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Man United want to hijack Arsenal transfer of Zaha!

Wilfried Zaha is an Arsenal fan and was soon going to be an Arsenal player if newspaper reports are true. The Crystal Palace manager, Ian Holloway, complained again this week about Arsene Wenger. Holloway is upset about what he percieves as Wenger’s attempts to destabilise the young winger, even though Wenger has done nothing but answer a question posed by a journalist.

Palace have issued denials that Zaha will leave, but they have sounded increasingly desperate, suggesting that they knew they were going to lose the England international. Now it seems that Alex Ferguson has stuck his oar in and will offer Palace the opportunity to keep Zaha for the season if they agree to sell him to United.

The Mail reports that United will offer £10 million for the 20-year old but agree to loan him back to the South London club as they seek promotion to the Premier league. It is believed that Ferguson has had enough nof his Portuguese winger Nani and sees Zaha as the ideal replacement.

The currently injured Valencia is likely to be first choice at Old Trafford, however, and Zaha will not want to sit on the bench. He wants to play and develop his talent, and Wenger has a brilliant reputation for doing that. The fact that he is an Arsenal fan will have some sway but his career development and opportunities will be more important. Maybe Arsenal will have to make a similar deal if we are determined to sign the player seen as one of the best prospects in English football.

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57 thoughts on “Man United want to hijack Arsenal transfer of Zaha!

  1. antares1786

    After Olympiacos game – Zaha tweeted that he watch Arsenal games no more. He desperate with our club policy as well as we are! Unfortunately, it seems we have lost him… Man U’s offer is much better appropriate for Crystal Palace and they offered bigger money. Moreover, MU can offer him a regular trophies and is a proven grand for 20 years, while Ars can only offer a “future” – as usual. Our last chance is play time. I really hope Zaha will prefer Arsenal, but my mind says that he will do the bigger club of these two, and, I hate to say it, but this is not Arsenal…

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  2. LP

    Where is man united getting all this money from?? Don’t they realise they are in huge debt??????!!!

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  3. Christian-Nigeria

    ZAHA, for goodness sake and to build on your improving talent, come to ARSENAL, play out your best and win Trophies with the team.

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  4. leo

    relax we got this he is gooner & is joining us + huntlaar & luis gustavo/diame looking good

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  5. leo

    relax we got this he is gooner & is joining us + huntlaar & luis gustavo/diame looking good maybe we could also get raheem sterling another gooner we need players who play for us because they love arsenal not join us use us like stepping stone & leave 4 the sake of money like theo

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  6. leo

    Arsenal will reportedly pay a fee of around 5 million euros for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. [L’Equipe]
    Wenger looks set to secure the signing of two strikers in January with Huntelaar heading to London alongside Thierry Henry [L’Equipe] + llorente don’t want stupid spuds 2 get him

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  7. leo

    Tottenham to finish 3rd according to Sunday Supplement – I’ve seen this film before somewhere not 2day not anyday it will be arsenal it will always be arsenal fu*k off spuds

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  8. Darule

    I think we got a lot of young talents who still developing and getting to their potential do we need more and more young promising players or do we need players with experience and caps who can bring in instant impact rather than promising future ? 12-15 mil for Zaha add another 7 or 5 mil more we can get a real quality player.

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  9. green gunner

    Anyone watching the expert analysis from tom cruise on sky sports?
    Geoff shreaves: what do make of the condition of the pitch tom?
    Tom cruise: It’s a bit damp.

    Robert Duvall is a legend.

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  10. No more excuses

    Thers only 1 reason why wenger wants to buy a young , inexperienced (epl league) promising player – to make money . Special players cost money , special players have their pick of clubs and pick of contracts . We’ll either sign a zaha – to make money or we’ll get a huntelaar type player on the cheap . Things gonna have to change . Who the hell would sign for a club like this at the minute .

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  11. Dan

    Wenger sees him as a replacement for Walcott, a player who would be a first choice player if he wasn’t out of contract.

