaya’s runs a number of times..I tip my hat for his performance yesterday..and his shortlived appearance against southampton!
    Gervinho,worst performer yesterday..the guy is good at getting in those positions and I guess that’s what frustrates us the most..if he can get the hard work done…why fluff ur lines then!!!WHY?????

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  8. Up the Arse!!!

    gooner man is right: ox should have come on for gervinho by the 60th minute. the two glaring chances that he missed (one in each half) made me tear my hair out. i know, i know, if i had been out there i wouldn’t have done anywhere near as well, but i’m not getting paid retarded f’ng amounts of money to capitalize on sitters like the ones he flubbed

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  9. cramer

    Mannone should not be on a 6 – a 6 os what is given for a consistent performance – nothing incredbile yet no mistake. Mannone was no where near the ball on the corner and on both Aguero’s shot (when he cut inside jenks at about 15th min) and then kompany’s overhead kick he pushed the ball out right in front of him – they were awful saves. Saving the ball does not mean you are a good goalie, you need to save effectively and tip the ball behind or away from danger, mannone does not do this! dont understand why people are saying he should be challenging szcesny.

    Sorry for rant, its not mannone’s choice, he is third choice but people are bigging him up!

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  10. gonegunner

    jenkinson gives the ball away way too many times for a rb.
    Diaby is being his normal self. He is not the player everyone makes him out to be. For every liverpool game he will have plenty of Montpellier and Man city games.
    the same goes for Gervinho, the man is not a striker.

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  11. jk

    Harsh on rambo he had a good game. I think Mannone should have got less the shots he saved he didnt push away instead he parried straight to a packed penalty area and didnt claim cross for the goal.

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  12. Tedy

    Don’t blame Gervinho, He is quality. He created alot of chances but unfortunately unable to get the net. I don’t think the OX can create opportunity as Gervinho creates. The only problem to Gervihno is his finishing and some times passing. The other is so quality. No one in Arsenal team can do as Gervihno does.

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  13. Laurentkboi

    I’m sorry but wtf, Ramsey played the best for a long while friend and his long balls and created chances where as good as santis.

    Cut the boy some slack because I assure you our welsh wizard is back and Gibbs had a perfect game just one error leading to a goal but his attacking and deffending was smooth and perfect

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  14. Kopes

    Corporal Jenko motm for me. Has anyone else noticed how every game he’s played this season has been his best so far!

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  15. Big Gun

    Mannone made 1 or 2 good saves…but he made a text book error that cost us a goal. He lacks experience. Szczes would have had that cross in the bag.

    Gibbs deserves a higher rating…he was exceptional.

    I agree with your analysis on Ramsey but he played far better than usual. He deserves at least a 7.

    Wenger should have brought on Ox and Walcott at half time.

    Merts and Jenks brilliant.

    Got to hand it their right back, from an unbiased view Zabaletta was their best player…he read Gerv like a book.

    Arsenal were the better team.

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  16. Forde

    Ramsey was all over the pitch yesterday ball for Gervinhos heavy touch , great work rate , hard battling , and started off the move for cazorlas shot which led to the corner for our goal, some of your ratings are shockers do you watch the same game ?

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  17. John Legend.... Truth is bitter

    Isn’t Jenks Finnish?

    Ramsey did better than yoυ claim. Were you watching Arshavin?

    The players did their job in one phrase.

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  18. MMHgooner

    I agree that that is a little harsh on ramsey, id give him a 7 probably, he wasn’t wasteful, didn’t backheel the ball to the opposition even once, worked really hard for a solid 90 minutes, played some solid through passes, and is starting to look like he’s regaining some of the confidence he desperately lacked last year.

