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Mark Hughes under pressure from fans ahead of Arsenal match – sound familiar?

We Arsenal fans are uaed to piling the pressure on Arsene Wenger, and we have all been guilty of this even our legend Thierry Henry, so as we go to the Bet365 Stadium tomorrow it is good to hear that the Stoke manager Mark Hughes also feels that his fans are pessimistic, and (to be fair) they probably have more right to be despondent than Arsenal fans ever will be.

Hughes laid into his own supporters when he said on the official Stoke website: “There’s a little bit too much negativity about what we are going to do this year,” he stated at Friday morning’s press conference.

“I think sometimes our fans, almost to a man, when they feel people are talking out of turn, they take exception to that.

“I think we are at a point where people cannot take liberties with what we are doing.

“When people ask questions about us, we circle together and we stand strong and show people what we are about, so maybe Arsenal coming into town is a good thing for us.”

It would be good to hear the Stoke fans booing once Arsenal go into a quick 1-0 lead and the fans get on the managers back, but obviously the Arsenal fans wouldn’t do that, would they?

Darren N

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12 thoughts on “Mark Hughes under pressure from fans ahead of Arsenal match – sound familiar?

  1. Simon

    Fans have a big impact on the team.

    If I could change one thing at Arsenal that would truly help us become EPL winners – it would be the fans

    But after so many years without title there’s too much fear and negativity

  2. soccerboy

    What’s the essence of this article? Are you comparing the pessimism of Stock city fans with that of arsenal fans. Stock is a small club. So, no comparison here.

    1. Rationalist

      Yeah, I think the Stoke fans have possibly been a bit spoiled over the last 2-3 years. Stoke were a mid-table, second tier side for years and years. They’ve had players like Shaqiri on their books of late which would have seemed impossible even in their early Premier League days under Tony Pulis.

      Mark Hughes has helped a club punch a bit above its weight. A lot of us feel the lack of ambition from the top of Arsenal’s senior management has led to us being a lazy, sleeping giant. Different frustrations indeed…

  3. gotanidea

    Yes, but the fans’ pressure will not change a club’s culture. Stoke would change their manager or buy several new players to appease the fans, but their ambition, transfer policy, youth development and management would remain the same.

    Arsenal could also replace Wenger, but their way of managing the club and their ambition would be the same. Unless there are new owners that are ambitious and have much better financial power.

    Arsenal really need new people on the board that could change the club’s direction. We have seen the transformations of Chelsea and Manchester City in England.

  4. ThirdManJW

    I really take exception with the opening line “We Arsenal fans are uaed to piling the pressure on Arsene Wenger, and we have all been guilty of this”. Why should I, or any of us, feel guilty about putting pressure on Wenger given his performances for years now? He’s pretty much the only manager who’s been under zero pressure to succeed, until recently when the fans finally had enough of his BS, and then with the press finally cottoning on as well.

    Hughes being under pressure is perfectly normal. He’s been at Stoke a while, they don’t seem to be improving, so he comes under pressure. Take note Wenger!

  5. Waal2waal

    Mark Hughes as a manager comes only to mind on a saturday and is thought about the once in a week. wheras wenger is discused, analised or criticised on a daily basis, month to month an all season long. he is possibly the most pressured manager in the premiership along with mourinho, klopp, puchitiniho

    *the notion wenger has not come under pressute is without any foundation. he simply deflects it v.well. another measure of his character some might say.

    1. Guneal

      It’s So glaring you have no idea what pressure is.

      Has Mr. Wenger had the board members turned against him? Or lost the support of his backroom staff? has his players turned against him? has him got just three games to save his job?

      If you want to know real pressure experienced by managers ask Mourinho, Van Gaal, Rodgers, Moyes, Luis Enrique and the list goes on and on.

  6. John Ibrahim

    Clubs should stand together and stop buying PSG players

    let them rot and get ban from Champ League

    1. Guneal


      The only player fit to play for PSG in Arsenal team right about now is Sanchez.

      Draxlar is in the market for a giveaway price. This is your chance Arsene, not mess it up as usual.

  7. Jack reacher

    Same conversations since 2010 boring arsenal is selling club we are not club we were promised to us fans to be poor old wenger is trying save he’s magical career with one roll of the ? if we get beat by that disgusting little rugby team and that little mark Hughes who got sacked by Man City we will fall apart and fans will be arguing again haha we are 1 game away from world war again , only way I see club going up announce Sanchez ox and oxlips new contracts and bring in van diik and beat Liverpool den only den will u see da club fans rocking again oh just before I go sead kolosinic let’s see wat stoke player try’s rough him up haha not this young man hell bounce u off ground hopefully Darren fletcher will try to upset da Bosnia rock and he breaks Darren in half I hate mark Hughes I hate fletcher I hate shawcross we no wat sparky plan is rough is up pls wenger have us ready to fire thank u goodnight

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