    Fergie sees him as a replacement for Nani, a benchwarmer.

    Plus he supports Arsenal and wouldn’t have to move up north.

    I think its obvious that if he doesn’t come to us its because Wenger hasn’t bothered his arse.

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  12. Kemp hater







    Then we will see competition for places

    Pod,Ox,Rosicky,Giroud,Arteta,Mert,Arshavin,Zaha ect.

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  13. Chileangunner

    I dont understand, why everybody want to see this inexperience younger in the team? You think that he is that the the team need?
    personally, i dont want him dressing the arsenal colours.

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  14. sperez

    We don’t need Zaha, We have Gervinho. Another overpaid shite player from League One bought by Wenger. You can’t say what you want about Wenger, but he knows how to spot ‘talent’ nowadays, doesn’t he ? And Giroud ? Another ‘gem’ found by Wenger. Who needs RVP? We have Wenger and Wenger is a ‘genius’!!!

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  15. Terry Norman

    Man U are In debt, but that debt isn’t of united’s making eg transfers etc it’s the Glaziers other business interests that have lost 100’s of millions e.g US shopping malls. But since they own both the club and the Malls etc they can consolidate everything into one, which is why united look like they have such huge debt.
    But the one thing the Glaziers know is this, to service that debt they need a successful united on the pitch, thus they invest in quality players.

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  16. AYJ

    Zaha for AFC.. Huntelaar – RvP replacement; Diame – Song replacement; Gustavo – Diaby replacement.. We have these players come in Jan, then we are a serious threat in the Cup competitions.. Though still I think best we can manage is top 4

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  17. arsenal4life

    Buy: (ISCO)Adrian Lopez, (Fellaini)Capoue, Mbiwa and Zaha!
    Sell: Squilachi, Djourou, Santos and Chamakh!

    if Walcott leaves than swap with Sterling or give Ryo a chance!

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  18. Summerha104

    The things listed as below are the top urgent one to be done after Jan transfer window open:

    1. Buy one top class, experienced defensive midfiedler

    2. Keep Walcott and change him to be the striker and play with Giroud

    3. Sell Ramsey, Diaby, S18 please….

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  19. Invincibles nice (1)

    I think the player would like to move to one of the big teams as soon as poss, rather than staying behind for a loan spell and especially if that top team is still in the CL. The one thing in our favour is that we seem to pay kids more money than manu do, also the Wenger factor and the boy maybe getting more first team chances at the Arsenal enter a way of thinking. The only thing is what does this say if true about Theos chances of staying, Theo is definitely not a natural winger and with that i just cant see Wenger playing the lad too often in our lone frontman pos as he is somewhat lacking in certain characteristics, he is more like a M Owen type and when did you ever see Arsene opt for this type of striker. Then theres the young German winger Gnabry, who from Wengers satatements sounds like he has a big future on our wings, i know that Wenger speaks of all his players like this but there does seem to be a difference in Gnabrys case. It may well be the case of Hollaway thrusting Zaha firmly in the shop window and open up a bidding war by suggesting that Wenger (out of character) is trying to tap the young man up, and we all know what happens when Wengers transfer targets become common knolledge ie the price goes up massively and absolutely every top club takes another look.

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  20. sperez

    Oh the obssession with ManU’s debts by Arsenal fans…How about you lot go to The Emirates and sing to ManU fans: WE ARE MAKING PROFITS YOU ARE IN DEBT. The ManU supporters will laugh and reply: WE ARE WINNING TROPHIES YOU ARE A SELLING CLUB, A FEEDER CLUB. LA LA LA LA LA…

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  21. Terry Norman

    How about you going back home to Oslo, Japan, Cornwall cos I’d stake my life you don’t live in Manchester!
    We might be obsessed with your debts, cos we’ll all just wondering how long it’s gonna take for the Glaziers to totally bankrupt your club and you find yourselves playing in green And yellow again over the local park.

