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Man United ready to hijack Man City bid for Alexis Sanchez?

Arsenal fans have been following the Alexis Sanchez saga all summer, and he looks ever-likely to move on in the next 36 hours. Manchester City have been favourites to land the Chilean international all summer, and the latest claim is that Raheem Sterling has been offered as part of the deal to bring him to the Etihad although that has now been discounted by SkySports.

A similar offer is claimed to have come from Manchester United, with claims of a £60 Million + Chris Smalling offer having been received, and now the Bleacher Report are claiming that Sanchez’s team have made contact with the Red Devils over a possible move. Would Wenger really sell to Jose Mourinho? That would be the ultimate insult to Arsenal fans…

Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne is keen to see the Chilean arrive this summer, and believes he would be a ‘good addition’.

Former Sky Sports pundit Richard Keys is of the belief that he will join the Citizens this summer, and thinks that Arsenal would be right to sell this summer.

Keys blogged: “Those who believe in ‘loyalty’ should back Wenger’s stance on Sanchez. I don’t. I’d sell.

“The truth is Sanchez left Arsenal three months ago.

“He’s a distraction in the dressing room in exactly the same way as the uncertainty surrounding Wenger was last season.

“Get rid of Sanchez. Take Sergio Aguero in exchange if you can – if not, take City’s money.

“I still believe they will, but this should’ve been done so much earlier in the summer.”

The biggest and most interesting rumour however is that the Arsenal players have supposedly turned on the 28 year-old, and want his disruptive influence removed from the clubs ranks.

Arsene Wenger has been adamant that Alexis will not leave the club this summer, and while we have heard it all before only for players to be sold, we remain uncertain with less than 48 hours left in the window.

Will he stay or go? Should we stay firm and refuse or enough is enough? Do we have time to bring in a replacement?

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29 thoughts on “Man United ready to hijack Man City bid for Alexis Sanchez?

  1. muff d

    sell to mourinho, same guy who tales the piss out of us every opportunity he gets
    redo a van persie an hand united a title?

    haha…how to turn arsenal fans homicidal 101

    1. kev

      Arsene is not selling to any team only Man City.Sanchez is not interested,Arsene is not interested and United’s interest is negligible.The reports are not true.But I guess you guys will bash me as usual until it happens

    2. tas

      i believe this season we wont be in the top five with Sanchez or without so lets sell him and start to rebuild the team with a new manager, with the war chest that was promised 150M and ox 40M plus Sanchez 60M that’s another 100M, that’s 250M for the new manager to buy three WC players, the sale of few fringe players will pay for Lacazette and job done but only if AW announces his resignation day after the transfer window is shut

      1. tas

        Sell Ozill in January when teams are desperate to please fans, that,s another 35M by next summmer we would have around 50M profit ( reduced from 100M for not being in the CL)

        85M + 250m= 335M for the new manager

        before you thumb me down i know what i’m talking about regarding Arsenal accounts

        1. tas

          Bring in Ronald Keoman a strong and great manager with 335M to spend on a team with some good players still left

          its not within our means we have the money, we just have to forget this season

            1. tas

              once we have a new manager we announce he will have 335M to buy players and no one will lough at us anymore but envy us, losing one or two seasons to get back at being a top club is a small price to pay

  2. Kamikaze

    Where will I hide if he goes to man u?! That should never happen.I hate that club whole heartedly. Dnt make me hate Arsenal now!

  3. kev

    JUST IN:News coming in is that United’s interested in Sanchez is negligible.I’ve had it confirmed that Wenger will also not sell to United.It was also said yesterday that Arsenal will accept a bid of £65+ for Alexis Sanchez or a bid involving Aguero.
    Arsenal made a bid last night for Julian Draxler.The offer is yet to be accepted or rejected.
    Oxlade Chamberlain agreed to Chelsea’s terms accepting a salary totalling £190,000 a week.He now wants Liverpool to match that offer so he can reject Chelsea.It’s more of him holding out for the Liverpool move than him rejecting Chelsea actually.
    Contrary to media reports too Liverpopl see him as a winger and not a CM while Chelsea see him as a RWB.
    Kieran Gibbs has signed for West Brom.

    1. waal2waal

      the amount of predators circling arsenal is disturbing. not only is this presence meant to weaken us its meant to see we no longer compete in CL competition. we need revolutionary management change(s) and an epic signing – anything less is a declaration of our football ambition, no-marquis signature declares we’ve thrown in the towel and shows we accept being a domestic cup side.

  4. Kamikaze

    Here in Kenya the biggest rivalry is between Arsenal and Man useless…huh Sanchez to Man u?! that would kill me from inside!