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  19. Harugongo boy.

    wenger, 0.9/10. He made us ‘lose’ the game. He’s one hell of a guy scared of doing substitutions. Honestly why keep gervinho on the pitch for 80 minutes when he kept on firing blanks. Were we expecting miracles. S**t

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  20. prekowsky

    this writer was definitely watching a different a game…Ramsey was the man of the match for me

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  21. jumper

    if u rate arteta 8/10 for doing his job as holding midfielder,u should rate ramsey 7/10.he gave a through ball to gervinho,his long passing was good.he kept play simple like arteta does always.and u rate him 6.this is what utter prejudice is

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  22. Thala

    What the Hell !!! Ramsey 6??? did u see the match?? he is definitely 7.5. he did everything in the match other than scoring. Very Harsh on Ramsey.

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  23. Thala

    Gooners did u Notice that Arsenal is Having Awesome First half and Average Second half in last two games??

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  24. Sammy

    are you kidding me?
    He was a total player on the field. Making runs, providing balls, skills (:P) and passing.
    I really liked the way he played.
    He played his part very well…

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  25. jumper

    and ur rating for gervinho,podolski and diaby yesterday are completely wrong if u rate ramsey 6
    here are my ratings unprejudiced.
    mannoe-very good performance but still fault at goal-6
    jenks-powerful display on both sides-7
    kos-solid defense,super equaliser-7
    gibbs-same as jenks in defense but less in attack this time-7
    arteta-kept things in our control whenever needed-7
    diaby-good first half matching toure,poor second half-5
    cazorla-an awesome technical display.silva should have seen him play properly in the game-8
    ramsey-played different positions at different times.but kept play simple all the time.a very matured performance in a BIG GAME-7
    podolski-not seen in the game too much.had a good chance to put us infront thou-4
    gervinho-good individual approach play.but tried to do things all by himself and terrible finishing. was involved in many attacks.but could have cost us the game on another day-4
    walcott-good runs,but mad as ever-4
    giroud-did well to hold the ball in the air.played to his strengths.(people moaning for him to score a goal..plz as long as he’s helping the team win its not absolutely necessary.but he gives what arsenal have been missing recently PLAN B.different approach we adopt when this guy is on the pitch)-5
    coquelin-too little time to impress-4

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  26. Gunners

    Is it just me or did this game make me hate RvP even more? I now that crying over spilled milk is unhealthy and pointless, but man oh man, if would have kept him, dare I say it, but we’d be favorites for the Premier League title and on pace to reach the semis at least of the UCL. Our midfield is deeper than ever and our defense, for the first time in a while, is rock solid (well maybe not rock solid, but damn good), our only problem is having a clinical striker, which RVP would give us if he hadn’t left for ManUres’ $$$.

    I still love my gunners and our club philosophy, but unless Giroud/Gervinho become more clinical or we buy a proven finisher in the transfer window, it’ll be another 3rd/4th place finish and out of UCL after group stage year again. The lack of a true striker cost us 2 points today.

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  27. jumper

    @thala but arsenal conceded in the first halves of both the games and kept clean sheets in second halves of both the games.

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  28. jumper

    @gones**ker where did u go i know u went to better to join robin van payslip

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  29. nickw

    I would have given Gervinho 4 max for his impression of a headless chicken on speed.

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  30. mala

    the problem with gervihno is he’s a more of a selfish player, his priority is always trying to finish the ball himself and not to pass to teamates who are in better position than him. i remember after RVP questioned him in one game last season, he curbed his selfishness and started passing the ball more, this season he’s showing it again, he would rather dribble the ball all the way till it went out than passing it to his team mate.

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  31. gooner4life

    Great ratings other than Ramsey and Gervinho. Best I’ve seen from him since he was “Stoked” Also, Gervinho should be more like a 4 or 5. In the first half Ramsey beautifully put him through, but his first touch was one of a 7 year old schoolboy who has never played football before. Then late on skied a shot to the moon from 18 yards that should have ended up in the back of the net. Shows no composure for me, and im not sure why he’s starting over Giroud, who people are being WAY to harsh on…

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  32. Reeno

    Who lets people like this guy write articles for this website..! Ramsey had his best game for arsenal in yrs..! if Gervinho didn’t brutalise the ball with his 1st touch in the 1st half from Ramsey’s superb through ball we cud have gone on and torn shitty to shreds..! 3 teams have managed to take pts off shitty at home since 2010, but none of the other 2 played them off the field..! Metersaker was simply outstanding yedterday, and he should start ahead of Kos nxt weekend against chelski, who v.nearly went from hero to absolute zero with he gift wrapped aguero’s chance for him by trying to clear the ball back across his own box..! You could tell by all the player’s reactions just how clsoe he came to scoring a really soft goal from Mannone’s great save..! phew..!


