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Mannone has had bad times but is now ready to be Arsenal’s no.1

Vito Mannone is ready to grab the No.1 jersey, permanently! by AM

Before this season started, Mannone was perhaps the number three goal-keeper in the Arsenal squad, behind Szczesny and Fabianski. But injuries to the Polish pair during the start of the campaign meant Mannone was suddenly Arsenal’s No.1. The Italian custodian started in the matches against Stoke and Liverpool, where he kept two clean sheets in a row. But Szczesny returned in Arsenal’s last Premier league match against Southampton which the Gunners won 6-1.

Szczesny did make an error against the Saints which led to the only goal the Gunners have conceded in the league so far this season, but Arsene Wenger said it would be harsh to drop him after one mistake on his return from injury. But the Polish international got injured once again and Mannone was called back in to the starting line-up against Montpellier.

Now the Italian goal-keeper has come out and said that he is ready to be Arsenal’s No.1 and that Wenger has shown lot of faith in him.

“Every goalkeeper has his own path and I had mine.

“I had bad times and I just rolled up my sleeves and worked hard. Then, I thought: ‘Let’s go to Hull.’

“Nobody wants to go there really, but I found a good club, good fans and I gained experience.

I played games as a No.1 – 24 games in a row – so that’s what I needed.

“It helped me going on to the pitch thinking: ‘Okay, I can be No.1 now.’

“Before the Southampton game the boss talked to me and for the first time I felt he understood I was ready to be No.1.

“I hope, after this result, something has changed.” – Szczesny was quoted in SkySports.

The severity of Szczesny’s injury is still unknown. No return date has been announced but some believe he could be out till December. This will certainly give Mannone enough opportunity to make his place in the team a permanent one.

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22 thoughts on “Mannone has had bad times but is now ready to be Arsenal’s no.1

  1. lewis

    to be honest its good competition… remember they are both so young which can only be a good thing for the future of arsenal…come on steve we have a solid wall now because of you !!!

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  2. Big Gun

    Are you kidding me? Mannone hardly had any work in the first two games as we dominated possession. Against Montpellier he saved a shot that was hit right at him. Besides that he played how every other competent keeper should be expected to play. He has done nothing prolific enough to take the Polecat’s no 1 position. You forget how many games last season Sczcesny saved for us. He pulled off some miraculous saves…something I have yet to see Mannone doing. You must be dreaming to think Mannonne is ready to fill Sczcesny’s boots.

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  3. JStarr

    He is ready for the NO 2 jersey.

    One mistake and Sczcesny is trash?…No. Sczcesny is a good keeper. This should make him refocus because he was getting cocky, thats all

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  4. Sank

    According to me both are not quality and both have to work hard. quality comes from consistency.

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  5. Aggelos

    I still think that without szczezny we will be lucky if we dnt concede at least 2 goals from city.Dnt know why every1 thinks mannone is very good or something,he isnt very confident at goal,its easy to spot that.He hasnt made any saves,he just have to catch crosses so far,nothing more.Whereas szczezny saved us numerous times last year.I still remember when arsenal was playing agaisnt olympiakos…It was the first time after years seeing olympiakos as not an underdog in champions league

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  6. jk

    what has mannone done? he has hardly had a shot to save! I think we should have went for cesar to add quality experience in that position!

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  7. S.H

    This is why Arsenal will get stronger. There’s competition for spots within the team. Players are now lifting their game.

    Szczesny vs Mannone
    Gervinho vs Walcott vs Ox
    Jenkinson vs Sagna
    Arteta Vs Diaby Vs Coquelin vs Ramsey Vs Wilshere

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  8. juhislihis

    @S.H, spot on mate.

    Finally we have healthy competition on several positions. No doubt Sczcesny will step up his game to another level when there’s a hungry, improving back-up keeper who don’t want to be just back up.

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  9. Chrislike

    @big gun,hav u forgoten how manone saved arsenal against fullham some seasons ago? Manone is a great keeper,give him a chance as scesezny and he might be better than him

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  10. why O why?

    Leave VITO there to keep……. He deserves it as for now until there is otherwise.

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  11. Tamil Sundram

    Vito deserves his place at the moment for what he has done so far…it would be bad for his confidence and progression if he gets dropped while performing well…

    keepers and players need games to improve and progress

    no talented player becomes world class by warming the bench…

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  12. albanian gooner

    Every1 deserves a f**king chance to prove them selfs thats what sczenzy did he got a chance & toke it

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  13. s

    people should put loyalties to Szczesny away. the best and consistent and inform keeper gets to start and atm it is Mannone.

    I love Szczesny as much as the next guy but he has been making errors of late at the end of last season, in the euros got sent off in his first game, got suspended and didnt play again.

    and for all those who dont know as much as they think they do about arsenal and think Mannone has not had anything to do as yet in an arsenal shirt think again …Mannone was called in to play enough games in the 2009/10 season, all of them wins for the team, and a MOTM performance against fulham. he kept Almunia out of the team when the spaniard retuned to fitness and earned a new contract afterwards as proof of his worth

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  14. Leoj

    a healthy competition is the best way to improve both shot stoppers. fabianski is the one am worried about right now. he may end up as number 3

    all the same COYG!!!

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  15. Iron Mike

    have you no shame gooners ? people forget far to easily what szczesny has done for the club ! he got player of the month twice last season and was exceptional for us. Now he makes one mistake and everyone is saying a relatively inexperienced keeper should take his spot ? ridiculous.

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  16. hhaaa

    @Big Gun
    no faith in manone i see…. so wait your tellin me that you’d rather see manone rot on the bench and become the next almunia.
    dont get me wrong, I love all three keepers Arsenal has, but dont forget tht scez has made much worse mistakes than manone has (NORWICH’s tie to be particular)

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  17. prekowsky

    Its nobody’s birthrite to be arsenal number one. Scezney has made lots of errors as arsenal number becos there was no one to challenge. At the moment mannone is the in form keeper and has not conceeded any goal in open play let alone make any mistake this season. He has good communication with his defence and has never collided with any of them. Mannone deserve to be in goal with sentiments. Scezney has done a lot for the club but now its mannone’s time to do something for the club as well and he started with three clean sheets…”If not broken,why fix it”

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  18. Big Gun

    @hhaaa No my friend, I have been very impressed with Mannonne, but people are VERY quick to criticize Szczesny after one mistake. People have forgotten the countless brilliant saves he managed to pull off last season. Where as, what have we really seen of Mannonne enough to rely on him like people are implying? He has not really been tested, and if anyone with a keen eye will have noticed he made one or two textbook mistakes himself that LUCKILY went unpunished. I’ll give an example. I think it was against Liverpool or Stoke, the ball was in the air and he ran out with the opposition right there . Instead of punching it out, he caught it in his lap…luckily the player attacking wasn’t sharp enough to poach it, but on any other day, that ball would have been headered past him into the net.

    So he still lacks experience, that is why I would not throw him in the deep end just yet. But he is a good prospect and a good backup keeper.

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  19. Barongo

    a good team should have more than two players fighting it out for first team chance in every my opinion,Sczezny is world class.he was arguably one of our strong pillars last season!Mannone on the other hand is quality…he deservedly earned my respect a few seasons back when he saved us from blushes against Fulham! Wenger was wrong when he chose Sczezny instead of Mannone against Soton..i think it would only be fair to give an in form player a shot regardless of rank!! i have a feeling this is going to be our year though..we are on FIRE.up up gunners,give shity a run for their money.COYG

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