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  22. Invincibles nice (1)

    If true, i will unfortunately have to admit on this subject, If the boy has any real ambitions for soon as possible success/medals, he would be stupid or have no winning mentality whatsoever in turning down manu, or he could see a bigger salary to have with the Arsenal in wich im sure most of us would despise him for, wouldnt we?
    Im not saying that the Arsenal wont be challenging for the title next season but it all depends on who we recruit whereas manu will definitely be a challenger and maybe the front runners.

    I dont like that with every youngster we are after for some coincidence it turns out they where boyhood gooners (who prob never attended matches?). Im sure the manchester papers are saying the same about there team. Some people still think that Sterling is a Gooner coz at the time it where said but when he signed for liv he stated that its a pool fan he always where, go figure. Why did Zaha not have a trial at the Arsenal, i know i would have with some ability, as im sure everyone else on here would.

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  23. Terry Norman

    You know what also mate.
    I PISSED myself laughing when city won the title last year, it was so FUNNY watching whiskey nose’s reactions ha ha ha ha!
    United must be so BORING you have to look at other clubs site, obviously no one is interested in a 2 bob bankrupt club I.e. other than the insolvency experts, not even its own followers.

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  24. Suka

    I dont call it hijack…but lure
    I hate both Man U and City except that they proved Wenger is wrong…

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  25. sperez

    And what do you think Satan Kroenke will do with us, you fool ? He refused to answer if he will take money out of Arsenal at the club’s AGM. He will do a Glazer on us and it will be worse because we have a lunatic as manager and not a top one like Ferguson. Go and see the Kroenke’s team in USA. Many of them were winning trophies before Kroenke start to suck money out of them. Now they are only mediocrity at best. Just there to make profit for the American leech. I find funny that some Arsenal fans mock ManU because of their debts when we are heading to the same plight.

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  26. Terry Norman

    For a start, to me, you,sounded like a manc I.e. with your comments.

    You obviously only come own here now and again, cos if you ever read my posts on the board Etc. i’ve explained in detail exactly how the board have milked AFC. You may state it, but I bet you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how they are actually getting the money out.
    Where you on the BSM or were you playing FIFA 13,I was there mate!

    Whether I agree with someone’s comments on here or not, I don’t call them playground names, particularly if I’m hiding behind a keyboard with some made up name.
    Not only do I use my real name I’ve also told people I’m on Facebook under Terry w norman, why don’t you do likewise?

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  27. KickuPtheArsene

    Bloody ManUre. I seriously hate them. I hate Man $h!tty, but hate ManUre more. Hate the fact we sold RVP to them. Hate hearing how he wins them games week after week. Hate how Fergieknows that he got a killer player from us, and we were willing to bend over and take it up the ar*s from ManUre just for a few extra £££ RVP was asking (his worth … And now eveidently so). We could have had a killer season this year, but yet again we show that when push comes to shove, when it’s time to put you money where your mouth is (“we have ambition” -BULL$!T!!!), when it’s desire to succeed and be at the top …. We have nothing!!
    We WILL certainly lose Theo – just as he is becoming consistant and finding his ability to finish. We WILL lose Sagna – arguably the best RB in the ELP. And as time goes on, we WONT be able to compete or even attract the calibre of players we want and need to be a top club.

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  28. sperez

    You called me a ManU fan, that’s offensive. I’d rather be called a fool. If Kroenke is not taking money, he will, that’s why he refused to answer that question. You don’t evade a question like that. You simply says ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
    FIFA 13? Nah, I don’t like playing FIFA, I’m more a 4x strategy gamer.

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  29. sperez

    I don’t like Facebook, thanks ! But Know my opinion is consistent. I don’t see Wenger as a top club manager anymore (since 2010) and I know the board is only interested in making money. These days Arsenal looks more a business than a football club, unfortunately.

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  30. Terry Norman

    Read your own comments mate and tell me your didn’t sound like one.
    I’d rather be called nothing mate, my names’ Terry, and although I don’t agree with blokes on here I don’t call people names.
    And again trust me, I’m no arc angel Gabriel, but if I see blokes doing that on here I comment them. To me, that’s not what these sites are about.