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  33. Awesomeness

    Ramsey was the best player on the pitch.Why on earth is he so under rated.Give the guy some time to learn ad trust me he is gonna better than walcott and is gonna make a formidable partnership with jack wilshere.

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  34. Blazor

    I think Podolsky contributed on Sunday more than he was given credit for, he helped stop City’s attack on the left flank, he could not attack more because of the change in the formation, Ramsey’s game confuses everyone, and even Cazorla could not formulate the game. Don’t get me wrong, Ramsey put in a lot of effort in the game and I never doubted his ability to run and hassle, what I am saying is he confuses his own players because they don’t know where to expect him. I disagree with your rating of Diaby, for me he was the man of the match, returning back deep to our box to help the defense and run with the ball across the midline leading the attack; he had to fill in for Arteta’s lack of speed and strength to stop attackers of the opposing team. If Wenger comes to his senses and play Wilshire, Diaby and Cazorla then you will see what I am talking about, or even Rosicky, Diaby, Cazorla, the midfield will be flawless. For the attack, having Giroud up front is a must, the guy poses a threat to any defense allowing other players to penetrate and score. I can’t wait to see Rosicky and Wilshire back. Mertsacker appeared clumsy on the previous 2 games he was much better on Sunday, but the guy needs some fire in his game, at times he looks like he going to trip himself and fall apart, he need to strengthen those long legs and he should stop having too many touches on the ball while playing center mid-field. Kchelney had to work on his pass; he makes terrible passes failing to find his team mates.

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  35. sharan

    your take on ramsey kind of discredts the ratings generally. clearly not watching the same game. he was fantastic possession. created the Gervinho chance. And worked defensively as well. I think his performance give Arsene a real selection headache for Chelsi. The boy is being branded with a braod brush because of some of his performances last season. But this is a new season, judge him objectively. I am glad that an overwhelming majority of readers agree with an earlier comment that you were harsh on ramsey. For my money, he was close to MOTM. Alongwith Arteta Per Kosh and Carzola, had a great game.

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  36. ArsenalsF

    Gotta stop the ramsey – hating. I think a 6 is unfair. Like I’ve told to anyone who will listen – last season was difficult for him. Coming back from a lengthy horror injury, into a midfield that had lost fabregas and nasri for a bit of added pressure, and just when he was getting back to good form, his mentor, the man who made him the captain of his country at such a young age, Gary Speed passes away unfortunately. And the Arsenal fans still jump on his back – hence a rapid decrease in form.However, ss far as I can remember, all the post-match reports of Olympics GB matches mentioned him as a stand out performer, and I think now, after his solid performance against the PL champions, we can perhaps say he is back to his best (and he’s still so young)

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  37. Pavel

    Don’t remember anything good from Aaron?! That is very very harsh … on yesterday’s context, he was the most creative midfielder. Excellent performance. Deserves 8 at least.

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  38. Lee

    In my eyes Koscielny proved why he should be in the starting 11. Anyone else see him busting a lung to chase (and dispossess) Tevez in the second half when they were on the counter attack? Determination, aggression, pace, power and a serious desire to win, what a class act he is.

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  39. Dale

    I thought ramsey had a great game…one of the best iv seen him in the red and white…lets hope he keeps it up.