  5. Turbo

    So in addition to following Arsenal for ages, I teach a university course on organizational behavior and personnel management. The gross mismanagement of Arsenal during June-Aug of this year is currently my feature case as a prototype of the worst possible bungling of personnel resources and mis-assignment of employee resources to roles (as just a few of many possible examples, sitting Kola & Laca last match, starting Welbeck who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, playing Bellerin at LWB, third straight laughable team assignments in a row, seriously considering loaning out our 2nd best center back, letting multiple key players enter the final year of contract, etc etc etc) imaginable. Students who know nothing of football are responding in a bit of disbelief when I share some of the recent club decisions (or lack of decisions if you prefer), one fellow actually said “no way, you’re making this up, right?”. These idiots have less than 48 hours to salvage something of out the utter madness, incompetence, and humiliation of the second half of the summer. I’m REALLY hoping they can salvage something that makes the team remotely watchable again. I’m REALLY scared they won’t. I’m in for the distance regardless, Arsenal to the end. PLEASE give me something interesting and worth rooting for!

  6. muff d

    krychowiak is flying in to have medical with west bromich albion WTFFFFFFF

    lol – dont suppose we could use loan like that, not at all, xhaka an ramsey is life

    1. McLovin

      Jesus f’n Christ this is getting embarrassing.

      WBA with no European football and offer half the wages we offer, manages to sign Krychowiak while Le Fraud puts his trust on Granit “Can’t put 2 passes together” and Mohamed “Has never succesfully performed a tackle” Elneny.

      Fudge off Wenger, just fudge off.

  7. Ronny

    Mu no way!
    I still maintain this all goes back to sanchez telling Ramsey to f off on the pitch, refusing to celebrate a point gained with giroud at Bournemouth having a go at ox etc.

    After the initial high sanchez is the reason the rest of the sqaud are all over the shop. The guy has become poisonous you can see it.
    What is inexcusable is wengers inability to get to the truth abd deal with it quickly and cleanly.
    Don’t really want sterling but saying that it’s nice to hear of any player considering playing for us at the moment. Or maybe it’s just the draw of the capital over Manchester.

    See Sanchez to city for the best deal you can such a nightmare that it wasn’t done earlier in the window!

  8. Highbury Gunner

    I believe the mistakes we made has arsenal fans, was not advising the Chinese and Australian fans to boycott the preseason matches, people not boycotting the emirates cup before the season started. I guess any hope of top six is definitely gone. Sack the manager now, get an interim manager, maybe an ex player. Sell Sanchez, the Ox, TW, and ozil

  9. Sushil Dhankar

    no way I think he will end up at Manchester City and I hate both Manchester City and Manchester United Arsenal till I die

  10. Paul P

    I honestly have no idea where we’ll finish this year. No chance of top four, possibly mid table, I hope no lower than tenth. My expectations are not high. As for significant signings, does it really matter? Wenger will make a pigs ear of managing them whoever we get. Red arrow away boys and girls because I think this season is going to be a disaster.

  11. Brain

    First time ever posting here, so excited I follow your thoughts like it were a series. Okay then, Wenger has to accept in his own words the “consequences” and leave. He is done. Sanchez can go to city but i would ask for Aguero in return.It doesn’t matter what happens from now all this season will be about is wenger leaving, the board though divided have to grow some balls and do what’s ne cessary not what they want

  12. AngryGunner

    I Don’t give a s**t about any other team or crappy Sanchez , sell him for a dollar who cares !! , Our problems are much bigger than that ! We are in a crisis.

    #KroenkeOut , #WengerOut , #EmptySeats , #NoMoreMerchandises

  13. arsenal_epl_champs_2018

    The British “Core”
    Walcott Jenkinson Wilshere
    Gibbs Chamberlain Ramsey were
    going to take Arsenal to multiple EPL titles and ECL glory.
    Or so Mr Wenger solemnly promised us.
    But it was all just business.
    In the end the core were just over paid under performing British quota players
    paid vast wages to wear the sponsors kit pretending to be part of the team.
    Now the super talented core are being carried out one corpse at a time.
    Jenko injured at Birmingham.
    Gibbs even in this time of crazy prices can only yield 7 mill
    from the super power that is Tony tulips WBA.
    Ox looking for a 190 mill p/w token English quota bench role at Chelsea or Liverpool.
    Injury prone Jack off to any medical room that will take him.
    No fan fare, no weeping fans thronging the streets to
    snatch a fleeting glimpse of their departing heroes.
    Their fitting epitaph.
    No titles no glory but it sure as hell paid good 🙂

  14. KAY BOSS

    Arsenal is in disarray. Papa Wenger should just leave out dear club for us. but hei! I don’t blame him much. it seems fans from other continents n other countries across Europe seem to have the desire to get the man out than our English brothers. Enjoying the buzz happening in the TW .

  15. wycombe

    Thank you wenger for dismembering our arsenal. sad it has come to this. Disappointed gunner from Kenya

  16. gooner4life

    Hi Mclovin,I think you could have made your comments without using the name of my saviour Jesus Christ,He loves you and came to earth in order to be your Saviour too.So while you may not respect or believe in Him please show some respect to those of us who love Him with all our hearts’ “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that who ever Believes in Him will not perish but shall have everlasting life John 3v16.

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