    I got a few extra blokes from the ‘arsenal fans’ site to join us on that BSM, cos I won the arguments, that’s how you change people’s views, that’s why i detailed how the board were milking AFC, that’s what I do when I hear phrases/words such a “keep the faith” and “trust”, words and phrases that mean nothing ie once you engage in debate.
    But neither me nor you are gonna get more people on the next BSM without changing their views first.

    I’m sure your the same ie if i wanted to call someone a name I’d prefer to do it to their face.
    Enough said on that now, we’ll put it down to a mis understanding.

    But with your views you should join the ‘arsenal fans’ group.

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  31. hab_gunner

    Santa Clause is coming to town.. Hunterlaar, Zaha, Gustavo are done deals.Mr Wenger will makes us happy.And probably one right back to replace Sagna. Merry Chrismas to all Arsenal fans.

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  32. Terry Norman

    Kronke, is taking money but not how and where people are looking for it ie by way of loans and dividend payments.

    I went through it all before on here last week, but since 2008, arsenal shareholders have not put a single penny into the club.
    In that time their accumulated wealth has increased by £510 million!

    When I posted this claim previously, I was challenged to prove it, which I did.
    The guy again challenged me, I again told him why he was wrong and I was right and I’ve heard no more from him.
    He posts on this site quite regularly and might even be reading this, but as I say I’ve heard nothing from him.
    But that’s how you change a persons perception of the board and Kronke. cos like that guy, they will say “prove it” and then you have got to be able to do so.

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  33. jeo8797

    Looks like we may have sold ManU the title….Just like we sold ManCity it last season.

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  34. sperez

    I post here occasionaly. But at least we agree Satan Kroenke is only here for the money. I don’t know Usmanov’s real intentions but people just slated him withou knowing too much. I read somewhere PHW works with Usmanov’s rival that’s why he doesn’t want Usmanov around. And as I said, you just have to look at Kroenke’s sport franchise in USA. He doesn’t care about the fans he just want to fleece them.
    I hope Arsenal fans realize what the club has become. We are going backwards and even spuds are progressing with a wage bill much smaller than Arsenal. That’s unacceptable.

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  35. KickuPtheArsene


    Sprees is a Gooner mate, not a ManUre fan. He didn’t articulate himself well in his first post. He was saying Kronke is money hungry and will eventually ruin us. Gotta agree with that.
    Fact is – ManUre is is debt, but at least they continue to win. Winning = market share. More people around the world end up supporting and buying MU merchandise. Why? Because they win. More sponsors will pay more to have ManUre label themselves with their logo. Why? Because they win. So debt mean F#%k all when you make more money than you owe. It’s a simple law of business. They know what they are doing.
    We on the other hand – sell our assets, and overcharge our loyal customer base (the fans). Eventually his strategy will hurt us SIGNIFICANTLY. And by then the silent owner will have taken the money he can, and self-sustaining formula will mean bugger all if there are no fans and no cup in the trophy room. It greives me watching our club get worse every season, and those running it proud of only the fact we are making a financial profit. Profit is good, but profit with no success and the same profit occurring from vastly a majority from the sale of our best players (the true worth of our club) is not right. THAT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE!!!

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  36. Gooner Cape Town

    Tell Fergie to f*ck off and go and retire as MD of a chewing gum factory!

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  37. Terry Norman

    Mate I know he is now, so I obviously made a genuine mistake.

    If you look at my very first post on here, I was explaining exactly why Man U are in debt and how the Glaziers are financing that debt I.e. through success on the pitch which comes with buying quality players. Exactly what you have just said yourself and exactly what the ARSE are not doing.

    The Arsenal do overcharge their fan base and on the BSM I met guys who had to give up their season tickets, after 38’years, cos they couldn’t afford it anymore. And while those guys were protesting to be able to see their Arsenal, the board were undoubtedly tucking into their caviar inside.
    Who loves the Arse more, the guys protesting with me or members of the board?