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  40. Mbk Ibn Isa Abk

    Yes it was one among the tough matches to play in the season. I really don’t know why Arsenal players dont want shot the ball at the right time needed. If Diaby short the ball when he was having the chance to, he could have been my Man of Match. But any way, Per really got it to be rated as the MOM simply because of the clean defence he showed. Santi should have scored the goal of the week when he made a good shot. But quite unfortunate Hart save the ball from entering the net. I really love the cornner kick that resulted to the deserved draw for Arsenal as it was scored late. That was an interesting match.

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  41. Amol

    giroud is really a very strong player…

    n gervinho looked in such a hurry n always tried too hard…

    strikers need to b calm to b efficient…

    giroud played better Thn gervinho

    gervinho looked worst player on the pitch….
    no matter u made runs but missing Tht early chance n Thn the last chance
    looked as if gervinho is a novice…

    jenkison is getting brilliant day by day….I bet he’s gonna keep sagna out on bench for sure….

    cazorla too lacked creativity
    n Tht was coz of ramsey who never made any threat…just passed the ball around….

    cazorla couldn’t link with the right wing coz
    city covered podolski….

    n gervinho isn’t great physically…

    but still arsenal had an attitude which is important to win…trophies

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  42. GO

    @ teddy

    I cant agree more with you. You’re dead right.

    Lets understand that 2 of the 3 chances gervinho fluffed, he created himself, there are very few players than can do that. The 3rd, the pass from Ramsey, he got into a good position and his finish did him in. I understand and agree we are an in form gervinho away from winning that game but we cannot take away his sheer class in getting in good positions and creating those chance away from him. He will come good, he just need to be more confident in front of goal, he’s always been content with doing all of the work and releasing others to do the finishing and we have now thrusted him into a position where he will have to do the finishing himself. We need to give him sometime to get used to that. If we can understand that a 21 goal striker in league one needs to settle down into the rigors of the EPL, then a converted winger will also need the same level of understanding.

    Ramsey was immense in that game. He did all that was required of him. His work rate is legendary and I’m sure we will appreciate this with time.

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  43. Charlie

    The “thumbs up” for the first comment shows that i’m not alone with this opinion, you were very harsh on Ramsey. He deserves a 7.5 IMO but other than that I agree with the ratings. I think if you looked up the stats for Ramsey you’d see that he was very much involved in the game and had a big part to play in the midfield dominance.

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  44. Charlie

    @Amol don’t be an idiot. How can you blast a team that outplays the league champions on a ground where they won 18 out of 19 league matches last season ? Some fans just refuse to support their team, what use are they ? Gervinhos’ build up play was good and he was involved a lot, unlike Walcott who is often anonymous. His composure was very poor but otherwise the performance was good. Cazorla is pure class, to claim he lacked creativity is ridiculous.

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  45. Johnno

    Ramsey was good and deserves credit. He looked switched on. Gerv took a real donkey’s touch when we should have been in on goal. I think he’s getting a harsh wrap when he blasted over from around the edge of the box. I’ve seen more clinical players miss much much worse than that effort. Granted at PL level he should have had that on target, but it looked like he tried to hit the ball too hard rather than just hitting through it. Simplistic view on Giroud. In all of his game time, how many clear cut chances has he had? One, maybe two. He’s a presence and he grabs the central defender’s attention and then with his movement he drags the defenders out of position. How you can rate Diaby (who was relatively poor) at 6 and Mert, who was the official man of the match at just 8.5 is strange. And Kos at 7.5? Mert should be 9.5 and Kos at 8.5-9. They were both absolutely fantastic. Mert would get 10 if he got on the scoresheet. He is looking like a very good defender this season.

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  46. paapa iyke

    as far as i’m concern evryone did well. d least i wil gv 2 a team dat out playd d champions on their ground is 7. Gervinho wil com gud he only needs 2 b told hw much we lov his mvments n runs bt hates his finishin. 4 now he is d one most teams r weary of. He is quick n skilfu. He only needs 2 polish hs boot

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  47. Joe Ckei

    before game i always read from blog who say they diehard arsenal fan who not trusted mertsacker to stop very tricky n speedy city you see what mertsacker give to team?? wenger we trust,in player we believe

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