    At every club, except arsenal, youngsters get in for £1. Arsenal will suffer if they don’t start doing the same cos its your first experience at your first game that gets you hooked for life. With prices as they are, very few youngsters can afford to go anymore.

    @sperez, is spot on ie when Kronke was asked about future dividend payments he wouldn’t answer. That means they are preparing the ground for exactly that and this new sponsorship deal will undoubtedly be the catalyst for them to start paying out.
    But,as I said above, they are ALREADY milking AFC, most people just don’t see it or even know how they’re doing it.
    Notice, they haven’t said how much of that sponsorship money is going toward player investment or price reductions.

    And every gooner should keep 2 things in mind.
    1. Every company, government in the world has debt, why should Arsenal be the exception to that?

    2. If the board allowed the revenues AFC make, we are the 4/5th richest club in the world, to be reinvested into players. We wouldn’t need either mobster or oil sheik money to be able to compete with the likes of city, checks or united.

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  38. Deano

    We’re fighting for a good championship player and were not even sure he would want to come to aresnal…. this shows the club we have become … Apart from the last few years we were after top draw players, at least top young talent….we’re had our arsenal gone?

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  39. ken

    Sperez…the wages bill being quoted are for all salaries within the clubs.
    Arsenal have to run a 60,000 stadium, which means extra staff, extra policing of more away fans etc so dont believe all you read from our anti arsenal sports press/rdio commmentators.
    terry norman…you sound as if you believe you are the new voice of all Arsenal supporters instead of the 0.3% that decided to join this protest.
    You said that didnt mean the other 99.7% disagreed with you just because they didnt join in.
    Pray tell me your opinion of those fans who decided not to join in and why only 0.3% did?
    can you also explain how Arsenal would have been able to build the Emirates without the backing and money guarantees that the board supplied?
    Im not asking if the move from highbury was right, just how the supporters who “want their Arsenal back” could have raised the money required along with the surities needed?
    Why do you try and beliitle those people who have the money to buy expensive season tickets (mine cost me £380 by the way) by saying they are eating caviar.. prove this please.
    Of course its sad when fans cannot afford their season tickets, but does that mean you have to crucify those that do have the money to buy them?
    Do you work for nothing my friend…do you make sure all your colleagues earn the same as you…does your company make profit?

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  40. Hafiz Rahman

    RVP UNited money comes from Merchandising……

    they have a extremely big Fan base in Asia..from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam to Malaysia etc….

    some parts of Asia there are Utd theme clubs, bars etc…..

    Kagawa supporters in Japan alone May be able to finance RVP stay in United….

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  41. lmyyyks

    Sterling or Zaha, Arsenal should buy one of them, if not both. Though Zaha is an Arsenal fan, I personally prefer Sterling.

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  42. Terry Norman

    A number of good points mate, so let me take them in turn.
    Firstly, I’m no ones spokesman, I speak for myself and from the heart. I value every ones view and never get into bickering, cos to me we all want the same think, a successful Arsenal, but it’s simply how we get there on which we differ, but that’s life!

    Sure there were probably around 2,000+ fans on the last BSM, no hangers on, as the police cleared a route for us. Now as you know the numbers that attended does not truly represent the level,of support eg how many things do you agree with and don’t take to the streets? This was in fact my first protest ever, as it was many other guys who were there.
    I could ask how many we’re on the counter “keep things as they are” march and were was that being held?

    Concerning my point about “eating caviar” I was not having a go at any Arsenal fan, rather the board who sit there pricing genuine fans out of the stadium. Last year, I’m took 3 friends into the Diamond suite, very nice, so I have no issue with REAL fans who have done well for themselves paying more for their seats. And those that “go without” to buy their tickets, well what can you say?
    But the term “eating caviar” was similar to Josephine and her “let them eat bread”, it shows a distinct disconnection between the board and the supporters, it wasn’t meant as a literal statement.

    You mention guarantees etc that the board supplied, what guarantees were they? As I have said on here, if I state something I expect to be able to prove it, likewise please detail to me the PERSONAL guarantees the board provided for the funds raised to build the stadium.
    AFC can raise their own funds, through normal means without any such guarantees eg the bond issue etc. and did.

    Actually I don’t work anymore, I retired when I was 40, from the financial markets.

    And in @sperez’s defence, please don’t you believe everything you either read in the papers or originating from the board.
    I think you’ll find it roughly a 55% ratio between wages and revenue. We are in the top 3/4 when it comes to wages, but we waste it on deadwood, and ridiculous salaries to people like Wenger (7mill) and Gazedis (2.5 mill).

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    1. admin

      @ Terry Norman – Please email me through the “contact us” details
      – ADMIN

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  43. KickuPtheArsene


    Fair call on the fact that we must pay off our debts because of our new stadium. I am even willing to understand that because of the new stadium – things simply cost more. But (and it’s a big BUT), do you ever think prices will now fall – even once the stadium is paid off?
    My biggest issue is – AFC is ensuring a profit (year after year – I’m sure expected and demanded by its owner, and obviously executed by its CEO) by selling off its assets (it’s best players). Year after year! This is not good sustainable practice! Furthermore, it will position us (long term) as a middle order club. I’m not about to explain why (as I don’t have time right now), but while the top clubs spend, and thus maintaining their success – this translates into more long term business. Meanwhile we diminish our profit making potential (winning) while over charging our current customer base. Please tell me a company that successfully grows with this model????
    Look at Apple: ya higher prices for their product – but they DELIVER on quality. We simply DO NOT, and then the “bean counters” tell us of “ambition” when the best they offer is 4th place!!!
    So, I may not be going out to protest, but I have stopped going to matches (firstly, I simply cannot afford the now ever increasing expense, and have decided to make my statement to the current management by not giving then a single cent of my hard earned cash until the current regime changes). I support AFC, but I certainly DO NOT support the current management. (not referring to AW necessarily). The only way they will learn is by the drop in season ticket sales. If the only language they understand is ££££, then that is the language we must speak for them to hear what the fans are saying.

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  44. Terry Norman

    Please, you or anyone else on here, just tell me who you think benefits most from paying the stadium debt off and why?

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  45. maxi pimpi

    In simple logic, how can u call a team who makes profit by selling its assets (players) financially successful ? mates just relax, u havn’t seen nothing yet. this current reccession is only a symptom of the desiese this money whoring board afflicted us with. the board has continued to defy all laws of business. how can you expand a business when you don’t re-invest little of your profit? thats simple basics in business. its not rocket science. havn’t you asked yourself why we are not richer than the likes of madrid, Man united… some of you don’t really understand because you reside in the UK. a little enlightenment for some of you. I’m from a country (Nigeria) with a population of over 180 million people and with the highest arsenal fan base in Africa which numerically equate to some millions.. though Arsenal still have more supporters then other EPL team but the number have ruduced by 30 – 40 percent over the past seven yrs. I normally send money for a friend of mine to get me replica shirts in the UK whenever a new season kicks off. same with some arsenal fans over hear but i havn’t bought for two seasons nw not because i don’t want but because its had to put on an arsenal replica shirt and walk down the street without getting mocked by some foolish chelski, shitty, or man u fan.this also applies to majority of arsenal fans here and i believe this phenomenom is happening worldwide. do you think sponsors all over the world are not taking note of it? of cos you should knw the effect of this on marchendise sale over a period of time. so how is it a good model?do you know why man u have better sponsorship deals than us? figure it out. I’m a gunner till death do us part. all of this is because of a selfish and myoscpic business model. two seasons ago,even when we were not winning trophies, we played very beutiful football. I come back from a hectic days job or during weekend, we just chill at a bar and watch the likes of nasri, hleb, fabregas and co play one of the best football on the planets. at least i had something to brag about. now its totally different. we play against a team like swansea and you keep wondering if we were playing at the camp nou against barca. thats what pains me most.its just a matter of time and the law of diminishing return catches up with us.

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